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Found 19 results

  1. CNN. Broadcasting While Performing A ‘Hostile’ Takeover Of The Middle East Broadcast Network (MBN) At The Direction Of The Trump Administration ! Ur Welcome ... Now Hurry Up And Raise The Value Of This Worthless Currency So That I Can Perform A Hostile Takeover Of That ‘Other’ Worthless CNN Next ... Because of the decline in Al-Hurra’s performance, and because of its corruption and deviation from its basic principles, Trump dismisses its director, Fernandes. Special files , 06/1820 2020 15:33 Baghdad - Iraq today: Since 2018 until this moment, the American Hurra channel has been risking on a daily basis its reputation that it built professionally and balanced during its founding years, and directing its transmission to the Arab region and the Iraqi square completely, but the channel was gradually draining its good balance, until it suffered an unspoken bankruptcy in its audience An Iraqi who has followed her since its foundation as a platform that spreads freedom, justice and democracy. As it was a fatal mistake committed by the US President’s administration to appoint the extremist Alberto Fernandes, who then began to isolate the professional staff in the channel, and push media figures with specific orientations for the interface, as well as appoint a person close to the ruling family in one of the Gulf Emirates to help him, as the policy of this ideological emirate It appears publicly and clearly in the speech of the American Al Hurra channel. But US President Donald Trump corrected this decision, and yesterday toppled Alberto Fernandez from his position, to designate one of the administrative or financial figures in the staff of the American channel, as the president of this channel, in preparation for the selection of a new director for the channel. Media sources from within the channel, indicated in an interview with (Iraq Today), that "the reason for the recent overthrow of Alberto Fernandes and the other radical changes that will affect the middle administrative structure, and the existing editorial structure of the channel now, is evidence of corruption, poor performance, and complaints received To the ears and mail of the highest levels in the joints of the Trump administration, in addition to receiving information about bribes with large sums and precious contracts presented to some of the authors, providers and managers of program production, especially by some departments of companies operating in the Ministry of Oil and the Oil Sector in Iraq, in exchange for preparing biased programs presented via a screen The channel, as happened recently in the "......." program, which was clearly paid for from the first minute of its broadcast. The sources indicated that "some of the authors and presenters of the programs receive gifts or bribes towards passing a special agenda in the channel's programs, taking advantage of the complicity or weakness of the administration or lack of familiarity with the complications taking place in the Iraqi scene, so some ministers in the Abdul Mahdi government in particular, initiated with my managers Companies have access to and influence within these programs, as has happened with the Ministry of Oil and its latest file. She added that "the US administration noticed the involvement of the channel and its contributors in some of these unclear activities, as well as a terrible retreat and decline in the channel's views in the Iraqi arena, after it took another media speech, other than the speech, approach and principles that established the network for its sake, namely the spread of a culture of freedom Democracy, human rights, and justice, but the new channel’s speech added another ideological dimension that the US administration does not want, and does not want its media to engage in such unilateral or authoritarian policies, trends supported by the implementation of the Arab regimes agenda. The sources pointed out that "Al-Hurra has lost much under this administration during the past two years, to the extent that it reached the closure of its main office in Baghdad after it chose to broadcast yellow programs, and operates in the propaganda way, and this decision was also attached to the closure of the bodies responsible for media and communication affairs In Iraq, the closure of the American Radio Sawa office in Baghdad, Karbala and Basra, after it was also involved in participating in what Al-Hurra administration is doing under Fernandes’s administration. ” It also indicated, "There is great joy in the workers now in the corridors of the American channel, and the exchange of congratulations has reached the point of displacing Fernandes, as it seems that the workers want and wish to turn a bad page of media performance that they are not accustomed to, especially after it pushed people practicing media blackmail." She concluded that "fundamental changes may occur in the channel in the coming days and may restore the channel to its lost neutrality, and also restore warm waters with the Arab citizen in general and the Iraqi citizen in particular who has lost confidence in the performance of this channel in recent years, and who - that is, the Iraqi viewer - succeeded in overthrowing this administration By rejecting the channel’s bad content and boycotting it. " The decision to fire Alberto Friends is General Manager of Al Hurra LINK
