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The Foreign Relations Committee discussed in its relations with Turkey in developments in the region

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Foreign Relations Committee discussed on Sunday 8/9/2013 at its meeting chaired by MP Humam hammoudi , Chairman of the relationship with Turkey in developments in the region, and the decision of the Iraqi and Turkish Governments in calm and get away from the tension escalation.

The Committee heard assessments to date of the relationship between the two countries and periods of history since the Ottoman occupation to the national Government until after 2003.

The Committee recommended the need to restore the relationship based on reciprocity and respect the internal affairs of the two countries, dealing with oil as a political commodity to be economic, not hurt the country's development.

The Committee also discussed the agenda of the acceptance of the martyrs in the Foreign Ministry, the visit of the delegation, the EU Parliament and the Polish Parliament to Iraq.

And the Commission presented the invitation to the ambassadors of the European Union and the Asian ambassadors and Arab Ambassadors separately for the regular meeting Committee held with used for trading in the region and the world.

It is supposed to devote three meetings to be held in the next few days to the Syrian crisis and its implications for Iraq, the region and the world security and economically.

The Committee strongly criticised Saudi Arabia's call for a group of Iraqi figures without coordination with official bodies as interference and breach of national security and bribery before the parliamentary elections and, at the same time, the Committee revealed a list of the names of those who have visited Saudi Arabia recently.


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