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Found 1 result

  1. CNN. Broadcasting From The Drunk Tank At Guru-Palooza ! ..SweetQueen] LET'S PAY SPECIAL RECOGNITION TO THE DINAR GURUS....: [..SweetQueen] I WILL START WITH FRANK26, ADSTER, BAMBOO, ALL FROM INVESTORS IRAQ FORUMS. [..SweetQueen] MOVING ON TO KTFM....FRANK26, OKIE OIL MAN, GENX, AQ, DELTA.... .SweetQueen] THEN WE HAD MONTANA, MEDIC, BREITLING, MAILMAN17. [..SweetQueen] GANKANS, ENORRSTE , TERRYK. [..SweetQueen] PAPAJACK, BLAINO, SEEKER, HIGHLANDER, [..SweetQueen] RICH QUEEN, BELLAGRITS, JONNYWG, FREEWAYBILL, STUDLEY, SOONERFAN, FOOTFORWARD, BWM, DINARWISHES... AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON .... [chers] ..SweetQueen dont forget Cap1 [Duguid] Wife in the know ?....More recent ?....jmo [..SweetQueen] GANKANS AND ENORRSTE WERE PART OF dont promote other sites SITE, THEN WENT TO another site TO LATER BECOME THE G (GANKANS) E (ENNORSTE) T (TERRYK) [sandytob] ..SweetQueen Bluwolf, Footforward [..SweetQueen] OKIE OIL MAN FIRST WAS AT NENO'S PLACE, THEN WENT TO KTFM, LATER TO GET TEAM, AFTER TO PLANET DINAR, AND THE MANY DIFFERENT OOM'S. ROFLMAO [..SweetQueen] DUSTY, LONGFELLOW, CHICKENHUNTER, CHICKENWINGS, POPPY2, BGG... [..SweetQueen] OMNIGIRL, RICHQUEEN, GEORGIA BOY [highlander65] ..SweetQueen WOW I thought we finished the list lol [happydave1] winalot [jack1977] Bluedog [..SweetQueen] NO THE LIST IS ENDLESS I HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO THE PRESENT YET. ROFLMAO [kenbo] Bookings [feda] and who don't just L o v e okie [Robertprofessor] ..SweetQueen I hope the current list of gurus still active is the final chapter. [..SweetQueen] THE FINAL CHAPTER WILL BE VERY TELLING, DEPENDS ON MANY THINGS. [Robertprofessor] ..SweetQueen I don't think I saw Bulldog75 in your list. chillimac] TONY [..SweetQueen] MANGORANCHER, STEVEI, RAY, DAN, TONY. [..SweetQueen] Robertprofessor YOU MISSED IT HE WAS THERE WITH BEAR5642 sailman] another site, did you remember STUDLEY [..SweetQueen] ADAM MONTANA, another site, BREITLING, MEDIC, ALL WITH DINAR VETS [..SweetQueen] SCOOTER [sailman] did we remember BWM and all those at 3SINTEL [garfield] SweetQueen dusty [..SweetQueen] WHOM REMEMBERS THE DAYS OF THE CALLS AT "MIDNIGHT THINK THANK". [sailman] ..SweetQueen wonderful calls [..SweetQueen] OFTEN TIMES THEY WOULD GO ON 24 HOURS. [thankful] ..SweetQueen Phoenix [chillimac] ..SweetQueen ..SweetQueen ...LGTENNIS Highhopes Freewaybill and Soonerfan [chillimac] Sweetqueen, did we forget ....frreeway ...BILL [ [..SweetQueen] chillimac NO HE WAS MENTIONED WITH JONNYWG, BELLAGRITS, SOONERFAN, FOOTFORWARD, FREEWAYBILL, STUDLEY, .... [..SweetQueen] WHAT YOU MUST REMEMBER IS THAT THE DINARIANS NEVER LOST HOPE THAT IT WAS ANY MINUTE NOW. [..SweetQueen] IIF, KTFM, DINAR RUMORS, DINAR SPECULATION, DINAR VETS, DINAR SPECULATORS, DINARHOLICS, dont promote other sites, another site, another site, zzz, ANYTHING DINAR, PLANET DINAR, GET TEAM, PTR, PEOPLE'S DINAR, MIG, OOM, 3SINTEL, zzz, NENO'S PLACE, CAP'S CORNER, AND INTEL4U. [..SweetQueen] I HEARD THEY WILL BE PASSING OUT "HOT DOGS" AT PTR, COFFEE AT OOM, HOPIUM AT PLANET DINAR, TERRYK JUMPSUITS AT GET TEAM, AND WE WILL JUST CELEBRATE WITH PARTY AND CHAMPAGNE WITH YOUR DIPLOMAS. [highlander65] ..SweetQueen can you share some thoughts on the final curtain? [..SweetQueen] highlander65 THE FINAL SCRIPT IS STILL BEING WRITTEN.
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