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Found 151 results

  1. Nadita File – 12/15/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here Other News : Survey estimates as much as 22% of the world’s undiscovered and recoverable oil and natural gas resources are north of the Arctic circle. NFL Players Assc files fed lawsuit over league’s suspension of star RB Adrian Peterson. Union asks court to dismiss arbitration ruling upholding suspension, contends arbitrator acted outside scope of his authority. Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Peterson without pay through at least April 15 as a result of a child abuse case. Peterson pleaded no contest to injuring his 4 year old son, while disciplining him with a wooden switch. Three people, including the gunman killed after police raid ends 16 hour hostage standoff at Sidney, Australia, Lindt’s Café. Police say they stormed the café after hearing gunshots from inside. Authorities have identified the gunman as a man Haron Monis, an Iran native, who was once prosecuted for sending offensive letters to the families of Australian troops killed in Afghanistan. Two hostages were killed in the raid, though it’s not clear if they were shot by the gunman. Four other people were injured. Australian PM Tony Abbot calling the hostage situation a brush with terrorism. Adding the gunman had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability. Suspect remains on the loose in shootings at three suburban Philadelphia locations that left six people dead and one other person wounded, police say. Suspect in Monday morning shootings identified as 35 year old Bradley William Stone. Authorities say all victims have a familial relationship to Stone. Police conducting extensive search in and around Pennsburg, about 30 miles NW of Philadelphia. Secy of State John Kerry meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Rome monday to discuss draft UN Resolution, that would set a two year timetable for an Israeli-Paletinian Peace Deal. Netanyahu says he expects the US to veto any security council resolution mandating a peace accord. Draft resolution backed by France still hasn’t been formally induced and cites the 1967 Mideast borders as the basis for dividing the land. Secy Kerry is also set to travel to London Tuesday to meet with Palestinian negotiators and representatives of the Arab League. Fed Immigration authorities urging qualified illegal immigrants to apply for Pres. Obama’s exec action that grants a reprieve from deportation. Citizenship and immigration services Dir. Leon Rodriguez says immigration officers do not share applicants’ info with law enforcement unless an applicant has a disqualifying history or is a national security threat. Exec actions could give work permits and deportation protection to nearly 5M immigrants who are in the US illegally. At least 20 states have sued to block the immigration measure. Dow slipped 100 points at trading today, closing at 17,180. S&P500 lost 12 points to 1,989. Nasdaq also slipped 48 points to 4,605. Gold closed at $1,196, silver at $16.11, copper at $2.87. WTI crude at $55.60 and Brent oil at $60.81. Oil prices have gone down dramatically from over 100 dollars per barrel to 60 dollars per barrel. But airline stocks have been flying high such as : Delta Airlines (DAL), Southwest Airlines (LUV), Jetblue (JBLU) and Spirit Air (SAVE). Even though oil price is dropping, airlines is not in a hurry to lower the fare. Airlines makes money by charging fees. BC Partners buys Petsmart (PETM), the largest pet stores in the US for $8.3B, price at $83/share cash. Petsmart gained 4% at $80.97. Thomas Ravo also buys Riverbed (RVBD) for $3.6B with price offer of $21/share cash. Riverbed closed at $20.31, gaining 8%. Bank of Russia spikes its key interest rate to 17% from 10.5% in an attempt to boost Russia’s currency, which has been plunging along with oil prices. Ruble has shed roughly 50% of its value since January due to western sanctions imposed over conflict in Ukraine and huge drop in oil prices. Russian government recently downgraded its growth forecast for next year, predicting economy will sink into recession. Bill Gross, former CEO PIMCO who left in September to join Janus Financial said in interview today “oil determines currency movements, currency movements determine the spread market, risk markets, high yield markets, the potential for bankruptcy or solvency not only with companies but countries. For more of his interview, please click this link : From Dinar Land : The Pilgrimage event went smoothly in Anbar province. ISIL stormed a town and several villages, taking scores of tribal members of Abu Nimr as prisoners and killing many. ISIL has killed more than 700 tribal members since October. The head of Abu Nimr Sheikh Naim al Gaood said Iraqi security forces and US airstrikes have not protected them as they were outnumbered and outgunned. Iraqi Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari stated China offered to train Iraqi security forces and join the coalition in the fight against global terrorism. In the meantime, German Ambassador has also voiced their willingness to train police forces. Even though it is denied by US coalition about some coordination with Syrian army to conduct airstrikes on the same air base controlled by ISIL in Eastern Syria. The airstrikes were one day apart and killed scores of terrorists and destroyed their equipment. High ranking officials from Ministry of Finance and Planning met with members of parliamentary Finance Committee to discuss 2015 budget and ways to cover deficit due to falling oil prices. They have lost almost half of their revenue since they peaked in summer. The meeting took place late Sunday evening and discussed ways to generate revenue from non oil related sources. The falling oil prices may reach a level where the cost of oil production may exceed the crude oil price in some Canadian and US shale oil productions. This is a dilemma OPEC countries did not agree to lower their production and exportation. PM of Economic Advisers Mathar Saleh said Iraq is facing temporary crisis because of sliding oilprice. He said the government is finding ways to cut expenses. He added PM Abadi is the first high ranking official to take 50% paycut in salary, which was followed by his entire cabinet and parliament members voluntarily. They are looking at ways to cut the high ranking officials without disrupting the lives of lower grades people. KRG said some news media are purposely spreading false information about issues that may disrupt the latest oil revenue sharing agreement with GOI. Both governments warned people not to believe these rumors designed to create confusion and unrest. The statement said all Iraqis are united in combating ISIL. A member of parliament who remains anonymous said the zero deletion project is alive and will take center stage in debates early next year. He added dinar is undervalued and deletion of zeros project has more benefits than previously thought. From Rumor Land : OOTW says we are looking at end of February if this is true. Tlar thinks it will be foolish for Iraq to wait another year. Stryker says PM Abadi’s office has confirmed that the committee in charge of 2015 budget draft will present to the COM on Tuesday. Millionday says Iraq is talking global so we will wait to see action. Sczin11 say all float. Poppy3 thinks the budger and completed HCL will be place no later than Jan. 01. The spin stops here send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone Well… I am taking a break for the rest of the year to celebrate Christmas and spend time with my family. I wish you “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”. Hopefully Santa doesn’t forget about us as we all have been good. If he forgets the rv, it’s okay. We have been blessed as we have made it so far and still here to celebrate with our loved ones Merry Christmas.. He is the reason for the season
  2. Nadita File – 12/10/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Other News : Utah Rock reported CDC warns of bad flu season and this year vaccine will be only 40% effective. CDC officials say it’s still recommended to get flu shots to protect children and elderly. H3N2 in 2012 and 2013 were severe flu season. Fed government deficit for first two months of new budget year is down 21% from same period one year ago. Treasury Dept says deficit for November totaled $56.8B, a 58% drop from last year’s November deficit of $135.2B. CBO forecasts that deficit for the 2015 budget year will fall from $483.3B to $469B in 2014. A-J516 reported UN calling for prosecutions of senior US officials who authorized and carried out torture under Bush admin. UN special investigator for counterterrorism says new senate report on CIA interrogations program shows program allowed Bush admin to commit gross violations of international human rights law. DOJ has already pursued two investigations into mistreatment of detainees since 2000 and concluded evidence was insufficient to obtain conviction. Current and past officials defend program, saying it led to capture of Al Qaeda leaders and prevented mass casualty attacks. Current CIA Dir John Brennan acknowledges agency made mistakes, but agrees with former officials that harsh interrogations saved lives. Fox news poll finds 81% of American voters expect ISIS to attempt US attack in near future, including 48% who thinks it’s very likely. Meantime poll found 5% of voters want captured ISIS terrorists send to gitmo. Pres Obama wants to shutter gitmo and fulfill 2008 campaign promise. Yet 56% of voters want to keep it open, according to poll, up from 52% in June, but down from record 63% in 2013. Mazda expanding its US recall of Takata airbags to the entire country, following similar action by Honda. Mazda is complying with Fed regulator’s demands that automakers and Takata issue nationwide recalls for the defective airbags. Takata airbags can inflate with too much force, spewing metal shards into passenger compartment. At least five deaths and dozens of injuries have been linked to the problem worldwide. Takata has refused to cooperate with the NHTSA demand for nationwide recalls, saying the problem is limited to high humidity states. Pres. Obama announces over $1B in public and private spending on programs for young learners. He says early childhood education is one of the best investments we can make. Spending program was announced Wednesday at day long White House Summit on early education. 18 States were awarded $250M in education dept grants. On top of $500M health and human services dept funds for more than 40 states, to expand early head start and child care programs for youngsters three and under. Another $330M will come from dozens of corporations, foundations and individuals. Wbuse984 is praying for northern CA is preparing for powerful storm expected to bring hurricane force winds and heavy rains. National Weather Service says as much as 8 inches of rain could fall on coastal mountains over 24 hour period starting late Wednesday. Storm could also drop more than 2 feet of snow on ski resorts in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Boosterbglee is happy to hear Pentagon is giving hundreds of troops thousands of dollars in back pay for flying airstrike and surveillance missions over Syria. New defense dept memo designates Syrian airspace as a dangerous location so troops can now receive additional money when they fly through it. Pentagon estimates 600 service members a week are entitled to the imminent danger pay, which will cost about $18,000 monthly. Dow plunged 268 points to 17,534 at trading today on fears of freefall in the oil price will eventually lead to a global economic slowdown and financial collapse. S&P 500 lost 34 points to 2,026 and Nasdaq dropped 82 points to 4,684. Gold closed at $1,225, silver at $17.10, copper at $2.90. WTI crude oil at $61.40 and Brent at $64.75. Oil price drops to five year low. OPEC is near term and needs to do something like cutting oil production. Oil is expected to go as low as $50/barrel. Oil ETFs : Powershares DB Oil FD (DBO) down 3.87% closing at $18.13. US Oil Fund (USO) also down 3.8%, closing at $23.28. Oil stocks Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) are holding good at trading today, whereas Halliburton slipped 3.5%, closing at $38.12. Halliburton has lost 48% in the last 4 months. Top oil trader Andi Hall, exits Phibro. Andy Hall was chairman and CEO of Phibro since 1993. Phibro current corp parent is Occidental Petroleum. He runs own hedge fund, Asterbeck. Apple anyone?? Apple watch is coming in 2015with diverse products which can get into high end stores and jewelers. iPhone 6 and 6Plus which can replace iPad mini will likely be strong but pullback in the second half of 2016. Next generation of iPhone could be underwhelming. iPad is coming back too with bigger iPad for enterprise market. Apple is gaining market share from Samsung. Piper Jaffray upgraded Apple to buy with new price target of $135/share. Starrider is going to wait for new iPad in 2015. Rodandstaff hear bottled water is in demand. It is predicted within 30 years water scarce could be 40% in fresh water deficit available to feed 9B people. First and foremost is to conserve water and better usage of water and treating used water. nestle waters north amcerica water scarce within 30 years could be 40% in fresh water deficit available to feed 9B people. First and for most, conservation.. better usage of water and treating used water. Uneek feels good finally Federal appeals court on Wednesday vacated the insider trading convictions of two former hedge fund managers stemming form trades in Dell and Nvidia. Tood Newman and Anthony Chiasson were convicted in 2012 of trading on insider information. The US 2nd circuit court of appeals ruled in part that there was a lack of clear evidence that the two knew the person giving the tip received any benefit from the trades. This is a major blow to Manhattan US Attorney Bharara. From Dinar Land : Captl1 accompanied US Defense Secy Chuck Hagel to meet with PM Abadi who said Iraq needs more airstrikes and ammunition to fight ISIL. Hagel was greeted by American and Australian troops where he made a short speech saying that Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga are now fighting bravely assisted by US led coalition air cover led by Sandfly. Both Abadi and Hagel agreed that ISIL has not been beaten but weakened and on the defensive in most areas. Abadi also stated that the push to liberate Mosul, Iraq’s 2nd largest city is coming soon and that security forces are eager to gain control of the whole country. Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga assisted by US led coalition airstrikes launched offensive attacks in several front killing and wounding scores of terrorists in Diyala province. PM Abadi has appointed Lt. General Riyad Tawfic as the new commander of Nineveh operations. Several members of parliament and high ranking officials expressed their confidence in Tawfic’s ability to lead the troops against ISIL. Calkid11 overheard US Lt. General James Terry said 1,500 more troops will be added to the 3,000 US troops now advising and training security forces. Terry added these troops will not engage in actual combat. He didn’t specify the nationalities of these additional troops. It is confirmed that Iran conducted airstrikes against ISIL positions near the Iranian-Iraqi borders. The strikes were made at the request of PM Abadi for all countries to join to fight the terrorists. US and Iran denied any cooperation in these airstrikes that are conducted over a 25 mile wide corridor near the borders. Iraqi Pres. Massoum told tribal leaders that the only way to defeat ISIL and their cohorts is to stand united regardless of sect of religion. He said Iraqis must be loyal to Iraq first and foremost. He added all sects, Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis must abide with national reconciliation document signed by all parties and that can be achieved by ongoing dialogue and compromise. A western observer said ISIL evolves from Al Qaeda and the ideology of the late Osama Bin Laden but the danger it presents and the cruelty it displays makes Al Qaeda looks like a moderate organization in comparison. Drj gives thumbs up to PM Abadi in his strongest campaign against corruption said he started cleaning government institutions and the big wigs in the armed forces. These big whales have caused so much damage to Iraq and endangering its security and stole public funds. Iraqi armed forces said it stopped paying approx 4,000 ghost soldiers who have military ID on record but they bribe their way not to report to their assigned duties and hold other civilian jobs. Abadi added that he is aware of campaigns aimed to his downfall but he will not back down even under the threat of being assassinated. Ministry of Oil said Iraq is losing 300K-400K bpd because of ISIL control in oil production areas in Kirkuk province. Under normal circumstances the oil would have been exported via Turkish Ceyhan port. The losses exceed $1B per month. ISIL steals the oil and sells in black market at an estimated one third of oil price. PM Abadi met with BP’s CEO Bob Dudley to discuss ongoing operations especially oil fields operated by BP in Rumaila and Kirkuk. Chess is counting the barrels going to be pumped out of Kirkud and Rumaila once security is not an issue. Nfire predicts the free fall of crude oil prices is forcing officials at all levels to look for ways to save money. Expenses have been slashed in order to keep deficit within a manageable margin. A prominent financial analyst said the free fall of crude oil price is a blessing in disguise as it forces government and parliament to work on cutting unnecessary expenses, battle corruption and bring to the front the necessity of working on diversifying the country’s revenues. In the long run, the oil slide will help in shaping Iraq’s priorities and to stop corruption especially in high levels of government and other institutions including the armed forces. Minister of Finance Hoshyar Zebari talked to reporters about security, future plans for Iraqi’s economy in the next phases and stability of Iraqi dinar. He stressed on the importance of adopting 2015 budget. He has had meetings with IMF in Amman. He added it is important for Iraq to deal with the rest of the world honestly, clearly and with transparency. Iraq is working hard to attract domestic and foreign investors. Saudi Arabia is shuffling several ministers in their cabinet. Observers and Saudi affair experts said the slump in crude oil prices and ISIL threat played a major factor in this sweeping changes. The kingdom is attempting to shed its image as a stringent non-progreesive country as demonstrated by not allowing women to drive, etc. ISISL issue is also shaping the way Saudi is thinking now. Genx4me thinks it’s about time Saudi moves to 21st century. From Rumor Land : Enorrste thinks a free float will bring the official rate and the street rate together overnight. Jester believes things are moving around but no timing is given. Wmawhite says they are going to live by 2015 budget sometimes in 2015, then things are going to have to change in our favor. BGG thinks it can happen anytime between now and the first of the yar is an opportune moment. Millionday thinks that the release of IMF is a turn of a page. Tim724 feels good for Q1 2015. DC thinks Abadi will make short announcement to not cause an international stir and that will change the rate in Iraq. The US may take a few days to open this up, or they may use this as a signal to quietly release this to the internet right away. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  3. Nadita File – 12/04/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here The report is longer than usual as a lot to report, so let's start with Fighting ISIS : Captl1 reported House passes $585B defense bill that grants Pres. Obama the authority to expand the US military mission against ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. In addition to funding expanded US military ops, the bill also authorizes the training and equipping of moderate Syrian rebels. The measure, passed 300-119 now heads to the senate where several republicans have objected to the bill’s inclusion of unrelated provisions to expand wilderness areas. Despite the objections, the bill is expected to pass the senate next week. Other News : Uneek read thousands of people taking to the streets of NYC for the second straight night to protest grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer in the Chokehold death of a black man. Eric Garner was killed a few months ago in confrontation with NYPD. I can’t breathe” was the chant of the night as Eric said that before he died. Eric Holder said DOJ will investigate the death of Eric Garner. The protest prompted temporary closure of several lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan’s west side highway. Demonstrations also taking place in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Portland and Washington DC. Terry Bean, a big donator for democrats who rides in air force one with Pres. Obama is charged with sexual assault to 15 years old boy. Wiljor is waiting as Pres. Obama expected to announce his pick for defense secy Friday. WH spox Josh Earnest did not identify the candidate, but other admin officials said it will be former Pentagon #2 Ashton Carter. Carter served as deputy defense secy from 2011 to 2013. Chuck Hagel resigned as defence secy last month, saying today it was a mutual decision based on discussion with the president. Hagel will remain in office until his successor is confirmed. Drj heard Health officials warn this year’s flu vaccine may not be very effective against the dominant strain they have been seeing. But CDC official says the vaccine will provide some protection and are calling on people to get a flu shot anyway. Flu vaccine effectiveness varies from year to year. Last winter’s vaccine was about 50-55% effective which is conserved relatively good. On average some 24,000 Americans die each flu season. Chess reported fed Judge rules Indiana abortion clinic law unconstitutional. The 2013 law expanded definition of an abortion clinic to include facilities that prescribe an abortion pill, and required clinics to meet certain physical requirements. It exempted physician’s offices that offer the pill from having to meet those requirements. Abortion rights supporters say law was aimed at shutting down a planned parenthood facility in Lafayette, IN. The only clinic in Indiana that prescribes the pill but does not perform surgical abortions. Planned parenthood calls Judge’s decision a victory for women’s rights. A-J516 can’t believe what he reads, MN State high school sports league overwhelmingly approves transgender policy. Policy which will begin in the 2015-2016 season, will allow boys who self indentify as girls and girls who consider themselves boys to compete on and against team of their preferred gender. Religious schools are exempt. Policy requires transgender student-athletes to provide written statement from parent or guardian affirming the gender identity and a note from a health care professional. Calkid11 shakes his head to hear AZ taxpayers on the hook for more than $2.7M for Jodi Arias’s defense. Arias, who was given two court appointed attorneys after she was unable to pay for her own defense, was convicted of murder last year in 2008 killing of ex boyfriend Travis Alexander. But jurors deadlocked on sentence. New jury will decide whether she’s sentenced to death or life in prison. Nfire is happy as gas station in Oklahoma City first in nation to charge less than $2 a gallon since July 2010. Analysts say drivers in TX, SC and MO may soon see $2 gas as well. As of Wednesday afternoon Americans were paying an average of $2.74/gallon, 51 cents cheaper than a year earlier. expects national average to fall near $2.50/gallon by Christmas. Thriver heard Weather and mechanical problems force NASA to postpone launch of its new Orion spacecraft. The space agency says it will try again Friday, although the weather forecast doesn’t look good. Orion’s inaugural 4.5 hr flight will send the unmanned capsule 3,600 miles into space. NASA hopes Orion will one day carry astronauts to Mars. Defense Secy Chuck Hagel says there’s been real progress in the Pentagon’s effort to combat sexual assault in the military. There were nearly 6,000 victims of reported assaults in 2014, compared with just over 5,500 last year. According to new defense dept date, despite rise in reported assault anonymous survey showed victims are more willing to come forward. Hagel says the military still has a long way to go in combating the problem, as more than 60% of female service members who filed sexual assault reports say they faced retaliation for coming forward. Rodandstaff takes a deep breath when he hears Pentagon confirms its attempt last month to free American hostage Luke Somers from Yemen failed because he was not present at the targeted location. 33 year old Somers is the only American among about a dozen hostages held by al qaeda’s Yemeni offshoot. Al Qaeda released a video Wednesday showing Somers on camera for the first time and says he will be killed in three days unless Pres. Obama meets their demands. Genx4me says a prayer for Ibolya Ryan, 47 years old American teacher from Colorado that was stabbed to death by a woman in Abu Dhabi. UAE police arrest a woman. The suspect is also believed to have been plotting to bomb another American’s house. Interior Minister Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyani says the attacker targeted her victims based on their nationality in an attempt to create chaos and terrorize the country. Pres. Putin is not a happy camper today during his speech to the nation. He was defiant on his speech accusing the west meddling in Russian affair. Putin promises amnesty for whomever bringing money back to Russia without questions asked how they get the money. Ruble has lost 40% of its value in the last few months. Dow is down 12 points today. Gold closed at $1,203, silver at $16.47, copper at $2.91. Crude oil – WTI closed at $66.56 and Brent at $69.29. Natural gas at $3.67. Is copper a good investment? copper is down 6% this month and rebounds from low. Copper is used in many things. Pampers and plastic going different direction. Credit Suisse upgraded pampers maker Procter & Gamble (PG) to buy with target price $120. BMO downgrades Tupperware (TUP) to underperform with price target $63. BOA also upgrades Regency Centers Corp (REG) to buy with new target price to $67 from $62. Costco is up but Walmart got downgraded by UBS. Avago Technologies (AVGO)also gets a lift from Brean Capital to buy with price target at $122. Whereas Capital One initiates overweight for CSI Compressco (CCLP) with price target $30, the stock is trading at $20.92. Apple (AAPL) is on the rise as Piper Jaffray raised it to buy with new target price of $150. Hawaiian Electric (HE) sizzles at trading today, gaining 14%, closing at $32.22. Energy lagging today, weighing on Dow. Increase of production and soft demand make the oil price drop. Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) didn’t slip and slide much at trading today. Despite income has not increased for middle class in 10 years, auto sales surged in November at 17.2M. Are Americans levering themselves with 9 year loan, lower interest rates to 0% to 1.9% interest rate. 29% of auto sales is leasing. Homes and cars are selling must be easy credits?? Was Sony an easy target? Sony’s lack of security makes them easy target for hackers. ECB Draghi says risks to economic outlook on downside, forecasts suggest lower inflation. 2014 GDP growth forecasts cut to 0.8% outlook for modest recovery still in place. He is looking at impact of oil on econ trends which forecasts 2015 GDP cut to 1%. World of ETFs : S&P500 is up 19%, Germany EWG is up 14% since its low last year. Brazil EWZ up 3% from its low. Russia RSX flat as economic headwinds brings Russian market near 52 week low, no upside momentum any sooner. EEM is up 10%. From Dinar Land : Sixty countries met in Brussels, Belgium to find ways to counteract ISIL. In addition to military efforts the participants discussed ways to cut off financing and supporting those who are actually fighting ISIL on the ground such as Iraqi security forces, Kurdish peshmerga and Kurds in Syria as well as groups of rebels that collectively referred to as Free Syrian Army. The meeting shows how dangerous ISIL can be with more groups in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon and other countries in Middle East pledged allegiance to caliph of Baghdadi which expanded from 7th through 10th centuries when Arab muslims were considered the strongest and most dominant in the world. PM Abadi was one of the most dignitaries attending the conference. He made an outstanding speech stating Iraq is determined on defeating terrorists and liberating all areas overrun by ISIL. PM Abadi also met with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in Brussels during the conference. Both pledged to improve their relationships and join efforts to defeat ISIL. Faisal accepted an invitation to Baghdad. Saudi Arabia has not have an ambassador in Baghdad since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990. In Anbar province a prominent tribal leader reported that Iraqi security forces backed by tribal fighters and airstrikes led by Sandfly attacked ISIL terrorist units in the Hit area putting to sleep at least 16 and wounding scores. Among the dead was an Egyptian leader within ISIL ranks. Six vehicles and shelters were destroyed. Wasit province said they arrested 73 suspected criminals who are sleeping cells. Kurdish fighters in the embattled Kobani said they repelled two offensives by ISIL killing and wounding a significant number. The Ministry of Interior said it will publish the names of 26 officers relieved from their duty lately. The statement stated the changes are not meant to punish anyone but rather to bring change and young blood to the ranks of leadership of the army and other posts. Iran is denying that it conducted airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq. US said there is no coordination with Tehran to launch airstrikes and flight paths of the US led coalition so not to cross those Iranian warplanes. Military analyst said Iran is keeping an eye on a 25 mile wide stretch along its border with Iraq and the airstrikes are limited to those areas. They added the commanders in both camps are aware of the airstrikes and their timing in order not to cross path. Iraq welcomes any country willing to join the fight against terrorists. US said Iran should not further inflame sectarian tensions. The head of Nahrain Bank, Abdul Mohsen al-Munthiri said Iraq is fortunate enough to have several options when faced with challenging circumstances. He projected Iraq will work on creating industries and agricultural projects in near future. The private sector will play a major role in the next phases. He concluded that all Iraqis have the responsibility and duty to help increase revenues. US Energy Information Admin said Iraq is seeking to increase its electric power generation to 27,000 megawatts by end 2015. The current five year plan calls for budget $27B in power generation projects. South Korean and Chinese companies are expected to lead in this field. Regional and international companies are watching the developments between GOI and KRG. There is growing interest in investing and getting involved in Kurdistan projects. There are plenty of infrastructure building projects that it needs especially with many displaced people will reside permanently in the region. Financial experts in Iraq expect to see reductions in the budget that will affect every employee working in government institutions. An employee at the ministry of construction and housing said her monthly salary was cut by $100, the deduction comes from bonuses not from basic salary. Similar deductions are to be expected across the board. Lebanese authorities reported they detained the wife of the founder of ISIL and her son. ISIL has twenty Lebanese security forces hostages, so the wife and her son may be used as a bargaining chip for their release. Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi declared a comprehensive deal has been reached between KRG and GOI. KRG will give GOI control of 250,000 bpd and export 300,000 bpd through the Turkish Ceyhan pipeline and terminal. In return, GOI will give KRG $13B per year in addition to an immediate $1B to pay salaries. Abdul Mahdi said the deal proves that oil belongs to all Iraqis and will unite the country in their fight against the terrorists. OPEC countries are nervous as some of them, just like Iraq depend largely on oil exports. As oil prices continue to plunge, Iraq and OPEC are scrambling to generate income from other sources and tighten their expenses. One expert who remains anonymous said this is a healthy wake up call forcing the bureaucrats to get off the behind. After a week full of diplomacy visits by Pope Frances and Pres. Putin. Turkey finally agreed to let US and NATO countries to use its southern airbases to launch airstrikes against ISIL on condition US will establish safe zone in northern Syria bordering Turkey. French oil giant TOTAL said it has discovered new reserves of oil and gas near the city of Erbil in Kurdistan region. This is a second discovery in the same area in two years. As oil prices plunges, Iraqi officials are working hard to find ways to save money especially foreign currency. Several ministries are getting rid of excessive red tape and streamlining their operations electronically. Council of Ministers agree to cut minister’s salaries by 50% that applies to deputy ministers and other top officials. This effort will not affect the poor and the needy. From Rumor Land : Backdoc is interested in December 12th as a day of completion concerning the laws in time for them to complete the budget and holiday. TerryK thinks parliament is still in session. Exogen says global banking and financial instruments are currently being calibrated. Poppy3 says time will tell but it will not be long in his book. Shredd doesn’t know if CBI going with managed float or market driven float. Tim724 says banking laws will make all the difference for Iraq, to bring them in compliance with IMF and propel their economy using international standards of operations. Angelquest thinks it’s done but not sure. Millionday says they are amending the banking laws in a hurry and CBI is in the final stages. Backdoc thinks Iraq needs to get international rate to recruit new business. The spin stops here send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone
