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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Couple penny stocks I like clwr and spkl


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Can someone please move this post to the appropriate spot?

I'm new to the boards so apologize if I'm wrong but how is the penny stock section of the forum not the correct spot for penny stocks?

Is it because CLWR is $1.93, most people consider stocks sub $3 or $4 to still be penny stocks. Also SPKL is only 0.08 cents. I can't see how thi isn't an appropriate to post penny stocks in the penny stock section?


It's a sandwhich shop out of Denver. A buddy of mine who's a financial advisor turned me onto it a long time ago and I've played the swings it has had. They were expanding pretty rapidly for such a small business but the problem I think was they were expanding right as the economy took a dump so hard to get financing and less people willing to pay panera type prices for sandwhiches when you have subway slinging $5 foot longs.

We recently had a few stores come to Chicago, it's delicious and with each sandwhich you get pickles that are actually spiced lol pretty good. Definately tasty stuff, quality ingredients and something different than the rest of the sandwich shops

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