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Found 181 results

  1. Just for laughs....! 2-10-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ Very busy weekend for everybody… Bankers... sources are squarely looking at tomorrow for something to break loose and spendable dollars by Wednesday right now. I am also hopeful that they are correct. In Iraq- Allowi is fully in control…my folks over there are just tickled at how things are shaping up. Sadr is out and heading off to Iran. I have not seen those guys over there this excited in a long time. 2-10-2020 Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man [Do we have to have receipts where we purchased our currency?] You do not have to bring proof of purchase…just bring your currency. People are complicating what should be a simple appointment. If you have currency they will not ask you where you got it…they will just redeem it.
  2. Here's another holiday joker everyone: 12-23-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Many contacts...are hearing...there is a mad push to get this done...Even if only a few people get to exchange before Christmas they will be able to claim it happened before. That is the rumor all over right now in many locations. ...we are watching close. I am feeling pretty relaxed because I am absolutely certain we are at the end of all of this. I am absolutely confident that we are days, or at the worst weeks, away from it all being done. This clown has got to be one of the most prolific Fantasy Story tellers of all's happening every other day, with him. Here, MarkZ is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN & CONFIDENT that we're days or at least weeks away - he still leaves himself a way out when/if this goes beyond his predictions.
  3. 5-29-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ ...the news isn’t bad…it’s just not what we want yet. I am as frustrated as you are...I am still being told that today is “value” day….and we will see the 800 numbers...we shall see. 5-29-2019 Intel Guru Bruce [via PinkRoses] I want people to realize that this is a real thing. This is happening. This is a global currency reset. This is not just the revaluation of one currency or two currencies...I feel very confident about what it is we are waiting for...Things were looking like we were going to get started over the weekend. We read things about it. We saw some things. There was a possibility of it, but guess what? Didn’t get it. We know Iraq on Saturday turned on their ATM machines at the airports with the lower denominations...(post 1 of 2)... 5-29-2019 Intel Guru Bruce Now, if the ATMS are on in the airports in Iraq, they are probably turned on elsewhere, but we know specifically the ones at the airport are working with lower denominations. That means you have an in-country revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. Now, we know that certain things that happen even in Iraq are kept from us here until the exact proper time for it to be revealed...Things are quiet. People are under NDAs or gag orders, and that even though we do not like not getting something sometimes, that is a good sign. That means things are right there...I am going to tell you that we are very close...(post 2 of 2)... 5-29-2019 Intel/Newshound Guru another site In Iraq, they're articles written every day to mislead you...A week ago, I received information that the Iraq Central Bank (CBI) was distributing old banknotes. This is a false story. The CBI is not distributing any Iraqi dinar currency that is old or what you would consider lower denominations. (Am.Contr. provides real-time information- not rumors..!) Ron
  4. 5-4-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 ...on Iraq tv they are reporting that all citizens will have their purchasing power before June and that is a correct statement Mandi saying Iraq moving in a positive manner. 5-4-2019 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan "Alak has been promoted to Vice President of current session and the President of the AMF in the next session to follow." Alak is not bringing a program rate to the head of the class at the AMF [Arab Monetary Fund] , imo period... 5-3-2019 Newshound Guru ChrisC "Alak is not bringing a program rate to the head of the class at the AMF [Arab Monetary Fund]..." Of all the signs, or pieces of evidence, this is the most clear and pertinent to me. This is like saying some fat guy that has never played football is the new quarterback for Dallas. That's not happening. There should be NO possible way that a CB governor that doesn't even have an international currency could occupy such a high profile position. It would be embarrassing.
  5. Please don't shoot the messenger - this is posted for your amusement because of Bruce's "outrageous claims" otherwise known as There are two members who down almost you I say, don't read what you don't like, and don't berate and downgrade someone who is just passing along information & rumors that is posted out there in the Dinar community. This is the RUMOR FORUM...! Thanks .... RON 4-3-2019 Intel Guru Bruce [via PinkRoses] I am excited guys and it is for a good reason, I believe. You realize that this ride we have been on has been a little up and down...You know how we sort of had last week a Tuesday/Wednesday window that we thought would be happening. The next thing you know it gets pushed. Then we were looking at a Friday/Saturday. We didn’t get the Friday/Saturday. Things were happening. That is the important thing. Things were moving along where we were seeing things getting accomplished, and that was important... 4-3-2019 Intel Guru Bruce What about Iraq? ...Gazette days are Saturday and Wednesday. Did the everything come out in the Gazette Saturday? No. Will it come out tomorrow [Wednesday]? We believe...Iraq will have completed ...what it is what they have been promising...which is put out an international rate, have everything activated for their budget, Parliament seats they need to talk about, all of that is supposed to be done...So that is a very positive thing of what we should expect from Iraq. 4-3-2019 Intel Guru Bruce Regarding Forex, over the weekend...there was a brand-new format for the Forex, a new template. Guess what? These currencies that we hold were known as and have been known as exotic currencies. Guess what? The exotics we hold are now in the same format as the rest of the world’s currencies. So, they have been essentially upgraded to the point of being fully tradable...probably the Dong, and I think the Dinar is just about ready to hit the screens. I have given you a heads up on rates...the Dinar supposed to come out well over $7, but maybe well over $8 or $9, and it should continue up from there. I would encourage you to be ready to get everything together. Let’s see what happens. I am excited. I think and hope we are just about there. ..... SAME OLD STORY THAT HASN'T COME TO PASS - ESPECIALLY THE OUTRAGEOUS RATES..!