  2. CNN. Broadcasting A Reminder About How General Soleimani Received An ‘Air Mail’ Package - Shortly After This Incident ! Notice How Things Have Been Relatively Smoother Since Then ... A deputy accuses political parties of being behind the bombing of the American embassy and the joint camps Data 06/15 2020 09:35 1229 Editor: gf Baghdad today - Baghdad Independent Parliament member, Bassem Khashan, said on Monday (15 June 2020) that the Iraqi government is aware of the parties behind the bombing of the American embassy in Baghdad, or the Iraqi camps, the last of which is the Taji camp north of Baghdad, in which the international coalition forces are present. Khashan said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the Iraqi government knows who is behind the bombing of the American embassy or the Iraqi camps, in which the international coalition forces are present, and if it does not know who the parties are, it can know who are those parties ". And he warned that "the silence of the Iraqi government, on those sides, and not holding them accountable, may give impetus to terrorist groups, by launching such bombing operations against citizens." The deputy added that "the failure of the Iraqi government to disclose to the parties behind the bombing of the American embassy or the Iraqi camps, in which the international coalition forces are present, because of the association of these parties with political forces that have parliamentary representation, and even have representation in the Iraqi government, and for this government does not want a rivalry With these actors. " The joint operations command issued the day before yesterday, Saturday, a statement regarding the bombing of the Taji camp. The leadership said in a statement received (Baghdad today), that "despite our previous warnings to those who are trying to mix cards by tampering with security and threatening our heroic security forces by targeting their camps, but these parties launched this evening Saturday, two Katyusha rockets from the street The main counterparty to the Al-Nasr facility north of Baghdad has fallen inside the Taji camp (a camp belonging to the Iraqi security forces) without losses, in a message that does not want good for Iraq and its people, especially during this stage. And she added: "Therefore, our security services have received urgent direction to undertake a qualitative intelligence effort to reveal these entities that, despite our warnings to them, are seeking to weaken Iraq, and to know who Salt himself has tampered with the security of Iraq that he will be under the law soon." LINK
  3. CNN. Broadcasting While Making A List - And Checking It Twice ! LINK I asked for a report on the "crowd threats" ... a congressional committee recommends that al-Amiri be included in the terrorist list 09:45 - 11/06/2020 The Republican Party Study Committee in the US Congress recommended, on Thursday, the inclusion of the Badr Organization and its Secretary General Hadi al-Amiri and a number of Popular Mobilization factions on the list of terrorism. The report recommended to Congress, according to a report by the "Al-Hurra" channel, which was viewed by him / the information, that Badr and Al-Amri should be classified in the list of terrorism, along with other factions such as the Imam Ali Brigades, Saraya al-Khurasani, the Sayyid Al-Shuhada Brigade, the Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas Brigade, and the Al-Wafaa Movement. , The Soldiers of Islam movement, and the Ashura Brigades. The report pointed out that these factions were not the only groups that signed a statement in April 2020 pledging to confront the United States. The report stressed the Congress that it is necessary for Congress to request an annual report from the US State Department, on the new entities that are run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Iraq. As he claimed, the committee also advised Congress to request another report on the long-term threats posed by the PMF that fights against ISIS and the threat posed by the crowd to US national security, Israel, the Kurdistan region, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and the rest of the partners in Region.
