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Found 1 result

  1. Morning all, Happy Hallmark Holiday to all you suckers buying flowers to make up for your mistakes throughout the year! (Just kidding, we all know flowers are for love, not forgiveness ) Ok, I'll stop while I'm ahead if it's not too late. The Iraqi Dinar situation has been pretty interesting lately... in fact, the longer things stay "quiet", the more attention I'm paying to it. Think back a couple years. Do you remember when news was fast and furious, with developments happening on almost a daily basis? There was tons of talk about how "close" and "soon" we were to an RV. And to be extremely blunt about it - I don't disagree that we *could* have been on the brink of an RV at any of those moments. The release of every new URGENT article was indeed a signal that things were about to POP. Now, we're looking at weeks or months between "major" events, and some might see that as discouraging. I disagree. The big picture is very encouraging. The situation in Iraq is very much like many other things in history, where it took time to lay a solid foundation before a major change. I challenge ANYONE to argue that Iraq has not made an incredible amount of headway in the last 7-10 years. ISIS - ISIS who? Almost non-existent in the news these days. Iraq the "war zone"? Not anymore. Iraq used to be a primitive medieval dinosaur in the technology department, which is an extremely important part of their advancement into the world banking system. That's no longer an issue. Could their infrastructure be a little better? Of course, but it's infinitely improved compared to 10 years ago, and fully capable of interacting with all the major world exchanges. My list goes on, but I detest and abhor long lists that can be replaced with short lists, so here's a better one: 1. I like the current situation. 2. Iraq is in a position to move, and soon. 3. That's the end of the list. My favorite news items of the week are these: Sounds like HCL news to me! Keep 'er movin'! Very closely related to HCL - start with this post and read the next couple posts: Obvious hat tip to @yota691 for continuing to bring the news! We have solid footing on the HCL in the coming weeks or months, and it doesn't get (much) better than that. Summary? HCL incoming! It's not going to happen tomorrow, but it's coming. I'm HODLing my IQD and also my faith. In Crypto news, which is obviously a passionate subject for me and many others (especially in the VIP section), I mentioned a few weeks ago that I saw resistance at around $8500. The last week has shown strong proof of that, and as of this morning it's over $9300. Now may or may not be a good time to buy, but it certainly looks like the Bulls are back! We have a topic going on in the VIP section right now regarding the latest: We're discussing everything from upcoming profit opportunities to tax strategies and more. If you save yourself from one IRS penalty, or get early info on just ONE good ICO opportunity, your VIP fees are MORE than paid for! What are you waiting for? Join the big kids and get involved - the water is fine! Join VIP here: Here are the weekly Q's: Scale of 1-10: 5. I love the news, but the timeline still calls for patience. Math: Without pulling out my trusty abacus, I'd say you're pretty spot on. Not too shabby, and there's more of that to come. Bonus Question: Peanuts. Thanks for the smile my friend! Have a great day and I'll see you in the VIP section, where we continue to enjoy good company and great conversation, in addition to the other benefits. I believe it will happen either way. Maliki - that's an interesting topic right now. I think he's backed off of the "old Maliki" style considerably, and Abadi is no fool. He's certainly wise to the posturing and politics. They say there's no such thing as an "honest politician", and even though I am a cheerleader for Abadi, the adage applies to him as well. I truly believe that Maliki has created enough past bad-will that he will never truly find himself in a position of power again, and Abadi can play the game well enough to ensure that stays true. If anything, Maliki's new approach will encourage positive progress for the country as a whole. Abadi should remain in his position, and any kind of peaceful and reasonable discourse between the parties will move us closer to an RV. Conclusion: As much as I loathe these words... I don't see Maliki as a hindrance to a ReValuation any more. In fact, he may be helping in a roundabout way. (I know that last statement may be hard to stomach, but once again... big picture time.) ========================= That's it for the weekly, unless something major pops up. Of course I'll be here to announce or decipher or comment on the news, and I'll see you all in the VIP section. GO RVVVVVVVV, and HODL!!!!! - Adam
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