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Opposition to Agenda 21 Building Rapidly

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 08:18 AM PDT

Agenda 21 for dummies!

Sustainable Freedom: Surging Opposition to Agenda 21,Sustainable Development

Watch this movie and get your education, unless you want your property rights to go away.

Mike Cole says he won't be spending much time on agenda 21 as a county commissioner. Can you afford to have a county commissioner who doesn't know enough about this issue to be able to protect your property rights. Can you afford a county commissioner who will be the pawn of the same people who gave us this agenda in Lincoln County Montana by a vote of the commission rather than submitting it to the people for a vote. Yes, the growth policy is part of agenda 21, and leads to property rights loss for all the people.

It's time to elect a county commissioner who knows how to fight agenda 21. I believe that person is NOT Mike Cole.

Resistance to this agenda is victory for America.

Paul Stramer

Written by Alex Newman

The New American

Alabama banned it. The Republican National Committee (RNC) officially opposes it. Even a group of Democrats has now joined the fight. And the movement to stop it is growing stronger every single day. Twenty years after the United Nations birthed the global sustainable development scheme known as Agenda 21, its tentacles have stretched across America into every level of government. But the battle to stop it is in full swing.

While the planetary plot was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, the executive branch has played a crucial role in its success thus far, using grants and mandates to foist it on the American people. Bush, Clinton, and Obama all worked on implementing it. But now, activists from across the political spectrum Tea Party groups, Occupy Wall Street types, Republicans, liberals, and moderates are turning up the heat. Scientists are defecting in record numbers, too.

Of course, opposition has existed all along, though it was largely ignored by the establishment press and the political class. In the United States in recent years, however, outrage over the controversial global plan has become overwhelming impossible to conceal any longer. So in response to the growing nationwide outcry, cities, counties, political parties, and states have all started to take action to defend citizens and their rights. It is paying off; more victories are being announced almost weekly.

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