  4. CNN. Broadcasting Blatant Iranian Sabotage To Try And Control Iraq ! After the announcement of achieving sufficiency .. Fires destroyed thousands of dunums of agricultural land in Iraq - 15 Hours Ago With sorrow, the farmer Salah stands in front of the fire that devoured his farm in Al-Hamdaniya district, "in the northern province of Nineveh," after he lost nearly 250 dunums of wheat. (Acres is equivalent to 2500 square meters). After waiting for the harvest for a whole year to reap the benefits of his labor, he is now bemoaned by a season that he hoped would improve his financial situation. In his speech to Al-Jazeera Net, Salah demands that the authorities work to hold the perpetrators accountable, especially since the fires have become repeated every year, pointing out that the state did not compensate them for the losses of last year. And the strategic agricultural crops in Iraq (wheat and barley) face a wave of major fires every year, which inflict thousands of dunams and cause heavy losses. Al-Naif: Iyad “malicious” stands behind the burning of agricultural lands whose goal is to prevent Iraq from achieving self-sufficiency (Al-Jazeera Net) and to fight sufficiency. For the first time in decades. A number of Iraqi MPs have explicitly accused external parties of causing fires in order to keep Iraq dependent on imports for its food needs. The spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Hamid Al-Nayef, says that the agricultural plan for the current year for wheat and barley crops is 16 million dunums, up 4 million dunums from last year, and with a production rate of 5.5 to 6 million tons. And about the fires that broke out in large areas of agricultural land, Al-Nayef adds that the harvest season for the crops began in mid-April last and ends in the beginning of next July, pointing out that this period always witnesses fires for various reasons. The burned lands reveals that the past year witnessed the burning of approximately 54 thousand dunums (50 - 70 thousand tons) of wheat at the very least, while the total area burned in the current season reached seven thousand dunums so far within the areas covered by the agricultural plan only, stressing that there are Other areas not counted, as well as the harvest season is still in the middle. And on the ones who caused the fires, Al-Nayef comments in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net that the parties he described as terrorist are behind these fires, in addition to the hands that he described as "malicious" aiming to prevent Iraq from achieving self-sufficiency, pointing out that Iraq over the past years was a tempting market and a back garden For the products of neighboring countries, and therefore some of these countries do not like Iraq to be self-sufficient. Al-Nayef concludes that the development of agriculture in Iraq requires the state's control of the border outlets and customs and the prevention of the introduction of agricultural products that are similar to them locally, indicating that there are dozens of outlets that enter daily products competing with the local product. Accusations of sabotage With the start of this year's harvest season, the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture expected that Iraq would export approximately 850,000 tons of wheat for the first time in decades, in addition to similar quantities of barley. The President of the Federation of Agricultural Associations in Iraq, Haider Al-Asad, had confirmed in an earlier interview that the fires - for the second year in a row - affected only wheat and barley crops without any other crops, indicating the possibility of a plan to re-depend on Iraq to import these crops. The agricultural authorities in the country estimate the size of the losses due to the fires at about six billion dinars (five million dollars) in just one month, in addition to the burning of dozens of agricultural vehicles and combine harvesters. For his part, head of the Agriculture, Water and Marshes Committee in Parliament, Salam Al-Shammari, accuses external and internal parties of burning wheat and barley crops in every season in order to force Iraq to import. Al-Shammari asserts that some of the neighboring countries are concerned about Iraq's failure to achieve self-sufficiency in the agricultural field, in order for Iraq to remain an importer of its goods, relying only on oil. Al-Shammari, speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, confirmed that his committee will work to host the authorities concerned with the file in order to open a parliamentary investigation, adding that there are attempts by corrupt parties to smuggle wheat from neighboring countries and hand it over to the Ministry of Trade as an Iraqi. The shoulders of the economy for his part, revealed economic spokesman Jamil Antoine of the