  6. 4-2-2019 Newshound Guru larrykn Article: "Communications: Internet will improve soon" Quote: "The communications Ministry announced, that the reality of the Internet will see significant development during the coming period..." these are the things I like seeing, they are moving in the right direction...less talk more action. 4-2-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ In Iraq-I spoke with a contractor friend I know...he repairs power plants and power systems... They are very keyed up...they thought the new rate was to show on Saturday (I wonder where they got that idea...LOL..!)...they are waiting...lots of news on changing values and re-instatements... They have started using gold coins to pull large notes off the street...they are actively trying to get larger notes off the streets.... (Now comes the drama he always brings) There are expectations that we will see things happen...(DELETED)…I really hope that is true...I am nervous to tell you this – but I believe we are past the point of no return…I still am looking for the smoking gun to go with it and see for myself that its actually there. (posted because it was there, and spoke of the use of gold coins). 4-2-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 [via Clare] "IT'S COMING...IT'S HAPPENING ....THIS JOURNEY INCLUDES AN END" 4-2-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 ...UPDATE...A Parliament spokesperson is on Iraqi TV stating that the names for the remaining cabinet positions will be presented and voted on after the April 9 albeit this is a direct contradiction from Sunday's TV announcement of the cabinet selections being concluded this week. Time Will Tell...if it even matters? A World Bank representative was interviewed and stated that after the cabinet completion, the Iraqi economy will experience a remarkable recovery. That announcement in Monday's mosque session indicated something very noticeable taking place by Tuesday, wait we shall! 4-2-2019 Newshound Guru larrykn the IMF pushing them is good but we need to look at where they are at and can they rv at this time, that is the question...corruption, security, investment, are those things ready? I don't think so.
  7. 3-30-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana We're currently in the midst of some significant happenings right now. It's almost coming too fast to keep on top of things, so let's just recap the current situation. ...EVERYTHING oil related is cruising along at a good clip and in the right direction. ...we have touched $60 a couple times this week...the real important part is the manner it is happening. Nice and steady, just how we want it... for now... ...I'm expecting to see some solid HCL news, and a potential focus on the HCL, with the RV bubbling just below the surface of the news. this time...they will not give us a major heads up on this plan. Our only clues are going to be: Stability in the GOI, which we have.; Solid news on HCL, or an actual passed HCL bill, which is reasonable to expect under the current situation...(post 1 of 2)....stay tuned for post 2... 3-30-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Reportedly, the IMF is pushing Iraq to raise their exchange rate to attract investors for the reconstruction and reforms efforts including trade with neighboring countries. PM Mahdi is still saying, "By June, it will all be completed." Time Will Tell...Anything exciting happens...We'll get the word out. 3-30-2019 Intel Guru Delta JUST IN FROM IRAQI TV: IMF IS DEMANDING IRAQ TO FREE THE EXCHANGE RATE..!!! (REPOST: this was posted as a reply in earlier Mtn Goat opinion single post). 3-30-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...hold on to your seats and don’t fall off since I am going to give you some great news today. Finally, some more breaking news in the right direction for Iraq... 1. Quote... "The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is therefore demanding Iraq to free the exchange rate!" This issue is now becoming imperative since Iraq is having trouble trading with its neighbors... without a real rate. ...The IMF is now aggressively pushing the CBI to reinstate the IQD... 2. Quote... “Abadi revealed his decision in May 2018 to arrest former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki” ...This DOES NOT say Maliki is already arrested. It is only telling us an intent to arrest him. Abadi has no official capacity to arrest Maliki. Are these both issues exactly what we have all been praying for...? (REPOST of earlier single Mtn Goat opinion post).
