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If A Crash Is Coming...Got Gold?


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“Incredible Opportunity” To Own Gold And Silver Before Next Crash – Embry
John Embry, Senior Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management, told King Worlds News that current prices offer an opportunity for investors to acquire physical gold and silver before the next world economic collapse.

“Eric, it certainly has been an ugly couple of weeks in the precious metals space, with platinum being abused as much or more than gold and silver.  I thought Andrew Maguire did an excellent job in explaining the action in his KWN interview on Friday… And when you juxtapose Maguire’s interview with the interviews KWN did with Pierre Lassonde and Stephen Leeb, where they explained the fundamentals for enormous price increases in gold and silver, it clearly demonstrated once again what an incredible opportunity there is for investors to acquire whatever physical gold and silver they can at these prices…

“Also, I remain fascinated by the misinformation coming from official sources with respect to the economy.  The recent housing numbers were many, many standard deviations above where they should have been, and a lot of the supposed strength in the sector is primarily attributable to horrible lending standards that appear to be repeating the same process that proceeded the 2007 – 2008 collapse. However, as bad as the lending standards might be in the housing sector, they are dwarfed by what is occurring in the auto sector… This is going to end very badly, and I’m afraid in the not-too-distant future we might be referring to 2007 – 2008 debacle as the good old days.

“I still believe that the U.S. authorities remain very concerned about an eventual dollar crisis or outright collapse for that matter… There is no reason for a rate hike, so the government has to create fictional numbers in order to support the concept and keep foreign investors in the dollar….” (“50-Year Veteran Warns We Are Headed For Another 2008-Style Collapse,” King World News, 6/1/16.)

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