island expert that fires weigh heavily on the Iraqi economy, stressing that it despite its size , it will not significantly affect production this year after increasing the area of agricultural land. On the one who caused the fires, Antoine pointed out that some farmers intentionally burn their crops in order to obtain compensation from the state, as well as suggesting the presence of vandal elements deliberately burning crops in order to harm the economy, impede the political process and remove foreign investments, due to the negative impact of these fires on the country. Antoine noted that Iraq is currently cultivating approximately 15 million dunums of various crops, despite the fact that the arable area is approximately 45 million dunums, in addition to that agriculture constituted 25% of the gross domestic product in the past decades, according to him. Journalist Riyad al-Hamdani, for his part, indicated that the strategic crop fires last year were caused by armed factions backed by Iran, especially in the governorates of Nineveh, Salahuddin, Diyala and Anbar. As for the fires this year, according to al-Hamdani, most of them occurred in the areas of southern Nineveh, Salah al-Din and Diyala, and they were carried out by the Islamic State, pointing out that the organization adopted this in issuing a broadcast to it recently. Observers warn that Iraq has become a target in its agricultural wealth, especially since all fires and poisoning of tomato crops and fish fields were made after every announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture of achieving self-sufficiency. Source: Al-Jazeera LINK
  5. CNN. Broadcasting From A Camel Blockade On The Major Turnpike Into The City ! Source: All Baghdad entrances and exits are closed Localities 7/26/2020 19:07 561 Editor: gf \ Baghdad today - Baghdad A security source reported, on Sunday (7 June 2020), that all the entrances and exits of the capital, Baghdad, were closed. The source told (Baghdad today), "The security forces closed all entrances and exits of the capital, Baghdad, in application of the comprehensive ban." The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, instructed Saturday (6 June 2020) to extend the curfew a week, while the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety issued 8 decisions . The decisions of the Health and Safety Committee stated: "The comprehensive ban continues for a week, starting on Sunday 7/6/2020, and the forest on Saturday, 6/6/2020, with an emphasis on its precise implementation according to the procedures set by the Ministry of Health with the beginning of the partial ban. To roam on June 14th. " LINK
  6. CNN. Broadcasting Yet Another Blockbuster Article In A Recent Series Of Sweeping Changes - Is There A New PM Sheriff In Town Or What ? With documents .. Al-Fayyad directs the crowd formations to abandon partisan work and close the headquarters inside the cities Policy 04/06/2020 10:24 2518 Editor: ha Baghdad today - Baghdad The head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh al-Fayyad, issued generals to all cooperatives, directorates, and formations, including 10 paragraphs, the most prominent of which are the closure of brigade headquarters and cohorts within cities and the abandonment of partisan work. According to the documents obtained by (Baghdad Today), the cousins include the decision to commit to dismantling any political and non-political ties to the formations of the commission, and to give up all the names that the PMF had previously worked in its battles against ISIS. LINK
  7. CNN. Broadcasting With No Plan To Extend The Ban - Perhaps They’ve Seen Some Of The Rioting By Scumbag Hooligans Here After Numerous Extended Pointless Bu!!Sh*t Lockdowns ! LINK Parliamentary crisis excludes the extension of the comprehensive ban 1st June, 2020 The Parliamentary Crisis Cell ruled out today, Monday, the extension of the imposition of a comprehensive curfew in the capital, Baghdad, and other provinces, while attributing the high incidence of HIV infections to citizens' lack of commitment to preventive measures. "The measures that will be taken after the comprehensive ban are going towards the partial and regional embargo, for the regions that have high infections with the Corona virus," said cell member Abbas Aliwi in a statement, followed by "Gilgamesh Press", pointing out that "the elimination of the Corona virus needs to be All government institutions and citizens cooperate by adhering to the Ministry of Health's guidelines." He added that "the imposition of a comprehensive ban for a week came as a result of the high rate of injuries, as the decision was taken in cooperation between the Parliamentary and Governmental Crisis Cell", ruling out "the extension of the imposition of a comprehensive ban in the capital Baghdad and other provinces."
