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  1. Not sure is actually related to some of the BIG guys going to Iran...but it is interesting. GO RV! Iran may loosen grip on foreign exchange to get more investment Published time: 22 Aug, 2016 09:20 Tehran is sending signals it may soon let the market decide the exchange rate of the Iranian rial, Bloomberg reports. The current dual-exchange rate system is hindering the inflow of foreign cash, which is crucial to rebuild the Iranian economy. Iranian officials are reportedly allowing bankers to buy foreign currency at the market exchange rate rather than the central bank rate. At present, the Iranian rial is 12 percent cheaper in the open market, trading at 35-36 against the dollar, while Tehran sells it at 31. The market are obliged to buy foreign currency at the exchange rate set by the central bank, and the gap between the two rates has widened during the years of international sanctions. According to Kamal Seyedali, a former deputy governor of the central bank, slackening of the rules will allow more money to directly enter the banking sector rather than be locked into currency exchange shops. The Financial Times’ fDi Intelligence service is reporting foreign direct investment in Iran grew to $4.5 billion in the first three months of the year, while Tehran wants to attract $30-50 billion each year in an effort to rebuild the sanctions-hit economy. Since entering office in 2013, President Hassan Rouhani has been trying to minimize the difference between the two exchange rates. Since sanctions were lifted against Iran there have been hopes the process would speed up. Analysts have said the balance between the market and the central bank could be reached at 32-33 rials for the dollar. Iran and the six international mediators (the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) signed a deal last July to settle the standoff over Iran's nuclear program. The implementation did not occur until January 2016. Link:
  2. Accessing VIP

    Still unable to aces VIP, going on a week now. ?
  3. Accessing VIP

    Thanks, TG. I saw the other errors this morning too. Will chill and watch the news thread. T
  4. Accessing VIP

    I am still unable to get access toVIP. I've done two support tickets and emails to both VIP@ and support@. Can anyone help? Thanks T
  5. Accessing VIP

    Thanks for the help. Here's the email response I got when sending to A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of itsrecipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: pipe to |/home/dinarsup/public_html/support/pipe/pipe.php generated by (ultimately generated from following text was generated during the delivery attempt:------ pipe to |/home/dinarsup/public_html/support/pipe/pipe.php generated by (ultimately generated from ------Zend OPcache requires Zend Engine API version 220121212.The Zend Engine API version 220131226 which is installed, is newer.Contact Zend Technologies at for a later version of Zend OPcache.Action: failedFinal-Recipient: rfc822;|/home/dinarsup/public_html/support/pipe/pipe.phpStatus: 5.0.0 *************** I also had an email about a support ticket being open (two of them actually)... Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened for your request. You will be notified when a response is made by email. The details of your ticket are shown below. Subject: Unable to access Priority: Medium Status: Open You can view the ticket at any time at
  6. Accessing VIP

    Thanks. I did yesterday, however the email was returned undeliverable by Mailer-Daemon (Holiday??). I subsequently submitted a support request and got a Ticket#. I have also resent an email to this morning and got another Ticket# (sorry for the multiple ticket #s); but it was also returned. Terrill
  7. Accessing VIP

    I am having the same issue. Unable to access VIP. 5 month VIP paid in April.
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    Thanks for the quick response...the second link didn't work, but just now was able to get it to work on the first link. All good now. CYA in VIP! You and the mods are the BEST! Oh, and maybe Biden will kick some a$$ today.
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    Yes, very clear. Tried again this morning to purchase the 5-month VIP, still no go. (won't let me paste a screenshot of the error here) Same message, the code doesn't apply. Still awaiting a response from my email. Don't want to miss the opportunity for the discount before it is gone. Oh, and THANK YOU for the best site for dinar information.
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 27 April 2016

    I too got the same response... The promotion code you entered has been applied to your cart but no items qualify for the discount yet - please check the promotion terms sent an email to support, no response yet.
  11. Adam Montana weekly - September 24 2014

    I am using Chrome and the links also send me to a link shortner also.
  12. Yes. U should have. Shows, by your own admission, "as a Christian attempting to draw nearer to God, I probably should have left it alone myself." ... YOU ARE NOT. ANYWAYS a true Christian does not have to proclaim.
  13. Kerry arrives in Baghdad

    Sec. Of State is 4th in line...
  14. WOW! WOW! I really like this part... "Baghdad, Arbil and Turkey [ Can you say?, "All together now..HCL. HCL. HCL.] officials take charge in Ceyhan’s Kurdish oil sale, added Yildiz, proceeds of which goes directly to Halk Bank, a state-owned bank in Turkey. " Really?? and just HOW will they get it from Turkey's banking system all the way to the Kurds? inquiring minds want to know?
  15. Here is an article from the International Criminal Court website...not sure is related to the article above. Statement : 13/05/2014 عربي Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, re-opens the preliminary examination of the situation in Iraq Today, 13 May 2014, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (“ICC”), Mrs Fatou Bensouda, announced that she has decided to re-open the preliminary examination of the situation in Iraq, previously concluded in 2006, following submission of further information to the Office of the Prosecutor in January 2014 in accordance with article 15 of the Rome Statute. The new information received by the Office alleges the responsibility of officials of the United Kingdom for war crimes involving systematic detainee abuse in Iraq from 2003 until 2008. Iraq is a not a State Party to the Rome Statute, however, the ICC has jurisdiction over alleged crimes committed on the territory of Iraq by nationals of States Parties. The re-opened preliminary examination will analyse, in particular, alleged crimes attributed to the armed forces of the United Kingdom deployed in Iraq between 2003 and 2008. During the preliminary examination, the Prosecutor shall consider issues of jurisdiction, admissibility and the interests of justice, in order to decide whether or not the criteria to open an investigation under article 53(1) of the Rome Statute have been met. No decision on the opening of an investigation will be taken until a thorough analysis of all the relevant information is completed by the Office. Background On 9 February 2006, Mr Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the then Prosecutor of the ICCannouncedhis decision not to seek authorisation to initiate an investigation of the situation in Iraq because based on the information available to the Prosecutor at the time, the required gravity threshold of the Rome Statute was not met. In that decision, the Prosecutor indicated that this conclusion could be reconsidered in the light of new facts or evidence, in accordance with article 15(6) of the Rome Statute. On 10 January 2014, the Office of the Prosecutor received a new communication from the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (“ECCHR”) together with the Public Interest Lawyers (“PIL”), alleging the responsibility of officials of the United Kingdom for war crimes involving systematic detainee abuse in Iraq from 2003 until 2008. The United Kingdom deposited its instrument of ratification of the Rome Statute on 4 October 2001. The ICC has therefore jurisdiction over war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed on the territory of the United Kingdom, or by UK nationals as of 1 July 2002, representing the date of the entry into force of the Rome Statute. Based on an initial assessment of the information received, the 10 January 2014 communication provides further information that was not available to the Office in 2006. In particular, the communication alleges a higher number of cases of ill-treatment of detainees and provides further details on the factual circumstances and the geographical and temporal scope of the alleged crimes. The Prosecutor will therefore conduct a preliminary examination in order to analyse the seriousness of the information received, in accordance with the requirements of article 15(2) of the Rome Statute, and ultimately determine whether there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation. For further information, see the OTP Policy Paper on Preliminary Examinations(2013).

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