  4. Nadita File – 11/28/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Thriver reported Austrian police arrest 13 people suspected of recruiting young people to fight with jihadist groups in Syria. Arrest follow police raids on mosques, apartments and prayer rooms in Vienna and other major cities. Austrian authorities investigating more than 150 people believed to have joined jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria. Other News : Watercop heard former RB Ray Rice wins appeal of indefinite suspension by the NFL, players’ union says. Judge found that the NFL overstepped its authority in modifying Rice’s two game suspension after a video of him punching his then fiancée was made public. Rice was released by the Ravens shortly after the video came out. A-J516 reported from Austin, TX that investigagors are examining motives of gunman who tried to set Mexican consulate on fire. Gunman fired more than 100 rounds at downtown buildings before he was killed. Austin police official says it’s unclear whether the man took his own life or was shot by police. Bomb squad determined that suspicious objects in the man’s car and on his body were not explosives. Obama admin is preparing to transfer more detainees from Gitmo in coming weeks, according to WSJ. Transfers follow defense secy Chuck Hagel’s resignation announcement last week. Hagel has reportedly been criticized by Obama admin officials for moving too slowly to certify detainees for release. Pres. Obama announced before taking office that he’d close Gitmo. Gitmo now holds some 140 detainees, down from nearly 250 when Pres. Obama took office. At its post 9/11 peak Gitmo held 800 terror suspects. Captl1 finally understood why Hagel was fired. Iran’s leader says it is America that will be the loser if talks on Iran’s nuclear program do not yield results. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Thursday he approves of plan to extend deadline on talks to spring-summer 2015. Khamenei also warning Israel, saying the country will be more insecure each day, regardless of the outcome of the talks. US and other world power want Tehran to curtail its enrichment of uranium in exchange for an easing of economic sanctions. Umbertino reported live from Guinea as French Pres. Francois Hollande arriving in the Ebola stricken nation of Guinea, becoming the first western leader to visit a country at the center of the ongoing Ebola outbreak. Hollande says France has a duty to support Guinea, a former French colony. France has pledged $125M to fight the virus in Guinea, with plans to open several treatment facilities and mobile health clinics. More than 1,200 people have died from Ebola in Guinea. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Admin (TIGTA) report finds IRS issued $70M in bogus refunds in 2012 to prisoners who filed phony tax refund claims. Report found more than 137,000 phony returns were filed using prisoners social security number in 2012, compared to 37,000 in 2007. TIGTA conducted review after reports showed IRS was not doing enough to crack down on fraud and provide updates to congress, as required by the inmate tax fraud prevention act of 2008. Cook county, IL sues WF accusing the largest US mortgage lender of targeting Chicago area black, Hispanic and female borrowers for decades, with predatory and discriminatory lending aimed at maximizing profit. Lawsuit is the latest accusing major banks of biased mortgage lending. Cook county says damages may total $300M or more. The bull stayed steady on the slippery slope and closing at 17,828. S&P500 is down 5 points at 2,067 and Nasdaq gains 4 points at 4,791. Gold closed at $1,175, silver at $15.55 and copper at $2.85. Crude oil closed at $66.15 Wiljor can’t believe oil prices drop to 4.5 year low in wake of decision by OPEC not to cut production. Brent crude fell to $70.15 a barrel on Friday, the lowest price since May 2010. On Thursday, the 12 OPEC members decided to maintain production at 30M barrels per day. As OPEC holds, prices fold in Exxon (XOM) dipped 4%, closing at $90.54 and Chevron (CVX) also lost 5.4%, closing at $108.87. Solar stocks slump as cheaper oil will taper demand for solar. Solar plays in electricity affectged by price of coal and natural gas. Solar stocks closing down big today : First Solar (FSLR), Sun Power (SPWR), Sunedison (SUNE), SolarCity (SCTY), Canadian Solar (CSIQ). Petrobas (PBR) is down 8%, closing at $9.72. Boosterbglee is smiling as JetBlue (JBLU) rallied 7.5% today, closing at $14.63. Walmart (WMT) leads Dow higher today, closing at $87.54, gaining 3%. Gymrat76541 feels lucky as Liberty Global (LBTYA) shares spike more than 7% , closed at $51.98 at the news of joint venture with Vodafone (VOD) closed at $36.55 From Dinar Land : Chess reported fierce fighting between Iraqi security forces backed by tribal fighters and ISIL in Ramadi as ISIL tried to take control of government buildings which no avail. Anbar has to be deliverated or at least neutralized because of its proximity to Baghdad and pose a threat to Diyala, Kirkud and Salahaddin provinces. ISIL cut all cell communication networks in city and that communications will not be allowed to return for obvious reason that their communication will be picked up by US. Sandly will begin training a group of 4,000 people comprising of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities expressed their desire to fight alongside the security forces and are waiting to be trained and armed. Calkid11 reported life from Sinjar that Canadian transport planes dropped Canadian and Australian relief supplies including drinking water, blankets and food rations on Mt. Sinjar where hundreds or may be thousands of Yazidis are still trapped. Genx4me attends the meeting with members of Human Rights Commission Salamah Khafaji said that political stability and outstanding policies of current government will prove to be the main factor in a military victory against ISIL. She thanked US led coalition for their efforts in aiding Iraqis especially the displaced families. She added Iraq needs to rebuild whatever was destroyed by the terrorists as soon as areas are liberated and secured. Drj was in the meeting with Minister of Oil Adel Abdul Mahdi’s comment mirrored Muna Al Ghourabi’s saying that Iraq must have a balanced strategy of promoting and creating industries and agricultural projects and that private sectors will play a major role in the development of Iraq’s industrial and agricultural projects. Council of Ministers will submit a 108T Iraqi Dinars 2015 budget to the parliament as soon as the final touches are approved by the ministers. House Speaker Jabouri said that House of Representatives expect the budget proposal to arrive on Saturday. Deputy of Minister of Housing and Construction said that they will build thousands of low cost housing units for the displaced, needy and families of fallen security forces members in Baghdad and other provinces. The majority of these units will eventually be distributed for free, the rest will be on investment basis. The Chezh government offered to train Iraqi armed forces and supply the Kurdish peshmerga forces with advanced arms during a visit by Chezh Foreign Minister. Chezh Ambassador to Iraq said his country and Czech companies are eager to get involved in Iraq’s rebuilding. French Ambassador also had a meeting with several Iraqi ministries to announce France and French companies are ready to participate in Iraq’s next phase of building. The French expressed their interest to participate in several sectors including energy, telecommunications and heavy industries. From Rumor Land : Pepperoni on pizza thinks nothing is going to happen for the remainder of this year. BGG says cabinet approves amendments to the draft 2015 budget. Sounds like 2014and 2015 budgets are very close. WMAwhite in his opinion, feels everything is picking up speed. Stryker believes Shabibi will see this through and has been communicating with the board of directors under an advisory position ever since he was accused. Tman23 says KRG delegation led by Barzani along with their Finance Minister and Minister of Natural Resources will meet with PM Abadi, House Speaker Jabouri and Pres. Massoum on Sunday. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  5. Nadita File – 11/26/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : A-J516 reported US military conducts ten airstrikes against ISIS in Syria since Monday. Airstrikes near the strategic city of Kobani targeted ISIS fighting positions, tactical units and staging areas. Separately, US and coalition partners led by Sandfly carried out seven airstrikes in Iraq that targeted ISIS vehicles, occupied buildings, fighting units and a checkpoint. Chess heard Pres. Obama to hold talks at the White House next week with Jordan’s King Abdullah. WH says the military campaign to counter ISIS in Iraq and Syria will top the agenda. The leaders are also expected to discuss the ongoing civil war in Syria, which has led to a refugee crisis in neighboring Jordan. Ferguson Crisis : Genx4me says a prayer for business owners and residents in Ferguson, MO boarding up windows and clearing debris after two nights of unrest following Monday’s grand jury decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown. Authorities say there was relative calm in the St. Louis suburb Tuesday night. Gov. Jay Nixon (D) crediting the ramped up presence and action of the Missouri National Guard. Police say they made 58 arrests, mostly for failure to disperse, protesters set fire to a squad car and broke windows at city hall, according to authorities. Meanwhile, Skrappyone heard protesters storm St. Louis City Hall on Wednesday, forcing police to lock down the building and call in reinforcements. At least three people were arrested, including one on an assault charge. The protesters were part of a group that marched and held a mock trail of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Captl1 doesn’t feel good as he hears St. Louis county police say they are searching for an AR-15rifle stolen from one of the police cruisers set on fire during Monday night’s violence in Ferguson, MO. Authorities say the high powered rifle is the only county police weapon taken in the disturbances. Eleven police cars have been damaged or destroyed in the two nights of unrest in the St. Louis suburb. Other News : Toyota Motor will recall 422,509 of its luxury brand Lexus vehicles in US to a possible fuel leak that increases the risk of fire. The recall covers Lexus LS 2007-2010, Lexus GS and IS 2006-2011. Cynthia AH is going to take her car in. NHTSA demanding airbag maker Takata Corp. admit that its airbag inflators are defective and issue a nationwide recall by Tuesday. In a letter to Takata, the NHTSA threatens the Japanese manufacturer with fines and legal action unless the company expands its recall from high humidity states to the entire country. Takata maintains the airbag problems are caused by prolonged exposure to airborne moisture and that there is no need for a national recall. Meanwhile, Boosterbglee reads safety regulators say at least two air bags have ruptures outside high humidity states. Takata’s airbags have the potential to inflate with too much force, propelling metal shards into the passenger compartment. The defective airbags have been blamed for at least five deaths and multiple injuries worldwide. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes heart procedure. Court says the 81 year old justice had surgery Wed morning to place a stent in her right coronary artery. The justice had some discomfort last night during routine exercise and was taken to the hospital. She is expected to leave the hospital in the next 48 hours. Obama admin announces plans to cut levels of smog-forming pollution in the air. EPA calling for a new, lower threshold for ground level ozone pollution of 65 to70 parts per billion. Current standard of 75 parts per billion was put in place by Pres. Bush in 2008. Health and environmental groups are backing the new standard, while industry groups say complying with stricter regulations would be too costly. People traveling ahead of Thanksgiving could face wintry weather, particularly in the NYC-Boston corridor. National Weather Service says major northeast cities are likely to see moderate to heavy rain most of the day Wednesday, with a threat of snow following. Higher elevation areas west of the I-95 corridor could see as much as 6-12 inches before the northeastern exits Wednesday night. Winter storm causes hundreds of flights to be cancelled. Millionaire in training is taken a bit surprise as European Commission Pres announces $393B investment plan to stimulate the EU’s struggling economy. Jean Claude Juncker says the five year plan would provide a kick start to the economy, with potential to create up to 1.3M new jobs. Stimulus plan calls for a $26B loan fund for infrastructure projects across the continent. Critic says the plan isn’t feasible, as the European Commission proposal calls for more than $300B in private investment. Calkid11 gives two thumbs up for US special forces took part in a secret rescue to free eight hostages held by al qaeda fighters in Yemen. The official said no Americans were among those rescued. Yemeni officials says the OP took place I a vast al qaeda haven near the Saudi border. Uneek reported WHO says 600 new cases of Ebola were reported in West Africa this week, most of those in Sierra Leone. WHO says infections appear to be stabilizing in Guinea and stabilizing or declining in Liberia but increasing in Sierra Leone. In all, WHO says 15,935 have been stricken with Ebola with 5,689 people dying. Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information says the Ebola outbreak in the West African nation may have reached its peak and be close to slowing down. Drj says the worst could be over with the imminent completion of two British built treatment centers. However, WHO says infections are still increasing in Sierra Leone, which has more than 6,000 of Africa’s approx 15,000 reported cases. Eburt smiles as he finds out smoking rate for adults in the US dipped below 18% for the first time last year, according to a government report. CDC says 17.8% of adults described themselves as smokers, which translates to about 42M people nationwide. Report released Wednesday finds smoking is more common among certain groups such as the poor, less educated, and gays and bisexuals. Nation’s smoking rate had stalled at around 20-21%, until it started dropping a few years ago. Karsten can’t believe a rare wooly mammoth skeleton sells for nearly $300,000 at a British auction. Auction House says the skeleton was one of the most complete examples of the ice age mammal. The skeleton had been part of a private collection in eastern Europe. Snowglobe heard Cleveland police say two officers told a 12 year old boy with a pellet gun three times to show his hands before they opened fire, fatally wounding the boy. Authorities released 911 audio recordings and a surveillance video of the incident, in which the two police officers were responding to a report of an armed man in a Cleveland Park. Authorities say the officers shot 12 year old Tamir Rice after Rice reached into his waistband for what appeared to be a firearm. Police have identified the officers involved in the shooting as 26 year old Timothy Loechmann and 46 year old Frank Garmback. The incident is currently under investigation and the two officers involved have been placed on leave. The bull climbed 12 points on the slippery slope to 17,827. S&P500 gained 5 points to close at 2,072. Nasdaq is also smiling today for gaining 29 points at trading today, closing at 4,787. Gold closed at $1,190, silver at $16.29, copper at $2.97. Crude oil closed at $72.82. Wiljor is doing happy dance as he finds out gas prices in some states are seeing $2.48/gallon. America is producing 9M bpd. It is estimated to produce 11M in 18 months. Currently we are importing 2.9M from Saudi Arabia, lowest in 30 years. OPEC producers agree not to cut output. The OPEC meeting will be one of its most crucial in recent years, with oil having tumbled to below $75 a barrel due to the US shale boom and slower economic growth in China and Europe. Could we see oil price at $65/barrel?? Target and Walmart are downgraded. United Technology (UTX) is upgraded by Wells Fargo, even after CEO Louis Chenevert is retiring which he holds the position as CEO for six years. He will be replaced by Gregory Hayes. Pandora is downgraded by FBR. Seadrill (SDRL) is trading near session low, down 22.79%, closed at $15.99. Canadian Pacific (CP) gained 37.06% in one year, closing today at $209.88. GoPro(GPRO) rallied in the last two days of trading, closing at $79.05, gaining another 5.81%. Black Friday definitely brings some good exposure for GoPro. From Dinar Land : Vietnam1969 reported Kurdish fighters protecting Kobani fought ISIL aided by US led coalition airstrikes. Kobani has become the war of will and perseverance as the lines have not moved much from both camps. Heavy fighting between Iraqi security forces backed by volunteers and ISIL in the center of Beiji. As reported before, Beiji has been liberated last week but the terrorists managed to sneak in four of the city’s 12 neighborhoods. Beiji is also a major supplies and communications route for ISIL. S.Fitz heard the office of Iraq’s President said in order to shift authority from central government to provinces will require to visit 120,000 laws and by laws that affect the structure of provinces’ institutions and transferring power from the federal government. It is time consuming and labor intensive but it can be done. Nfire was with PM Abadi when he vowed to get to the bottom of Speicher massacre. He instructed his office to create a special panel to deal with and assist the victims’ families. USA Rice Federation won the latest rice tender for the Iraqi market. The Federation was awarded a contract for 120,000 metric tons of very high quality long grain rice. Thriver is smiling as commission check will be pretty fat for brokering the rice contract. Minister of Electricity vowed to solve the electricity crisis within a short period of time. He said every residence, business and factory will enjoy uninterrupted power supply soon. The ministry will repair and maintain every existing power plant and distribution center as soon as possible as security allows. From Rumor Land : Poppy3 has a rumor that 44 countries coming in Saturday where going to be addressed by the new president of ISX. If this turns out to be true, we will hear the rate soon. Pepperoni on pizza brings breaking news of Shabibi’s acquittal of the charges and prison sentence. Millionday says fair market value means the reality rate, as it is calculated for global trade with all countries. Bob hears rumors of the return of former CBI governor Sinan Al Shabibi appear true today. Stories are surfacing of an acquittal of all charges. Stryker says it sure looks like the budget may make it to parliament before the end of the month and be read, extending this session until it’s voted on and passed. Backdoc thinks anything is possible at any time. TerryK hears they may pull the trigger late tonight. From our own Adam Montana : When HCL is in place, with Abadi actually bridging the gap between the Sunnis and Shiites, the CBI will have no reason left to delay raising the value of the dinar and that means CHA-CHING J The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  6. Nadita File – 11/21/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here Other News : Captl1 was at the ceremony when US Marine paralyzed by a sniper’s bullet in Afghanistan awarded the bronze star on Friday, using robotic leg braces during ceremony at CA’s camp Pendleton. Capt Derek Herrera vowed to walk at the event that also marked his retirement after more than 8 years in the corps. Saying he wanted to leave the Marine Corps the same way he joined. Herrera was the first person in the US to purchase the Rewalk system, which was recently approved by the FDA. The Marsoc Foundation, a charitable fund for members of the Marine Corps special OS command, raised the money for Herrera to buy the $69,500 device. Drj reported Window washer survives an 11 story fall Friday onto a moving car in San Francisco. Witnesses report seeing a man screaming as he fell and smashed into the roof and winshield of a Toyota Camry. Man was moving equipment on the roof of a bank building in San Francisco’s financial district when he fell. He suffered critical injuries but was conscious while being transported to a hospital. Wiljor wonders what are in the emails. The IRS inspector general tells congress as many as 30,000 of the lost Lois Lerner emails may have been discovered. Investigators are now trying to determine if they can put the data in a readable format, which could take weeks. IRS officials have insisted the emails were beyond recovery. Lerner, who retired from the IRS last year, ran the division that improperly blocked and intrusively scrutinized conservative groups applications for nonprofit status. The emails are being sought by the senate finance cmte, the house oversight cmte and the house ways and means cmte. Genx4me hopes the truth comes out. GOP controlled house intel cmte’s two year investigation into the attack on the US diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya finds the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the Sept11, 2012 attack. Latest report alleges no wrongdoing by Obama admin appointees and finds no intent to mislead the American public. Many of the latest reports’ findings echo those of six previous investigations by various congressional committees and a state dept panel. The eight Benghazi investigation is being carried out by a house select committee appointed in May. Calkid11 heard Yemen’s Al Qaeda branch denounces ISIS. The Yemeni al qaeda offshoot’s purported spiritual guide, Sheikh Harith Al-Nadhari says the IS’s declaration of a caliphate on territory seized in Syria and Iraq is driving a wedge among jihadi groups. ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi recently called for followers to explode volcanos of jihad everywhere. Al-Nadhari, who has defied Al-Baghdadi by reaffirming the group’s allegiance to Usama Bin Laden’s successor, Ayman Al-Zawahiri says ISIS announced the expansion of their caliphate in a number of countries in which they have no mandate. The bull climbed 91 points at trading today. Gold closed at $1,198, silver at $16.40, copper at $3.03. Crude oil closed at $76.51. Natural gas at $4.27 GoPro (GPRO) is losing its steam in the last two days after they announced the secondary offering of 10M shares at $75/share. The stock closed at $70.72 today. Snowglobe is thinking of getting GoPro camera for Christmas Apple’s price target has been raised in the range of 126, 135 and 165. Apple is the biggest company in the world which product moves like GDP. Huge product cycle is coming in this quarter and next quarter will be massive because of iPhone 6. Thriver is still debating either Samsung or Apple, I say Apple Tankdude is doing happy dance as Habit Restaurant (HABT) surged in its debut yesterday offering 5M shares at price range of $16-$18/share. The stock opened at $30/share and closed at $38.00 today. The IPO raised $90M. Boosterbglee has used docusign services many times. Docusign closing on new funds. Docusign sales will top $115M. New investors are BBVA, EDBI Singapore and Samsung. Docusign might go public soon…??? Yum Brands (YUM) is upgraded to buy by Janney. Deutsche Bank initiates MOL Global (MOLG) to buy with target price $12.00. Vincent Tang, the richest man in Malaysia is one of the investors of MOLG. RBC Capital also upgrades TrueCar (TRUE) with target price of $23. Canaccord initiates Cognex (CGNX) a buy with target price $50.00 JetBlue (JBLU) raises fees in bag fees and less legroom. The stock ytd is up 57% and target price at $15.50. From Dinar Land : Chess reported live from Kobani, US led coalition is targeting another group called Khorazan whose agenda is to attack the US and its allies. According to US intelligence sources Khorazan is or if not more dangerous than ISIS. In Iraq, coalition is targeting ISIS with largest raid in Kirkuk where at least 70 worker bees are put to sleep. Mosul and Kirkuk are the main focus of airstrikes led by Sandfly. The airstrikes has succeeded in killing the high ranking terrorists and destroying their equipment and weaponry including buildings and shelters and destroying refineries which finance their activities. The call can be heard from the mosque calling civilians to carry their arms and fight the terrorists. Most Anbar province are still in ISIS’s grip. Iraqi security forces said they will not let Ramadi fall completely to the terrorists. Airstrikes will support ground forces. ISIS is retreating from Diyala province. Eburt accompanied Turkish PM Ahmet Dawoodtoglu arrived in Erbil to meet with Massoud Barzani and PM Nechirvan Barzani to discuss the situation of Kobani and possibility of sending more peshmerga fighters. PM Dawoodtoglu said Turkey is committed to the security of Iraq’s Kurdistan region and pledged to send $36M in aid to help displaced people taking refuge in the region. Gymrat76541 heard Egyptian Pres. Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi urged US and Europe to help the Lybian government to avoid the country becoming like Syria. Egypt has its own Islamist extremists to worry about but they are more powerful in Lybia. A-J516 can’t believe what he heard from Turkish President. VP Biden is in Turkey meeting with PM Ahmet Dadoodtoglu. Biden urged Turkey to join the rest of NATO countries to fight against ISIL. Turkey’s Pres. Erdogan countered by saying if US wants Turkey’s help it must focus on ousting Syria’s Pres. Assad more than fighting ISIL. The rift between NATO members is isolating Turkey to the extent some NATO members are questioning whether Turkey should stay in the organization. Furthermore Turkey regards the Kurds in Turkey and Syria as terrorists. Nannab read Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said oil from Kirkuk oilfields started flowing throught the Turkish pipeline to Ceyhan terminal. The arrangement is seen as good will move between GOI and KRG. Over $500M were transferred to Kurdistan yesterday to pay salaries. KRG is to put 150,000 bpd under GOI control. I smell HCL done baking. Rodandstaff reported regional and international experts in middle eastern countries said that Iraq will successfully overcome the security situation sooner than estimated, which will open doors for a multitude of industrial projects including petrochemical industries. They agree Iraq has a lot of potential in the very near future. Multi national companies are poised to start investing in Iraq’s infrastructure in the very near future. From Rumor Land : DC thinks we are very very close that we can smell it. Aggiedad77 says we should be excited to see it’s happening. TerryK hears they are loading the cards yesterday and no rates yet. Poppy3 says the next 24 hours and beginning Monday morning for 48 hours will really shed some light on rate. Tim724 is still waiting for next session on 25th. My Ladies says Iraq is being told to get it done by some big money makers. Brietling thinks Iraq is stil not at their market rate yet. Frank26 believes the rate can show up at nano second. Millionday says they have signed the agreement for the oil between GOI and KRG. Pepperoni on pizza thinks the plan to do these laws in baskets is a great news. Are we going to have a very Merry Christmas? Only time will tell and hopefully it comes sooner than later as Novembrrrr has brought so much snow. The spin stops here send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone
  7. Nadita File – 11/18/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Ebola Crisis : A-J516 reported Surgeon, who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone dies at the Nebraska Hospital where he was being treated. 44 year old Dr. Martin Salia was diagnosed with the virus on November 6th, but by the time he arrived at the Omaha Hospital on Saturday, he was in extremely critical condition. Two other Ebola patients have been successfully treated at the hospital. Of 10 people to be treated for ebola in US, all but two have recovered. Defense SECY Chuck Hagel says there are encouraging signs of progress against the Ebola outbreak in west Africa. Hagel told soldiers of the 101st airborne division that it’s too early to say when the US military’s Ebola response mission in Liberia and Senegal will be over. There are currently 2,200 US service members in West Africa, with that number set to rise to about 2,900 by Dec. Fighting ISIS : Thriver heard a Frenchman is believed to be among the ISIS terrorists who appear in a video showing the beheading of American aid worker Peter Kassig. French Interior Minister says there’s a strong presumption Frenchman Maxime Hauchard is among the fighters seen in the video. 26 year old Kassig converted to Islam and adopted name of Abdul Rahman, was killed along a dozen Syrian soldiers in a video released this weekend. He was captured in eastern Syria in October 2013 while delivering relief supplies. Pres. Obama denounced the killing as an act of pure evil. Secy of State John Kerry warns ISIS that the US is not intimidated after the terrorists killed another American hostage. Kerry adds that ISIS brutality and its potential spread across the globe is a key reason the US must remain deeply engaged in the Mideast. Kerry’s comments come just before he heads overseas for nuclear talks with Iran as a Nov. 24 deadline for a deal approached. Other News : Captl1 is disappointed as bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline narrowly voted down in the senate. Bill’s co sponsor Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Sen John Hoeven (R-ND) failed to get the 60 votes necessary to advance the legislation. Measure failed by a single vote, with the final tally 59 in favor to 41 against. Senator GOP Mitch McConnell says congress will take up the issue again in the new year, once republicans have the majority in both the senate and house. The impact of Keystone pipeline will be good for US as it will allow US to export oil coming from Canada as oil ban only for local oil cannot be exported. Currently US export 30,000 barrels and it will increase to 200,000 barrels without Keystone operating. With Keystone operating, US will export oil from North America and dependency on Saudi oil will be much less. Chess is taking his car in as Honda offering to replace potentially defective air bag parts across the entire country even though its latest recall only covers cars in 13 high humidity states and territories. In Nov, the automaker recalled 2.8M Hondas and Acuras from model years 2001-2006 to replace faulty air bag inflators. Several automakers have also issued recalls for the air bags made by Takata Corp. Viciousdoggie reads House oversight committee requesting details about a suspected cyber attack that has shut down the state dept’s unclassified email system in late October. Dem lawmakers on the house government oversight committee wrote to Secy of state John Kerry Monday, asking for details about the breach, including when it was first discovered and why went undetected as long as it did. The letter, sent by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) also asks what measures the state dept has taken to prevent another attack. A state dept spox says the attack only hit unclassified email system, not business databases that contain private info about Americans or foreign visa applicants. Wiljor heard Pope Francis announces he’ll travel to the US next year for a family rally in Philadelphia. In a speech at The Vatican on Monday, the Pope confirmed his plans to attend September’s world meeting of families. Umbertino reported Russian Pres. Putin tells supporters the US wants to subdue Russia and solve its problems at our expense. Putin’s comments come after US and EU imposed sanctions on Moscow over its annexation of Crimea and its support of pro-Russian insurgents in Ukraine. The sanctions have aggravated Russia’s economic problems and contributed to a sharp devaluation of the Ruble. Candy01 heard 3 Americans killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack. 5 people died including 3 rabbis from US. One Briton and one Israeli police officer also murdered. Israel PM nentayahu we will respond decisively to attacks. Palestinian celebrate deadly attack on Jerusalem synagogue. It will get worse before getting better. Increased security in Israel. Palestinians give out candy to celebrate Jerusalem massacre. 6ly feels cold to his bone as wicked weather across US as snow, wind and freezing temps sweeps the nation. Snow blankets Great Lakes states.. Buffalo, NY can see 6 ft snow. The cold air will go back to Canada and mild temperature this weekend. Cold Thanksgiving is expected as cold air will come back. The bull climbed 40 points on the slippery slope to 17,687. S&P rose 10 pints to 2,015 and Nasdaq added 31 points to 4,702. Gold closed at $1,194, silver at $16.12 and copper at $3.00. Crude oil closed at $74.27 and natural gas at $4.26. Boosterbglee is smiling as Virgin America (VA) went public on Friday, offering 12M shares at $19.50/share. The stock rallied the last two days of trading, gaining 90% closing at $37.05 today. Spirit Air (SAFE) went public in 2011, the stock has gone up 396% since then. JetBlue Airways to add bag fees and cut passenger legroom. Sunedison Inc (SUNE) soared at trading today, gaining 29% at trading today at the news of it acquiring First Wind. The stock closed at $21.48 Europe okays Harvoni, the Hepatitic C drug of Gilead Science. The stock closed at $103Alibaba or Apple? Decision, decision. BABA has 80% China market and two months old company, the stability of Apple still in the run. Apple is above pre-split $800/share level. The stock closed at $115.47. Morgan Stanley slashes Tesla Motors (TSLA) outlook. The biggest REIT IPO is Paramount Group (PGRE), US real estate investment trust which boasts a portfolio of office buildings in NY, WA, SF. Offering 131M shares between $16-$19/share. From Dinar Land : Pattyangel reported Iraqi Defense Minister said the security forces liberated and completely secured Beiji city in Salaheddin province. The security forces will focus on liberating Tikrit as units will advance from three directions on the city to squeeze the terrorists that will be forced either to flee or fight to death. Tikrit is the 2nd largest city to be liberated after Mosul. Iraqi security forces aided by tribal volunteers, Kurdish peshmerga and airstrikes by US coalition led by Sandfly have been successful in liberating key towns from ISIL. An observer said ISIL has lost momentum and cannot sustain a campaign to overrun new towns or areas in Iraq and Syria. The situation has turned around and now ISIL is expected to go defensive which will hurt their image of invincibility. The Council of Minister sent a reminder to UNSC to activate Resolution 487 that clearly states Israel must compensate for damages inflicted by an airstrike that destroyed the nuclear power plant in 1981. Although the plant was built for peaceful purposes, Resolution 487 was never acted upon because of the strength of Israeli lobby in the US and other powerful countries. The Ministry of Labor said they started using electronic debit cards to distribute funds to the retirees and employees. The use of electronic cards are a very useful way to conduct business as it saves time and human resources. The use of electronic cards is spreading rather quick among other ministries who are training hundred of Iraqis to become computer savvy. During a meeting with the Head of Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, PM Abadi reaffirmed his pledge to resolve all outstanding issues with KRG including oil revenue sharing and exportation of oil through Turkish Ceyhan terminal. Both agreed that for Iraq to stay strong and united, all parties must be ready to compromise for the common good. The Sunnis will also have the chance to enjoy more power sharing. Gymrat76541 was with Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Mahdi, who said Iraq will base its 2015 budget on $80/barrel, that is the lowest price for crude oil for years. Oil prices peaked at $115/barrel in June. Lower oil prices are expected to stay for a while. Mahdi further said Iraq plans to gradually increase its oil production and exportation in the next few years. Members of parliament said there are excessive holiday days in Iraq that are costing $100B in production per year and also wasted one third of year. The MPs called on their colleagues and COM to address the matter. A prominent member of parliament who sits in finance committee and remained anonymous said that Central Bank is doing a very good job in keeping the Dinar steady. He expressed his confidence that the security situation will start improving very soon. He added the deal struck with KRG will bring further stability that will ultimately give a boost to the value of the Dinar. He also said that Dinar is undervalued and expects to see its value increasing starting next year. From Rumor Land : Millionday says Iraq is starting to build a democratic country. Pepperoni on pizza thinks early 2015 looks like a goal for Iraq. Tman23 says Kurds are back in Baghdad tomorrow to finalize the deal. Jester says the word is imminent. Tim724 points out that Kurds has control over Kirkuk. Brietling says Iraq doesn’t need to come out at $3 rate. They can go at a dollar and see what the market tells. Frank26 says it’s snowing! GOI & KRG are happy and in agreement, GOI and CBI are also happy and in agreement. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  8. Nadita File – 11/13/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Ebola Crisis : Not again L A-J516 is not totally surprised and kinda expects Ebola to linger. Doctor who contracted Ebola in West Africa set to be transported to a hospital in Omaha, NE. The surgeon is a Sierra Leone national and a legal permanent resident of the US. The surgeon is expected to arrive in Nebraska this weekend. The Nebraska medical center has already successfully treated two American Ebola patients. Fighting ISIS : Boosterbglee reported life from Kobani, ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Syria affiliate, the Nusra Front have reportedly united to fight US backed rebels in Syria. ISIS and Nusra Front leaders reportedly agreed during a meeting in northern Syria last week to stop fighting each other. Both terror groups have reportedly agreed to work to destroy the Syrian revolutionaries front, a prominent rebel faction armed and trained by the US. US official says US intel has not seen any indications of a shift in the strategy by ISIS or the Nusra Front, adding he could not rule out tactical deals on the ground. Other News : Captl1 just shakes his head to read Draft immigration proposals : up to 4.5M illegal immigrants living with American children allowed to stay, expand deferred action for DACA children, pay raise for immigrant and customs enforcement officers, 50% discount to first 10,000 naturalization applicants, 500,000 technology jobs offered through State Dept visa program, increased border security. Plan could let up to 5M illegal to stay. GOP lawmakers blast the WH Thursday following a Fox news report that Pres. Obama is planning to overhaul US immigration policy via exec action as early as next week. Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) say any such move by Pres. Obama will make the issue absolutely toxic for a decade. Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) said Thursday there will be an explosion if Pres. Obama acts before December 11th deadline for passing a new spending bill. Pres. Obama’s plan contains 10 initiatives, including the controversial move of offering deportation reprieves to millions under what is known as “deferred action”. WH says Pres. Obama will retract his executive actions if the house passes an immigration overhaul previously passed by the senate. Legal actions : 1) file a lawsuit which already filed, 2) impeached the president, 3) cut funding needed, 4) hold up judicial appointments. Okane can’t believe what he just heard, thousands of US armed forces got pink slip including ones who are currently serving in Afghanistan as a result of military funding cut. Then, Obama admin is asking congress to exempt the military effort against ISIS from a longstanding ban on US assistance to torturers and war criminals. Proposal is included in a recent funding request to congress for $1.6B to train Iraqi and Kurdish forces. Move suggests the difficulty of finding “clean” allies in the region. The 1997 Leahy Law bars the US from funding military units suspected of gross human rights violations. Chess agreed sounds like messed up priority. Gymrat76541 doesn’t know what to think as tension in Missouri escalates, citizens are buying guns for self protection. The police department is urging citizens to stock on water, food and batteries. Homeland Security Dept says a series of critical security failures, including poor training and a lack of communication, led to the September breach of the White House by a man armed with a small knife. Dept’s review of the incident says several secret service officers on duty didn’t even see accused WH intruder Omar Gonzalez scale the fence because their view was obstructed by construction. DHS also blames communications problems, finding emergency receivers inside the WH were put on mute. Investigators also say some members of the emergency response team weren’t familiar with the layout of the WH and hesitated to enter the building after Gonzalez. CEO who oversaw the WV mine that exploded in 2010, killing 29 people, indicted Thursday on Fed charges. Former Massey Energy CEO Doni Blankenship faces charges including conspiracy to violate mandatory Fed mine safety and health standards, making false statements to the Sec and Security Fraud. Investigations into the explosion found worn and broken cutting equipment created a spark that ignited coal dust and methane gas in the upper Big Branch mine. Investigations also found that broken and clogged water sprayers in the mine allowed what should have been a minor fire to become an inferno. Ukraine warns that the security situation is worsening in the rebel held east as separatists move closer to government forces. One official says he fears an attack by Russian forces is coming soon. A September cease fire between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces has been violated daily., especially around the city of Donetsk. Meanwhile, there have been multiple reports of large military convosys on the move in Ukraine’s east. Bipartisan group of lawmakers introducing legislation to strip suspected Nazi war criminals of their social security benefits. Bill comes after an AP investigations revealed the US paid millions to former Nazis who were forced out of the country. At least four are living in Europe and collecting social security. GOI and KRG in northern Iraq reach deal over longstanding oil and budget disputes. KRG agrees to sell 150,000 barrels of oil per day to GOI in return for $500M. Deal is a breakthrough in relations after Baghdad cut funds to KRG. Genx4me heard authorities in India arrest a doctor in the deaths of 13 women. The women are among dozens on whom the Dr. performed sterilization procedures as part of a free government run program to reduce India’s birth rate. The doctor denies responsibility and blames the deaths on medication given to the women afterward. In addition to the 13 who died, dozens more women are hospitalized, including at least 16 in critical condition. Calkid11 read European space agency says its Philae Lander which touched down Wednesday on the comet 67P, is sitting in the shadow of a cliff preventing sunlight from reaching the craft’s solar panels. The shadow of a cliff is preventing sunlight from reaching the craft’s solar panels. Agency says the Lander is stable and in good health, but may run out of battery power sooner than expected. Scientists are currently considering several maneuvers to get the craft and its solar panels out of the cliff’s shadow so the mission can continue for a few more months. Philae touched down on the comet after a decade long, 4B mile journey through space. Dow gained 40 points at trading today, closed at 17,650. Gold closed at $1,159, silver closed AT $15.59, copper at $3.00. Crude oil plunged today to a 4 year low and closed at $74.41. Will we see gas price below $2.50 by Thanksgiving. points, closed at 17,6550 Gold closed at $1,163, silver at $15.69, copper at $3.02. Crude oil closed at $76.13. Gas price is dropping and some areas are seeing $2.64 per gallon. Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway is buying Duracell from Proctor & Gamble (PG). Buffet doesn’t think battery is a lousy business, especially Duracell is a huge brand. He was involved in Gillette and Proctor Gamble. This spin off is very tax efficient transaction. PG closed at $88.60. Hasbro (HAS) is eyeing Dreamworks with a rumor price of $35/share. Cisco (CSCO) beats earnings on the street, the stock gained 2.27% and closed at $25.68. Cyberark Software (CYBR) also surged during trading today after a good Q3 earnings. The stock gained 27.36% at trading today, closing at $42.92 Halliburton (HAL) is buying Baker Hughes (BHI) which surged the stock to close at $58.75, gaining 15.24% by closing bell, while HAL is pretty steady at trading today gaining 1%, closing at $53.79 Schumberger is also eyeing Weatherford Int’l (WFT) which also surged the stock by 5.76%, closing at $16.33 Tubemogul (TUBE) spiked 12.44% after hours as the ad tech firm posted better than expected Q3 earnings. The stock closed at $18.01 at closing. CrossAmerica Partners (CAPL) has been overlooked as a stock. It gained 10.42% at trading today, closing at $36.25 and it pays 6.5% dividend. Viacom (VIAB) beats the street, stock gained 2.82%, closed at $71.20. S&P assigns “Junk” rating of BB- to Twitter’s credit rating. The stock lost all its gain from yesterday’s trading and closed at $40.04, losing 5.88%. IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty becomes Augusta National’s 3rd female member, joining Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore. Need phone charger on the go? Waka Waka Power is a portable solar light and battery charger for your smartphones. Retail price is $79.00. As the arctic cold sweeps through the country, frozenomics hot stocks are : Toro (TTC), Netflix (NFLX) and Deckers Outdoor (DECK). From Dinar Land : Vietnam1969 confirmed the news . As General Commander of Iraqi armed forces, PM Abadi said his relieving 26 army officers is not meant to punish anyone but to improve military performance. US led coalition resumes airstrikes in Iraq and Syria where they are supporting Kurds fighting ISIL in Iraq and to regain control of Kobani in Syria which becomes a symbol of US determination to stop ISIL advancement in both countries. A military intelligence source said US airstrikes killed 19 ISIL terrorists including a high ranked leader in southwest of Kirkuk. Since US led coalition airstrikes in September, ISIL has suffered heavy losses in lives and source of income from refineries, grain, etc. Baghdad operations said security forces killed 4 ISIL and defused 18 IEDs in 3 areas in Baghdad. Meantime, in Diyala province, security forces engaged in fierceful battle with ISIL resulting in putting to sleep 30 terrorists and destroying 6 vehicles which were rigged and prepared to be used against the security forces. A high ranked ISIL commander and cleric were also killed. ISIL called on all muslims to refrain dealing in USD and go back to deal in silver and gold. The online statement added that it will collapse America. They further stated that it will be good for ISIS to have their own currency. Watercop wonders who made the coins… ??? PM Abadi ordered a thorough investigation in the Russian airplane that landed in Baghdad airport laden with medium and light arms. The plane originally tried to land in Suleimaniyah airport but was declined and landed in Baghdad to refuel. The pilot claimed the cargo consisted of cigarettes. The shipment was confiscated and the plane seized pending the outcome of investigation. Is the pilot thinking he is talking to a 3 years old? A plane full of cigarettes.. I guess cigarettes that are big enough to blow up a house. Banking expert Mohammad Jaber said the government owned banks and private banks should find a way to assure depositors as well as lenders of the safety of their funds by creating a protection like FDIC. He added Iraqi banking system is due for an overhaul which private banks will play more role in Iraq’s market economy. Secetary of PM office said cabinet will soon hold a special meeting to address the anticipated dbudget deficit for 2014/2015 and the effect of falling crude oil prices. Expert expects officials to start expediting plans to lessen the dependency on petrodollars and address the unemployment issue. Oil Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi met with KRG top officials to resolve the outstanding oil and gas law and mutual relationship between GOI and KRG. Since PM Abadi took office in April, he has taken some serious steps to clear the air and build closer ties with KRG and recognizes the common enemy is ISIS and the reality now is to face the challenge together. HCL done cooking??? there are some good articles in the forum that you can follow about the agreement finally reached between GOI and KRG on oil and gas law. Barzani is on his way to Baghdad to meet with PM Abadi. UNSG Ban Ki Moon gives a nod of approval for the HCL agreement between GOI and KRG. Are we rockin' and rollin', or what?? Nasdaq is helping ISX upgrade to its trading platform to the latest technology used by Nasdaq. The new technology will provide ISX with improved performance and multiply its capacity by ten times. From Rumor Land : Tman23 says it’s a done deal. Exogen is singing “the final countdown”. Tim724 thinks its amazing how GOI and KRG finally agreed on HCL. Pepperoni on pizza likes the agreement but on ink is better. Millionday thinks HCL will be in Gazette right away after the voting. Poppy3 says we wait and watch the actions. BGG says GOI & KRG settles the long disputed HCL. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  9. Nadita File – 11/12/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Ebola Crisis : Gymrat76541 reported Texas hospital that treated a Liberian man who died of Ebola has reached a settlement with the man’s family. Move heads off a lawsuit from relatives of Thomas Duncan who died on October 8th. Duncan arrived in Texas from Liberia on Sept 20th , was initially sent away from the hospital’s ER with antibiotics, which the hospital acknowledged was a mistake. Under the deal, the hospital will pay duncan’s relatives an undisclosed sum and set up a charitable foundation in his name to help Ebola victims in west Africa. WHO says the number of Ebola deaths has passed 5,000. UN health agency says nearly 15,000 people are believed to have been infected with the virus, mostly in west Africa. WHO says the tolls are likely an underestimate because many of those infected have been too afraid or unable to seek care. Meanwhile, evidence suggests the rate of new infections may be slowing in Guinea and Liberia, but are surging in Sierra Leone. New York Kevin also reported lawmakers holding hearings on Capitol Hill Wednesday to consider Pres. Obama’s $6.2B emergency and request to help fight Ebola in West Africa. Despite the reports that numbers of infections are slowing in some parts of West Africa. Cases are still rising in other areas. Aid orgs say thousands of health care workers will be needed over the next few months to help treat the virus in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Cmdr of US military’s Ebola response team in Liberia will limit its mission to 3,000 troops, 1000 fewer than originally planned. Army Maj. Gen. Voleski says the lower number is sufficient because there are greater than expected number of contractors available to support construction work. Voleski says there are currently 2,200 US troops in Liberia with the total likely to top out at 3,000 by mid December. Fighting ISIS : A-J516 reported live from Kobani with Sandfly orbiting from the air, activists say airstrikes in Syria killed more than 860 people since they began in mid September. The report says the majority of those killed in the airstrikes were members of ISIS or Al Qaeda’s affiliate. But the strikes have also killed at least 50 civilians. Iraqi state TV says PM Abadi is shaking up the country’s military. 26 army officers have been relieved from their command, with 10 others retiring. 18 new commanders have been named in their place. Announcement comes as Iraq’s military and security forces battle militants from ISIS, who control about a third of the country. Other News : Thriver has mixed feelings about the heavy snow, strong winds and unseasonably cold temps pounding the country’s midsection. Snow is blanketing areas in MI’s upper peninsula, WI and parts of MN. In Billing, MT tempt fell from the high 60s Tuesday into the single digits, as the storm system pushed east. The chill is hitting the Appalachians and mid south Wednesday morning, and is expected to affect the East Coast by Thursday. Watercop heard Pentagon confirms Russia is moving forces to eastern Ukraine, a claim Moscow denies, US Gen. Philip Breedlove wouldn’t say how many new troops and weapons have moved into Ukraine or how the alliance obtained the info. The Russian defense minister quickly rejected Breedlove’s statement as groundless. The West and Ukraine have continuously accused Moscow of fueling a pro Russian insurgency in Eastern Ukraine with troops and weapons. UNSC is preparing to hold an emergency session on Ukraine amid worries about a renewal of full scale conflict in the rebel held east. Officials with the organization for security and cooperation in Europe will brief the council Wednesday. A September cease fire between Ukraine and pro Russia separatists has been repeatedly violated, and the eastern city of Donetsk has seen its heaviest shelling in weeks. Chess does not trust Russian military says long range bombers will conduct regular patrols from the Arctic Ocean to the Carribean and Gulf of Mexico. Russian bombers made such flights during the cold war, but didn’t go as far as the Gulf of Mexico. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says tensions with the West over Ukraine are also requiring Russia to bolster forces in the Crimea, the Black Sea Peninsula Moscow annexed in march. Dow is flat again today. Gold closed at $1,163, silver at $15.69, copper at $3.02. Crude oil closed at $76.13. Gas price is dropping and some areas are seeing $2.64 per gallon. Can we see $2.50 per gallon by Thanksgiving? Viciousdoggis is happy to hear retail markets are gaining momentum such as : Macy’s (M), TJ Max (TJX), JCPenney (JCP), Foot Locker (FL). Fossil announces $1B buy back. Walmart is pushing 52 week high with Target trailing along. UBS raised price target of Apple to $125. Apple is taking market share of Samsung in China and USA. Boosterbglee can’t make up her mind which one.. Apple or Samsung????? Snowglobe and genx4me are planning to go on this Royal Carribbean Cruise where you will be served drinks by a real robot at Bionic Bar. You can order any drinks you like on the tablet and the robot mixes the drink to perfection and serve it to you. The ship is also equipped with skydiving stimulator. Welcome to 21st century cruise J IPO Buzz : Axalta Coating System (AXTA) debut today at $19.50, closed at $20.75. Factorshares Cyber Security EFT (HACK) also trades today with opening price at $25.00. Is Movember bringing Santa rally? El escandalo? Mexican President with China? Mexican president is under fire. It is confirmed he is not living at presidential palace, rather living in a new mansion owns by Mexican construction firm. The mansion has price tag of $7M with all the bells and whistles. The explanation is that it’s not his house but his wife’s house who is a well known celebrity in Mexico. The president’s office said first lady Rivera has her own money to put down 30% and paying rest off every month punctually. The irony is president in June voicing combat of government corruption. He is ordered to report his asset and family asset. 5 Mexican companies to bid together for Mexico high speed rail, and one company wins in collaboration with China All Contractors Co. Calkid11 wonders what else the wife owns J From Dinar Land : Captl1 gives a big sigh of relieve to hear Iraqi security forces and Peshmerga have almost completely liberated city of Beiji, the biggest oil refinery town in Iraq from ISIL which will cut off ISIL’s most important route connecting Iraq and Syria. ISIL is increasingly relying on suicide bombings. For the first time, Mayor of Beiji, Mohammad al-Jabouri resumed his duties after the city is liberated from ISIL. He described atrocities committed by ISIL including arbitrary executions, flogging and torture as means to terrorize everyone who shows any signs of resistance to their proclaimed caliphate. Rayzur is giving thumbs up for Anbar’s women fighters. Anbar Tribal council announced the formation of an all female force for the first time to fight terrorists. The group is called “The Daughters of The Right”. More than 50 women joined and their leader said they are all ready to fight the gangs. US military advisers will start training the 400 tribesmen to fight the terrorists. Guys… watch out for women J we are beautiful creature but can be deadly J A member of city council in Mosul said ISIL builds a camp to train 340 teenagers to become extremists. ISIL has converted 40 schools and mosques into centers of teaching the worst kind of extremism. Iraqi Pres. Massoum met with Saudi King and high ranked officials during his visit to Saudi Arabia. He told reporters that Iraq and Saudi Arabis are commited on fighting and defeating the terrorists that are trying to spread like cancer to every corner in the region and beyond. House Speaker Saleem al-Jabouri asked “Doctors Without Borders” organization to join the effort to help the displaced people who need medical attention in Iraq. Jabouri received the organization delegation who explained what they can do to help. Ministry of Agriculture said planting of grains is getting a boost from the ministry’s plan to have a bumper harvest in summer. Iraq imported more than 2.3M tons of wheat in 12 months and bought 3.4M million from local farmers but about 17% of that fell in the hands of ISIL after they controlled the grain silos in the north. The ministry is preparing all lands that can be irrigated and distributed seeds, fertilizers and machinery among the farmers and agricultural companies. Oil experts said Iraq crude production and exportation to resume and increasing in the next 4 years to produce between 8M-9M bpd by 2017/2018. Minister of Electricity said Iraq’s plans to have every Iraq’s citizens, business and factory enjoy uninterrupted electric flow in 2015. Iraq’s Private Banks Assc said it will play more active role in Iraq’s economy going forward. The head of association said that large private banks are seeking regional and international banks to work closely to attract more investments to Iraq. He added the new government is showing good signs aiming at the privatization of industries and businesses to turn Iraq into a market economy. Iraqis want to see the government and parliament to start working together on improving the daily lives of its citizens and start passing laws in that direction. From Rumor Land : TerryK hopes it happens on Wednesday night. Tman23 says Qi card for Iraqis can be obtained in Jordan and Lebanon. Arthur says in the next few days we should see completion of HCL at which time full blown currency reform will be allowed to commence. Stryker says it will be easy for GOI to adopt the rewritten HCL draft of 2011. Frank26 says they have made peace with Erbil and HCL should follow this trail. Millionday says first thing Iraq needs is monetary reform to go to market economy. Pepperoni on pizza is a realist and he is looking into the Q1 2015. TNT Tony says the magic moment is any moment. DC says RV should happen when you see numbers change on CBI, ISX and Yahoo finance. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  10. Nadita File – 11/11/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Happy Veterans Day! to all our servicemen and women who have served and are serving the armed forces. May God bless you and keep you safe J_ Ebola Crisis : Thriver is happy to hear the last person known to have Ebola in the US is released from a NYC hospital. Dr. Craig Spencer contracted Ebola while volunteering in Guinea with “Doctors Without Borders”. He was diagnosed October 23rd after returning home. Hopefully this is the end of Ebola in US soil. Fighting ISIS : A-J516 reported State Media say Iraqi troops have recaptured the center of an oil refinery town from ISIS. Beiji located 155 miles north of Baghdad, is home to the country’s largest oil refinery. ISIS derives a key source of income from its oil fields. Iraqi media is also saying the army has reclaimed Beiji’s government and police headquarters. The US has deployed 50 troops to an air base in Iraq’s troubled Anbar province to help in the fight against ISIS. The Pentagon says the troops will examine site facilities and prepare support for Iraqi forces. It’s the first deployment of US troops to Anbar since US airstrikes against ISIS began in August. Suicide car bomber rams his explosive laden vehicle into a military outpost north of Baghdad, killing seven and wounding 13. Those killed include the post’s commander, a major and two other officers. No one has claimed responsibility, but the attack bears hallmarks of ISIS. Other News : Captl1 thinks it’s about time Europe is marking Armistice day with ceremonies and moments of silence as France opens an international memorial on a former WWI battlefield, ring of memory on the old battlefield of Notre Dame de lorette in northern France, carries the names of 600,000 soldiers who died in the region during the war. 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI, and Tuesday marks the 96th of the Armistice that ended the war on November 11, 1918. In the US, VP Joe Biden spoke at Arlington National Cemetary in honor of Veterans Day and laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. There will also be a tribute concert at the National Mall in DC Tuesday night. Chess is in Beijing covering the Asia Pacific Business Meeting. Asia Pacific leaders meeting in China have agreed to move toward a new free trade zone strongly backed by Beijing. Chinese pres Xi Jin Ping, who has urged Asia Pacific nations to accelerate economic ties, described the endorsement of the pact as a historic decision. The US is currently negotiating a separate trans pacific partnership, considered part of DC’s pivot toward Asia, and would ensure continued US influence in the region. Pres. Obama is in china this week and will hold in depth talks with Xi Wednesday. Rodandstaff prays hard for deal to be reached for Iran nuclear talk. SR Iranian negotiator says little progress has been made in nuclear talks with the west. Secy Kerry, EU adviser Catherine Ashton and Iranian FM Javad Zarif failed to make major headway in two days of talks in Oman. US State of Dept officials describe the weekend meetings as tough, direct and serious. Other world powers will join a final round of talks next week in Vienna with the hope of reaching a deal before negotiations are set to expire on November 24th. Viciousdoggie wonders if she has time to mediate between he said, she said which starts again between Palestine and Israel. Palestinian Pres Mahmoud Abbas accusing Israel of igniting a religious war by allowing Jewish worshippers to visit a contested holy site in Jerusalem. Abbas says the visits are provocative, and that Palestinians will defend the site, revered by Jews as the Temple Mound and by muslims as the noble sanctuary. Remarks come amid clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli police in the West Bank. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says he will take a heavy hand against recent wave of Palestinian violence. On a nationwide address, Netanyahu blames Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas for inciting the unrest, adding that Abbas is not a partner for peace. Earlier today, Abbas accused Israel of leading the region toward a religious war. Boosterbglee hopes the robot will stick to comet as final countdown approaching for the European space agency’s attempt to land a robot on a comet. The maneuver marks the climax of the unmanned Rosetta space robotic to study a comet. If successful, Rosetta will be the first ever mission to land a space probe on a comet. Scientists hope that the data collected will provide insights into the origins of comets and other objects in the universe. Genx4me bundles up today as unseasonably cold temps and snow strike the upper Midwest and the rockies. Forecasters predict up to 16 inches of accumulating snow for parts of northern WI Tuesday, and up to 2 feet is expected in MI’s upper peninsula by Wednesday. The snow will be followed by some very cold air, with the Midwest and the east expecting temps as much as 40 degrees below average as the week progresses. The weather system is left over from a storm that hit AK with hurricane force winds over the weekend. Dow traded flat today, gaining only 1 point. Market is still nervous and does not know which direction it’s going to go. Gold closed at $1,163, silver at $15.70, copper at $3.03. Crude oil closed at $77.56. Oil is still under pressure. Natural gas closed at $4.21, even though the cold temperature is sweeping the upper Midwest. Jetpilotjim is doing happy dance to hear Comcast (CMCSA) has hired 3,000 veterans as part of US Chamber of Commerce foundation’s “Hiring Our Heroes” initiative. The stock closed at $52.96. Fed judge says Apple must face a lawsuit claiming it failed to tell consumers its text messaging system would block them from receiving texts if they switched to android based smartphones. Judge says the plaintiff deserves a chance to show that the message blocking interfered with her Verizon wireless contract and violated CA’s unfair competition law. The plaintiff is seeking class action status and unspecified damages. Apple stock is steady at trading, closing at $109.70. Ford’s (F) aluminum pickup F-series Job 1 are headed to showroom next month. It has all aluminum panels, 700 lbs lighter than regular F-150 trucks and greater fuel efficiency with 30 MPG. The stock closed at $14.37, gained 2.64% today. Idplzr is going to order one fresh from the factory next month. Market vectors china (PEK) bonds opens to the public for first time. With China development rapidly and the link between Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock exchange, China is ready to sell their bonds to the public. The stock closed today at $34.43. Alibaba tops US black Friday on their Singles day sale topping $9.3B in 24 hours. Jack Ma, a school teacher was interviewed today by CNBC. He said he is always a teacher and as a teacher, he expects his students to be better than him. He added whenever he spends time with his team, business is good and everything is good. If he is thinking of making money, everyone is out of sync. He further added his shareholders have to understand that Alibaba has strange and unique approach of business, focusing on customers and helping small businesses. He said besides trust being a key to his success, having same value and vision are also the core of his business. Alibaba trusts his people and young generation that change the company with new technology. He added when you are working with smart people, you need to be transparent. He said being rich has its own responsibility and he said he would be happy to get 5 days just to sleep. The stock down 3.87% at trading today, closing at $114.54. Homebuilders reported order growth in Q4 : DR Horton (DHI) – 38%, Toll Brothers (TOL) – 10%, Taylor Morrison (TMHC) – 37%. S&P Homebuilders ETF has gained some momentum since last week. The stock closed today at $ 32.31. DR Horton reported excellent number, selling price is a bit higher. Paying with your wrist? Bionym’s Nymi band uses biometrics to verify NFC payments and identities. Bionym recently partnered with Master Card and RBC for Nymi pilot trial. Nymi uses your heartbeat to work your smartphones, computer, security system , car, etc. Just to make sure no expiration date, otherwise none will work From Dinar Land : Sandfly confirmed that top aid to Baghdadi was killed in the airstrike in Anbar province. Baghdadi himself said to be injured after a Friday night airstrike conducted by US led coalition. Iraq Minister of Defense stated four top ISIL terrorists were killed by Iraqi army airstrike in Diyala province. US lead coalition has conducted 43 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. US conducted 23 airstrikes in Syria and the coalition conducted 18 airstrikes in Iraq targeting ISIL positions and vehicles. Kurdish fighters in Kobani are fighting fiercely but neither side made any substantial advances. They will need more airstrikes and ammunition in coming days. Turkey still resists joining coalition even though there are tremendous pressure from US and NATO. PM Abadi said the next phase will see lifting of barriers and opening of streets and parts of the “green zone” where most ministries and US embassy are located. He also urged security forces to fight crimes such as kidnapping and theft in addition to terrorism. PM Abadi also expressed his hopes that World Bank will play a major role in helping Iraq to transition to private sectors. World Bank representatives reaffirmed their support of Iraq’s development programs and their backing of Iraq’s privatization. They all expressed their confidence that Iraq will continue to grow and develop its human and natural resources. Operations at Iraq’s largest oil field, Rumaila is run by BP and Chinese giant CNPC to develop the field remain unaffected by the sliding oil price or ISIL. Both companies operate on investment basis and aim to produce 2.1M bpd within ten years. Iraq’s oil production is estimated to reach 8.5M bpd by 2020. The sliding oil prices and fighting ISIS will put Iraq in the red this year and next year. The budget deficit will be countered by measures under consideration in cooperation with World Bank and other countries. The new director general of Arab Women Organization said that she will submit a complaint about crimes committed by ISIS against women in Iraq. The crimes include enslavement, murder and rape of women and girls as young as eight years old. Ministry of planning has spent billions of dinar on projects that will benefit Iraqi marshland area which includes rich agricultural land that stretches over the provinces of Basra, Misan and Thi Qar. Majority of politicians now agree that the deletion of zero project has more benefits than previously thought and want to urge the governor of Central Bank to prepare the implementation without any further delays. From Rumor Land : Pepperoni on pizza believes World Bank will be by Iraq’s side as Iraq in the process of privatization. TerryK still believes the train will come to the station on Wednesday. TD thinks it will still take a while before dinar could revalue. DM thinks the monetary value will not change but rather we get smaller bills for large bill. BGG thinks the only thing we need is the new rate. Exogen reads ISX announced its success to go live on Xstream trading technology. Tim724 thinks the census plays a major role in distribution of funds to Iraqi people before the profits of HCL law can be distributed. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  11. Nadita File – 11/10/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Ebola Crisis : Chess is happy to hear NY doctor declared free of the Ebola virus on Monday. Dr. Craig Spencer, who contracted Ebola while working in West Africa, will be discharged from Manhattan Bellevue Hospital. 33 year old Spencer tested positive for the virus on October 23, days after returning from treating Ebola patients in Guinea with the humanitarian org “doctors without borders”. Canadian government tightens restrictions on travelers from Ebola affected countries in west Africa. High risk travelers who have been to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia will be required to self isolate at home or at a facility preferable near designated treatment centers for 21 days. Travelers deemed low risk who had no known exposure to Ebola will be required to self-monitor for 21 days, including twice a day temperature checks. Canada has already stopped issuing visas to residents and nationals of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Fighting ISIS : Pentagon says a US airstrike on a convoy in northern Iraq last week targeted ISIS battlefield leaders but not senior leaders such as chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Pentagon spox Col Steve Warren says the US isn’t specifically targeting Baghdadi in Iraq, but is trying to degrade the group’s ability to command its fighting forces. Warren adds that US officials cannot confirm reports Baghdadi was wounded in an airstrike on Saturday as reported by an Iraqi official. A-J516 is rather confused to hear what Pentagon got to say about targeting Baghdadi. Isn’t that the real reason we do airstrikes to degrade and eliminate ISIS, that means from the top to the bottom. Pres. Obama said Pentagon’s request to send additional 1,500 military advisers to Iraq will be approved. He also asked the congress to approve billions of dollars for the operation. US advisers will be based closer to the action including Anbar province. That will bring total in Iraq 3,100 American military advisers that will train and advise Iraqi security forces and peshmerga. Other News : Thriver reported Dept of Veterans Affairs announces a reorganization plan aimed at making it easier for vets to access the dept and its many websites. VA Secy Robert McDonald says the reorganization is the largest in the dept’s history. Under the plan, the dept will hire a chief customer service officer and create a single regional framework. The VA currently has nine organizational maps and at least a dozen websites. HHS estimates the number of people enrolling in Obamacare for 2015, will be between 9M – 9.9M significantly fewer than the 13M enrollees estimated by the congressional budget office earlier this year. Report also reduces the official count of 2014 enrollment to 7.1m people as of October 15th, down from 7.3M in August. Change comes after 112,000 people lost coverage because of unresolved application issues. Officials also say 120,000 US households now face higher coverage costs, including the potential loss of fed subsidies, because of unresolved 2014 application issues. Wiljor is about to fall off his chair to hear Obamacare architect, Gruber says public was misled. Americans are too stupid to accept it any other way, in other words the truth. Tankdude wonders what kind of visa issued to Chinese for a decade. Pres Obama says US and China will start granting visas to each other’s citizens that are good for up to a decade. The Pres says one country’s prosperity doesn’t have to come at the expense of the other. Obama addressed Asian business leaders at a high level summit in Beijing. Pres. Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor to outgoing US Rep John Dingell and 18 others including Meryl Streep, Tom Brokaw, Ethel Kennedy, Stephen Sondheim and Stevie Wonder. 88 year old Dingell is stepping down at the end of the year after representing suburban Detroit in congress for 59 years. On January 1st, Dingell’s wife, Debbie will be sworn in to replace her husband after winning the November election with 65% of the vote. Boosterbglee is surprised to hear Iran reportedly testing a reproduction of a US made drone it captured in 2011. Iran claimed it captured a US RQ170 sentinel drone in Eastern Iran in December 2011. US military reported the unmanned drone lost in neighboring Afghanistan. Tehran displayed the copy of the drone in May. Captl1 agrees with State Dept reducing the number of American staff at the US embassy in Yemen because of the country’s deteriorating security condition. Move comes amid a rise in anti-American protests demanding the American ambassador leave the country. Genx4me reads study finds fewer Americans are getting married. Only about 50% of those over 18 are married today. According PEW research study, compared to 72% back in 1960. Meantime, the average age at marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men. According to the study, up from 23 for women and 26 for men some 50 years ago. Same study found 20% of adults 25 and older have never tied the knot, almost twice what it was in 1960. Polar air invasion is sweeping through the Midwest. By Wednesday, the temperature can drop 20 degrees in Texas. Minnesota will see below zero weather in the weekend. Dow gained 40 points to 17,613 at trading today. S&P gained 6 points to close at 2,038. Nasdaq gained 19 points to 4,651. Gold closed at $1,152, silver at $15.55, copper at $3.02. Crude oil closed at $76.95. Calkid11 is happy every time he visits the gas station, the gas price keeps dropping to $2.75 per gallon in same states. Arrowhead Res (ARWR) gained 2.48%, closed at $6.21. The company is one of many gearing up to tackle Hepatitis B, a disease many consider to be the next frontier after Hepatitis C. According to WHO, Hepatitis B affects as many as 350M people worldwide. GoPro (GPRO), maker of extreme sport camera slumped after filing for an $800 million offering. The stock closed at $75.75. Can GoPro bounce back to $90? As holiday approaching and possible selling the products in China. Dean Foods (DF), the dairy processor climbed after guiding Q4 earnings higher. The stock gained 13.74%, closed at $16.40. Whitewave (WWAV) fell 2.52%, closed at $36.00 at trading today. The natural and organic food chain with its brand like Horizon, So Delicious, Silk, Earthbound Farms, Land of Lakes. In the Q4, it will start to ship milks to China, which could mean big bucks. It dominates the plant based milk market with almond and soy milk. Alibaba (BABA) is gaining momentum especially with single day approaching for their shoppers. The stock gained another 4%, closing at $119.15. Toll Brothers (TOL), real estate company reported a surge in revenue last month. The stock closed at $32.95. Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF) is downgraded by Oppenheimer from outperform to perform. American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is also downgraded at B. Reilly from buy to neutral. From Dinar Land : US led airstrikes in the weekend targeted a 10 vehicle convoy near the city of Mosul. It is not clear if Baghdadi was among the group. Airstrike illustratedthat the coalition has good intelligence about the leadership going and coming that will limit their movements, communications and command. The continuous airstrikes in Iraq and Syria are making a difference but not enough to stop the terrorist on its track. It will take boots on the ground such as Iraqi security forces, Kurds peshmerga forces and maybe Free Syrian Army (FSA) or the Kurds in Syria. Vietnam1969 heard anti terrorist units said ISIL is now executing its own people that refuse to follow orders to attack Iraqi security forces indicating that some of ISIS fighters that were lured to commit terrorist acts may have a change of heart. Iraqi Pres Massoum met with Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq in his presidential office in Baghdad where both expressed the necessity and urgency to exchange information and intelligence about terrorist operating in their countries. This is “global terrorism” where basically the same terrorist operate under different names. Director of Gharraf oil field in Thi Qar province said the drilling of six new wells have been completed. A total of 34 new wells will be drilled by mid next year which will produce 250,000 bpd. The drilling is being implemented by an American and a Chinese companies in addition to the Iraqi drilling company. Zain Iraq, the largest mobile operator in Iraq said that the high speed 3G will be launched in January 2015. The long awaited service culminated after the three main operators agreed to pay over $300M each to the Iraq government for the required licensing. Regional financial experts and leaders in several large and medium industries said that China will soon play a major role in the rebuilding of Iraq. China has invested in a number of infrastructure projects in Iraq but this involvement barely scratches the surface in comparison to its activites in the next few years. China is a net importer of crude oil and Iraq is increasing its oil production and exportation that makes a perfect recipe for future cooperation. China is expected to invest tens of billions of dollars over the next few years in the energy field and in the building of heavy industries. Where is US? Ministry of Construction and Housing said the housing bank has provided 90,000 loans since 2011. The bank is facing competition from Islamic Banks. The loans were provided to consumers from all provinces. The banks are currently offering more loans at a very attractive terms. The Association of Private Businessmen said the private sector will play more active role in the next phases of Iraq’s development which will include banking, agriculture, industrial and private sectors which will also involve in creating vocational centers to train tens of thousands of Iraqs in a number of skills. From Rumor Land : Freeway Bill says CBI is ready. BGG is excited and his richter scale is 8. TerryK said he got a call and said Wednesday. Tim724 thinks the Investment Law 2006 will assure investors that they are protected and receive tax breaks. Tman23 believes it’s done deal. Kaperoni thinks HCL is reaching its final agreement and vote on during the next few days. DC thinks Iraq will force IMF to do the rollout. Pressures are escalating at extremely fast pace now. Poppy3 says Iraq is different than Kuwait. It took Kuwait 3 years to rebuild their country with GOI running. Iraq is still putting GOI together and trying to get it running. They will never share the rate with anyone until its release. TNT Tony is told this being the week. Millionday says Iraq needs to revalue the dinar and increase the purchasing power. CBI stated they are ready. I also would like to say "THANK YOU" to all servicemen/women who have served and are serving America. We thank you for keeping us safe and giving us the freedom. Thank you for all you do and I pray God will always keep you safe in the palm of His hands and that angels are surrounding you. I claim Psalm 91 over you all and God bless you The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  12. Nadita File – 10/31/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Sandfly has patrolled the air for Kurdish fighters from Iraq begin entering the Syrian border town of Kobani to join the fight against the ISIS terror group. Britain based Syrian observatory for human rights says 10 vehicles carrying Iraqi peshmerga fighters have crossed the Turkey – Syria border. ISIS launched its attack on Kobani in mid September, causing more than 200,000 people to flee to Turkey. More than 800 people have died in the fighting between ISIS and Kurdish forces. UN says growing numbers of foreigners joining terror groups are terrifying. 15,000 from Europe and US and West. This is an evidence war on terror is not over. Ebola Outbreak : Chess heard Maine Judge allowing nurse Kaci Hickox to travel without restrictions. Judge rejected efforts by the state to limit the movements of the medical worker who recently treated Ebola patients in Africa. Judge says Hickox has to continue daily monitoring of her health, and coordinate her travel with state health officials. Umbertino reported Pentagon exempting its civilian employees who return from Ebola missions in West Africa from the 21 day quarantine required of most returning US military members. Civilian employees may opt for the quarantine or choose to follow less stringent monitoring under CDC or state guidelines. The civilian workers must pick an option before leaving West Africa. Thriver gives thumbs up for Canada joining Australia in suspending entry visas for people from Ebola stricken countries in West Africa. Canada’s government says it’s suspending visa applications for residents and national of countries with widespread and persistent intense transmission of the virus. Canada has not yet had a case of Ebola. WHO has criticized Australia’s travel ban, saying it’s out of proportion to the risk and not supported by evidence. Other News : Boosterbglee reported Virgin Galactic space tourism rocket explodes during test flight in NE Los Angeles, killing one person aboard and seriously injuring another. Spaceship two’s wreckage reportedly fell in the desert of Mojave air and space port, where the flight originated. Company says it’s working with authorities to determine the cause of the accident. Virgin Galactic intended to launch space tourism flights once it finished developing its rocket ship. Incident comes less than a week after an unmanned commercial supply rocket bound for the international space station exploded moments after liftoff in VA. Our prayers to the families of the crew tonight. May God give them peace and show them mercy and cover them with grace. A-J516 almost falls out of his chair to hear Homeland Security Dept employees put $30,000 worth of Starbucks on Government credit cards. Fed employees who are issued so called purchase cards are allowed to make $3,000 in micro purchases and are not required to disclose those purchases publicly. DHS employees reportedly put 30,000 of starbucks on the cards in 2013, spending about 12,000 at one Starbucks in Alameda, CA. Several of those purchases were for just under $3,000 micro purchase threshold. DHS spox says the Starbucks purchases were made for various reasons, following standard purchase card policy and guidance. Calkid11 can’t believe what he hears, Houston area woman sentenced to three years in prison for putting her boyfriend’s gun in his son’s backpack to get the child in trouble at school. 28 year old Heather Hodges pleaded guilty to unlawful carrying of a weapon on restricted premises in 2012 case. Hodges confessed to planting the gun in the 13 year old boy’s backpack for bullying her own children, ages seven and four. Eburt heard the founder of Mormon’s women’s group who was excommunicated after being found guilty of apostasy this summer loses her appeal. Kate Kelly’s appeal was denied by regional church leaders in VA. Ordain Women was founded in 2013 to push for women to be allowed in the all male lay clergy. Kelly says she’ll appeal to the worldwide leaders of the church of jesus Christ of latte day saints. Captl1 read Israel reopens contested Jerusalem holy site amid heavy security. The site was closed Thursday following the attempted assassination of a prominent Jewish religious activist and the killing of his suspected Palestinian assailant by police. The site, known as Temple Mount to Jews and the noble sanctuary to Muslims, is the holiest place in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam. Genx4me is praying for Srilankan people. Srilankan authorities warning of more landslides at a tea plantation where scores of homes were swept away this week. Monsoon rains on Wednesday unleashed a mudslide that’s killed at least 100 people. Officials say the death toll could exceed 200, some 1,600 people in Badulla district are currently in shelters. Dow climbed 195 points to close at an all time high at 17,390 today. S&P 500 also reached a record, gaining 23 points to 2,017, while Nasdaq rose 63 points to 4,630. Large gains comes just two weeks after the US market had its biggest slump in two years. Precious metals take a hit at trading today, with gold closing at $1,171, silver at $16.11 and copper at $3.05. Crude oil also slips and slides today, closing at 80.54. Visa (V) has gained some momentum and was responsible for Dow going green yesterday by adding 125 points. The stock closed at $241.43 and gained 2% more today. Google is faster in housing data. Google says they can predict monthly home sales in a month faster than MLS. Google uses your search data and power of public surge for insight on consumer trends. Association of Realtors says their program MLS pull data 40% from all markets and more accurate than google. Wiljor is doing the happy dance as GoPro (GPRO) surged after beating the street earnings. The stock gained 13%, closing at $77.10 today. Pandora (P) is downgraded and target price is $16/share. Atmel Corp (ATML) is upgraded with target price $9.00. Atmel is possible being eyed for acquisition. Paccar Inc (PCAR) is also upgraded by UBS with target price $75/share. Coty Inc (COTY) is also upgraded with price target $20.00 Citi Bank’s holiday pick list is William Sonoma and Best Buy. Southwest Airlines (LUV) is also flying up with upgrade to buy from neutral with target price $42. Ryan Riess,a pro poker player who won $8.4M in poker last year, cleared $2M after taxes. He is 24 years old and a savvy investor. He invested in Apple, Union Pacific, Facebook and Disney. From Dinar Land : Reports are surfacing that ISIL is attracting recruits from at least eight countries. Those are mostly young disillusioned men that were promised money and a better life. ISIL is well funded and has sophisticated propaganda campaign using the internet in promoting its misguiding message of radical islam. ISIL fighters reported to attack Iraqi security forces in Abu Ghraib district in West Baghdad with casualities in both sides. US led coalition airstrikes has resumed to help pave the way for Iraqi peshmerga forces to enter the city with their heavy arms to support Kurds in Kobani. 160 Peshmerga forces timing could not have been better as the Kurds in Kobani are outgunned and outnumbered. The peshmerga brought with them cannon and truck mounted machine guns. ISIL terrorists are killing Sunni tribesmen who resist joining them and it is reported they are targeting former policemen and military personnel in areas they control s they may have some experience in fighting them. Hundreds of tribesmen bodies were uncovered in Anbar province. They were executed for resisting ISIL which has prompted US to consider sending American advisers to Anbar. Norway is reported to prepare to send 110 troops as part of the coalition to fight ISIL in Iraq. The soldiers will not engage in any ground combat but will provide training to Iraqi security forces. Okane likes Iraqi Defense Minister Obeidi said Anbar province will be liberated within a month. He has supervised operation and airstrikes which led of the destruction of ISIL weaponry and artillery. He told the Iraqi armed and air force commanders that more sophisticated arms, warplanes and attack helicopters are on their way to Iraq. Obeidi added the most urgent task now is protecting and arming the tribes who are resisting ISIS in Anbar province. The representative of religious authority, Karbalai praised the Iraqi security forces, peshmerga and volunteers for their efforts in fighting ISIS. He urged all Iraqis to stand united to stop the cancer of barbaric criminals from spreading. Basra province is one of the fastest growing provinces in Iraq and it is attracting local, regional and international investors. A member of Basra Provincial council said there are 100 projects behind schedule in the areas of water and sewage projects, housing, industrial complexes, road and bridges. Wbuse984 reported Oil Minister Abdul Mahdi said it is difficult to present an accurate 2014 budget with oil price sliding down until the end of the year. Mahdi added Iraq can increase oil exports but it has to be coordinated with OPEC. Even though the demand of crude oil is expected to increase especially from countries like China and India. Lower oil prices will have a direct affect on Iraq’s budget and its deficit. The governor of CBI will attend a special parliamentary session next week along with the ministers of finance and oil to discuss 2014 budget. European industrialists meeting in Dubai said Iraq is and will always be a lucrative market as the country is rich with natural and human resources. They expressed their confidence in Iraq’s ability to turn the tide against ISIL soon. From Rumor Land : Delta says the rate will come out at $0.25-$0.35 and gradually increase. Poppy3 thinks rate will be higher than $1. Frank26 thinks the rate will come out at 1-1. Millionday says you should be dancing on the streets. Enorrste sees the currency rising quickly. OOTW thinks it will be a while yet for rv. TD still believes there won’t be any rv/ri/rd but LOP. DC says Iraq is ready for currency reform. TNT Tony says they promise to have it done by weekend. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  13. Nadita File – 10/29/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Thriver reported the war against ISIS/ISIL has entered a new phase as 160 Peshmerga fighters arrived near Syrian town of Kobani by air while their weapons and artillery will arrive by land. Turkey under pressure from the West decided to allow Iraqi Kurds to help their brethren in Syria but not allowing Turkish Kurds to cross the border. One Western diplomat said Turkey is alienating its country further from NATO members and dramatically reduce its chance to join EU any time soon. Chess is smiling as now the game starts as it is reported that 100 free Syrian army fighters have joined the Syrian Kurds to defend Kobani. The move is seen as a sign that the Free Syrian Army exists and capable of joining the fight against ISIL. Activists on the ground said ISIL managed to overtake oil and gas field in Homs province and killed at least 30 members of government forces. ISIL relies on selling oil in the black market. The fight of Kobani becomes more symbolic than strategic. ISIL wants to prove that they are invincible and with its propaganda trying to recruit people from the West. US led coalition airstrikes have succeeded in halting ISIL advances in Syria as well as in Iraq. In the last 24 hours US led coalition has conducted 13 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. 9 Airstrikes were conducted in Iraq and hitting ISIL’s fighting positions, tanks and artillery units. These airstrikes are allowing Iraqi forces and peshmerga to retake towns, villages and territory taken by ISIS. Iraqi security forces confirmed that 2nd most important man in command next to Baghdadi was killed during the fight in southern Anbar province. Ebola Outbreak : A-J516 can’t understand why nurse under quarantine in Maine after treating Ebola patients in West Africa says she will not comply with the state’s 21day quarantine protocol. Kaci Hickox, who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has shown no symptoms of the virus and tested negative in a preliminary evaluation. Maine health commish says the state will seek a court order if Hickox does not abide by the quarantine for 21 days following her last potential exposure to the virus. Hickox was the first person forced into NJ’s mandatory quarantine after arriving at Newark International airport last week from Sierra Leone. Off The Grid reported Defense Secy Chuck Hagel approves recommendation to keep troops returning from Ebola response missions in West Africa in supervised isolation for 21 days. Move goes beyond precautions recommended by the Obama admin for civilians. The pres says part of the reason for the difference in policy is that troops are not in West Africa by choice. Just over 1,000 US troops in Liberia and Sinegal are there supporting efforts to combat the virus Other News : Tankdude is suspicious why Russian increases its air activity in European airspace over the Baltic sea, North Atlantic and Black Sea. NATO jets intercepted four groups of Russian military aircraft Tuesday and Wednesday as they approached NATO airspace. NATO says Russian flights pose a potential risk to civilian aviation. As the combat aircrafts do not file flight plans or maintain radio contact with civilian air traffic controllers. NATO jets have conducted more than 100 intercepts of Russian aircraft in 2014. About three times more than were carried out last year. Wiljor shakes his head when he hears ten officials of N. Korea’s ruling workers’ party reportedly executed for charges including watching foreign soap operas. Officials were reportedly executed by firing squad for watching S Korean soap operas, engaging in bribes, or womanizing according to S Korea intel officials. Those executed reportedly had close ties with Jang Song Thaek, the uncle of N. Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, who was arrested in December and executed for commiting crime against the state. Genx4me is saying a prayer for the pilot and his family. US military jet crashes near a naval base in southern CA, killing the pilot, single seat hawker hunter fighter jet went down near naval station in Ventura county, located 65 miles NW of LA, it’s unclear if the plane was landing or taking off at the time of the crash. Boosterbglee salutes Russia for their fast act. Russian supply ship arrives at the international space station with a load of fresh supplies hours after an American cargo run to the space station ended in flames. The ship launched early Wednesday from Kazakhstan and arrived at the orbiting lab six hours later with 3 tons of food, fuel and other items. The owners of the American ship that exploded moments after liftoff Tuesday night are promising to find the cause of the failed delivery mission. Morrocan man who allegedly accused discussed flying bombs on remote controlled planes into a fed building and into Harvard University sentenced to two years in prison, followed by deportation. 27 year old El Mehdi Semlali Fathi pleaded guilty in July to perjury in connection with a fake refuge application. Defence attorney says Fathi was joking and didn’t have the means to carry out the bombings. Prosecutors say Fathi’s guilty plea to perjury played a role in him avoiding terrorism charges. ReinMan heard 88 foot tall white spruce from north central MN heading to Washington DC where it will become the US capital Christmas tree. The tree was cut down on Wednesday in MN’s Chippewa national forest. It will make 30 stops in local communities before it arrives in Washington and is lit in early December. Iamtheeggman is praying for Big Island as Lava flows from Kilauea volcano approaching the main road of rural Hawaii town. The lava is about 260 yards from the center of Pahoa village on the Big Island. At least 50 structures are expected to be torched by the lava, which is moving at a rate of about 11 yards per hour. Dow slipped 31 points at trading today. S&P500 fell 2 points to 1982, Nasdaq slid 15 points to 4549. US stocks down slightly Wednesday after the Fed confirms it will end its bond buying program amid signs of a strengthening economy. Gold closed at $1,213, silver at $17.17, copper at $3.08. Crude oil closed at $81.92. Facebook dipped another 6% at trading today, closing at $75.86. Twitter (TWTR) is also having hard time going green, the stock lost another 3.88%, closing at $42.08. Twitter’s 2 key executives Jeremy Gordon and Adam Kinney flying away, as its internal politics are still not settled. RF Micro Devices (RFMD) is busy trading today with 32M shares traded. The stock gained 9%, closing at $12.05. Lakeland Industries (LAKE) jumped 29.71% after hours, closing at $15.02 after it reported of increase order for hazmat suit. FDA approves the first vaccine to block a strain of bacteria that’s caused outbreaks of meningitis in college dorms. Pfizer’s (PFE) Trumenba prevents a subtype of meningococcal disease, which is spread through saliva and other throat fluids via coughing, kissing and sharing utensils, in people ages 10 to 25. University of California, Santa Barbara and Princeton University both experienced separate, unrelated outbreaks of meningococcal disease last year. The stock closed at $29.49. Chrysler recalling more than 566,000 SUVs and trucks to fix malfunctioning fuel heaters and software glitch. Larger of the two recalls covers almost 383,000 Ram pickup trucks from 2010-2014 model years, second recall covers more than 184,000 Jeep Gran Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs from 2014. Chrysler says it knows no crashes or injuries linked to the problems. From Dinar Land : Baghdad Operations Command said security forces regained control of the chemical weapons facility in Muthana province. 500 heavily armed soldiers with their tanks and armored vehicles arrived in Speicher base in northern Tikrit in Salaheddin province to secure areas around Tikrit and Beiji. Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal suggested that Britain established school in safe areas to teach English and other subjects in the English language. He addressed British Ambassador and British Culture Attache, English is being the business and most universal used language young Iraqis will be more prepared in the future. A member of parliament said Iraq is facing budget deficits for 2014 and 2015 ranging between 40-50B dollars. Parliament Finance Committee said 2015 budget must account for security and investment along with employment opportunities. The deficit can be encountered by either borrowing or increasing oil exports or combination of both. As crude oil prices fell lately, the pressure to increase export is mounting. Iraq is the 2nd largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia in OPEC. US may become a net exporter of oil and gas within 5-10 years but the demand from China and India who make up 30% of population is rising. The cabinet is preparing 2015 budget after consulting with CBI and submit it to the parliament for adoption soon. A number of MPs said it’s about time to put personal ambitions on the side and work on serving all Iraqis. The Ministry of Municipalities said all parcels of land which were assigned to be distributed to those holding proper deed will be distributed on time. All rightful owners will get their parcels without delay. From Rumor Land : Tim724 says Iraq has returned to the regional and international environment. Poppy3 says no LOP. Millionday says Iraq is stating privatization of the country is being activated for a market economy, they are getting excited. Pepperoni on pizza believes the rate will float to some level quickly then stabilize and continue to appreciate based on capital investment, growth, GDP, oil exports, etc. Mike says laws need to be passed and the economy moving. Brietling says Iraq has done what it said and they are going to have the currencies co-exist for 3 years. Enorrste thinks it will rise consistently until it reaches parity which could be over 3 dollars within a year or two. DC says everything is done. TNT Tony thinks something big is going on. From our own Adam Montana says with a smile that things are lining up perfectly. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  14. Nadita File – 10/23/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Puckster_guy reported US led coalition pounded ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria. Canada is sending its jet fighters to join in fight against ISIS in Iraq. 6 CF-18 Hornets and an aerial refueller will be sent to Kuwait to join US led coalition. For the first time, French jet fighters attacked ISIL positions near Mosul yesterday. French fighters flew reconnaissance to familiarize themselves with the area. Yesterday airstrikes lasted 5 hours and included aerial refueling. The jets hit logistic depot belonging to terrorists. The raid caused a significant casualties in ISIS camp. Ebola Outbreak : Thriver reported life from NYC, Doctor in NYC tests positive for Ebola Thursday. 33 year old Dr. Craig Spencer had recently returned to New York after treating Ebola patients in Guinea. NYC Health Dept says it has interviewed Spencer regarding his close contacts and activities. NYC health authorities haven’t said how many people in total might have come into contact with Spencer while he was symptomatic. Spencer’s Harlem apartment was cordoned off on Thursday. Spencer’s fiancée, who has not shown symptoms, is being watched in a quarantine ward at NYC’s Bellevue hospital, which is one of eight hospitals designated by NY Gov Andrew Cuomo to treat Ebola in NY. Spencer reported a fever of 103 degrees to local health officials on Thursday and was transported by a specially trained team to NYC’s Bellevue hospital. He is the fourth person diagnosed with Ebola in USA. Spencer works at NY Presbyterian/Columbia medical center in NYC. He has not seen any patients since he came back. He is a dedicated humanitarian who went to an area of medical crisis to help a desperate undeserved population. Spencer went jogging at a park, took 3 subways to Brooklyn, went to eat at a restaurant, went bowling and took Uber taxi service to home. Chess wonders if the doctor is lacking common sense or ignorance. A-J516 is happy to hear Thomas Duncan’s fiancée is declared free of Ebola, so did Amber Vinson. Nina Pham’s condition is upgraded to good from fair. Other News :Possible lone wolf terror in NYC. A man with 18” hatchet attacked a group of police officers in Queens, NY. The suspect was shot by one of the policemen. Two policemen were injured, one is in critical condition. The man had felony record in CA, police is looking at his social media if he has any connection to terrorism. Boosterbglee heard Canada will not be intimidated by the attack at the War Memorial Park. Parliament is back in session today. Suspect gunman is converted to Islam and being a suspect of high risk traveler . Canadian authority took away his passport . His parents apologized to the fallen soldier’s family. Captl 1 wonder if it is a dumb move in smartphones about this privacy act. Could new devices aiding terror? a struggle between law enforcement and phone makers about privacy of phone users. Uneek shakes her head when she hears about the messy divorce between Ken Griffin, Founder and CEO Citadel and his estranged wife Anne gets uglier. Ken has challenged Anne’s claims on his private planes, real estate, and credit cards, arguing that the mother of his three children has $50M in personal wealth herself and he won’t continue to support her affluent lifestyle. Anne asked for a temporary restraining order to bar him from entering her current residence. Ezrapound can’t pathom the money spends fighting between these two people. Money.. money.. the lawyers are going to have a thick pockets Wiljor just read the head of British American tobacco company in Iraq has been kidnapped assumingly for ransom. The company closed all its offices in the country as a result. Dow gained 216 points at trading today. It hit high of 294 points and dropped 80 points at Ebola case in NYC. Gold closed at $1,231, silver at $17.23, copper at $3.05. Crude oil closed at $81.60, the lowest ever. Canadian gold stocks KGC, NGD are down and a lot of the stocks are owned by American investors. Gymrat76541 thinks of buying NGD as he is an American J NY Dept of State Finance regulators are hot on Ocwen’s tails. OCWEN Financial (OCN) is in trouble for backdating loan modification offers to borrowers who are behind with payments. No criminal charges have been filed. Wells Fargo $2.7B loan sale to Ocwen at risk. There will be problems for small loan originators who need servicers. 3M and Caterpillar boosts DOW today, trading as high as 295 points today. Union Pacific (UNP) gained 5% at trading and closed at $112.23. Airlines stocks lead rally in DOW transports : Southwest Airlines (LUV), Spirit Airlines (SAVE), Jetblue Airways (JBLU), United Continental (UAL) Boston Scientific (BSX) is upgraded, the stock closed at $12.71, gained 3.17%. Genx4me heard Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder donated $100M to Ebola. From Dinar Land : Kurdish peshmerga forces are getting ready to send supplies and fighters to reinforce their Kurdish colleagues fighting to save Kobani from falling into ISIS’s hands and avoid massacre of hundreds or maybe thousands of Kurdish civilians. The peshmerga forces have to trek a long route by heading west and north of Turkey first then head back down south to Kobani to avoid ISIS positions. Turkish president Erdogan criticized US for its aerial dropping of medical supplies and ammunitions to help the Kurdish fighters. US top military dismissed criticism and said one bundle out of 28 fell into ISIS’s hands will not tip the balance. The President of Anbar provincial council Sabah Karhoot confirmed the arrival of 20 American advisers to train Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters. US Ambassador Stuart Jones said US will supply Iraq with its needs of explosives sniffing equipment and will not spare any effort to assist the Iraqis in their fight against terrorism. The federal agency/committee is the watchdog over ministries and government agencies said it is investigating the Ministries of Transportation and Municipalities for possible violations and corruption. The ministry of Transportation is investigated for contracting with companies not specializing in railways, overspending and using public funds inappropriately. It is bad planning in not supplying the railways authority with enough equipment and funds to maintain trains and engines. The railway projects are meant to link major Iraqi cities and neighboring countries. The committee is also investigating Ministry of Municipalities which is responsible for water projects in several districts and provinces for the high salinity in drinking water. Government observers are saying it’s about time for some cleansing in government minisitries and institutions and commended PM Abadi for taking the initiative in instructing his cabinets to take necessary steps to step up and stop corruption starting at the highest levels. Iran is willing to invest large sums of money into Iraq’s fast growing economy including some constructions of several modern shopping malls. Japan companies to increase Japanese loans and grants to Iraq as Japan is looking to expand its activities in building Iraq’s infrastructure. Members in parliamentary finance and monetary committees said they are preparing comprehensive studies and suggestions that will be presented to the parliament to debate as soon as possible prior to sending them to Council of Ministers. Iraqi citizens said they have no doubt that ISIS will ultimately be defeated and Iraq will resume its rebuilding and economic growth. From Rumor Land : Bondlady and Shredd say it is cool we will be able to see the dinar grow in value and not just hope for an overnight surprise RV. TNT Tony says everything is in place for this to happen right now. Frank26 says Iraq has qualified for article 8 and will become international again soon. Millionday says the project of removing the three zeros is ready. Bluwolf thinks today is the eve of the greatest money transactions in God’s, man’s history. Enorrste thinks Iraq will not only become a donor nation but will have a strongest currency in the world. Tman23 says his Kurdish intel says Nov 2014. My Ladies says Iraq is talking of restructuring of their currency and not revaluing it. TD says a new 25 note and a 25K note will have the same value and exist simultaneously until all 25K notes are collected and retired. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  15. Nadita File – 10/21/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Wiljor reported live from the land where chickens are called Turkey, ISIS fighters have seized at least one cache of weapons airdropped by US led forces to help Kurds militias. Weapons include hand grenades, ammunition, rocket propelled grenade launchers. According to a video released by ISIS supporters, caches were airdropped early Monday to Kurdish fighters in the embattled Syrian town of Kobani near the Turkish border. ISIS has been trying to take Kobani for nearly a month. Rayzur agrees with Pentagon saying the military campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq has cost $424M so far. A Pentagon spox says the Dept of Defense has spent an average of about $7.6M a day on airstrikes and support missions. Rear adm John Kirby also says Iraqi security forces are beginning to make some progress against ISIS terrorists, while Kurdish forces have taken control of most of the Syrian town of kobani. US military conducts four airstrikes Monday and Tuesday against ISIS terrorists in Syria. The four airstrikes near kobani destroyed fighting positions, a building, and a large ISIS unit. Separately US and coalition partners conducted three airstrikes against ISIS fighters in Iraq. Ebola Outbreak : Thriver heard Obama admin announces all US bound travelers from three Ebola stricken African countries will be required to fly into one of five airports conducting additional screening. Change means all travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea will have to arrive at NY JFK, Newark, Dulles, Atlanta, Chicago O’Hare. New restrictions will go into effect starting Wednesday. NIH upgrades the condition of Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who was infected with Ebola while caring for a Liberian man who died earlier this month. 26 year old Pham, who is now listed in good condition, had been in fair condition since being flown to a special NIH clinical studies unit in MD last Thursday. She is one of two Dallas nurses who became infected with Ebola while treating Thomas Duncan, who died of the disease on October 8th. Other News : Captl1 is happy to hear US authorities arrest the head of gulf cartel, one of Mexico’s most violent drug trafficking ring, 23 year old Juan Francisco Saenz Tamex appeared in court Tuesday on drug and money laundering charges. Saenz Tamex, a Mexican national was arrested on October 9th while shopping in Edinburg, TX. A-J516 lets out a big sigh to hear State Dept confirms one of three Americans being held in North Korea has been released. 56 Year old Jeffrey Fowle was arrested in May for leaving a copy of a Bible in the bathroom of a sailor’s club in the city of Chongjin. State Dept says the US is still trying to free Americans Matthew Miller and Kenneth Bae, who remain in North Korea custody. Thanks to Swedish government for their work. Authorities say an Indiana man has definitely confessed to killing seven women whose bodies were found over the weekend. Gary, IN police chief Larry McKinley says authorities have enough evidence to charge 43 year old Darren Vann with murder in at least three more of the cases. Vann was arrested in connection with a murder last week and directed police to six more bodies located in abandoned buildings in Gary. Jodi Arias sentencing retrial begins Tuesday in Arizona with a new jury. 34 Year old Arias was convicted of murder last year but the first jury was deadlocked on whether to give her the death penalty or life in prison. The outcome required a new jury and trial to decide her punishment. Legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee passed away at the age of 93. Bradlee served as the executive director for the post for 26 years, guiding the newspaper to 17 Pulitzer price. During Bradlee’s tenure, the post broke the Watergate scandal, which prompted the resignationof Pres. Richard Nixon. Pres. Obama presented Bradlee with the presidential medal of freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor in 2012 for his commitment to journalism. Total CEO Christophe de Margerie has died in an air crash in Moscow. Margerie, 63 had been CEO of Total since 2007. He is known for big moustache and highly regarded within the oil industry. His corporate jet collided with a snow plough. Pres. Putin sent his condolences. FBI is probing the possibility of three girls from Denver area who were trying to travel to Syria to join ISIS. FBI spox says agents helped bring the girls back to Denver after they were stopped in Germany. Two of the girls are reported of ethnic Somali origin, while the third girl is reportedly of Sudanese descent. The girls are between the ages of 15 and 16. They have since been reunited with their families. NJ teens prank video has over 25 million views on YouTube in a week. He produces Halloween pranks. Dow gained 216 points at trading today, wiping out last week’s loss. S&P500 climbed 37 points, closed 1941. Nasdaq increased 103 points, closed at 4419. Gains come amid solid earnings reports from US companies and speculation the European central bank will increase measures to boost European economy. Gold closed at $1,249, silver at $17.49, copper at $3.02. Crude oil closed at $82.60. OPEC meeting in November will decide whether OPEC countries will reduce production or maintain price. USA oil and gas production have increased. NewLink Genetics (NLNK) gained some momentum for the last two days. It gained another 9.73%, closing at $34.50. It’s not only because of Ebola, but NewLink for development of its pancreatic cancer drug, working together with Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche. Yahoo has their best day of the year on Tuesday. Yahoo reported earnings per share of 52 cents on $1.09B revenue versus estimate of EPS 30 cents on sales of $1.05B. Yahoo is well positioned for 2015. A lot more room to move upside? Broadcom (BRCM) beats street earnings, gaining 6% after hours trading. Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) also gained some momentum after hours trading. IRobot (IRBT), maker of Roomba automated vacuum cleaner, also gained some momentum after announcing its third quarter profit surged 87%. The stock gained 14% after hours trading. The stock closed $31.61 at trading. GoPro makes a strong comeback for the last two days. The stock closed $80.92, gaining 6.47% today. Staples says it’s looking into a potential data breach involving credit cards and is in touch with law enforcement officials. The office supply retailer says if it turns up data discrepancies, it will encourage customers to report fraudulent activity in a timely manner. Several retailers have reported breaches this year, including one reported by Target in January that compromised personal info of as many as 70M shoppers. From Dinar Land : Kurdish peshmerga forces reinforce and resupply the Kurds fighting ISIS in Syrian town of Kobani. ISIS has launced 15 attacks simultaneously in norther Iraq in a move seen as an attempt to blunt any attempts by Iraqi Kurds to help their colleagues. Mosul dam was one of ISIS target. Ministry of Defense Khaled al-Obeidi said the defense ministry will conduct a thorough investigations as to why some provinces fell to the ISIS fast. Obeidi added he will not spare any effort to persecute whoever conspired against Iraq and have blood in their hands. He also said the security forces will be overhauled and will be as transparent as possible. PM Abadi is in Tehran to talk with Iranian officials. The focus was fighting ISIS and its supporter in addition to the bilateral relationship and economic cooperation. Iraq is facing challenging times with unemployment as unemployed Iraqis are voicing their concerns over the foreign workers from Africa and Asian and more job openings for Iraqis. The Council of Ministers said it’s revising 30 public tenders to dig new wells to increase Iraq’s oil production. This come as the demand of oil continue to rise from Far East and European countries. Iraq is planning to reach 11 million barrels per day in six years. US government has approved the sale of 600M in tank ammunition manufactured by General Dynamics Corp. Pentagon has notified the lawmakers that the State Dept has approved the sale. Iraqi citizens are eager to see their security forces conduct decisive offensive action against the terrorists. ISIS is obviously frustrated by its losses or lack of advances in Iraq and Syria. From Rumor Land : Frank26 says it doesn’t matter what the rate comes at, it is poised and structured to take off from whatever it comes out at. ITeam says they still stand firm with October, they were at the meetings and heard the plan, watch the official gazette. Delta says they cannot trade internationally without an international rate. ISX is to be back up on Oct. 26. Pepperoni on pizza says he rather see a gradual appreciation of dinar based on economic investment as IMF Article IV states. BGG hopes if recent info is accurate, and it has proven as much thus far.. RV could be very well. Millionday thinks the meeting with CBI is nothing but great. Enorrste thinks economic growth is the only way to bring the dinar back to its pre-war value. Mountainman thinks it makes perfect sense for Iraq to reinstate the rate $3.21. Tman23 thinks the rate will be $3.48 and will show from Nov. 3rd to the first of the year. Aggiedad77 says we just need to sit back and watch as things unfold over the next few days to a week or so. Poppy3 says it sounds like a fixed rate and no root beer float. TerryK says it’s coming. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  16. Nadita File – 10/17/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Chess reported US military conducted seven airstrikes Thursday against ISIS terrorists in Syria. Six airstrikes near the strategic town of Kobani targeted buildings, fighting positions, and vehicles, while an airstrike in NE Syria destroyed oil collection equipment. Separately, coalition partners carried out two airstrikes in Iraq. ISIS has captured several fighter jets from air bases belonging to the Syrian army, activists say. The Britain based Syrian observatory for human rights says the terrorists are test flying the planes, which are believed to be mig-21 and mig-23 jets, however, the report has not been confirmed and US officials say they have no accounts of ISIS flying jets. Ebola Outbreak : Boosterbglee can’t believe what she hears, Pres. Obama appointed Ron Klain to head the country’s response to Ebola in an effort to prevent further spread of the deadly disease. Ron Klain is not a medical doctor. He has served as chief of staff to both Vice Presidents, Joe Biden and Al Gore. Go figure on this one J A Dallas nurse who handled a lab specimen from Duncan who died of Ebola is self quarantined on a Carribbean cruise ship and being monitored for infection. The woman has shown no signs of the disease and has been asympomatic for 19 days. The woman left Dallas on October 12th, when government health officials were requiring only self monitoring. The cruiseline says it has been in contact with CDC and it was determined that the best course of action is to keep the woman in isolation. The ship is heading back to Galveston, Texas. Belize and Mexico refused entry of the ship on their land. From the plane Amber Vinson’s travel on to the bridal shower to elementary school. Elementary school has been shut down as one of Amber Vinson’s family’s child goes to school. The bridal shop has been closed. Her mom and several friends are under voluntary quarantine. At least 12 people are under watch. CDC mistakenly gave her permission to fly from Cleveland to Dallas because her fever is under the temperature guidelines. The Frontier flight she was on from Cleveland to Dalls made 6 more flights and carrying 800 people . Thriver just learned Ebola virus on dry service and door knobs lasts for several hours, blood and urine for several days. Genx4me is saying a prayer for Nina Pham’s condition is downgraded from good to fair and stable condition. Doctors expected her to recover but the ride in ambulance and airplane ride has taken a toll on her. The virus knocks you out. Nina Pham is possible to get an experimental drug. She is a trooper and in high spirit. There is no cure for Ebola and the mortality rate ranges from 25% to 70%. Ebola attacks you in two ways : lungs with pneumonia symptoms like and dehydration caused by diarrhea or throwing up and GI bleeding. Other News : A-J516 wonders if he hears it correctly that Pres. Obama to sign executive order on credit and debit card security on Friday to implement enhanced security measures for federal payments including microchips and PIN numbers for ATM cards. Home Depot, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart will be rolling out security chip and PIN compatible card terminals in their stores in January 2015. Nigeria and boko haram terror group agree to an immediate cease fire, according to Nigerian government officials. A Nigerian defense ministry spox says the government is still negotiating for the release of more than 200 missing schoolgirls abducted by the group 6 months ago. Putin says Russia and Ukraine reach gas deal covering the winter. EU leaders said Moscow had to do much more to prop up a fragile ceasefire and end fighting in eastern Ukraine. Kremlin said Putin and Poroshenko would meet one on one later on Friday. Fed judge strikes down Wyoming’s ban on same sex marriage Friday. Judge has stayed the ruling until next week to allow time for the state to appeal if it seeks to do so. Decision comes just hours after a Fed judge ruled AZ’s ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional. New York Kevin is praying for people in Bermuda as hurricane Gonzalo lashing Bermuda with high winds and heavy surf Friday. The category 3 storm has max sustained winds of 115 mph. It is expected to batter the island for seven hours Friday night. Forecasters are warning a potential 10 ft storm surge could cause significant flooding. Pacific storm headed toward Hawaii strengthens to a hurricane Friday, national weather service says. Hurricane Ana is a category 1 storm with max sustained winds of 75 mph. Ana is expected to pass 115 miles of the Big Island Friday night, and to pass the rest of the islands over the weekend. Tropical storm watches have been issued for much of the state, as Ana is projected to bring heavy rains, high winds and large swells. Dow gained 263 points closing a turbulent week with a big gain. S&P500 jumped 23 points, closing at 1776. Nasdaq gained 41 points, closed at 4258. Market had huge swings this week including several sharp drops, as investors worried about slowing global economy. Europe and Ebola still the focus. Gold closed at $1,239, silver at $17.33, copper at 3.00. Crude oil whipsawed all week closed at $82.75. Oil is on 3 week low and losing streak, making people happy at the pump, some areas reported gas at $2.75 per gallon. If oil continues to be low, it is putting extra $1,200 in average American’s pockets. Could oil drift to $70 per barrel? America produces 1.3M barrels in October. Stocks in rally mode today are : Honeywell (HON) gained 4%, closed at $90.06. General Electric (GE) gained 2.35%, closed at $24.82. Textron (TXT) , maker of Cessna jets gained 8.88%, closed at $36.65. US asks drug labs to plan for producing Ebola drug Zmapp. Zmapp was given to American medical workers Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol who recovered after contracting Ebola in Liberia, and to at least one Spanish priest, who died. It has held out as a promising therapy that could be made available during worst Ebola outbreak. Ibio Inc (IBIO) surged 69.85%, closing at $3.21. Other Ebola related stocks were down 20% today. Bank picks as rates fall : Morgan Stanley (MS), Bank of America, Citigroup. Defense stocks are up at trading today : Lockheed Martin (LMT), Raytheon (RTN), General Dynamics (GD), Northrop Grumman (NOC). Sandisk (SNDK) says it will pass revenue $1B ahead of schedule in 2015. Netflix (NFLX) missed earnings and the stock still having trouble making its way up, down another 1.27%, closing at $357.09. GoPro is inching its way up, closing at $74.63 Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN), maker of baby formula up 10%, closing at $100.23 at a possible take over by German company. Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) gained 3% after restructuring news, closing at $2.72. Hershey wants to make sure chocolate lovers know they have enough cocoa from West Africa till 2015. From Dinar Land : US led coalition airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and ISIL in Syria on their equipments, positions, and shelters have some positive results as it’s forcing ISIS to change its tactics, how they communicate and regroup. Even though airstrikes conducted in Syria especially in Kobani were meant for humanitarian effort but it has some real strategic value as they are degrading the ISIS. Airstrikes have killed hundreds of terrorists to say the least and have some psychological effect as well. Airstrikes are damaging the image ISIL trying to potray that it is invicible to lure and recruit more people from around the world. US has conducted at least 45 airstrikes over Kobani. Some Iraqis said the focus of airstrikes should return to Iraq where the entire Anbar province is in danger of falling to ISIS. Some Iraqi politicians and Anbar Province officials say some Sunni tribes are helping ISIL terrorists and reports are surfacing that some regional powers are still actively financing these tribesmen that include some of Saddam is crazy era military senior officers and high ranking Baathists. Security forces in Babel province said the provincial police and Iraqi armies are cutting off ISIL supply lines to Anbar province. Italian Ministry of Defense said it will send 200 military advisers and three reconnaissance planes to Erbil. Italy will send additional 8 advisers to Baghdad. The fight in Salaheddin province is heating up and American Apache helicopters are joining the effort. In Baghdad, three car bombs exploded in the last 36 hours killing and injuring scores of civilians mostly in predominantly Shiite areas. On Friday, PM Abadi said the psychological warfare accounts for 70% of ISIL efforts that include spreading fear and panic in certain areas in Iraq. PM office issued a statement to the media saying Abadi met with numbers of experts and members of media as well as university professors that specialize in psychological operations. The sermon in most Sunni and Shiite mosques urged all Iraqis to stand united in the face of cancerous ISIS. In mosques under ISIS control, the message was more threats of violence and killing of anyone that does not pay tribute to caliphate. Vice President of Agricultural committee said Wasit province has completed preparation for 2014-2015 season, readying 300,000 acres to plant wheat this winter season : seeds, pesticides are in place, irrigation systems checked. This season will be a record breaker or close to it in agricultural production. Basra ports authority said eight large container and general cargo ships have arrived in southern ports carrying food, electronics, building materials and luxury items. It is expected maritime traffic will be more than double in the next few months. Ministry of Public Works are working hard to maintain and repairing roads, bridges, highways and overpasses in several provinces over the holiday. The academic and financial experts were meeting yesterday evening in Baghdad’s college to discuss 12 economic research paper. They all agreed that reducing dependency on petrodollars in Iraq must be a priority . There should be a continuous meeting between government, parliament, and private sector to plan for short and long terms. Their planning must be flexible to accommodate changes whenever it warrants. RVwithme was with a group of members of parliament to discuss the next stages of Iraqi economy is most likely to be headed. They said private banks should prepare to take a leading role, form alliances and partnership with international banks that in turn will attract more regional and international investors. They added they expect next week will be full of activity especially after successful appointments of Ministers of Defense and Interior which is expected to finally take place on Sunday. Parliament committees are eager to debate and recommend laws and regulations to speed up economic growth, industrial expansion and monetary policies. Iraqi citizens said that whoever backing ISIL in Iraq should be labeled as traitor because they are working for another sate “the Islamic State” against Iraq. From Rumor Land : Millionday says ministers are to be sworn on Saturday and we should see the results as soon as tomorrow. Poppy3 thinks tomorrow should bear great fruit for our venture. Stryker thinks the first day of Iraq’s new history starts tomorrow. Backdoc says international rate will have to be at the banks for sure if Iraq is live on Nasdaq. Bluedog says he has been in this too long to get excited, but the news is looking really good. Mt. Goat says the central bank needs to begin the process of deletion of zeros from the currency to raise its monetary value. Also there was a request from the finance committee to do so this week. Pepperoni on pizza says the dinar will rise as a result of capital investments. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J Have a blessed weekend with your family and enjoy the crisp Fall weather.. don’t forget to thank God for all your blessings J
  17. Nadita File – 10/16/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Chess reported Terrorists unleash wave of attacks in Iraq, killing dozens in Shiite areas in and around Baghdad. ISIS claiming responsibility for the day’s deadliest attack which kills 14 Iraqi civilian. ISIS says the attack targeted Iraqi soldiers and Shiite militiamen allied with them. Ebola Outbreak : Thriver says a prayer for 26 year old Nina Pham will be treated at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, facility has one of four biocontentment units in the US. 2nd nurse who tested positive, 29 year old Amber Vinson, has been transferred to a facility at Emory University in Atlanta. Pham and Vinson contracted Ebola after providing care to Thomas Duncan, who died of the disease last week. Amber Vinson went to a bridal shop in Cleveland, Ohio for her wedding. She has 3 contacts before isolation. It is reported Amber has had symptoms as early as last Friday. She has followed the guidelines given to her. A-J516 is happy to hear Frontier Airlines removed plane from service. They are changing the seat covers and carpets, filter replaced and putting crew on paid leave. CDC is working with Frontier to reach 132 passengers and monitor them for any symptoms. House repubs demand a travel ban from West Africa Thursday, calling it the only sure way to protect Americans from Ebola. At a congressional hearing Thursday, CDC chief Dr. Thomas Frieden said he remains confident in the ability of US health care system to fight Ebola, but says we need to stop it at its source in West Africa. Frieden offered assurances Americans are safe and there will be no widespread Ebola outbreak here. Rep. Fred Upton says, the response so far has been unacceptable. Upton and other repubs say the Obama admin should ban travel from the hardest hit nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia and quarantines US citizens arriving from there. White house says the US remains opposed to a ban on travel from West Africa. Spox Josh Earnest says transportation lines must be kept open to deliver supplies to help fight the outbreak in west Africa. He also says officials want to make sure people traveling from the region are properly screened. House speaker John Boehner and several other lawmakers have called for a travel ban. Wiljor heard UN says death toll from Ebola will rise to more than 4500 this week among 9000 infected. WHO official says cases are doubling every four weeks. The outbreak is hitting health workers hard, with 2700 infected and 236 dead. Other News : Uneek reported Labor dept says weekly applications for unemployment aid fell lat week by 23,000 to a seasonally adjusted 264,000 the lowest level since April 2000. The figures come amid concerns about slowing global economic growth, which has upset financial markets over the past week. FBI director cautions against encrypting data for smartphones and operating systems. James Comey says the move by tech companies to protect communications in the name of privacy could impede a wide range of criminal investigations. The speech coming soon after announcement by Apple and Google that their new operating systems will be protected by coding. Genx4me is sad to hear actress Elizabeth Pena has died of natural causes after a brief illness. She was 55 years old. She has played on both the big and small screens “La Bamba”, “Rush Hour”, and “The Incredibles”. Our deepest sympathy and prayers for her family. May God give them peace and grace to endure this difficult time. Boosterbglee reported hurricane Gonzalo churns toward Bermuda as a powerful cat 4 storm. Gonzalo has top winds of 145 mph and is centered about 415 miles S-SW of the British territory. Forecasters say tropical storm conditions should begin by Friday morning, while Gonzalo should pass near Bermuda on Friday afternoon and evening, most likely as a cat 3 storm. The last major hurricane to strike Bermuda was Fabian in 2003, as a cat 3 that killed four people. Captl1 heard Air France Flight #1300 from Paris to Madrid, Spain has been grounded as a passenger showed symptoms of Ebola. The passenger who had recently traveled to Lagos, Nigeria was taken from the airport by ambulance to Madrid’s Carlos III hospital for testing. Air France said it kept the plane in Madrid, scarpping the return flight, and would disinfect the plane before putting it back in service. Spain’s government moved to take a more aggressive approach in dealing with the deadly virus. The bull slipped 25 points on the slippery slope. Gold closed at $1,239, silver at $17.35, copper at $2.97. Crude oil closed at $83.29. Market has been very nervous about Europe and Ebola. Investors are nervous and sitting on the sidelines waiting for this volatility to blow away. Is there an Ebola bubble in these stocks? Lakeland Ind. (LAKE) down 12%, closed at $20.69. Alpha Pro Tech (APT) down 18%, closed at $6.83. Versar Inc (VSR down 18%, closed at $5.67. Biotech companies gained some momentum today among them are : Sarepta Pharma (SRPT) gained 6%, closed at $22.30, NewLink Genetics (NLNK) gained 25%, closed at $31.87. Ibio Inc (IBIO) gained 36%, closed at $1.89. Apple announces iPad Air 2 – the thinnest tablet in the world, 6.1 mm 18% thinner than iPad Air. The price ranges from $499 for 16GB to $699 for $128GB. Eburt is thinking of ordering one on October 17th. Apple stock was down a bit, closing at $96.26. GoPro is holding pretty good at trading today, closed at $72.69. From Dinar Land : ReinMan reported US led coalition airstrikes have slowed ISIS advancement in Kobani. Kurdish defenders managed to retake a hill and other positions. Military analysts say the city has no real strategic value for the long war on terror but it has humanitarian importance for the Kurds and the coalition helping them. It boils donw to reputation for ISIL and continuous control of swathes of land in northern Syria bordering Turkey. 15M Kurds living in Turkey are not happy with Turkish response and that may destabilize Turkey’s fragile truce with PKK whose leader is jailed and vowed to continue the struggle if Kobani falls. US and its NATO allies are still waiting to see if they can use an airbase in southern Turkey in fight against terrorism. US led coalition airstrikes target ISIL positions, equipment and shelters near the large oil refinery in Beiji and Haditha. A member of security committee in Salaheddin province, Khaled al-jassem said US stationed 200 military advisers in Speicher base near Tikrit. The base was the scene of a massacre committed by ISIL against Iraqi security forces where over 1,500 Iraqis were slaughtered. The American advisers will advise Iraqi ground troops but will have no combat role. Britain said they will be sending armed drones to Iraq to participate in the fight. Okane heard PM Abadi in his address to military academy vows to reveal details about the massacre at Speicher base. He said ISIL terrorists and their Baathist backers committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in that incident. He added because of their big losses ISIL and their backers are spreading false news including how close they are to taking Baghdad airport. The Integrity Commission said Iraq is cooperating with Interpol to locate and seize monies stolen or illegally obtained in Iraq by individuals who have fled Iraq. A list of “wanted” people is being prepared. IC spokesman said Interpol and Iraqi authorities will go after the criminals very aggressively. American, British, and German companies have expressed their interest in helping Iraq with the rebuilding of its infrastructure, industrial, agricultural, real estate projects. Investment economist Adel Abu-Rugheif said it will take Iraq a very long time to achieve its goal with all the money coming from Iraq’s treasury. That’s why Iraqi government and lawmakers are urged to make it as attractive as possible for Iraqi, regional and international investors to invest in Iraq’s projects which include tax cuts, tariff exemptions and a healthy return on the invested money. This can only be achieved if all government agencies and banks works towards creating the right atmosphere to attract private investors. World Bank declared it will have Iraq in resolving its displaced population issue by providing finances for agricultural, electricity, housing and other projects. 40 year soft loan will be made available to Iraqi institutions to expedite housing and provide employment opportunities to as many displaced Iraqis as possible. The amount is not specified but experts estimated hundreds of millions of dollars if not more will be made available soon. From Rumor Land : Millionday says Iraq is getting those regulations done and in place would be why we had to wait. DC says card rate is still $3.58, ISIL still in the country but manageable. There are serious battles but in provinces, not in Baghdad. Tman23 thinks it will be by first quarter of next year, January even if not before. TNT Tony says there is a window and a time for it to be taken off hold but when..? Poppy3 thinks time is very close. Tim724 hears Jabouri reveals the nominations of Mohammed Salem Ghaban for interior minister and Khalid Obeidi for defense minister and expect to vote on the security ministries on Saturday. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  18. Nadita File – 10/14/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Captl1 reported Pres. Obama and top military commanders meet Tuesday with defense chiefs from countries battling ISIS. Pres. Obama says there will be days of progress against ISIS, but also periods of setback. Obama, who stressed Tuesday that there are no quick fixes, vows our coalition is united behind this long term effort. ReinMan heard Feds warning US law enforcement about the threat ISIS inspired terror attacks against police officers, government workers, and media figures in the US. FBI and Dept of Homeland Security bulletin issued Saturday warning about ISIS on social media forums for violence. Bulletin says officials are not aware of any specific credible threat against US targets by home grown terrorists inside the US or overseas at this point. Warning follows a separate US army intel bulletin urging military personnel to be vigilant after ISIS called on supporters to scour social media for addresses of their family members. A-J516 wonders who this group calling themselves “White Shroud” has reportedly emerged in eastern Syria to fight ISIS in their own way. They work in small groups, two to four fighters to trap ISIL terrorists. So far the group claims to have killed 100 ISIS terrorists. Their mission is to strike fear into terrorists. It has already shown that ISIS terrorists are walking in a group of two or more. Leader of White Shourd says US led coalition airstrikes are not helping them as ISIS terrorists once gather in large numbers, and now they move in small groups. White Shroud has 300 members whose 80% never take part in combat before. They are trained and joined White Shourd because of the great oppression they feel after ISIS takes control. Ebola Outbreak : Uneek heard Dallas nurse who caught Ebola while treating a patient receives a blood transfusion from an Ebola survivor in hopes that it will help her fight off the disease. 26 year old Nina Pham was one of about 70 staff members at TX Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week. She is the first person to contract Ebola in the US. Nina has a dog and there is a debate whether animals are carrier of Ebola and if the dog should be euthanized. Our prayers are with Pham family and may God’s healing hands touch her and heal her miraculously. There are 2 more days to hit 21 days for Ebola incubation. 70% death rate when contracted, possible airborne transmission. It is estimated Ebola will reach 1.4M cases by January 2015. Quarantine or travel ban ? as time goes on, greater crisis is looming on the horizon. Calkid11 reported head of the UN mission for Ebola’s response says the world must meet critical goals by Dec. 1 or face an entirely unprecedented situation for which we don’t have a plan. Anthony Banbury says the current plan for fighting Ebola won’t be enough for the future crisis if the goals aren’t met. He says he is deeply, deeply worried that efforts so far will not be enough. Chess heard WHO says there could be up to 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week within two months. WHO officials says there have been about 1,000 new cases per week over the last four weeks. Countries most at risk : Ghana, United States, France. Other News : JFK Ebola screenings flagged 91 passengers over the weekend. 5 were sent for further review. None were determined to have Ebola. Italy’s red cross are suiting up for Ebola. Wiljor read New York Police Dept is asking public’s help to identify a man who climbed out of a subway grate and threw a smoke bomb in a Greenwich Village restaurant on Friday evening. The men fled back into the emergency exit. No injuries were reported. The bull slipped 6 points on the slippery slope at trading today. Gold closed at 1,227, silver at $17.24, copper at $3.07. Crude oil settled at $81.88, the lowest in 27 months. Saudi Arabia decided to keep producing oil and take $80/barrel. Eburt can’t believe GPRO took a dip the last two sessions. The stock closed at $75.03. GPRO camera attached to Michael Schumacher worsening to head injury from ski accident. Our prayers to Schumacher family. GoPro is known for camera used in extreme sports. GoPro might have to do warning labels on its usage. Shares of several Ebola play companies saw heavy selling pressure on large volume today including iBio (IBIO) whose shares fell 48.37%, closing at $1.26. Shares of Lakeland Ind, maker of hazmat suit also fell 26.10%, closing at $ 21.43. Alpha Pro Tech also fell 26.77%, closing at $7.36. Intel stocks jumps today as earnings and revenue surpassed analysts’ expectations, the stock closed at $32.14. Other chip makers also gained in Intel jump are : RF Micro Devices (RFMD) gained almost 4%, closed at $9.50, Triquint Semi (TQNT) gained 3.5%, closed at $15.73. Boosterbglee heard Samsung claims it has found way to boost wifi speed fivefold. Company says it expects to integrate its new 60 GHZ wifi technology in a wide range of products including audio visual devices, medical devices, and telecom equipment. Samsung expects commercialization of its unlicensed 60 GHZ wifi band spectrum as early as next year. The stock closed at $ Skyworks Solutions Inc (SWKS), a supplier of radio frequency chips to companies such as Apple, gained 8% today, closed at $48.91. UBS is downgraded at JPMorgan. Three banks upgraded to buy are : Bank of America, AMEX, Black Rock Bank. Genx4me can’t believe what she hears… marijuana for pet…? Are you kidding me..? I am not about to drug my dogs and make them lazy. Rodandstaff shakes his head when he hears China hacking issue can take down our financial system, power grid, security system. China bought Astoria Waldorf because a lot of head of nations stay there when they come to America. Two things : company knows being hacked by China and company doesn’t know being hacked by China. US just indicted 5 Chinese hackers.. and what are we going to do with that..? economic sanctions could be a good idea, no more buying hotels and keep their telecom out of US. Yahoo Finance poll asked what “E” worried people the most right now : 47% - Ebola outbreak, 22% - Europe slowdown, 6% - Energy prices dropping, 25% - Earnings. From Dinar Land : ISIL terrorists’ resilience and efficiency have surprised most seasoned military experts. ISIS is pushing its way to control Kobani using suicide bombers to blow up Kurdish defensive lines. ISIS also has over run a military base near Hit and as a result they control 80% of Anbar province. Coalition airstrikes have killed thousands of ISIL fighters but it seems they are capable of recruiting fresh fighters from the globe. The airstrikes help to slow them down but not stopping them. ISIL fighters have been spotted 10 miles away from Baghdad airport and US has deployed its Apache helicopters to repel the terrorists. It is reported Trukey is bombing Kurdish PKK fighters in a location close to the Iraqi borders. The Kurds are frustrated as Turkey is doing absolutely nothing to fight ISIL and not letting Kurdish fighters cross the borders to help their colleagues. Iraqi parliament is eagerly waiting to debate the nominations of two most important positions of Ministers of Interior and Defense. Even though the names are kept secret but the blocs and coalitions are not at odds. PM Abadi will reveal the names on Thursday session. PM Abadi also revealed a plan to evaluate every minister’s performance every 100 days in an effort to curb administrative corruptions. A full report will be submitted by every ministry detailing its progress, activities, and achievements for the period. Iraqi Investment Authority Sami al-Araji said the giant housing project at Besmayah is about 15% completed and the first batch of 10,000 finished units will be delivered to its owner in 2015. The remaining two batches will be delivered in 2016 and 2017. The work on the project never stopped despite the challenges the country is facing. Ministry of Electricity said power will be supplied around the clock in most provinces except the western provinces where terrorists continue to sabotage facilities and power lines. Anbar, Nineveh, and Salaheddin will receive intermittent power supplies while repair are being done. Ministry of Housing and Constuction said a plan is being discussed to connect Basra and Turkish Ceyhan ports overland. The project will help Iraq economy tremendously. The Ministry of Interior said as soon as the project is funded, they will start issuing passport embedded with electronic chip or strip similar to those issued in advanced countries. Iraq and Iran announced they are increasing their commerce activities and industrial cooperation. Iran has become a natural partner in many projects including land transport and communications. Iraq and Iran share five points of transit and can be expanded to six or seven if the situation warrants. From Rumor Land : Nova said Iraq is doing a complex maneuvers to create demand for their currency. They can only do business in IQD. Delta says to watch closely after the ministers are announced and officially seated. Millionday thinks budget should be done on Thursday. Tman23 says Iraq doesn’t have a choice but to rv now. Frank26 says it is possible for the rate to come out in October, watch for October 18 forward. Pepperoni on pizza thinks Iraq could technically move to Article VIII anytime. TerryK hears China is pushing hard for this to happen Wednesday night. Steve1 says a rate change will not happen until ISIS is dealt with. BGG thinks ISIS may actually wind up being the TRex in the room. Exogen personally thinks this may be the real 48 hours. My ladies say parliament met today did the first reading and they won’t do anything with budget or ministries while Jabouri is out of the country. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  19. Nadita File – 10/10/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Chess reported ISIS shelling Syrian border crossing with Turkey. Trying to capture it and cut off embattled town of Kobani. ISIS pushed into Kobani this week for the first time since launching its offensive in mid September. It’s reported 500 already killed in battle for Kobani. Defense Sec. Hagel says US hopes to convince Turkey to take active role in fighting ISIS. US wants access to air base, Turkey to train moderate Syrian forces. US State Dept says no imminent threat to Baghdad, Iraqi forces are strong. Situation in Anbar province remains very fluid. Ebola Outbreak : Watercop heard another 100 US marines land in a hot zone to help battle Ebola outbreak. US military planes carrying medical supplies, arrived in Liberia Thursday. Sierra Leone’s president says other countries not responding fast enough to crisis in West Africa. UN says $1B Ebola appeal only 25% funded. WHO reported death toll tops 4,000. Doctors warning of massive influx of Ebola cases in Guinea’s capital. Condition of nurse in Spain now stable, 1st person to catch Ebola outside of West Africa. Researchers say the first study of a possible Ebola vaccine in Africa is underway. Three health care workers in Mali have received the experimental shots. Other News : Thriver wonders what happened to North Korea leader Kim Jong Un was a no-show at a celebration of founding of ruling party. He was notr seen since Sept. 3, walked with limp, very overweight. It is reported he was injured during military exercise. Rumors floating about Kim Jong Un, either he has gout, there is a coup in the country, possibly death, or in fact it’s a loyalty test of people missing him. The country is run by his sister, Kim Yo Jong. Captl1 watched on TV, thousands of protestors blocking traffic in Hong Kong’s busiest districts. Pro-democracy rally comes a day after government called off talks on election reform. A-J516 wishes he is the one getting the title J Queen Elizabeth II honored actress Angelina Jolie for her work against sexual violence in war zones. She made Jolie an honorary dame. 17 Year old schoolgirl shot in the head by Taliban gunman sharing this year’s Noble Peace Prize. Malala Yousafzai won the award along with Indian children’s right activist. Supreme Court blocks cheesehead state’s photo ID voter law for November vote. Federal judge strikes down voter ID law in Texas, could affect 13.6M voters. Eburt just shakes his head to hear the news. US intelligence officials say air and missile strikes haven’t stopped plots to blow up airplanes over Europe, US. Only a few members of Khorasan group killed. Protesters angry at Wednesday shooting of black 18 year old by off duty police officer in St. Louis. Police say teen opened fire on the officer. Thousands of activists will be in St. Louis area starting today. Holding rallies to protest Aug. 9 police shooting of Michael Brown, unarmed black 18 year old. Fmr. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke takes stand again, defended terms of government’s 2008 rescue of AIG. Follows days of testimony from Fmr. Treasury Secy Geithner. The bull slipped 115 points at trading today. Gold closed at $1,222, silver at $17.30, copper at $3.03. Crude oil closed at $85.82 Genx4me is doing the happy dance when she hears FDA approved Gilead’s new hepatitis C drug “Harvoni”. Gilead’s new hepatitis drug to be priced at $94,500 for 12 weeks or $63,000 for 8 weeks. It’s one pill a day with no side effects. The stock closed 2% lower at $103.73. Uneek is eyeing AbbVie, Inc (ABBV) waiting for approval from FDA later this year on its application to market an all oral hepatitis C regimen. The stock closed 2% lower at $54.97. Viciousdoggie heard BMW outsold German rivals Audi and Mercedes Benz in September. Gap between the three luxury car brands has narrowed this year in a fierce race. Boosterbglee agrees and will buy the new X5 model, black on black with all the whistles and the bells J Bose and Apple’s Beats Electronics settle lawsuit. Charges dismissed with no cost imposed. Resolves patent infringement lawsuit. Apple has three days to bar info about its GT deal that may come up in bankruptcy hearing. GT to wind down sapphire plant, lay off 890, supplied older Apple devices, filed for bankruptcy Monday. Calkid11 wonders what’s going to happen with GT. Wiljor is not surprised to hear UK’s financial services authority has accused six banks of system and control failures in forex operations which include JPMorgan, UBS. Snowglobe has been waiting for Google (GOOGL) to launch smartphone with 5.9” screen, code name “Shamu”. Gymrat76541 is daydreaming about Tesla Motors (TSLA) unveils “The D” all wheel drive version of Model S with dual motor. All wheel drive Model S has lane assist features, not driverless as some expected. New Tesla model goes from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. The stock lost 7%, closed at $236.91. IPO Buzz : Diplomat Pharmacy (DPLO) opens for trading today, priced 13.3M shares at $13, below expected range. The stock closed at $16.02, gained 23%. Dave & Buster’s Entertainment (PLAY) begins trading today, offering 5.9M shares at $16. The stock gained 8%, closed at $17.28. From Dinar Land : ISIL has occupied 40% of Kobani. Hundreds of civilians are still trapped inside the city and fears of slaughter by ISIL. Kurdish fighers are fighting fiercely but they are outgunned and undermanned. Turkey blames Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) for the unrest and a high rank Turkey official likened PKK to ISIL drawing more criticism and demonstrations. PKK is labeled as a terrorist organization by Turkey and also in the west including US. The Kurds have been asking for autonomy for the last 30 years. Turkish Pres. Erdogan is more interested in toppling Assad’s regime over saving Kurds in Kobani which drew criticism from US and other NATO countries. Retired Gen. John Allen who is chosen to lead the fight against ISIS was in Turkey on Thursday to discuss ways for Turkey to become more involved on the ground and try to convince Turkey to drop their demand of creating a safe buffer and a no fly zone. This will need UNSC resolution which Russia and China will veto. US jetfighters finally struck police headquarter which has been used by ISIL as their headquarter in Mosul. Activist says scores of ISIL casualties including ranked officers. Meanwhile, security forces in Babel province said they killed the most wanted ISIL leaders in the province in an operation in Jurf al-Sakhar. ISIL prevented clerics from conducting their Friday sermons in Fallujah under the threat of death or expelling them from Anbar. In most mosques across Iraq, Shiite and Sunni clerics urging their constituents to unite in the fight against ISIL. They also asked tribes and persons that originally backed ISIL to join the main streem in fighting the “murderers”. The Deputy of Minister of Agriculture says Iraq has ample supplies of food including vegetables and grains. Large international companies from the east and west have expressed their interest in investing in Iraq’s agricultural projects including livestock and chicken farms. A number of Iraqi agricultural engineers living abroad announced they will come back to their homeland to participate in the next phases of Iraq’s agricultural growth. Littlesam thinks it’s about time J A member of parliament who sits on finance committee said the committee is poised to conduct a series of sessions to discuss the next phases in Iraq’s economy, taking the consideration of present security situation and what is expected in short and long tersm. Finance committee will also discuss the relations between GOI and KRG and to resolve the outstanding sales of oil. Financial and monetary experts says Iraq’s oil production in the south is not affected by the security situation in the north. Iraq’s production and export projection are realistic and if they are off, it will be a very slight margin, which means Iraq will have enough resources to work on the five year plan. They also agree that ISIL will soon ebb and all Iraqis including Sunnis will find it’s in their best interest to stop cooperating with ISIL and work on being more included in governing Iraq. They also like the plan about privatizing Iraqi industries and businesses. From Rumor Land : Millionday says it seems Iraq is trying to get it all done by 15th of October so we will have to watch it all as it unfolds. Poppy3 is waiting for official words from CBI. Chattels says no report yet from CBI as they are still in holiday following the government holidays. Tim724 says there was agreement in parliament approving important laws which meets the aspirations of the people and ensuring the security minister named soon. Tman23 thinks the Kurds being sworn in before the travel to Switzerland, this increase the odds in favor of IQD speculators in a huge way. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  20. Nadita File – 10/09/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Bumper64 reported US led coalition pounded ISIS positions in Syrian border town of Kobani. Activists say despite airstrikes, ISIS now controls a third of Kobani. US, NATO officials in Turkey today for talks on more involvement in fight against ISIS. Militants staging assault on Syrian border town of Kobani. Ebola Outbreak : Thriver wonders if it’s enough effort for US to expand airport screening of travelers from West Africa. The screening will include laser thermometer check and CDC questionnaire on Saturday at New York’s JFK international airport. It will roll out next week at WA’s Dulles International Airport, NJ’s Newark Liberty International, Chicago’s O’Hare and Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. ReinMan reported Airplane cabin cleaners on strike at NY’s LaGuardia Airport. Striking over health and safety issues, including lack of protection against Ebola. House GOP agrees to give total $750M for Pentagon for Ebola plan. Top GOP armed services member Inhofe holding out, requires his approval too. Hospitals in Dallas have set up Ebola isolation wards and revamped procedures. Officials waiting to see if virus spreads following 1st case diagnosed on US soil. Boosterbglee heard Gen. John Kelly says if Ebola reaches west, it will rage for some period of time. If Ebola in Haiti and Central America expect mass migration to US. Head of US southern command says no way Ebola will be confined to West Africa only. Genx4me heard two doctors in Spain who treated nurse diagnosed with Ebola admitted to Madrid hospital for precautionary observation. Six patients now being monitored. Condition of Spanish nurse diagnosed with Ebola worsens. Government says she didn’t follow infection protocols, 4 others put into isolation as precaution. Captl1 is going to attend meeting with leaders of three Ebola stricken West African nations are meeting with heads of UN, IMF, WB. Discussing what help they need to fight outbreak. Other News : Officials in Yemen say death toll near 70 in two suicide bombings. 47 of those were killed in capital of Sanaa, 20 soldiers killed near southern city. RWSutton can’t believe what he heard, off duty officer shot 18 year old man who opened fire during chase in south St. Louis Wednesday. The man fired three rounds, the officer fired 17 shots. Lawmakers investigating the Secret Service consider moving agency out of Homeland Security. Secret Service was part of Treasury Dept. until 9/11. Chess can’t believe what he hears – bee attack! one landscaper is dead, another ctritically injured, after the men were stung by swarming bees in Arizona. Thousands of bees in the swarm. Umbertino reported police investigating burglary at the Yogi Berra Museum in NJ. Museum has priceless memorabilia, including World Series rings, MVP trophies. Lego says it will not renew a deal allowing Shell to hand out Lego sets at gas stations in some 30 countries. Follows viral campaign protesting Arctic drilling. Eburt reported IMF Chief Lagarde says economic growth is mediocre, but it is recovery. ECB has done a masterful job at trying to boost economy. IMF is mobilizing resources to fight Ebola. Costs to fight Ebola will impact growth. The bull slipped 335 points on slippery slope. Stocks wiped out all of Wednesday’s big gains. Energy, materials lag. Global growth worries, earnings, econ data in focus. Gold closed at $1,222, silver at $17.29, copper at $3.02. Crude oil falls below $86 for first time since April 2013, closed at $83.92. Saudi Arabia preferred lowering the price than reduce oil production. We are seeing gasoline price below $3 in several states. Calkid11 got a copy of the letter Carl Icahn sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple stock massively undervalued. Icahn asks Cook to accelerate share buybacks. He says Apple should be trading at $203 now. iPhone will take premium market share, allow for repurchases as much as $100B in stock. Icahn says making letter public more effective in getting desired response. Icahn reiterates he is not presuming to tell Apple what to do about strategy. Tim Cook agrees with Icahn that Apple stock is undervalued. Apple delays plans for larger screen tablet due to overwhelming demand for new iPhones. Apple also raised to outperform from perform with $115 price target at Oppenheimer. Okane heard Microsoft refutes report it’s cancelling Surface Pro 3 product line on weak sales. BMO starts coverage of Microsoft with a market perform rating and $48 price target. Barclays cuts price target on Apache (APA) to $113 from $130, overweight rating. Lakeland Ind (LAKE) soared today closing at $17.72, gained 52.5% . Alpha Pro Tech, maker of disposal protector suit also rallied today, gaining 27.7%, closed at $4.84. At least 13 financial firms targeted in cyber attacks that hit JPMorgan. Citigroup, ETrade, Regions, HSBC, ADP saw intrusion attempts. Fidelity Investments hit by hackers, but no data stolen. Pres. Obama received periodic briefings on cyber attacks this summer. Former Treasury Secy Tim Geithner back on the stand again on AIG bailout trial. Former Fed. Chair Ben Bernanke scheduled to testify later today. NY AG says Citigroup unit to return $16M in overcharged fees to consumers. to open first store in New York City on 34th Street, just in time for the holidays. Google asking Supreme Court to decide its copyright battle with Oracle over java. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel says ads are coming soon to messaging app. Will appear in Snapchat stories, won’t be targeted to user’s tastes. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckenberg says facebook has no near term plan to monetize WhatsApp. IPO Buzz : USD Partners (USDP) opens for trading, priced 9.1M shares at $17. Veritex Holdings (VBTX) begins trading priced 2.7M shares at $13. HubSpot (HUBS) opens for trading, priced 5M shares at $25. MOL Global (MOLG) opens for trading, priced 13.5M shares at $12.50, low end of range. OM Asset Management opens for trading, priced 22M shares at $14. Dave & Buster’s (PLAY) to begin trading Friday. Will offer 5.88M shares at $16-$18. From Dinar Land : Vietnam1969 reported Salaheddin security forces say that armed forces assisted by volunteers are on the verge to launch a major attack to liberate Tikrit. A security force remained anonymous said ISIL has recently acquired sophisticated anti aircraft missile systems including Strella missiles. These weapons were observed in Anbar and Salaheddin provinces. Two Iraqi helicopters were downed this week. These air defense systems are feared to be the reason which gives US more targets especially after it used its apache attack helicopters recently. Rayzur reported live from the border, Kobani is gradually being gobbled up by ISIL at least one third of the city, despite airstrikes by US led coalition. If the city falls in the hands of ISIL, expect massacre. Kobani is just a few miles away from Turkish borders and can be clearly seen from the Turkish side where tens of tanks have gathered and just sitting there doing nothing. The Kurds said they are being let down by the world and especially Turkey. Analysts say Turkey has its reasons : 1) Turkish government considers Kurds as their enemies, 2) Turkey wants to topple Assad regime. Even though they are fighting the same enemy – ISIL. Turkey is not willing to help his enemy’s enemy. Many countries including US are also getting frustrated of Turkey’s inaction and their desire to create a buffer and no fly zone in Syria’s border which will need Syrian government’s approval. The head of KRG, Barzani asked Stephen Legg to provide more military aid for Kurdish peshmerga forces and heavy weapons including helicopters to counter ISIL. Uneek is happy to hear Kurdistan oil tanker finally unloaded its oil after sitting for 3 months off the coast of Morrocco. Basra ports authority announced the arrival of six container and general cargo ships to southern ports. HCL done…? A-J516 heard members of parliament said committees are poised to hold very important meetings starting next week to pass important laws. The security situation has delayed crucial meetings and passing of laws since June but now it’s time for Iraq to shine. Iraq’s wealth in manpower and natural resources must be put to good use again. From Rumor Land : Millionday thinks we may have a government on October 14th. Frank26 says Iraq to discuss how to present the budget and full GOI to us. Exogen says it’s envitable. Tman23 thinks first reading of budget is on October 14th. Blaino still hears it could develop in the next week. Poppy3 was told the progress report will be announced tomorrow at the mosques. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  21. Nadita File – 10/02/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Thriver reported top Kurdish fighter says ISIS closing in on critical town of Kobani near Syria – Turkish border. Comes despite renewed US led airstrikes in region overnight. Turkey’s parliament approves motion for Turkish and foreign military operations in Iraq and Syria. Other News : A-J516 heard US patient with Ebola identified as Thomas Eric Duncan. He helped move a woman infected with Ebola who died hours later. He traveled from Liberia to Brussels, then to Washington and Dallas on United Airlines. Texas health officials monitoring people Duncan may have come in contact with, includes ambulance crew, his five children. Four members of Ebola patient’s children ordered to stay home for 21 days. Texas health officials say 80 people were in contact with Ebola patient and all being monitored. Some parents removing their children from Dallas schools temporarily. Officials say none of 5 students who had contact with patient have shown symptoms. Captl1 is glad to hear United Airlines reaching out to all passengers who may have been on plane with US Ebola patient. Doesn’t believe there’s any risk. Providing CDC contact info. Liberia officials say they will prosecute man who brought Ebola to US. Claim he lied on airport health form when asked about contact with infected individuals. Boosterbglee heard Exxon CEO says employees barred from travel to countries directly affected by Ebola. Exxon says Ebola outbreak has disrupted west Africa operation. Pres. Obama in Chicago today to tout the administration’s economic policies. Speech at Northwestern University comes just weeks before midterm elections. Uneek read health officials say four children infected with enterovirus across the country have died. Unsure of what role the virus played in their deaths. Yendor is hoping Tian Na Men Square will not repeat. Hong Kong police warning of serious consequences if pro-democracy protesters try to occupy or surround government buildings. Protesters want Hong Kong leader to resign. Protesters pushing for electoral reforms China’s leaders are refusing to allow. This is the biggest challenge to Beijing’s authority since China atook control in 1997. China’s rulling communist party condemned the protests today, endorsed city’s beleaguered leader. Warned of chaos if the protests continue. Two million muslims streaming into a sprawling tent city near Mecca. The annual Islamic (haj) pilgrimage is getting underway. Real housewives of New Jersey couple face sentencing today for fraud. Teresa and Joe Guidice admit hiding assets from bankruptcy creditors. Lawyers for female celebs whose nude pictures were hacked threaten to sue Google for $100M. ReinMan is excited to hear Adam Sandler to produce and star in 4 new movies that will appear exclusively on Netflix. Sandler’s movies are consistently among most viewed on Netflix in US and worldwide. AP poll : 9 of 10 likely voters say economy is an important issue in November elections. 19% say economy is nation’s biggest problem, 12% name terrorism. The bull slipped 3 points at trading today. Stocks pare losses after Wednesday sell off. Mixed US econ data, ECB, Ebola in focus. Gold closed $1,213, silver closed at $17.11, copper at $2.99. Crude oil closed at $91.62 Twitter (TWTR) is upgraded at JPM with target price $64. JPMorgan cut to neutral from buy at UBS. Kinder Morgan raised to outperform from market perform at Wells Fargo. Microsoft initiated with an outperform rating and $55 price target at FBN Securities. Pandora upgraded to buy from hold at Topeka Capital cites favorable risk reward. Ariad Pharma (ARIA says its experiment lung cancer drug got breakthrough therapy from FDA. The stock gained 10% closing at $5.85. UBS big bank call : buy Bank of America, price target $24, hold JPMorgan. Under Armour (UA) to build distribution center in Tennessee, invest $100M and create 1,500 jobs. Portola Pharma (PTLA) to launch stock offering, seeks to raise $160M. Chess was exercising his heart when GoPro (GPRO) breaking its lock-up restriction. CEO Nick Woodman decided to donate 5.8M shares to charity and released from lockup. The stock traded as low as $79.13 and closed at $85. None of GoPro founder’s shares sold today. IPO Buzz : JP Energy Partners (JPEP) begins trading today. Prices 13.8M shares at $20 to raise $275M. The stock closed at $19. WWR Corp begins trading today, prices 25.5M shares at #21, to raise $600M. Wayfair (W) also begins trading today, prices 11M shares at $29 to raise $319M. Calithera bio (CALA) begins trading, priced 8M shares at $10, below expected range of $13-$15. Gymrat76541 learns from Warren Buffet. Buffet’s Berkshire buying Van Tuyl Group, nation’s largest privately held car dealership chain. He says he expects to buy lots of dealerships over time. He says he would not change Pimco investment because of departure of Bill Gross. His pension funds are 100% invested in stocks. He admitted that he bought some stocks yesterday. Buffet says when stocks go down, he gets more aggressive. Asked about BOA, he says CEO Moynihan has done an incredible job. IBM CEO Rometty is making the right moves, IBM is a well run firm. ECB Pres. Draghi says ECB ready to use unconventional instruments to fight low inflation. Asset purchases should ease monetary policy. Outlook for moderate recovery remains in place. Risks to economic outlook remain on the downside. EU has pervasive unemployment, weak economic activity, some nations in recession. Littlesam watching Fox News when she hears IMF Lagarde says global economy weaker than envisioned 6 months ago. Only modest pickup seen in 2015 for global growth. IMF to cut outlook for potential growth. Genx4me wonders what’s next coming from Pimco. Pimco says record $23.5B pulled from total return fund in September. Pimco adds outflows this week have been considerably smaller. Company expects to keep most of its investors. Michael Diekmann, CEO of Allianz, Pimco’s parent company stepping down. Oliver Beate to become new CEO on May 2015. From Dinar Land : Rodandstaff reported coalition airstrikes backed Iraqi and peshmerga forces are claiming victories in various hot areas throughout northern Iraq. A local source said Baghdadi fled Syria airstrikes and is in Mosul distributing large amounts of money to warlords of ISIL to keep them fighting and staying in Mosul. He travels in private cars and taxis to elude detection by coalition. He sleeps in different locations and uses ordinary cars when traveling. Security forces discovered boxes of arms and ammunitions hidden in containers buried in Jurf al-Sakhar in Babel province. UN announced today ISIL has committed horrible act amounting to war crimes including executing civilians and unarmed prisoners, enslaving girls and women for sale, and recruiting and training children as young as ten years old. KRG President told House Speaker Jabouri during his visit to Erbil that Kurdish ministers in the new Iraqi government will begin their duties right after Eid al-Adha holiday that starts on October 4th for four days also ending the haj season. While ISIL is advancing on Kobani, Turkish military is standing by with tens of tanks on hills overlooking the scene of the battle. Turkish Pres. Erdogan has asked parliament to extend government’s power to conduct armed action against ISIL but observers say Erdogan’s main goal is to topple Assad’s regime. Turkish kurd leader said from his jail that peace talks will end if Kobani falls into the hands of ISIL. Kurdish PKK fighters are helping the Syrian Kurds fight ISIS but everyone knows that will not be enough to stop terrorists from beheading civilians including women. First Deputy Speaker of the House Himam Hammoudi urges cabinet to vote on the budget and its amendments. He said if the cabinet endorsed the budget today, the parliament will vote on it as soon as they convene after the holiday. He added parliamentary budget committee added its own recommendations before it was sent to the cabinet. He also said due to the present circumstances and oil prices it is imperative that the budget is adopted without delay. Calkid11 hopes this is it J Economist Bassem Jamil said the banking system is due for an overhaul where private banks take a leading role in attracting investors and loaning money to industries and other services. From Rumor Land : Blaino says Zim is appearing on Bloomberg and his source can’t say if it’s smoke. Millionday says it’s not guaranteed but it looks very close. Poppy3 is proud Iraq is pushing this through and Abadi is sticking to his guns. Frank26 says in the still of the night, it will give way and happen so fast that your world and thoughts will freeze for a few neno seconds trying to comprehend the reality of it all. Tman23 says the window remains open 10/7-10/9 to see a monetary shift. Okie oilman reminds us about last night when he posted that we would hear tonight what we have been waiting for. Breitling says watch CBI. Steve1 says Kurds and everyone have signed and there will be no readings but vote. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J I am taking Friday off, see you next week. Have a blessed week with your family and enjoy the beautiful Autumn J
  22. Nadita File – 10/08/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Chess reported US and UAE warplanes have been bombing ISIS positions near the town of Kobani. 21 die in Turkish riot as nation’s Kurds protest government inaction in Kobani. Human right groups say ISIS assault on Syrian town of Kobani, near Turkish border, amounts to ethnic cleansing. Thousands fled fearing beheadings, kidnappings. The Netherlands has joined the US led coalition alongside other countries : Britain, France, Belgium, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain. The Netherlands has deployed eight F-16 fighters to support US led coalition to fight ISIS. Ebola Outbreak : A-J516 feels bad to hear Thomas Eric Duncan, the 1st person diagnosed with Ebola on US Soil, has died at 7:51am in Dallas hospital today. Liberian man has been on ventilator and kidney dialysis. Officials monitoring 10 people, including 7 health workers who had direct contact with Duncan during contagion. 21 day incubation period also applies to 38 others. New US travel guidelines for passengers arriving in US from Ebola stricken countries will need to answer questions, have temperature taken. New guidelines apply to passengers from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea. Screening rules will first be applied at 5 largest airports. Strike by burial teams in Sierra Leone resolved. They were leaving bodies of Ebola victims in the streets in a dispute over unpaid wages. World Bank says economic impact of Ebola outbreak could be $32.6B by next year if desease continues to spread. If contained to 3 African countries, $9B impact. WHO says death toll rises to 3,879 of 8,033 cases as of October 5th. There is no evidence the Ebola outbreak is being brought under control in West Africa. Other News : Palestinian demonstrators clashing with Israeli police on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. Site is holy to both Judaism and Islam. ReinMan heard Iran and major powers to hold nuclear talks before the end of next week. Iranian dissidents say nuclear arms research continues in a hiding place. Genx4me says a prayer for Japan as super typhoon VongFong will hit Japan on Saturday morning. Officials say air tanker pilot may have been trying to lay down fire retardant when plane crashed in California wildfire. Plane hit steep canyon wall in Yosemite. Calkid11 heard congressional budget office says budget deficit falls to $486B. Lowest amount of Pres. Obama’s tenure in office. Iamtheeggman heard Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to be in Texas courtroom today. Expected to plead not guilty to felony child abuse charges. Fans back NFL Commissioner Goodell, but they disapproved of his handling of domestic violence cases. 66% say he should keep his job. Gymrat76541 reported US life expectancy for child born in 2012 is 78 years, 9 ½ months. That’s about six weeks longer than life expectancy in 2010 & 2011. The bull climbed 275 points at trading today. Gold closed at $1,225, silver at $17.47, copper at $3.03. Crude oil closed at $87.47. European markets sink on growth and Ebola concerns. Tekmira Pharma (TKMR) shares rising. Tekmira’s experimental Ebola drug used on other patients. The stock gained 4.93%, closed at $23.86 today. Lakeland Ind. Inc (LAKE) shares also rising, gaining 15.85%, closing at $11.62. Lake makes the hazmat suit. Lakeland said US State Dept put in a bid for hazmat suit. Thomas Eric Duncan was also getting an experimental Ebola drug made by Chimerix (CMRX). The stock was down a bit, closing at $32.91. Boosterbglee wonders why Yahoo cutting 400 jobs in India, 3% of global workforce. Facebook working on stand alone, mobile app, lets users ineract without using their real names. Jimmy Choo’s IPO has attracted enough investors to take all the amount on offer. Luxury shoe retailer seeks to raise up to $281M in London listing. Syngenta (SYT) confirms it applied to cultivate GMO corn in China. Thriver smiled to hear AT&T to pay $105M settle claims it charged for unauthorized 3rd party services, kept 35% of fees. GoPro (GPRO) was downgraded to neutral from buy at Piper Jaffray. The stock still holding at $89.89. Applied Materials (AMAT) upgraded to outperform from underperform at CLSA. Grughub (GRUB) initiated at market outperform rating and $48 price target at JMP Securities. Rush Enterprises (RUSHA) is upgraded. Former Treasury Secy Tim Geithner on the stand again today on AIG bailout trial. Testified AIG’s failure could have had catastrophic consequences. Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg claims bailout terms cheated shareholders out of $40B. Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke expected to testify tomorrow. Supreme Court to hear arguments today in lawsuit by Amazon worker. Claims workers should be paid for time spent passing through security. World’s biggest banks agree to change rules governing derivatives market amongst them are : Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley. From Dinar Land : US led airstrike near Kobani in Syria for the last 24 hours were helpful in slowing down ISIS but they are still advancing to capture Kobani. Americans say the city has no real strategic value but will create humanitarian crisis if it falls in the hands of ISIS. Some military analysts critized Turkey for its inaction to defend the Kurds. Turkey could have helped with ground operation with their tanks but Turkey’s president Erdogan is more interested in toppling Assad’s regime. ISIS kidnapped 30 families in Diyala province to be used as human shields. Civilians who managed to escape ISIL’s grip told a horrific torture and amputations conducted on members of tribes fighting them. Security forces said they will continue their advance while avoiding civilian casualties. A group of young men and women celebrated the end of Eid al-Adha by launching lit balloons to light the skies and the area as if it were a symbol that light will overcome the darkness. US airstrikes have targeted ISIL positions and their mobile oil refineries. While Syrian government welcomes the airstrikes against ISIL but it makes it clear any ground troops without the government permission will be considered an act of aggression. The parliamentary finance committee said the wage increase will become effective immediately after the adoption of the budget. The increase will be retroactive to January 1, 2014 according to MP Nora al-Bijari. She added ministries of education which include higher education and scientific research, agriculture, construction and housing projects and other government related agencies are among others who are overdue for salary increase. Iran Khodro Industries is expected to increase its car production to 50 per day in two facilities in Iraq. The increase is expected to climb to 100 per day. The company produces 5 models in Iraq. The car is reliable with little maintenance. Two models are licensed by the French car maker Peugeot, Renault and Mercedez are planning to enter the market. KRG said it welcomes PM Abadi efforts to discuss and ultimately resolve all outstanding issues between KRG and GOI including direct oil exporation from the region. Both parties have a vested interest to come closer to effectively coordinate the fight against ISIL. Billions of dollars are at stake in the upcoming talks. A high level official at CBI who prefers to be anonymous said the banks will soon declare its backing to increase private banks role in the next phases. Private banks can form partnership and alliances easier and faster than government owned banks. Life is back to normal for Iraqis are ready to go back to work and school after the holidays. Hoping for better and more peaceful days going forward. From Rumor Land : Millionday says the budget was held up due to the lack of money that should be there or paid by the oil that was produced. BGG says Iraq needs help and one of them is currency reform. TerryK says he is hearing this maybe our week. Poppy3 thinks 15th is looking especially good if things progress as predicted to happen. Stryker says Kurds will take their oath into Abadi new government next Tuesday and the budget will then get passed. Tim724 says the Kurds are clearing the way for budget and their participation in the new GOI. OOTW says he doesn’t want to burst the bubble but the rate from Ministry of Finance’s site shows 1160 dinar per 1 USD. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