  8. CNN. Broadcasting With Makeup Instead Of A Mask During Double Secret Covid Probation ! LINK The Supreme Committee: A comprehensive week-long curfew throughout Iraq starting on Sunday 30th May, 2020 An informed source said, on Saturday, that the Supreme Committee for Health and Safety voted to impose a comprehensive curfew for a period of 14 days, starting tomorrow The source said, "The Higher Committee for Health and National Safety headed by the Prime Minister votes to approve the imposition of a comprehensive curfew in Iraq for a period of 14 days, starting on May 31st, on Sunday On Saturday, the Supreme National Committee for National Health and Safety and the Parliamentary Crisis Cell held a joint meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi
  9. CNN. Broadcasting On Covid Camel Lockdown ! LINK The parliamentary crisis calls for the Baghdad entrances and exits to be closed completely and a 14-day curfew 28th May, 2020 The decision of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell, Jawad al-Moussawi, called Thursday to close the entrances and exits of the capital, Baghdad, and imposed a 14-day curfew due to the consequences of the Corona virus Jawad al-Musawi said, in a statement received by "Gilgamesh Press" that "there is a fear of recording nearly two hundred injuries on the Rusafa side during this day and that this number does not match the size of the hospitals designated to receive the injured, so the Canadian Hospital must be fully prepared to receive corona patients as the largest hospital On the side of Rusafa Moussaoui called for "the extension of the curfew in the capital for a period of 14 days and the closure of the entrances and exits of the capital, Baghdad, where the number of casualties is still increasing, and that the continuation of the prohibition measures as well as the isolation of the capital from the rest of the provinces in order to control the spread of the epidemic in Baghdad The decision of the crisis cell, warned of "the risk of taking wrong decisions that could lead the country to dangerous slopes, because the current situation does not bear the compliments or the lives of the citizens
  10. CNN. Broadcasting While Rouhani Tries Using A ‘Lifeline’ - Somebody Try Connecting Him To ‘Peggy’ ! Rouhani Just Said That ‘Peggy’ Sounds Really Hot ... LINK The Iranian President calls his Swiss counterpart and requests 3 requests 17:23 - 05/26/2020 The Iranian President phoned Swiss President Simonita Sommaruga, requesting that Switzerland play a more influential role in light of the doubling of US sanctions on Tehran. Rouhani pointed out that the spread of the Coruna virus, the American sanctions and increasing economic pressures have made living conditions more difficult for the Iranian people. The Iranian President considered that it is necessary for the three European countries to work to preserve the nuclear agreement and find a balance in the implementation of nuclear obligations. Switzerland can play a role in promoting the nuclear agreement. Rouhani also welcomed the creation of the Swiss financial channel, and stressed the need to further activate it. The President of Switzerland announced that her country seeks to increase the effectiveness of the Swiss financial channel, and the possibility of transferring the loan requested by Iran from the International Monetary Fund to combat Corona through the Swiss channel. She stressed the need to maintain the nuclear agreement as an international treaty, and pledged to make all efforts to this end.
  11. CNN. Broadcasting In A Straight Jacket From An Institution ! The Brookings Institution lists the benefits of Iraqis from the American presence in the country! 2020.05.18 - 10:40 Baghdad - people An article by the American Brookings Institution shed light on the new Iraqi government's engagement with the crises the country is going through, especially in light of the polarization taking place in the region, and the repercussions of Iranian-American tension. The authors of the article, who are both Sarah Iyad Allawi, a leader in the National Accord Movement, and Michael O'Hanlon, senior researcher at the Institute, that "the problems of Iraq now are more difficult than they were in recent years, after the United States assassinated Qasim Soleimani, the mastermind of the Iranian army in January / January, in addition to an Iraqi militia leader, the Iraqi parliament approved a non-binding decision that US forces leave the country. After the March 11 missile attacks in which two Americans and a British soldier were killed, the United States replied to the suspected perpetrator, a Iran-backed militia ". He added, "The American forces have begun to take precautions and to strengthen the sites better in a smaller number of protected bases, but the situation is still