  8. Hi are the latest "outrageous rumors"...highly improbable and unrealistic...! Please don't shoot the messenger. I'm posting these for your amusement, not as viable information. These are the three that want everyone to think they are heroes with inside information - very sad..! These figures are all totally BS, and are pulled from where the sun never shines..!! Have a great weekend...and be blessed....RON 3-29-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...The good news is they arrested Maliki today. Iraq is going to activate their 2019 budget on Saturday ...March 30th. ...That means likely that activation will be written about and put in their official Gazette which does comes out on Saturday. They will also announce that the Dinar is international finally and probably put out a rate on Saturday. Now we know the Iraqi Dinar is going to be exchanged or traded internationally on the markets starting Sunday night. ...the new rate on the Dinar should be coming out initially over $7 and then it will get traded up. Then the Dong will be $4 and trading up higher as a result...that is what we are hearing from the people that know and have seen the screens...(post 1 of 2)... 3-29-2019 Intel Guru Bruce On Saturday we would have both front and back screen rates showing. Only thing on the screens right now are the names of the currency and a little place marker with the $ sign flashing next to the name. There is no place holder rate showing. So, they are getting ready to bring up all new rates back screens ...Friday, and front and back screens on Saturday. ...The encouraging thing is that we are seeing movements in so many of these areas that we are looking for now. ...I will tell you right now before the end of the month, Sunday, March 31st, we should be off and running...(post 2 of 2)... 3-29-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : what made you decide to start posting again Mark?] it was suggested from someone who is a trigger puller….that I become more public in order to pass on info if they needed me too and because of all the misinformation out there. I came back out of hiding…so to speak. 3-28-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Thursday afternoon update: New US bank rates reported: Dinar - $3.51 to $4.43; Dong - $0.47 to $2.23. The Iraqi Minster of Finance requested that all ministries convene and have financial reports completed for implementation of the 2019 budget. [How long? Not long!] Iraqi TV was broadcasting the past Prime Minister Abadhi stating that the process to arrest past Prime Minister Maliki for the downfall of Mosul was initiated and requested that present Prime Minister Madhi enforce that decision. An announcement regarding Iraq's financial situation pertaining to its currency is expected on Saturday. Time Will Tell! 3-28-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ I am feeling good today...still at 99.9% to see everything in March or at least by April 1st. I expect to be able to see it, touch it and taste it by then…The amount of news we are getting is encouraging…it was very quiet then suddenly it’s like a dam breaking... I am trying to get it all together to know where we are...The news from Iraq is crazy good...they are talking up a storm…I am still hearing they expect a new rate on Saturday...I feel we are in an any minute… imminent ...sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for this to happen…these are every phrase I hate...but right now they are true. ...things I am seeing from all sources all over the place its crazy. They always said it would be nuts at the end…which is where we are imo... Hopefully I will have you a very good update by tomorrow am.
  9. 3-28-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "CBI: PROJECT DELETION OF ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY STILL EXISTS" Article is telling us the CBI already collected the needed amount of IQD three zero notes out of circulation and is ready to proceed but had to wait due to delay due to security events and the control of the state regulation on five provinces by ISIS. Why would they tell us this if they were not now ready to move ahead again? Oh – but they did tell us they are moving ahead again. We just need to wait a little longer as they complete the final touches on this process. The target is still to go by the end of March. They need to pay the Kurdish salaries (see Mtn Goat later post below) and other payments and benefits to other citizens in Iraq. They need to open the 2019 budget. 3-28-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...parliament has only passed 1 law in the last 6 months. We need these critical laws passed so investment will begin to come in to Iraq. 3-28-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "INCREASE SALARIES OF KURDISTAN REGION BY "ONE-AND-A-HALF" They are getting ready to open the budget and pay the salaries. Once they open this budget will be our deciding factor… How can they afford to increase them so high without oil revenue increases? Do they know something we don’t? 3-28-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ I expect Friday Night to Saturday for everything to bust! ...We are hearing It was supposed to go earlier this week (...really...???...) but got pushed back two days. So I am looking at the 29th-31st. I have great news that I can’t share ...wish I could (more BS...!). I still believe everything will go 99.9% by the 31st...I just don’t know what day. Iraq expects new rates on Saturday and the dinar be trade-able by Sunday. (It would be nice if this guy was right once - this time - on his predictions...!) Have a great evening Everyone...! RON
  10. 3-25-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ Iraq is done and waiting for everything to release just like we are. [Frank26 says cabinet members are already in but under wraps and USA protection.] I agree. ...At first I did not think the Mueller report had anything to do with the RV...but I changed my mind...a lot started happening as soon as the announcement hit that the report was done and no more indictments. [Q? : Please Explain and Stress the Importance Of a NDA.] ...When this does go they do not want panic in the markets and the NDAS will be very important for the average person. They want the markets to quietly settle down and they want to keep all of this very quiet...(post 1 of 2)... 3-25-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : I did hear from sources, that they will force release the 800s, today at 1 PM , have you heard anything in regards to that?] Yes, I have heard that...from banking...contacts…also heard it may be closer to the end of the banking day today...really hoping this rumor is true. I will post all the 800 numbers I get …I am expecting all banks will have separate numbers. I want you all to have as many options as is possible. I do have very good UST contacts..and I hope to have updates and news from them today. ...we are chasing a lot of news. We are still looking for this may be late afternoon before I get news...(post 2 of 2)...
