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GOVERNOR of the BANK of IRAQ building opens in Kerbala worth one and a half billion dinars and reveals the SIZE of the IRAQI RESERVES ( $ 76 BILLION )

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Governor of the Bank of Iraq building opens in Kerbala worth one and a half billion dinars and reveals the size of the Iraqi reserves of foreign currency (MCB)




02-07-2013      05:00


Detection Iraqi Central Bank Governor and Chairman of the BSA Abdul Basit Turki said the size of the reserve of the Central Bank of Iraq to hair Maes past of foreign currency amounted to $ 76 billion and also revealed referred the group of files to the judiciary was the recruitment and charge for some government officials


He said Turkey during his visit to holy city of Karbala and opened the new center of the Directorate of Financial Supervision Federal in Karbala that this project, which opened today in Karbala been circulated in all the provinces of Iraq, where there will be the headquarters of a subsidiary owned by the state and belonging to the BSA, explaining that all of these housings were implementation of the direct implementation by the Office of Technical Supervision cadres under the supervision departments in these provinces "


"He seeks the BSA because it has all the Iraqi provinces training centers accompaniment to these buildings in order that in his role as a positive effective for all departments provinces, not just the preserve of the BSA or its employees and always hope to see our provinces are all these conservative Izziyah in Amran largest and capabilities best and hope to contribute together with all the local administrations in building Iraq, we all hope his progress and prosperity and as worthy as is the historical spread.


With regard to the files of corruption at the central bank revealed the Iraqi bank governor referred the group of files to the judiciary and was bringing in charge of some officials were sentenced in the first case and in the cases of irregularities have been recruiting departments to complete the investigation "


On the seventh item said Turki "The information and the rumored existence of frozen funds outside the control of the Iraqi administration frozen funds being diverted down according to the UN resolution, both before getting out of the seventh item or after it is converted to fund the dfi and which is run by the Central Bank of Iraq, as well as all Almgodat Other As for the Iraqi gold reserves, it is managed by the Central Bank of Iraq and the depositor of the Bank for International Settlements as an agent of the Iraqi bank,


He said Iraqi Central Bank Governor that "Iraq is the owner of the stocks now and before the exit from Chapter VII Iraq manages the treasury of gold and gold does not constitute a large size compared to Ahtati does not constitute 10 percent for reserves Iraq has Ahtbati largest foreign currency administered by the exit of the seventh item will allow you to discretion greater flexibility as well as he creates an atmosphere years and attract foreign investment, however important, most of Iraq's sovereignty and destiny and Quana under Chapter VII possible to interfere with the international force in some of the decisions on Iraq and after our move to item VI This means to solve our problems bilaterally with countries without Tgaerha internationally. last Number of the Iraqi Central Bank reserves for the fifth month of the foreign currency of $ 76 billion.


For his part, Governor of Karbala Aqeel Turaihi told Nun, news reporting, "This building is the building for good in the fight against corruption and the first official opened a building in Karbala is the rule of the President Office of Financial Supervision and يفرحنا he was in this direction that control, God is enhanced more and more in this province push their projects towards prosperity.


"The Board of Supreme Audit Institution ancient her very traditions we act as an executive and I personally benefited from my work Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior before اكلف this responsibility and the existence of this institution سينفع state institutions not only on the level of performance oversight but rather on the level of training and developmental and we are going to talk was with the rule of the Chief of Staff to establish a training center and continued development of the Court will be in Karbala "


For his part, Engineer Executive Mohamed Abdel Wahab told Nun news reporting "was the accomplishment of a building BSA in Karbala is one of the branches of the BSA headquarters in Baghdad, the project consists of building a three-storey guesthouse and Supplement to the guesthouse every floor has rooms of chairpersons In addition to a library and health groups, meeting room and a building area of ​​300 m per floor and the cost of one billion and five hundred million Iraqi dinars achievement 680-day project was the completion of a high standard.




THE LINK :محافظ-البنك-العراقي-يفتتح-بناية-بكربلاء-بقيمة-مليار-ونصف-المليار-دينار-ويكشف-عن-حجم-الاحتياطي-العراقي-من-العملة-الأجنبية-مصور.htm

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