very charged, and it is not clear whether the government will now support the US military presence, in contrast to the decision voted by Parliament." He pointed out that "the American presence is very important for the Iraqis, as it is a counterweight to the Iranian presence and the Islamic State (ISIS), as the Americans help in Iraqi internal policies, especially sectarian divisions in the security forces, and they often remove tensions and a feeling of mistrust between them. This was It is true during the 2007-2008 surge, and with the escalation of attacks by the Islamic State during the comprehensive ban caused by the emerging COVID-19 virus, this concern has become acute again. He continued, "There are also important reasons for maintaining a close partnership between the United States and Iraq, and this became very clear in 2014, when President Obama, after celebrating the withdrawal of all American forces from Iraq in 2011, had to return them to confrontation with the Islamic State." Otherwise, the refugee flows to and outside Europe would have been much greater, and the major oil production centers near the Persian Gulf could have been exposed to a greater threat. " He noted that "the Islamic State and other terrorist groups pose a threat today, even if they no longer control territory in Iraq. They are publishing new tactics for small operations and rapid raids (rapid attack and flight) that take advantage of the security loopholes that resulted from the redeployment of Iraqi soldiers and police to ensure Citizens' compliance with the embargo due to the Corona virus, the role of US forces today is to support Iraqi soldiers and police in training and technical assistance rather than combat operations. What does US support mean? The article believes that "the continuation of American support in Iraq requires more clarity between Baghdad and Washington regarding the rules of engagement, as Iraq needs to do more to help protect American bases and other interests in the country, and the United States needs to limit any use of military force by One against those who might be subjected to its forces, and any reprisals, no matter how justified, should be taken only after consultation and agreement between the two governments. " He added, "The new Iraqi government also needs a strategy to weaken and remove militias backed by Iran and other private militias. They previously helped defeat the Islamic State, but they are also destabilizing forces, and militia fighters or small units capable of fighting in the forces can be recruited." Armed security, providing them with compensation and job opportunities for others. The ability to make progress on this front will be an important indicator of whether the new Iraqi prime minister can achieve stability in the country in a way that most of his predecessors could not achieve. " On the economic front, frustration over corruption and lack of job opportunities has produced massive demonstrations at the end of 2019, unlike what we have seen in recent decades. This was before the emerging epidemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the associated drop in oil prices. It will take some time to recover from the current crisis, not to mention decades of corruption and mismanagement by the Iraqi elites, but al-Kazemi can buy time and support, by persuading parliament to pass laws to share oil revenues that allocate funds consistently and fairly throughout the country, with distribution Revenue is based on population in the governorates. High unemployment is also a major problem, and is a major cause of many demonstrations throughout Iraq. Privatization of state-owned entities can help, if this is done fairly, and the legacy of state domination of the economy continues to hinder economic growth and job creation. The demonstrators also demanded early parliamentary elections, and the government must set a date within a year. Before the vote, the government also needs to change the Electoral Commission and its sectarian quota-based system, with an election commission made largely of independent judges. After years of conflict and intensity, the two countries still need each other, and many can benefit from US technical and aid assistance. But nothing will require significant new resources. It may be possible to take advantage of these positives and enter into a more productive relationship and we hope that Baghdad and Washington will seize this opportunity. LINK
