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    Fishing, Hunting,4-Wheeling,Camping,Hot Springs, and RV's!!!!!!
  1. moneyforlife

    VIP MEMBERS - bypass picture instructions here.

    Badge me please, tried several times to post the picture. It is in my pictures in my profile. Thanks Sara
  2. moneyforlife

    Getting out of this Hellhole

    I am with you to Brother. Stuck in BAF until the RV. Then we will be the one's on the R & R plane with a bigger grin than the R & R folks. Out in Jan for 3 weeks hopefully won't have to come back!
  3. The link doesn't seem to be working!
  4. moneyforlife

    Dinar Purchased in Iraq!

    Sounds good, no problem there, in and out of Iraq many times. Thanks for your input. Good to hear thank you
  5. moneyforlife

    Dinar Purchased in Iraq!

    OK ,Just looking for some conformation from others like me. I heard that I had to have it in a Iraq Bank before it RV's or it would be worthless!
  6. moneyforlife

    Dinar Purchased in Iraq!

    I have Dinar that I purchased in Iraq. Will I be able to cash it in? If so, will the banks take it? If not, what do I need to do? Thanks for your input.

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