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  1. Update: Sold. Thank you to the buyers.
  2. FWIW, even Treasury Vault supply is low. They offered to buy my dinar for $875 per million uncirculated. Couple months ago they only offered to buy at $775 per million. Definitely low supply all around.
  3. Once again, unfortunately, I need to sell some IQD. I have 10 million for sale, can be broken into smaller lots. All uncirculated 25K notes, purchased from SafeDinar and TreasuryVault. Looking for around $850 per million, since this is what the two companies above are offering. I thought I would offer to those here on DV first. Would like to do a PayPal payment. I can overnight shipment to you and have a signature required if you so desire. Have a great day.
  4. My GC contracts I bought 1650 last week are looking pretty healthy right now. Let's see how things are looking tomorrow morning about an hour before the US markets open.
  5. Final Bump: All sold. Thank you to my fellow D'Vets.
  6. Bump. 4 million still available, 3(25k) 1(10k).
  7. Update: sold all my IQD for sale, thanks all. But: came across extra 4 million IQD I'd like to sell. 3 million in uncirculated 25k notes and 1 million uncirculated in 10K notes. Bought from TreasuryVault years ago. Open to offers for all or part of the lot. Have a great Sunday.
  8. Bump. 3 million left, will negotiate a lower price for fellow D'Vets. Have a good day!
  9. Hey all, have to scrape together some cash for my next gold investment. Looking to sell 4 million in 25k notes, $850 per million. Set price. I know I can get more for it on ebay, but giving DV'er's first dibs. PayPal payment would be quick and easy, I can mail it out next day. Signature required if you prefer. Have a good one!
  10. Thanks Adam! Solid as usual. Bitcoin is projected by many crypto enthusiasts to be worth $100,000 per coin by 2021. Which will happen first? IQD - RV or $100K Bitcoin?
  11. Kitco News: 12/31/18 RERUN: Gold Will Rally 22% In 2019, Outperform Everything Dec 31, 2018 Guest(s): E.B. Tucker Director, Metalla Royalty & Streaming 2019 will see the start of a new bull cycle for gold and push the metal up to $1,500 an ounce, said E.B. Tucker, director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming. “To make big money in this market, you have to see the cycles. Nothing changes. We’ve had three big cycles in gold since 2000 and we’re about to have another one,” Tucker told Kitco News. Tucker said that the next cycle peak could reach $1,900 an ounce, but that won’t happen next year. “We’re calling for $1,500 next year, that’s a 22% increase in the price of gold, it’ll be one of the best performing markets in a very, very volatile year for equities,” he said. -Kitco News.
  12. Just doing a quick search, as of Sept. 30, 2018: The USA owns over 261,498,926 (millions) 'ounces' of gold. Currently worth over $11,041,059,957.90 (billions) dollars. Hope this helps.
  13. Laid Back, you are welcome. DinarThug, there were at least 50 people there today. Some events he does has upwards of 100. In typical San Francisco fashion, he said over 130 people signed up and less than half showed up. Northern California for you: Today: I'll be there tomorrow! Tomorrow: Nah, I'm not going. Oh well, sucks to be them.
  14. I attended Breitling's event today. He gave an overall outline on historical trends and global economies. Iraq and dinar wise, he answered questions people had, but nothing new he hasn't already talked about on his audios. Two things that he did mention I found worth noting: ~The lower the price of oil goes, the more pressure on Iraq to revalue. ~They have only so much money to use into 2019, unless oil prices skyrocketed, they would have to increase purchasing power. Not much other than that, majority of the questions people asked were answered many times before in his audios. He is not a date/rate guy. He did point a memo to the IMF from Iraq years ago about how Iraq intends to get the dinar to be $3.00+ again. It won't start at $3, it would come out lower and float up to $3+. Dinar wise, thats it. He doesn't pump up false hopes and say "it's happening next week". He just simply states it's going to revalue, plain and simple. There it is, have a good night DV.
  15. I will post here tomorrow night if there is any significant info Breitling has to share. For the most part he gives a summary on where Iraq is economically and politically, gives his thoughts on what we should be looking for in articles. For example: oil prices, CBI statements, physical note count, etc. He then has a Q&A for as long as people need. He doesn't charge a dime for these conferences and doesn't leave until everyone has their questions answered.
  16. Breitling is hosting a conference tomorrow in my hometown. I plan on going and listening to what he has to say. He and Adam Montana are the only so called 'gurus' worth reading or listening to. I've seen him speak before and all his opinions are based on facts and information that can found online if you dig deep enough. He's no b.s. and I appreciate that. Some people may not care for him, but hey, to each his own.
  17. Hey all, have quite a bit VND, looking to sell some of it. I have 14 Million 500K notes. Also have 6 Million 100K notes. Hoping for around $60 per million. I can sell all or some at a time. Hoping for sale through PayPal, person to person 'send money' process. Can mail it out day after receiving payment and your mailing address. P.M. for any questions, or go ahead and ask on this thread. Thanks.
  18. This guy at Chase doesn't know much or is lying. I bought some of my dinar years ago, from a bank...Chase Bank.
  19. Awesome post NY Kevin. Agree completely, especially about only paying attention to 2 main people: Adam & Breitling. Only 2 guys in the community who give you honest straight forward, no-bs info or hype. I've even met Breitling at one of his events. Good guy, brutally honest.
  20. Gold Is A Currency, Even the Fed Thinks So - Tocqueville’s Hathaway Sep 29, 2017 Guest(s): John Hathaway Senior Managing Director, Tocqueville Asset Management (Originally Aired Sept. 19) - Gold’s role in the monetary system should not be questioned, this according to Tocqueville’s John Hathaway, who says even central bankers view it as a currency. ‘You see central banks accumulation, they bought more gold in the last couple of years than they bought U.S. treasuries so they think it's money,’ he told Kitco News at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, Colorado. ‘They use it as a reserve because it is a reserve asset.’ Hathaway has been a vocal critic of the Federal Reserve, noting that he doesn’t expect much from the U.S. central bank’s latest meeting. ‘There's all this drama about shrinking the Fed balance sheet. At the end of the day, they're not going to do anything,’ he said. ‘They've put themselves into a corner they can't get out of and if they try, they'll destabilize the equity market.’ -Kitco News.
  21. So...back to original topic...waiting for the new CBI site to show it's new exchange rates.
  22. I'd exchange @ .05, only if we were forced to, i.e.: notes being retired. .10 is my rate to exchange some, .20 I'm all out.
  23. @ 10 cents, 30% of my IQD, wait for it to rise. @ 20 cents, all of it. I'm not that greedy. Get gold. Buy it, pan it, mine it, hold it.
  24. ixic

    Gold Spike

    It was a great day for us who trade Gold Futures.
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