  12. CNN. Broadcasting On Double Secret Probation ! Sunday، 17 May 2020 12:21 AM Iraq imposes full curfew for eight days starting May 22 over COVID-19 Fears On Saturday, the Iraqi authorities announced a total curfew that will imposed for eight days, starting Friday May 22 till Sunday May 30, including the Islamic Eid Al-Fitr holiday. They added that the curfew comes as part of the stat's plan to curb the spread of coronavirus. Iraq on Saturday reported 67 new coronavirus cases. “The total number of confirmed cases in Iraq reached 3260 after recording 67 new infections in Baghdad, Basrah, Kirkuk, and Dhi Qar Governorates,” the ministry said in a statement. “Baghdad has recorded four new deaths, bringing the death toll across the country to 121,” it explained. “37 new cases have recovered so far, raising the total number of recovered cases to 2126,” the ministry concluded. Several world countries have tightened restrictions on movement and travel, with the aim of curbing the spread of the Coronavirus, and some have pledged billions of dollars in economic stimulus programs to reduce the economic repercussions of the crisis. It is worth mentioning that, more cases of the virus, which causes respiratory disease COVID-19, continue to emerge, with outbreaks in South Korea, Italy, and Iran. People across the globe partake in self-isolation for 14 days as an effective precautionary measure to protect those around them and themselves from contracting COVID-19. Transmission of virus between humans happens when someone comes into contact with an infected person’s secretions, such as droplets in a cough. It can also be transmitted by coming into contact with something an infected person has touched and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes. LINK
  13. CNN. Broadcasting While The Iranians Are Once Again Acting Totally Fuelish ! LINK America is considering taking measures against Iran after it dispatches a fuel shipment to Venezuela 15th May, 2020 A senior official in the administration of US President Donald Trump revealed that the United States is studying measures that it can take in response to a fuel shipment that Iran sent to crisis-stricken Venezuela. The official, who asked not to be named, said that "Washington is" with a great degree of certainty "that the government of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro pays Iran with tons of gold." "This is not only reprehensible from the United States, it is reprehensible from the region, and we are looking at measures that can be taken," the official added. The oil sectors of the two OPEC countries and the two rivals of the United States are subject to strict U.S. sanctions. The official declined to specify the measures being discussed, but said options would be presented to Trump. According to ship tracking data from Reventiv Akon on Wednesday, at least one tanker loaded with fuel sailed from an Iranian port towards Venezuela, which could help the country alleviate severe fuel shortages. The medium tanker, Clafeel flying the Iranian flag, crossed the Suez Canal earlier on Wednesday after loading fuel at the end of March in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, according to the data.
  14. CNN. Broadcasting The Fumbled Fingered Iranians Latest Self Inflicted Wound After Shooting Down One Of Their Own Airliners A Few Months Ago ! LINK Iranian army: 34 soldiers were killed and wounded by the bombardment of Konark battleship 11th May, 2020 The Iranian army announced the death of 19 soldiers and the injury of 15 others in the battleship of Konark The Iranian navy said in a statement today, Monday, that a friendly fire caused the accident, as an Iranian missile hit a support ship in the Gulf of Oman on Sunday The Department of Public Relations in the Navy clarified that while a number of naval forces were conducting exercises in the waters of Jask and Chabahar in the Gulf of Oman, the Konark ship was involved in an accident, noting that the ship was transported to the coasts for technical inspection The Navy did not mention in the statement the cause of the accident, and added that investigations are still ongoing, stressing the need to avoid any speculation and unconfirmed reports in this regard Iranian media sources said that the Jamaran destroyer accidentally hit Konark during the Iranian naval exercises ##################
  15. CNN. Broadcasting The Recommendation Of A Complete Curfew Over The Next 14 Days For The Remainder Of Ramadan Until The End Of The Eid Al-Fitr ! LINK Crisis Cell recommends a complete curfew in Iraq 9th May, 2020 The Parliamentary Crisis Cell recommended on Saturday a re-ban on all-out roaming in Iraq. "Because of the lack of adherence to the instructions for health protection and the health ban, and the increase in the numbers and numbers of contacts and intense mixing between people, we must return to the complete curfew for a period of 14 days during the last ten days of Ramadan and the days of Eid Al-Fitr," the committee's rapporteur, Jawad al-Moussawi, told Shafaq News. He stressed that "before that, the distribution of the emergency financial grant to its beneficiaries will be completed."
