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LOOK FOR THIS..."Once the dinar revalues this month"...



"Personally I think Iraq is moving forwards and not backwards. They simply have too much to lose to undermine or ignore the directions given by the United Nations. I truly think Iraq is truly listening now and setting aside their differences and making a good faith attempt to take Iraq to the next level of becoming the next Economic Giant.

There is a lot of great and positive articles, too many to mention, nevertheless, things could change in a heartbeat and cause this to be delayed for quite some time. I personally do not think this will happen.

There are some large companies that have been promised future payments of a rate greater than the current rate and many of these projects have been put on hold. The word on the streets M Iraq is that the citizens feel that many great things are just around the corner and are hopeful to see it before the beginning of the Neon Year. Let's hope they are correct. I would love to see this over as well. It has been a long taxing road with many ups and downs. More downs than ups, but feel Iraq is finally on the right track. For us (United States citizens) we see and feel so differently and think more logical than a third world country.

The last topic I will try and cover is the revaluation and how it works in very simple terms.

This my understanding and I will explain it as it has been explained to me from many sources inside Iraq.

Here is one example, if an Iraqi citizen wants to purchase a car it has to be in United States Dollars (USD). So, why is that? Because the value of the current currency is worth

nothing. Now remember all of this is for the Iraqi citizen not a citizen outside Iraq.

Iraq Citizen Pre-RV:

Currently (now) if a citizen wants to purchase a car they will have to pay in the United States Dollar (USD) the full amount of the car. So I will try and explain to you how the Iraqi citizen will now pay.

Iraq Citizen Post-RVI

The CBI and all of the media has already instructed the Iraqi citizens that once the (three zeros are dropped) new currency, they are to take the large notes to any major bank and they will verify the notes and then exchange them for the new notes. To me that makes perfect procedure to eliminate the counterfeit notes.

Once the dinar revalues this month, the Iraqi citizen in country would be able to purchase a car using the new dinar instead of US Dollars, as is nosy the case. The dinar will have an increased value that can be used outside of the country to purchase goods and services.

As an example ONLY, suppose the new rate is $3.00 (or $3.46). It would only take $10,000 of the new dinar to purchase the same car that cost $30,000 in US Dollars. That will be the increased value of the new dinar. It will help the Iraqi people in country and also as they travel out of country.

Now we have outside of Iraq. Please remember, two totally different things and structure.

I hear so many comments of why would they announce that they are doing this with a date, so on a so forth. I am not sure what the percentage is if investors are that we, but iris a small percent of the overall picture.

So do you really think they care less if you all get rich and pay taxes on it? Not a fat chance in the south.

I will give you an example of outside the country after Iraq declares a new CBI rate, then all banks or agencies within the United States (us) will offer a cash in procedure.

One more thing to think about and you may comment, President Bush put in an executive order for the citizens of the United States to purchase and own the Iraqi Dinar. The very currency he had a part of taking it off the trade-able market, .id it was OK to own?

What I do not now is a spread, or points, or any other fees associated with this procedure. I am sure because it will be a one-time opportunity, they will scarf as much as possible. Will the IRS be involved, I have no doubt they will at some point in time.

Here is the deal, so what. You live here, you are free in your decision making, no pay what is owed. You make money on an investment you pay.

Howl will say this, I hope you all have a plan in place. Once your investment does come to fruition, then act responsible and protect this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I can pretty much assure you that this will never happen in your lifetime, your children's, or generations after that again.

Remember, according to our sources, the sanctions must be lifted to move forward.

Regardless of the outcome, we are on track and please haven safe and wonderful holiday."


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