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Found 1 result

  1. CNN. Broadcasting While Frankie Gets All Misty Eyed Looking At Delta As He Hands Out The Graduation Diplomas From The Blue Couch ! Some highlights from Wed. Night KTFA CC: 12-6-17 Frank : Walking Stick said 2 days ago he has 2 things to give me….he will either show me the convertible currency, date, maybe even the rates.. Delta: We might see the rates before the speech….Going to be a great week a lot of things going to explode. Frank: MR of Iraqi dinar is imminent Delta: I agree Frank: Walking Stick is a former Marine in Iraq has a sense of humour…..our time with WS is coming to an end……cherish these last days with WS…..all of our Team turn to WS.. Frank: IMO Retroactive back to Jan 1st..highly possible this is the last time I talk to you about Iraqi's over..that's where I find myself with you tonight.. .... Frank: IMO It Will be an RI 1-1 it goes to the RV stage.. it will climb, then a free float..Frank: Saturday the celebration is at Rasheed Hotel ..historical globally..Frank : Quoting from WS.."once the speech is done- all hell will break loose".. We're done!Frank: After speech is done we will not give you a timeframe….and after speech there will be 2 articles..about the SMALL currency those are the cousins to something else.. remember they removed the 50's..still have the 100 500 1000..They will tell you what the lower denoms are for..Frank: Both currencies will be brought out for the citizens..used in the MR (Monetary Reform) of the IQD paralel with each other in the mkt..when these 2 articles come out WS will leave..Frank: There were articles released today called "Advanced Banking Classes"..this is the 3rd article to go along with the LD's..bye bye g'night all done..They have educated their citizen's..Once the articles come out ..WE WIN!Frank: They aren't going to let hedge funds and investors come in HELL NO…..they are trying to keep a lid on it! IMO Bloomberg knows Forex's just about when!Frank: It’s no longer about what they are doing, It’s about “WHEN” because they are trying to keep a lid on it.Frank: I was afraid it’s all a mirage or there would be a “Red Flag”Walkingstick said “Frank, It’s Over…Touchdown”Frank: Citizens are primed! There are things but not for you to know about right now..WS said No Red Flags..It's their Party and their show..Frank : When articles are released we will post Fireworks on Forum and music Amazing Grace..Frank: When this goes you MUST get Financial managers, Wealth Mgrs' ..We will keep forum going with info re Banks, all financial links..etc..Frank: Get professional help.. There are Sharks out there.. and the gov't will try to take your money..Frank: IOO Majority of people will lose the money in the first 4yrs.. StephanMan63: It is no longer "speculative" when it's over. As we gather our belongings many will reflect on the memories of the whole event. Leaving the stadium will be the "Graduation Walk". Our paths will be separate for most but the memories will be shared by all.Avatars, both previous and present will remain only to be forgotten one at a time as life progresses. Few will be permanent due to personal impact in our lives.Goals, Dreams and Desires will be achieved. Failures will be experienced.The Wait is complete, now we Begin.************Frank26: We will STUDY still .............. Together ............. On a different Level ............ A Spiritual One......... And other prudent topics. i wish to Thank All of You that have posted complements on our W CC ............ Thank You All Kindly. Aloha Dreams of ............ Now. Tonight was ................... Homeric ................... CLASSIC !!! !!! !!! Doodlebug: Homeric = of epic proportionsInfinite13love: To reference my analogy that I made in TC Frank.....I know you said the picture had already been taken....but tonight it has fully developed. Now we are simply waiting for it to be framed!!************ Don961: WCC ,,,,, Frank , is this the 3rd article you spoke of ? ..... Advanced Banking Program .... Post 299 from JLB .... last thread ...... : To / government and private banks and financial transfer companies (advanced banking program)Government / private banks and financial transfer companiesM / Advanced banking programGreetings. Our bodies number (8%) at 11.? And the utilities copy it from the linkIn the first training program for advanced banking which was then organized in the Turkish Republic for the period of9/7 A / .. For the purpose of deepening the interest and the opportunity to allow a large number of participants in this program:It was decided to hold an advanced banking program that includes related topics (combating money laundering and combating)Financing terrorism and cyber fraud in banking transactions and attacking credit cards through paymentBanking and corporate governance (for a period of 1 year), if you are not in the Republic of TurkeySubmit your nominations on the Center's e-mail with a colored copy of your passport and a personal photo(As soon as possible so that we can take the necessary and authorize us to deduct the fees of training from your accountsThe bank is open in this bank
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