  11. 3-20-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 SOMETHING HAPPENED TODAY AND OUR NEWSHOUNDS ARE BRINGING IT TO YOU...IT IS VERY SIGNIFICANT. Article: "Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation" Quotes: "The Parliamentary Finance Committee is moving in the current legislative session to develop mechanisms to change the monetary and monetary policies in the country, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation."; "the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation In the country". (I was unable to actually find this article, but it was mentioned in several places - I'll continue to look and will post it when I find it. The above was mentioned in a live chat from last night.) The following "BS" is from Bruce - I wasn't going to post it, but I thought I'd include it here for a LAUGH, since it has been posted out there in FantasyLand...! 3-20-2019 Intel Guru Bruce A lot of things have come in here the last few days. ...We know Iraq is basically complete with everything they were supposed to do. We know on the screens today that the Dinar was fluctuating... ...Rates have been adjusting upward...they are still adjusting...We are expecting the Dong to be pretty close to $7 or more on the front screen...The Dinar will be good. It will be higher obviously. Maybe not a whole lot higher though not initially. I think it will climb after it is brought out and after it has been traded more than it has so far. ...We are about to embark on I think some major things happening...we are looking at the possibility of things happening by Thursday for us...We got a lot to look forward to the next couple of days. I really believe we are on our way.HE'S BEEN SAYING THE SAME THING FOR QUITE A WHILE...NOTHING HAS HAPPENED...! Which only indicates more BS.....
  12. 3-20-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "THE PAPER AND METAL CURRENCY AFTER 2003, WHICH DID NOT SUCCEED IN TRADING AND WAS CANCELED" I would consider this an early phase of educating the citizens about the currency. Remember that in 2015 coming close to January 2016, the CBI told us they wanted launch the 100 coins but later decided not to. ...I believe they are getting ready to launch these 25, 50 and 100 very soon and are telling the citizens to watch out for the “cancelled” 50 dinar notes from 2003 no longer valid and that here are the pictures of the coins that are valid and coming soon. This is PERFECT too since we know that are going to slowly launch these smaller categories as the market dictates... 3-19-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : Have you heard that IRANIAN Influence is still a factor of holding up the reinstatement and monetary reform?] Yes I have heard that in the past….the concern in Iran was if they were going to continue to sponser terror…I think that has been handled now. 3-19-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat “WHENEVER A RESERVE OF HARD CURRENCY IS INCREASED IN THE STATE TREASURY, THE VALUE OF THE LOCAL CURRENCY RISES.” WOW! Could this also be yet another reason why the CBI is waiting to RI? They need for the reserves to increase? Remember that when Dr Shabibi was about the RI way back in Jan 2013, the CBI reserves where at a all time high of 90+ billion. We know the war with ISIS has brought the CBI reserves down to a dangerous level of about 45 billion. Last we hear the reserves recovered and were about 60+ billion and climbing...(post 1 of 2)... 3-19-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...when they think that the CBI has the adequate reserves (and other things) this will give the CBI sound reasoning to go for the reinstatement. In one of the articles today once again they told us they would the “3.3” ($3.30) rate back to the dinar. ...they will probably go beyond that. I quote from the article... “Iraqi state budget was 11 billion dollars and the exchange rate of the dollar 3.3 and today the state budget 450 billion and the exchange rate of the dollar is 1189 dinars.” I think we could possibly be in a window...(post 2 of 2)...
