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Cash in issues (if ever)


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The main problem with cashing in with Ali, or a similar operation is not (in my opinion) related to honesty or fairness, they are issues of security.

THese amounts of funds, if realized, are staggering. It would be very easy for organized thugs to "hit" an unsuspecting new millionaire in a parking lot or while entering the place, or even take down the whole place when five or ten patrons are waiting in line to "cash in".

Now I am hopeful, though pesemistic about what a rv will or might come in at, but when cashing in at a Bank, there are hundreds if not thousands of customers going and coming throughout the day, and a "dinar thief" would not have any idea where or when we were cashing in.

I would dearly love to drive to Bakersfield and have all this overwith in a few hours, but will need to have a lot more assurance that it is safe and secure.

ANyway, just my thoughts. Best to all. FT

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