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    Love it bro I want one
  2. Dinar kush

    Where is the Obama speech?

    It's there way of begging for money
  3. sorry I posted in iraqi news it's in the wrong place it's my second post and I'm doing it on my phone. P.s the family friend was on a tv show called bull sh*t by penn and teller for somthing elsr she sold to us called the biomat it's a amethest heating pad that costs 3 million dinars if that says somthing but I use it and george bush does too I think it's fda aproved to help with pain but funny it was on the show hbo showed it a couple years ago and it's on youtube if you wanna view it. I want them to do an episode on dinar as they can get to the truth faster than the fake gurus who are bleeding poor people to death with the it's gonna rv every week bs anyways I hope we get lucky this year and get some extra money to spend. yeah I wish I would have gotten lower denoms but hope the 1000 notes pan out as they where free but we have 10,000k and 25,000k notes as well it's just hard to believe we can have notes worth anywhere from 1000 dollars to 25,000 if it rvs at 1 to 1 I really hope it happens but find it hard to believe. I was taught if it's to good to be true it always is but what's news max?
  4. well this is my 2nd post on here been lurking for years it's way better here than any other site I have been to in the 8 years I have been invested. I got a million dinars for free in 1000 bills we paid 1000 per million for more than 30 million. We have all the bills besides the smaller notes. I have been waiting paitently for a long time but there is always somthing that stops this thing from rving I think the term is silly sounds like we are waiting for a recreational viechle lol but the lady that got my family involed is a goof ball and alot of people don't like her now because they feel like she was just making money off this and we just wait for a miracle to happen in 2020. I have a brand new home in california near santa barbara that's worth 500,000 so I'm not hurting for money but I like taking risks as I also invest in stocks and precious metals and have made more in those ventures in days than I have on this one ever but I hope that changes in my lifetime as I'm only 30 years old. So the family friend was told about this by her brother who was in the milatary and private security in iraq. He said it was just like kuwait and iraq was rich with oil. So I'm wondering how everyone else heard about this investment or scam only time will tell which one it is but I hope for the best. I just hope the dinar sites aren't the only ones that get to make money off this.
  5. Dinar kush

    Kim Jong Il Dead at 69

    this has nothing to do with iraq. Oh wait Maybe he was holding up the rv and allawi got to him if I wanted world news I would look for it. There's alot of nonsense on here like old bands and oboma slander, death camps ect. Some people must be so bored with there lives to post such nonsense. This is my first post and just had to ask why you would post this in iraqi news because it's not

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