  13. Please don't shoot the messenger (me) for posting what is being said elsewhere...I'm just bringing it to you for a laugh...! Ron 3-19-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : I've heard rumors that when this happens and hits 4X that could drive the value up to as much as $8 and then it would settle back to where it should be. what's your opinion on that?] I absolutely agree with that…When Kuwait released…I think around $2.50 and the rate drove up to over $9…With this RI in Iraq - I think there would be a more structured increase. With this exchange with will be for oil credits....(post 1 of 2...) 3-19-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : Are your contacts in the CBI?] My contacts work closely with the CBI. What makes most sense to me is an RI (re-instatement) of the old rate and then let it float up to correct for inflation. My person on the ground in Iraq - as of yesterday says the new rate is not posted in the Gazette yet. We are definitely watching around the clock all week long…so many people say we are there. The news is pretty solid. If anything big happens today I back tonight…if not I will update you all tomorrow morning….(post 2 of 2)... 3-19-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 "Supposedly" new release codes were to be released to the banks on last Friday after the market closed for Monday morning effectiveness. We are still awaiting more information on the status of said specific codes. Iraqi TV is broadcast Cleric Sadr talking about starting up an effort to replace PM Madhi due to failing to complete the government by now. He also proposed bringing Abadi back as the Prime Minister. Parliament moved it's March 23 session to Sunday, March 24 citing a holiday schedule conflict....(post 1 of 2)... 3-19-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 US Banks - One source (..???..) says the final rates are not visible, but temporary rates are still intermittently flashing. Other sources are again excited and telling us that we will be "jumping for joy" later this week. ...Well, I am pleased to hear their excitement, but I remain cool, calm and collective until something substantial should you...Time Will Tell It All! ...(post 2 of 2)...
  14. 3-17-2019 *** Dinar News Update *** It appears the Iraqi Dinar has been maintained the IMF 2% rule for the Baghdad Market rate vs Official rate for 1 year. (The CBI has reported compliance in the full Iraqi Market for 5 months). This is a very long period of stability for the dinar! You can always see the Market and Official rates posted in the Iraq & Dinar Related News forum where the Dinar Sales are shown daily by Yota or myself. 3-17-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ Historically RVs have happened on a Tuesday or a Thursday... We were told ...way back when that we would go to bed on a Sat. night and rates would change and we wake up Monday to all new rates. 3-17-2019 Newshound Guru larrykn the pressure on the CBI is a good thing...they talk about opening the ATM machines to pay salaries and such. If we look at the destruction that happen over there I believe they need more banks with ATM so the customers can get to their money, this will take time and this might be the reason they are taking their time. but then again the seating of the rest of the cabinet might be part of that too. I'm just not sure that is a requirement for Iraq to move forward. We will see, soon. I hear parliament will meet again on the 23rd, we can only hope they can get them seated. 3-17-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Folks need to understand, Iraq is not going to raise the value of their currency arbitrarily. If it goes up in value it will be because the world helped Iraq rebuild and prosper. New central bank article today calling on the politicians to stimulate the real sectors of the country putting pressure on the CBI. This is what I have been saying all along..! Have a great Saint Patrick's Day Everyone...!
  15. 3-16-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ ...Remember Trump had said he wanted the reset (When did he say anything regarding any reset...?) in the first quarter of 2019…which is almost over. [Q? : does Potus press the button for the rv to start] No he does not- Is he in charge of making sure the US is prepared? Yes. [So Trump and Warren Buffet have dinar?] Yes…and if anyone thinks you are crazy – point this out that 2 of the most knowledgeable investors around think this was a solid investment. [Q? : You still think we wont pay taxes on our exchanges?] I defiantly still think there will be no taxes on the exchange. (this guy is predicting the nonsense 800 #'s will be out this weekend - I wouldn't post any of his nonsense about them). 3-16-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Iraq needs to complete the government and parliament needs to pass the laws before it can open up to investors/investment. Nobody coming otherwise. [Can all of that be done in a short time?] Sure if they decide to do it. But they have shown they are lazy and don't want to accomplish much. Time will tell...and pressure is on them to open the economy...(post 1 of 2)... 3-16-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...substantial investment will cause pressure on the CBI. This is why the CBI needs a tool to counter such. That tool is the a liberal exchange rate regime (float) to allow the gradual appreciation of the currency to offset such pressure. ...look at the bigger picture...Iraq needs investors/investment ...billions of dollars to rebuild, create a market economy. That will create economic pressure and the solution to that is to raise the value...(post 2 of 2)...
