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The Intentional Root Cause of Vote Machine Miscount Exposed


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The many issues surrounding the November General Election controversies have been exposed to the singular root.

Anyone familiar with Project Management knows there are some common guidelines that are core to every process.

It just dosent matter if you are Waterfall, Lean, Agile, or Scrum, whenever you encounter a bug, (something that stops progress), you can only solve it by ignoring the symptoms and locating the root cause.

If you watch this video you will understand how the mainstream media has intentionally manipulated the narrative to distract the American People.

They have tried desperately to convince you that unless your are a computer scientist, or at least are able to write C+ or C++ you will never be able to understand why the fail rate was so high.

Once you watch this video you will understand that what they are saying is a bold faced lie.

You will also understand fully why they are trying so desperately to destroy the artifacts from the election that they even firebombed the AT&T servers as the distraction to conceal the theft of some printing presses.

Once past that, you may become upset when the realization hits you, that whoever planned and executed the fraud did so because they are so convinced you are so stupid you don't even have the ability to see.

This is so far beyond Trump or Biden that if anyone is still getting stuck on their personal dislike of either one as justification for the fraud that person may easily be actually too stupid to vote, because if this is not corrected now, America will never have a true election again, and for all practical purposes, the American Experiment has been concluded.

I'm not leaving for DC until mid January, I'm hoping there's just enough ethic, morality, and patriotism left in our politicians to remedy this wrong, otherwise, it's time to grab a pitchfork.



By the way, the Georgia Senate just ordered a forensic exam of all ballots today.

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