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Found 1,905 results

  1. RIP Dic.k Morrissey - tenor and soprano saxophones, backing vocals, flute My fellow countryman mathematician
  2. RIP John Bonham (drums) Dedicated whole-heartedly to fmr. Italian minister of Interior affairs ( mr. Niceguy "I ain't no fascist"....LIAR) Matteo Salvini and his ( and his party "League") anti-immigrant and racist policy....And also to other big-shot Individuals internationally
  3. From "A Trick Of The Tail" 1976 1st album where drummer Phil Collins replaced Peter Gabriel (who had left group) as lead vocalist...He was bands' vocalist for a few years before taking a solo career
  4. From "Three Friends" 1972 One of the bands I love the most...Awesome musicians......Wish I'd seen them live....Never happened unfortunately..... One of my live music regrets along with Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and a ton of others...Oh well.....Next life......
  5. Rec'd at Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, UK on 26 March 1971,_Lake_%26_Palmer_album)
  6. 00:00 01. A Friend of Mine 04:22 02. While the Sun Still Shines 07:33 03. Not So Good 10:38 04. Three Minstrels 15:00 05. Slow Susan 18:28 06. Over and Over Again 24:16 07. Feeling Free 27:26 08. Fair-Haired Lady 30:24 09. A Place to Lay My Head 33:54 10. The Eagle
  8. From "Mercury Falling" Saw him in 1985 in Verona, Italy ( city of Romeo & Juliet) in the beautiful setting of the Arena which looks exactly like Rome Colosseum only slightly smaller
  9. In the above pic I think he looks a lot like Wesley Snipes
  10. From their best (IMHO) album "Deep Purple In Rock" 1970 All below songs are performed by the classic / epic somehow DP lineup ( Deep Purple In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, Who Do We Think We Are, Made In Japan albums ) Ritchie Blackmore – guitar Jon Lord (RIP) – keyboards, organ Ian Paice – drums, percussion Ian Gillan – lead vocals Roger Glover – bass This lineup ( the second one in the band's history) then crumbled after a few years mainly because there was a bad fight going on for quite some time between (great) vocalist Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore ( acknowledged by many as an excellent guitarist but also crazy like a horse) They had gotten to the point of beating each other in a few occasions mainly due to Blackmore's temper........ Can't recall exactly...But one of those 2 (or both maybe) left the band
  11. From "Yessongs" RIP Chris Squire (bass) Saw them in October 1977 at the Oakland, CA. Coliseum....An undescribable emotion for me back then ( I was 20).....Great 3hr.long concert....Donovan Leitch ("Mellow Yellow" etc) was the opener
  13. I bought the tape in 1985 while in Paris out of curiosity...I had never heard of them and / or any tracks by them...Loved them right away....
  14. Composed by George Harrison-RIP....He was 24 when he composed this one...... Incredibly beautiful & insightful imho..... We were talking, about the space between us all And the people, who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion Never glimpse the truth, then it's far too late when they pass away We were talking, about the love we all could share When we find it, to try our best to hold it there, with our love With our love we could save the world, if they only knew Try to realize it's all within yourself, no-one else can make you change And to see you're really only very small And life flows on within you and without you We were talking, about the love that's gone so cold And the people who gain the world and lose their soul They don't know, they can't see, are you one of them? When you've seen beyond yourself Then you may find peace of mind is waiting there And the time will come when you see we're all one And life flows on within you and without you "Within You Without You" We're not trying to outwit the public. The whole idea is to try a little bit to lead people into different tastes.[163] – George Harrison, 1967 Harrison wrote the Hindustani classical music-inspired "Within You Without You" after the decision was made to discard "Only a Northern Song".[164] The lyrics reflect Harrison's immersion in the teachings of the Hindu Vedas while its musical form and Indian instrumentation, such as sitar, tabla, dilrubas and tamburas, recall the Hindu devotional tradition known as bhajan.[165] Harrison recorded the song with London-based Indian musicians from the Asian Music Circle; none of the other Beatles participated in the recording.[166] The track features a tempo rubato that is without precedent in the Beatles' catalogue.[167 ] The pitch is derived from the eastern Khamaj scale, which is akin to the Mixolydian mode in the West.[168] MacDonald regards the song as "the most distant departure from the staple Beatles sound in their discography", and a work that represents the "conscience" of the LP through the lyrics' rejection of Western materialism.[169] Womack calls it "quite arguably, the album's ethical soul" as a concise reflection of the Beatles' and the counterculture's perspective during the Summer of Love era.[167] The track ends with a burst of laughter that some listeners interpret as a mockery of the song, but Harrison explained: "It's a release after five minutes of sad music ... You were supposed to hear the audience anyway, as they listen to Sergeant Pepper's Show. That was the style of the album."[170][nb 17] Martin used the moment of levity as a segue for what he describes as the album's "jokey track" – "When I'm Sixty-Four".[172]
  17. From special album "John Barleycorn Must Die" 1970
  18. RIP Keith Moon (drums) & John Entwistle (bass) Pete Townshend Genius imho
  19. RIP Eric Woolfson
  21. Band founded by fmr. "Free" vocalist Paul Rodgers
  22. Love his (Tony Hill) voice even though ( or maybe that's why I do) I deem it somehow sinister...... Probably one of the most underrated bands ever...
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