  16. 3-15-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...On Wednesday I called my source in the CBI and had a chat. I am not hearing of any target date for this week or over the weekend to reinstate the dinar on FOREX...Again, I am telling everyone we are just now waiting for the last 4 ministers to be seated (especially the interior minister) as the Iraqis have been told many times they need a “fully” formed and functional government or they will not be allowed to reinstate the currency...Meanwhile I am told the CBI is ready and has been ready. They have had a lot of cleanup on the banking and currency fraud with the currency auctions. But at the point it will NOT stop the reinstatement once approved. They need desperately to move forward...(post 1 of 2)... 3-15-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...the CBI...must wait for the GOI and IMF to give the green light. I was told that no smaller category notes have yet been launched only more of the existing 250, 500 and 1000 notes in the ATMS...but what about the much lower 100, 50, 5, 10 and fils? Yes, this is an important question to ask for as far as Iraqis are concerned the lower denominations are out already but not the ones we are looking for...(post 2 of 2)... 3-15-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Oil saw a nice upward spike yesterday. We're not quite to $60, but the trend is still positive. I expect it to pull back a tiny smidge, then continue the steady pace in this direction...I'm not saying "the day OIL hits $60, we will have an RV"! $60 was the direction I wanted to see, and we're basically there. As long as the current trend continues, we are in the (green) zone. Steady and controlled oil prices, + steady and stable GOI, + some HCL goodies...that's what we're looking for, and it keeps coming!...(post 1 of 3)... 3-15-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana One item that is of note, and may push us out just a little bit, is the budget/fiscal year. There is a LOT of accounting to be done with any kind of monetary change, and it would certainly make things cleaner to change the rate on a specific date that coincided with something logical like the start of a fiscal year or quarter, or perhaps the beginning of a new budget, or something like that. We are a couple weeks away from the end of Iraq's first fiscal quarter. Their fiscal (XYZ) can be a bit confusing because they don't get the new budget out until after the new fiscal year has already begun, and in the past they have stated that surplus in the budget applies to the following year. Oh, there's nothing like proper planning, where the first three months of the year you have no idea what's in your checking account or what bills are in the mailbox...(post 2 of 3)... 3-15-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana That's nothing to concern us, of course. In fact, with the steady progress we're seeing in all other areas, the prospect of a currency value change at the start of Iraq's Q2 is a pretty reasonable thought. In other news... not much I can say right now! Parliament is in session and WORKING. We don't have an announcement, but all of the clues are saying *soon*. I'll be monitoring...(post 3 of 3)... 3-15-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat So far, no voting in parliament on the last 4 ministers. Saturdays promised voting was not completed and postponed yet again. However no new date was confirmed or announce right away. Article quote: "The candidate of the Minister of the Interior has not been agreed upon so far, but Fayadh officially withdrew his candidacy." So another article says that the PM is now able to put his own selection of candidates forward and vote on them. We are told they plan to try again in Thursday 3/21. Have a great St. Patrick's Day Weekend everyone....Blessings...RON
  17. 3-14-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO ON THE 28TH OF DEC 2018 THEY LIFTED THE 3 ZERO'S ELECTRONICALLY ALLOWING WS'S [Guru Walkingstick's] FIRM MANY CONTRACTS AT 1 TO 1. ...SO IF I WAS IRAN...I TOO WOULD ACCEPT A PAYMENT FROM IRAQ...NOW. 3-14-2019 Intel Guru ADMINBILL I HAVE BEEN MONITORING [Guru] MARKZ'S INFORMATION. HE IS CREDITABLE...We are moving in the right direction. Stay the course. Be prepared to grab hold of the merry-go-round ring and claim your prize. (this is really beyond understanding that AdminBill believes MarkZ is credible - oh well, there's no accounting for taste - or fact from fiction) 3-14-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni article that said they would not float the dinar...could be interpreted in two ways. 1. being they won't float (which makes no sense because they then would not have the tool they need to counter inflation as investment/investors come to Iraq, or 2. they are not going to float at this time (which may be what they really meant at the time of the article). And may be true...but that was months ago before the dinar was stable and in compliance... 3-14-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : Who are your contacts in dinar land?] I’ve been in this since the very beginning. I have contacts that are Contractors in Iraq, military people, retired military people... So many banking contacts, regional VP’s in banking, and contacts who actually help set up some of the redemption centers for a major bank for the dinar and dong…(Sounds like MarkZ knows everybody...a little more B.S.) This next post is plain nonsense, and I'd categorize it as a major outrageous Rumor & includes Bruce - but here it is: 3-14-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ ...I'm looking at the next 24 hrs to see where we are..BY Friday morning I should know...[ [Guru] Bruce sayin we paid by end of week.] He may be right. [Are you still 98% sure for the month?] I’d say I’m 99% sure. [what made you jump higher?] Can’t really share but someone got paid. 3-14-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat I can say that I have heard many rumors about the readiness for the launching of the new smaller category notes, however you would think that, if these rumors where true, we would see multiple articles on this topic in the general Iraqi news media prior to the event. We have NOT yet seen this. But also remember this does not mean this even may not be on the radar for the very near future either as we also know these smaller category notes may come in close proximity to the announcement of a reinstatement.
