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  1. Thanks for the chat K 98
  2. Greetings Krull,

    Did you ever find a bank that retails Dinars in metro phoenix area?

    Please let me know if you have; I am in Scottsdale area.

  3. Every week RV RV RV Ya right
  4. I think we are Months before a RV These guys are NUTS every week they say RV RV RV and people believe
  5. Terry is making big bucks off his web site that is what this is ALL ABOUT
  6. Thomas Jefferson is right also i have a Akita named krull the warrior king

  7. Thanks for keeping the info flowing to us Good post
  8. Good info thanks for the post
  9. Thanks for the post
  10. thanks for the post
  11. Thanks for the post
  12. Thanks Sonny for the post it helps to understand what is going on
  13. Thanks for the post BREITLING knows his stuff. He is one of the guys doing his best to figure things out. Its not easy. Please keep post anything he has to say Thanks again
  14. She is going to kick some butt . It might take a few years but she will