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Found 2 results

  1. Medium enterprises embrace the national economy Monday, 15 July 2019 37 Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara Economic analyst Abdul Sattar Abdul-Jabbar Moussa said that the practical applications of small and medium enterprises in many countries stressed the need for such institutions, regardless of the rate of progress and economic and social development, as the adoption of the national economy, but they need funding. Small and medium enterprises Between Moses and "morning" that "the importance of small and medium enterprises appear through the exploitation of energies and possibilities and the development of expertise and skills being "It is important to diversify the national economy in many aspects as it is one of the fertile areas for the development of new creations and ideas, as well as they are the seeds of the core of large institutions." "These projects are characterized by competitive nature, which is reflected in a large extent on the volume of sales and rates of return of activity," pointing out that "these institutions support the industrial strategy based on national development plans, and is a means to support agricultural production and contribute to the mobilization of capital, Their contribution to increasing savings, which will lead to increased investments. " Local resources "These institutions are often dependent on local resources and spin-offs of large enterprises, thus contributing to reducing the waste of these resources and reducing reliance on imports of raw materials," Moussa said. "These institutions contribute to strengthening the national economy through large institutions through Distribution of their products or supply them with production inputs or through subcontracting with large enterprises manufacturing Some components or some of the production process necessary for the final product, which is not economically feasible to implement by the large enterprise, so it has a significant role in expanding the base of domestic production. The role of finance In a related context, a member of the Center for Arab and International Studies, Dr. Amr Hisham that the issue of funding comes at the forefront of the problems faced by small and medium enterprises. He stressed the existence of a wide variety of sources of institutional finance that respond to different levels of growth of institutions, whether small loans or government support and advanced modes of financing, including entry into the stock exchange. "Banks and specialized financial institutions play an important role in overcoming the obstacles imposed by the conventional loan," he said. Stressing "one of the most convenient alternatives that Found for medium and small enterprises' investments is the rental loan, a pattern of newly created financing in which a property or equipment is delivered for a specified period of time against agreed installments. "This type of financing is flexible and easy to compare with conventional investment financing," he said. Venture capital "Risk capital as an economic tool can provide the project with flexible and long-term capital through its extensive ownership of the enterprise, as well as emerging and developing management assistance, especially for institutions with new ideas," Dr. Amr said. Risk capital means the provision of equity capital to establish or develop institutions. Risk capital is normally pooled by investors in the form of a fund used to fund investments in private businesses through equity participation and 20% to 40% ownership of capital. This service is usually through venture capital companies or banks and individual financiers.
  2. 14-02-2017 01:07 PM Rivers provides financial facilities of up to 25 million dinars for the owners of small and medium enterprises Rafidain Bank, announced on Tuesday to provide financial facilities of up to 25 million dinars for the owners of small and medium enterprises of the citizens for the purpose of developing their product and activate the local industry and supporting the national economy. According to a statement of the bank, 'set specific conditions for the granting of financial facilities , including that the applicant has to get the facilities identity of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and open an account in the nearest branch of the bank in his area. " The statement added that ' the bank select a maximum of the project , which is intended developed after the owner offers his vision for the project and to guarantee the mortgage and the property is divided, according to the powers of the branch manager and the extent of his conviction citizen efficiency of the financial amount of 25 million dinars. " He noted the bank to 'awarded 15 million dinars , also financial as facilities for the owner of the project while ensuring that the sponsor has banking facilities and to be a financial appreciation commensurate with the financial estimate for student facilities', calling on those who wish to get these facilities to' review the branches of the bank for the purpose of filling customized form for this the purpose'.
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