  18. 3-13-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : With Iraq Parliament saying the Prime Minister can choose the remaining cabinet members within 3 weeks, does this mean the RV can’t go until then?] they can absolutely move forward with the RV before they finish their government. ...It is not an “if” but a “when” for this to happen. This is such a complex thing they are doing but I believe we are in the “end days” of seeing this reset happen. 3-13-2019 Newshound Guru EHankins Education for and to the citizens on the Nasdaq billboard... this must not fail. This is a perfect opportunity for them to learn...they are imo. WE KNOW THIS... have known this for a long long time. Thanks Frank [Guru Frank26] for the heads up and the proof of what's coming... in my opinion. CBI bring it... we are way past the RI... you can pull the trigger any time now. 3-13-2019 Newshound Guru larrykn [ you guys know when they will finish the remaining 4 cabinets?] ...parliament meets tomorrow , we shall see what happens then. 3-13-2019 Intel Guru ADMINBILL ...Although I can't pin down an exact day and time with rates... I do believe that our wait is nearing an end... 3-13-2019 Intel Guru Bruce [via PinkRoses] What we are hearing is regarding Iraq, you know they passed the HCL law, Oil and Gas Law. ...What that did was not only a certain amount of the profits or proceeds from oil and gas exploration in Iraq to go to Kurdistan and also to Bagdad, and so on to pay for the government, but the citizenry of Iraq and Kurdistan are also to be paid a percentage of the Oil and Gas revenue. That is part of the deal. The good news is as you know they have which they are paid on...the Qi card that I am referring to will hold revenue from oil and gas from Iraq, and that will be available to use at the new rate for the Iraqi Dinar Thursday morning...(post 1 of 3)... 3-13-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...We think we are done with Iraq. We know that the Iraqi dinar was supposed to be pre-trading...Sunday...We think it is continually trading, but possibly not officially on the screens. We know they had a pre-traded start rate in the $6.73 range (absolutely B.S.). It was to go up from there as it was traded...The Dong was going to start pre-trading at one hour before the markets opened on Monday morning...What is interesting to me is the Vietnamese Dong is supposed to be as a result of China wanting it to be comparable to the Iraqi Dinar...How do we define comparable? We believe it means within 5% of the Dinar. That is a tremendous value not only for the Dinar as it continues to climb in value, but the Dong to be comparable to the Dinar is way more than we all thought it could be years ago...(post 2 of 3)... 3-13-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...Everything is looking like we are set on Go from this point on. Could this be our week? A lot of people think so...I believe we should have the result we are all looking for before the end of the week...I am much as I have ever been because I see movement. I see progress. I see things happening. ...I really think we are going to have a really good week and weekend...(post 3 of 3)... 3-13-2019 Newshound Guru larrykn Article quote: "Breaking The IMIS candidate for the interior ministry in Adil Abdel al-Mahdi’s cabinet, Falih al-Fayyadh has officially withdrawn his candidacy bid..." this might open the door to complete the cabinet.
  19. 3-7-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Parliamentary commission and investment confirmed on tv interview today that to revalue and delete the zeros is ready for implementation by the cbi after a five year delay due to security and corruption issues! Show me the money!!! 3-7-2019 Newshound Guru larrykn they seem to be going in the right direction, I can't wait to see what happens when Parliament meets. 3-7-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ ...I am beyond hopeful for this month and still hopeful we will see something overnight tonight or in the next couple days. I guess he's trying to cover all the bases. Yet, over the past week he's been giving rIdiculous rates and indicating it's done and on screens, but hasn't been released yet - all BS and rumors of his making, or taken from other sources. There are 3 of them saying almost the same thing...LOL..! [Q? : Do we really think the RV is gonna REALLY happen very very soon?] Yes I think its very very close…I wish I could share everything I know which is really nothing at all when it comes to the IQD. If he really knew anything, he'd be buying all the IQD he can get his hands on - even if he has to take out a quick loan on his home. Really in never-never land. …this thing is so fluid. RON
  20. 2-27-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana I'd say things are still pointed the right direction. OIL took a tiny step backwards, but still tracking for a win if my target of $60 is correct. In addition to what I'm hearing from the other side of the pond, and what my own experience and insights conclude, I still believe that $60 mark is where we want to be headed. Hitting that price, on the current trajectory, is solid evidence of stability in the markets and will be reassuring to the CBI so they can take some bold steps. There is a low rumble off in the distance that sounds like an HCL thunderstorm,so we'll keep an eye on that. 2-27-2019 Intel Guru Bruce There was a meeting in the White House, let’s call it that, with 5 key people one of which was our President...Documents were signed. At that point things were put off motion in a very real way... Since then what has happened is the Dinar came out. It was rolled out and it was officially recognized in- today at a rate of $6.73. (More B.S. - there's no way any numbers are found anywhere other than on the CBI website. Only once revealed by the CBI will it be found anywhere else.) RON That is an in-country rate for the dinar. That is pretty strong. Our rate here on our front screen could be higher than that... substantially higher... Also the Dong was a little bit slower. It came up Sunday afternoon... It started and it was coming a little lower than it had been but it is still moving in an upward direction. So we can’t say it is not going to get back up to where we said it was...