  23. Nadita File – 10/01/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Fighting ISIS : Thriver reported activists say ISIS militants beheaded nince Kurdish fighters, including three women. They were captured in clashes near the Syria – Turkey border. US military conducts 3 airstrikes Tuesday and Wednesday against ISIS targets in Syria. Airstrikes in NW Syria destroyed an ISIS vehicle, artillery piece and tank. Separately US and UK jets carried out five airstrikes Tuesday and Wednesday against ISIS in Iraq. Three airstrikes NW of Mosul targeted two armed vehicles, an occupied building, and two fighting positions. Two other airstrikes destroyed several ISIS vehicles near the Haditha Dam and NW of Baghdad Obama admin approves $1.75B arms sale to Saudi Arabia Wednesday. Transfer includes 202 patriot missiles and associated items intended to boost Saudi Arabia air defenses. Government officials say the deal improves the security of a partner which has been and continues to be an important force for political stability and economic. Other News : Chess heard officials say a man with Ebola virus is in critical condition at Texas hospital. He is first case of Ebola diagnosed in the US. Texas health officials say there are no other suspected Ebola case at this time. Authorities tracking down anyone he may have had close contact with. Officials say no risk to anyone who was on plane with him. He had no symptoms then. Man accused of beheading a woman at a Oklahoma food distribution plant ordered held without bond. 30 year old Alton Nolen, who is charged with first degree murder in the death of 54 year old Colleen Hufford has requested his court appointed attorney be a muslim. FBI is investigating the incident, which followed a series of videotaped beheadings by ISIS terrorist. Prosecutors say Nolen carried out the attack as revenge for a complaint that got him fired. DA is seeking death penalty. Protesters yell at Hong Kong ‘s leader during flag raising ceremony today. Leung Chun Ying says it’s better to agree with Beijing’s voting rules. Student leaders of pro-democracy protests say they will occupy government buildings if Hong Kong’s leader doesn’t resign. This is day 6 of the protests. Hong Kong stocks remain under pressure in reaction to escalating pro-democracy protests. Israel PM Netanyahu meets with Pres. Obama at the White House today. US led nuclear talks with Iran and Israel’s war with hamas expected to be discussed. Man accused of entering White House with knife to make first court appearance today. Omar Gonzalez faces federal and local charges. Secret Service Director, Julia Pierson resigned today. Resignation comes a day after Pierson acknowledged before the house oversight committee that the secret service failed in its missioi to secure the White House. WH spox Josh Earnest said Pres Obama concluded new leadership of the secret service was required after security breaches. In addition to the Sept. 19 storming of the WH by a man armed with a knife. It also came to light Pres. Obama rode in an elevator last month with an armed security contractor not authorized to be around him DHS Chief Jet Johnson has named Joseph Clancy, retired head of the agency’s pres protective div, as the interim director of the secret service. Police says a dozen more bodies have been found at the summit of a Japanese volcano. The death toll has now risen to 48. FCC to consider petitions to ban Washington Redskins name from public airwaves. Law professor says name violates FCC rules on indecent proposal. Calkid11 wonders what proposal that was??? McAfee says Jimmy Kimmel is the most dangerous celebrity to search for online. 19% chance f landing on website with spyware, viruses or malware. A-J516 is surprised to hear Simon Wiesenthal Center has identified dozens of former members of Nazi mobile death squads who might still be alive. Pushing German government for probe. The bull can’t keep its position and slides another 238 points on the slippery slope. US and Europe econ data, Ebola, and Hong Kong in focus. Gold closed at $1,218, silver at $17.27, copper at $3.04. Crude oil also keeps falling, closing at $90.80. Viciousdoggie reported seeing gasoline under $3 in 26 states, so enjoy while it lasts. Oil is also predicted to be $120-$140/barrel due to production at risk such as in Russia – sanctions, Iraq – ISIS, Lybia – civil unrest, Nigeria – Ebola. Vivint Solar (VSLR) opens for trading today, priced 20.6M shares at $16/share, raising $330M. The stock closed at $16.01 today. Genx4me wonders what Yahoo gonna do with $9.4B in proceeds from Alibaba IPO. Red Hat to offer $700M in convertible notes due in 2019. Capt1 is happy to hear Disney and Amazon may be close to settling 2 month DVD dispute. He can order his favorite Disney movies J Amazon has stopped offering Disney DVDs for pre-order after clash over pricing, promotion. Angie’s List hires bankers to explore alternatives, including possible sale. The stock gained 19% closing at $7.59 today. New York Kevin reported PepsiCo launches first new drink since Next. Pepsi True sweetened with stevia and real sugar, only available on Biotech firms working on Ebola treatment get boost on news of first US case being diagnosed, they are : Tekmira Pharma (TKMR) gained 18% closed at $24.99, Newlink Genetics (NLNK) gained 1.53% closed at $22.95, Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) gained 3.7% closed at $21.88. Airline stocks in focus on news of first Ebola case diagnosed in the US : Delta Airlines (DAL), United Airlines (UAL), Southwest Air (LUV). GM CEO Mary Barra lays out new financial plan. GM can achieve a 10% operating margin in worldwide operations by early next decade. She says China JVs planning to invest $14B from 2014-2018 to open new assembly plants. GM to return to profit in Europe in 2016. Keryx Pharma (KERX) treatment for kidney disease patients gets new US patent, the stock gained 4.65% closed at $14.39 today. Orbitz raised to outperform from perform at Oppenheimer. Tyson raised to neutral from underperform at Credit Suisse. Ebay cut to neutral from overweight at JPMorgan, to hold from buy at Jefferies. Boosterbglee is hearing layoff.. layoff! General Mills to lay off an additional 700-800 US workers by end of FY 2015. General Mills expects job cuts to result in annual savings of $125-$150M. American Science & Engineering cutting 10% of its workforce. Synacor (SYNC) to cut 20% of its workforce. Pension consultant Mercer cuts ratings on 5 Pimco funds that were run by Bill Gross. Texas Muni Retirement System puts Pimco on watch list. Jefferies upgrades Janus Capital (JNS) to buy from hold on Bill Gross addition. Judge says JPMorgan must face class action suit over $10B in mortgage backed securities. Investors claim JPMorgan misled them about the safety of MBS sold before the financial crisis. Judge dismisses claims seeking to stop Fannie, Freddie from paying dividends to US Treasury. From Dinar Land : Tankdude reported the airstrikes by US led coalition have intensified in the last 24 hours in Iraq and Syria. US conducted eleven airstrikes alone in Syria as well as in Iraq targeting ISIL’s compounds, checkpoints, and vehicles. ISIS still poses great danger for Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani by Turkish border. Most civilians have already fled the town and there are reports the terrorists have beheaded captured Kurdish fighters. Snowglobe7 gives a big sigh.. finally… for the first time British war planes targeted ISIL position in Kirkuk to help peshmerga fighters. A security source in Kirkuk said US airstrikes killed 18 ISIL terrorists and destroyed 4 vehicles. Peshmerga forces reported they liberated two villages south of city. Parliament security committee reported the coalition between Kurdish peshmerga forces, Iraqi anti terrorist units and tribal leaders sent 100 ISIL terrorists to their virgins among them was a high ranking commander. Australia announced it will join the coalition efforts and send war and cargo planes. Iraqi FM Ibrahim al-Jaafari said Iraq does not need boots on the grounds, what it needs is weaponry and aistrikes support. He added he met with officials from number of countries during his visit to New York, Paris and Jeddah. Jaafari said all countries are behind Iraq’s efforts to combat ISIL. Speaker of the House Salim al-Jabouri met with members of KRG in an effort to resolve the outstanding issues between GOI and KRG. Najaf International Airport reported it received its millionth passenger during the last six months. The numbers are expected to increase as Iraqi Airways will receive its fifth batch of airplanes from Boeing. US oil producer company Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP) announced that all its staff returned to normal work in Iraqi Kurdistan. GKP has evacuated its foreign contractors as a precaution but they are all back now. GKP is planning to increase its production to 40,000 bpd by year’s end. Maysan province said it’s planning to build 3000 new housing with priority to families of fallen armed and police forces, wounded security forces and increase soft loan to 50 million dinar. This project will open employments for Iraqi men and women. OPEC said its member countries increased its oil supplies to the highest levels since 2012. Despite of security situation, Iraq ‘s oil production has increased. Member of parliament in finance and monetary committees said they will start holding meetings right after Eid al-Adha holiday and will address lots of financial and monetary policy issues. As more countries joining the airstrikes campaign and more Sunni tribes joining to fight against ISIL, the public is becoming more optimistic about the direction the war against terrorism is taking. From Rumor Land : Tman23 says it’s confirmed everybody is getting paid this week in Iraq. There is to be a planned announcement on Wednesday evening. Pepperoni on pizza says any change in dinar value will come as a result in Iraq’s economic progress. Frank26 says 2014 budget can only be dealt in IQD. Lojak says they have struck a deal… an emergency session is in the very near future because the fact is Iraq is broke and needs to move forward with monetary reform. Tim724 says erasing the mistakes of Maliki is a huge job. Okie the oil man says we should be hearing the news tomorrow. Millionday reported that the Kurds have joined the government and they have a true unified government now. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J Have a blessed week with your family J
  24. Nadita File – 09/29/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J Ukraine Crisis : Thriver thought he was done reporting on Ukraine till he heard worst violence in Eastern Ukraine more than a week. At least 12 killed, dozens wounded, in fighting between pro Russian rebels and government troops. Fighting ISIS : Calkid11reported US led coalition carried out airstrikes targeting ISIS in northern and eastern Syria. Took place in four provinces, hit large gas plant. Pres. Obama admits the US led campaign against ISIS is helping Syria’s Assad. He tells “60 Minutes” ISIS and Khorosan are an immediate threat. House speaker John Boehner says US may have no choice but to send ground troops to fight ISIS. Says it will take more than airstrikes. Other News : Chess is covering live from Hong Kong as pro democracy protesters expanding their rallies throughout Hong Kong. Riot police failed to disperse them from financial district. Demonstrators wearing masks and umbrellas to protect against pepper spray and tear gas. Protesting Beijing’s move to limit democratic reforms. Dozens of Belgians on trial today for leading or recruiting fighters for jihadi groups in Syria. Few will be at trial, most fighting or killed in Syria. Ashraf Ghani sworn in as Afghanistan’s new president. He replaces Hamid Karzai, in country’s first democratic transfer of power since 2001. India’s new PM Narendra Modi visiting White House. He will have dinner with Pres. Obama, aiming to improve soured relations between nations. Littlesam cried to hear more bodies found near the summit of an erupting Japanese volcano. Total death toll now 36. Toxic gas and ashes keeping rescue workers away. Nannab heard US doctor exposed to Ebola virus in Sierra Leone admitted to NIH hospital. Doctor placed in a special isolation unit. Search continues for missing UVA student Hannah Graham, last seen on September 13th. Matthew, 32 held without bail on abduction charge. Uneek shook her head to hear American Academy of Pediatrics recommending IUDs or hormonal implants for teen girls who have sex. Groups says condom should also be used. What are we doing with younger generations..? this is unheard of when I was growing up. I can just foresee all the diseases. I say parents should teach their children to respect their bodies. Boosterbglee is not surprised to read FAA is replacing the entire central computer network at Chicago area control center. Act of sabotage brought city’s two international airports to a halt on Friday. FAA sets target date of October 13 to restore full service at the air control site. 2,000 flights cancelled on Friday, improvement expected today. The bull slipped another 42 points at trading today. Gold closed at $1,218, silver at $17.52, copper at 3.06. Crude oil at $94.46. Tibco Software (TIBX) being acquired by Vista Equity for $24 in cash, about $4.3B. New breast cancer drug from Roche Holdings (RHHBY) showed unprecedented benefits in extending lives in clinical trial. The stock closed at $36.90. Captl1 is following Alibaba options to begin trading on CBOE exchanges today. The stock still doesn’t move much since its debut last week, closed $88.75. Alibaba buys 15% stake in Chinese hotel tech company Beijing Shiji for $457M. Genx4me gives a sigh of relief to hear consumer reports test results find iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not as bendy as believed. It can hold weight up to 70 lbs. EU to accuse Apple over illegal Irish tax deals, could result in major fines. EU spokesman says Apple, Fiat tax probe decisions Tuesday. Which way will GoPro (GPRO) go? The stock has gained 172% since IPO on June 26th. The stock touched $91.77 at trading today and closed at $90.94. GoPro’s newest cameras will be available on the market on October 5th : GoPro Hero at $129, GoPro Hero4 Silver at $399, GoPro Hero4 Black at $499. Could GoPro hit $100 this week? Wiljor hopes so J Google is on the run as RBC says Google is on its way to $730. Yahoo is upgraded to buy from hold with $48 price target at Needham. PIMCO suffered roughly $10B in outflows since Gross’s departure. Pimco Management spoke with clients about new leadership. Allianz CEO Diekman says he has full confidence in Pimco’s management team. Pimco CEO says vast majority of clients staying with Pimco. Doubleline Capital CEO Gundlach says firm saw $400M-$500M of net inflows on Friday. He believes Mohammed El-Erian’s return is an option. New US tax rules may force Medtronic to renegotiate Covidien terms. Goldman Sachs is changing policy, bars investment bankers from trading individual stocks and bonds. Macy’s (M) to hire 86,000 seasonal associates at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s units. says ATM checking account overdraft fees surge. Average fee for using an out of network ATM climbed 5% in past year to $4.35, overdraft fee $32.74. Combined wealth of Forbes 2014 ranking of richest people in America is $2.29T, up from $2.02T in 2013. The average net worth on list is $5.7B. Bill Gates retains top spot on list at $81B, 2nd is Warren Buffet : $67, 3rd is Larry Ellison : $50B. IPO Buzz : Yodlee – financial services, Hubspot – inbound marketing. Dave & Buster Entertainment (PLAY) is offering 5.88M shares at $16-$18/share. Pricing Thursday, October 9th From Dinar Land : A-J516 reported terrorist group al-Nusra called on jihadists around the world to strike against the alliance combating ISIL even though the two terrorist groups are not linked. This creates a dilemma for US and its allies because Bashar al-Assad government that the alliance wants to topple or change are fighting the same enemy. That fact is also angering countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia whose priority is to fight Assad’s regime over defeating the Islamists. Russia and Iran are committed to back up Assad regime, even China will surely block any action by UNSC to forcibly topple Assad’s regime. Another terrorist group which is the offshoot of al-Nusra is Khorasan which believed to be more dangerous than ISIL. There are radical voices in al-Nusra to join ISIL which will make it a larger terrorist organization for US and its allies to worry about, which also applies to Iraq and Syria. Some analysts say Turkey and Qatar are still helping in the funding and arming of some terrorist factions. US led coalition warplanes conducted waves of airstrikes in Syria and Iraq most notably a strike against positions of ISIL which is trying for weeks to overtake Kurdish town on the Turkish border. Even though, PKK has faught fiercely but they are being outnumbered and outgunned. PKK leaders requested more airstrikes to eventually stop ISIL advances. Turkish president Erdogan who is known being Islamist is more interested in toppling Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime than crushing rebels such as al-Nusra that Turkey stands accused of facilitating the passage of arms and fighters to. Turkey who labels the Kurdish PKK as a terrorist organization is reluctant to battle the Sunnis extremists in trying to save Kurds in northern Syria. Turkey is more likely expected to suggest creating a safe area in northern Syria including no fly zone which will be unacceptable by Syria and its backers. Turkey is a member of NATO and has a large US air force base but it is restricting its use to humanitarian aid. The temporary parliament committee designated to revise 2014 budget said the revised budget is to be sent to parliament tomorrow. The committee will revise the amended version then parliament will likely to vote on adopting it within two weeks of Eid al-Adha holiday that starts on October 4th. Some MPs predict 2014 and 2015 budgets will be merged. The budget has been hashed and revised many times in one year and prior to ISIL in June. MP who remains anonymous said although Iraq is literally in war with ISIL and their supporters, the elected representatives have obligations to keep the country running and pay attention to the next phase of Iraq’s infrastructure. Members of parliament called on private sector and government ministries to form an emergency team to create jobs such in public works, construction and housing, planning and industry and agriculture for the increasing number of unemployed Iraqis. Some MPs blamed the house for not passing 2014 budget that slowed down economy and temporarily froze some projects. Ministry of Agriculture said it made preparations for 2014-2015 winter season as one of the most successful in recent history. More than 4 million acres have been readied for planting crops and vegetables, irrigation canals, green houses and soil preparation are in various stages of completion. Ministry of Electricity is leaning towards connecting Iraqi grid with its Kuwaiti counterpart as a first step towards connecting it to other gulf countries as means to provide uninterrupted power supply to entire country especially in times of emergency. Iraqis are encouraged by the news that more Sunni tribes in Anbar and Nineveh are joining the fight against ISIL. From Rumor Land : Tim724 says it’s all coming together, not as quickly as we wanted but still it’s tremendous progress for sure. Millionday says there is no hold up at all with HCL. Poppy3 says his source said they still expect to finish GOI and budget by tomorrow. Lojak says they can’t pay Kurds, peshmerga, Iraqi army without a new monetary reform, Shabibi and Abadi have the button at this point.. just be patient. Tman23 says PUK website and Minister of Finance are informing the public that the salaries are going to be paid before Eid. Stryker says this sure looks like the week everything comes together. Mt. Goat hears the voting for confirmation of the ministers is once again on the agenda for early this week in parliament. TerryK says he is hearing we stand a great chance at this tomorrow night. The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J Have a blessed week with your family J
  25. Nadita File – 09/25/2014 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J There are a lot to report today, let’s start with : Fighting ISIS : Chess reported Pentagon says ISIS controlled refineries, vehicles hit on 3rd night of airstrikes in Syria. US, UAE, and Saudi Arabia involved in latest attacks on ISIS in eastern Syria. Saudi Arabia Prince Khaled bin Salman is one of F15 fighter jet pilots, I bet he flied rock n roll music while flying the jet like Top Gun J He is joined by Mariam al Mansouri, one of UAE F16 pilot. Syrian opposition says US led airstrikes also killed civilians in area under control by ISIS militants. Pentagon says no credible evidence civilians are killed. Kurdish forces in northern Syria pushed back ISIS advance on key Turkish border town, appeal for air strikes. 140,000 Kurds have fled Syria for Turkey. Thriver gives thumb up as France considers extending air strikes to Syria, already conducting strikes in Iraq. UK’s PM Cameron plans to ask Parliament to approve US airstrikes on Friday. Turkey remains coy in coalition against militants. Turkey threatened as ISIS controls areas near borders with Iraq and Syria. Iranian Pres. Rouhani says extremists want to provoke hatred of Muslims and destroy civilization. Blames Western led wars and policies for fueling militants. He also suggested cooperation against ISIS if West eases sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program. Secy of State Kerry says EU’s Ashton to meet Iran’s FM tonight. Other News : Littlesam heard Pres. Obama at UN meeting on Ebola, says world isn’t doing enough to combat Ebola. He adds it’s a “growing threat” to regional and global security. WHO says 6,242 cases, 2,900 deaths in West Africa. Sierra Leone condons off areas with 1/3 of population, quarantines other areas to stop Ebola spread. Palestinian official confirms Hamas and Fatah agree to unity government in Gaza. Unity government will take immediate control as security talks ongoing. Jordanian military court acquits radical muslim preacher Abu Qatada. He was charged for role in plotting attacks against Americans and Israelis. Pakistan says US drones launched attacks near the Afghan border. They say at least 10 suspected militants killed in NW tribal region. Japan stepped up sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine. Includes banning some Russian banks from issuing securities in Japan. Gymrat76541 smiled to hear an Indian satellite is now orbiting Mars, a first for the country. The orbiter will circle Mars for at least 6 months. UK authorities charged Londoner with conspiring to murder coalition troops in Iraq in 2007. Anis Abid Sardar charged after IEDs recovered in Anbar province. Police in Australia say terror suspect was shot dead after stabbing two counter-terrorism police officers. Experts saying the attack was inspired by ISIS. Uneek heard Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. in custody after arrest in Galvaston, TX. Charged with abducting 18 year old UVA student Hannah Graham, last seen September 13th. Matthew is expected to be extradited to Virginia within a day or two. Police says they absolutely are continuing search for Hannah. SC state trooper charged with felony shooting of unarmed man during seatbelt violation stop. Officials say video shows Sean Groubert shot man as he reached into car. Rodandstaff reported consumer debt decreasing in every major lending category except one : student loans. Student loans up 84% since 2008, now at $1.2T, an all time high. Genx4me doesn’t know what to think about Obamacare. HHS reported hospitals likely to save $5.7B this year in uncompensated costs via Affordable Care Act. 74% of savings will go to states that have expanded Medicaid. Rayzur wondered why DOJ official says AG Eric Holder will announce plans to step down. He held office nearly six years, will stay until successor chosen. LA moves closer to $15.37 minimum wage for hotel workers. LA City Council will hold a final vote next week. King fire rampages in northern California, 95K acres burned. 8,000 firefighters battle blasé, 43% contained, cost $53M so far. The bull slipped 264 points at trading today, global worries in focus. Gold closed at $1,223, silver at $17.52, copper at $3.03. Crude oil at $92.48 Apple pulls first iOS 8 update. Apple says it has a work around for new iOS 8 update, crashes calling and touch ID services. Apple apologizes, working to fix issue with new update in the next few days. It’s reported in social media that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bending if kept in front pants pocket too long. Samsung to launch new Galaxy Note 4 smartphone in China this month before iPhone 6 launches there. Blackberry releases new “Passport” smartphone, has square screen and touch sensitive tactile keyboard. A-J516 wonders if anyone eating at Jimmy John? It is reported restaurant chain Jimmy John was hacked at 216 stores. Follows security breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Home Depot. Jabil Circuit (JBL) sees Q1 revenues up 6% and profits above street est. It makes iPhones casings. Autozone (AZO) downgraded to hold from buy at Argus. Comerica (CMA) raised to buy from hold at Wunderlich with price target $65. Barrick Gold (AB) is upgraded to overweight from neutral at HSBC. Russian draft law would let it seize foreign assets. German market drops over 1%. Chrysler recalls 350K model 2008 vehicles. Ignition key may get stuck or inadvertently move. No known crashes related to possible defect. Chrysler Ram pick-up output at Warren, MI plant to rise by 38,500 on demand surge, up 21.3% year to date. Ford plans to add 1,200 jobs at Missouri plant on strong demand for Transit vans. Nannab is happy to hear Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper say they will work to reduce the calories we get from the beverages by 20% over the next decade. NutraSweet will exit aspartame business by end of 2014. Company cites increased competition overseas. Boston Scientific (BSX) loses license lawsuit, must pay Mirwoski family ventures $308M, plans appeal. Vista Equity and Thomas Bravo among private equity firms vying for Tibco Software (TIBX). Tibco is a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software. EU antitrust regulators will approve Facebook’s $19B bid for WhatsApp messenger. IPO Buzz : Citizens Financial (CFG) opens for trading, priced at $21.50/share, below expected range, raised $3B. CFG is the biggest bank IPO in a decade. Small & Final (SFS), retailer debuts at $12, low end of expected range, raises $161M. Medley Mgmt (MDLY) begins trading, priced 6M shares a5 $18, raises approx $125M. Travelport (TVPT), online travel site begins trading at $16/share, top of expected range. Offering 30M shares to raise $480M. CyberArk Software (CYBR), global IT security company, opened for trading yesterday, 5.36M shares at $16. The stock gained 87% yesterday, closed at $29.93. It raised $75M. Recent growth IPOs : GoPro (GPRO) - 235%, El Polo Locco (LOCO) – 138%, Mobileye (MBLY) – 107%, CyberArk Software (CYBR) – 38%, Alibaba Group (BABA) – 33% Private equity backed Vantage Energy postpones $637M IPO. Shale oil producer cites unfavorable market conditions. Oracle (ORCL) CEO Larry Ellison got 15.5% paycut in 2014, took home $67.3M in compensation.. not bad J Judge rules Sirius XM (SIRI) liable for not paying royalties on recordings made before 1972. Case was brought by 1960s band The Turtles, best known for song “Happy Together”. Ruling could have major implications for digital music industry. SEC probing whether Pimco inflated returns on its $3.6B total return ETF. Probe underway for months, Bill Gross is questioned. FDA approves expanded use of Celgene’s (CELG) psoriasis drug Otezla. China may replace Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiao Chuan as par of wider personnel reshuffling. PBoC Zhou supports market oriented reforms, removal could signal reform slowdown. Got drones? Facebook says dron as big as a 747 could fly next year. DHL tests delivery service in Germany. FAA expected to announce permits to seven movie and TV studios to fly drones. Unmanned aircraft confined to close sets, run by 3 person team. Calkid11 feels bad as Yahoo is stuck at the hip with Alibaba for one year lock up. Yahoo is downgraded at RBC on post alibaba valuations. From Dinar Land : Vietnam1969 said the world watches what Pres. Obama says about the war on terrorism. It is reported 50 airstrikes have been conducted in Syria against ISIL and Khorazan. Which is al qaeda cell posing imminent threats to conduct terror in US and western countries. This will eventually lead to ground troops in Iraq and Syria. The question comes who will lead the ground troops? PM Abadi promised to be more inclusive than Maliki. He said for the fight against terrorism to succeed, Iraq’s Sunnis must turn against ISIL and its supporters. Iraqi armed forces and Kurdish peshmerga are expected to lead the ground offensives but Sunni tribesmen are needed to participate as well to ensure the isolation of ISIS. Iraqi security forces reported it foiled another attempt by ISIL to storm Beiji refinery north of Tikrit. Captl1 was in a meeting with Ministry of Interior said they will receive advanced explosive detectors soon which will be used to detect IEDs and other explosive materials. Baghdad municipalities are preparing for Eid al-Adha at the end of Haj season. Eid al-Adha is a three day celebration where animals are traditionally sacrificed and the meat are distributed among the poor. It is an official holiday so it is expected that restaurants and amusement parks will be filled with families. Lots of security measures must be taken. Boosterbglee reported Syrian government says US airstrikes are going in the right direction because they are not hitting civilians or Syrian military targets. Ali Haidar, Minister of National Reconciliation said his government was notified before airstrikes, so Syrian air defenses would not be activated. Syrian government is trying to gain legitimacy as the protector of minorities and front line against ISIL. Pres. Obama says Syrian civil war cannot be resolved by armed struggle only but it needs political solutions where all Syrians are represented. Lebanon is bracing itself for more violence by ISIL as three of their soldiers have been executed by ISIL and holding 15 more. ISIL demanded Lebanon to release their jailed comrades. US and France are sending much needed arms to the Lebanese armed forces to combat terrorism. Jordan is also bracing itself against ISIL revenge for their aistrikes in Syria. Jordan’s King Abdullah II said he will not use any phrases that contain the word islam in describing ISIL or ISIS as there is nothing Islamic in this criminal organization. The Speaker of House, Jabouri urged CBI governor to maintain stability of dinar and actively address the issue of money laundering. Baghdad provinceial council said it will rebuild the infrastructure of the city of Amerly that was besieged by ISIL for over two months. The siege destroyed sewage lines, drinking water reservoirs and others. Billions of dinars were poured to help the city’s residents. Thi qar Province is hosting its first rade fair in al-Nassiriyah. The fair includes local private and public exhibits, regional and international companies are participating in the fair. France has promised to actively rebuilding Thi Qar province to become a model of progress. Amer al-Jawahri, an economist whose organization is a consultant involved in rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure says Iraq does not lack human or natural resources to become a beacon of progress in the region. Members of parliament on planning and investment, monetary and trade committees said they are eager and ready to start holding debates and pass legislation that will advance Iraq through the next phases of economic growth. Industrial growth and petrochemical sector are tops in their agenda. They expect rapid progress in those fields as crisis created by ISIL will be resolved. From Rumor Land : Millionday thinks when the budget is passed, things will move very fast due to distributions in the budget itself. TerryK says he is hearing Friday maybe our magic day. Lojak says jet let things flow.. it’s all gonna work out. Poppy3 believes rv to follow very shortly after they meet their deadlines on payments. Mailman17 says unlike the old days where we expected the roller coaster to come to a halt… this one is gaining speed and will break through the guard with rv at the front. Frank26 says the fact that CBI is talking about lifting the zeros is because they want to. Enorrste says the removal of zeros notes will lead to major rise in the value of dinar. Pepperoni on pizza thinks it will float, no options.. got life jacket..? J The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile, Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J Have a blessed week with your family J
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