  16. CNN. Broadcasting A Guy With All The Credibility Of Their Currency They Just Devalued ! LINK Rouhani: Trump "made a stupid mistake" 6th May, 2020 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani considered today, Wednesday, that US President Donald Trump made a stupid mistake by withdrawing from the nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers, calling on Washington to lift the sanctions "Trump made a stupid mistake by withdrawing from the nuclear deal," Rouhani said "If America wants to return to the agreement, it must lift all sanctions against Tehran and compensate it for the resumption of sanctions ... Iran's response will be overwhelming if the arms embargo imposed on it is extended," he added Trump withdrew from the agreement in 2018, citing that it did not include enough to limit Iran's missile program and influence in the Middle East
  17. CNN. Broadcasting the aim of establishing an Iranian presence in the region, which has long been a point of contention with Arab countries bordering the coast opposite Iran. Iran .. Khamenei orders to make islands in the Gulf "livable" Free / Translations - Washington April 30, 2020 The Iranian guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered the Revolutionary Guards, to convert the islands of Iran located in the Gulf to become "livable," according to Radio Verda . The commander of the Revolutionary Guards naval forces, Ali Reza Tangsiri, had warned in an interview with a government radio, on Wednesday, that the Revolutionary Guards would not allow "the presence of foreign warships in this area." During the first half of the nineties of the last century, the government of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani sought to implement the idea of making the islands in the Gulf livable and enjoying economic dynamism, with the aim of establishing an Iranian presence in the region, which has long been a point of contention with Arab countries bordering the coast opposite Iran. Rafsanjani then transformed the islands of Kish and Qeshm into free trade zones, established daily flights towards them, and encouraged businessmen to open their commercial complexes and trade offices, and constructed new buildings equipped with entertainment centers. The two islands enjoyed good infrastructure thanks to the development plans of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who were toppled by the 1979 revolution. Other islands, such as Siri Island, Faror Island and Bani Faror Island, remained largely arid, with the exception of a few human presence and some wildlife. By revealing Khamenei's plans to develop the islands, Tangsiri made no mention of the reasons for or the timing of Khamenei's order. Tangsiri was interviewed with the Iranian government radio, on the occasion of the so-called "National Day of the Persian Gulf". In the context of his warning to foreign warships, Tangsiri added, "Foreigners have no place in this region. They have to leave." Radio Verda says that the latest statement may not be limited to Western fleets, but may also include the Arab population of the island of "Abu Musa". Abu Musa is considered one of the three islands around which a dispute between Iran and the Emirates of the opposite country revolves around, and it is inhabited by some Gulf Arabs. Iranian invitations to its people to migrate to the island of "Abu Musa", which the UAE claims to belong to, are not successful, along with the islands of Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb. According to Radio Verda's Iranian affairs analyst, Reza Haqiqa-Nejad, it is unlikely that Khamenei's order will change anything on the ground, as long as Iran does not solve its main foreign policy problems. A recent provocation of American ships caused by Iranian ships occurred, prompting US President Donald Trump to give orders to the American forces in the region to respond to any intrusive ships in the future. LINK
  18. CNN. Broadcasting An Insanian Warning To The US ! LINK Iran: Extending the arms embargo will face a severe response 16:03 - 02/05/2020 Iran has stated that it has informed the United States that an extension of the arms embargo will face a severe response. "We have informed the United States of America that the extension of the international community's arms embargo on Iran will face a harsh response ... and it will have serious repercussions," Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said at a press conference today, Saturday. "We spoke to the member states of the nuclear agreement and they informed us that they will not accept the United States way of extending our arms embargo," he added. A spokesman for the Iranian government continued: "The United States of America must realize that the world and international agreements are not a game in their hands."
  19. CNN. Broadcasting A Statement From The State Department Stating The Secretary Of State ! LINK Washington: We will not allow Iran to buy weapons after the arms embargo is lifted 29th April, 2020 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged Wednesday that his country will not allow Iran to buy conventional weapons systems when the arms embargo is lifted. The US Secretary of State said during a press conference that Iranian aircraft continue to transport fighters in the Middle East. Pompeo said that over the past days, planes from Iran have transported unknown materials to Venezuela. He expressed his pledge that his country will not allow Iran to purchase conventional weapons systems when the arms embargo is lifted, and he stressed that they will work with the United Nations to extend the arms embargo on Iran.
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