(post 1 of 2)... 2-27-2019 Intel Guru Bruce I have heard timeframes. We try not to call it...but I feel that we are down to the final couple of days for us to get started...From every bit of information I have gotten some people have it within 24 hours. Some have it within couple of days. I have specific times when I am supposed to be notified...We will see how they come thru and what happens. ...we are right smack in the middle of this right now. It might be just 24 hours to 48 hours before we go. So we are right there. ...Hang in there a few days longer and you guys will be golden. I know you are excited and I am excited by it...(post 2 of 2)... 2-27-2019 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan It does not qualify [reference post 2] …I’m going to make it real simple for you. My research has shown this…It’s going to be treated as ordinary income and that’s that. Now, what would happen if you elected to do it as capital gains and file your return? Here’s what will happen…if you are incorrect and it comes back it will take two years before you hear from them. The amount of penalties and interest that is going to be accumulated over that two year time frame is…going to be big. So you have a choice. On my side I tell people treat it as ordinary income. Yeah you’re going to pay more taxes. That’s true you’re going to pay more taxes on it but I do know this much, within 3 years, because you have three years to amend that return to get money back, within three years somewhere along the line someone is going to get a Letter of Definition from the IRS that definitively says this is how we’re taxing it...and/or there might be rule changes in the IRS that converts this from ordinary income to capital gains. That might happen. I’ve seen it before....(Post 3 of Many).....Following are Posts 1 & 2 from yesterday for continuity and those who may have missed them. *************************************** 2-26-2019 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan For those of us who have been riding this cotton picking train of the dinar for so long you couldn’t get a better tax opportunity than we have now. It’s just absolutely freaking amazing what we have. The new rules brought in under the Trump Administration give us so much leeway and so much opportunity to be able to save on taxes, to share this with everyone we love, less consequences. The whole tax planning game has changed immensely because of the changes in 2018 and 2019…As Paul Harvey used to say, “Here’s the rest of the story.” There are some things about the IRS, particularly those who come into a lot of money in a hurry that have certain triggering points. I’ve got three of those I want to talk to you about...(Post 1 of Many)... 2-26-2019 Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan 1. I have had a lot of people send me email saying, “ This person is saying this is going to be capital gains and NOT be ordinary income.” I’ve even been sent long convoluted processes someone has created for being able to move money in different ways so that the categorization was redone. I’ll tell you from my own studies, one of the things when I got into this thing over a decade ago…I spent a lot of time researching it. I contacted Several of my financial advisors who worked with their tax attorneys. I got the leading CPA of the east coast who deals in Foex currency exchanges and his research came up with the exact same thing that the attorneys came up with. And that is there are two ways that people might misconstrue that this is supposed to be taxed as capital gains. I can tell you right now from the research they did and my own research the dinar does NOT qualify...(Post 2 of Many)...
  21. 2-25-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ ...We do not have Asset backed yet…we are close…they are moving and shuffling and putting so much in place…I am looking for a lot to happen this week ..especially with Trump being gone. We have always heard that the President needs to be out of country when this happens..and we always heard it would happen when he was over international waters most likely. [ you think the China trade agreement has a lot to do with what we are waiting for as far as the RV?] Yes I do…. I think it has a lot to do with what we are waiting for. ...I actually get to see the forward movement. And since I know the people actually implementing things behind the scene is why I am so excited...(post 1 of 2)... 2-25-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ ...I have been asked not to talk about certain topics that could jeopardize my sources or the RV process. It’s a matter of security. Just know there is movement and momentum... I am hearing rumors that the rate has gone from the mid $4’s for us to the higher $6’s. This rumor is coming from out in the desert area (the middle east) . What we are really going to get- I don’t know but it’s exciting to see movement. [ your opinion will we see it this month?] I do believe we will see it this month…..its going to be close to the crossover into March but we will see it IMO...I have to say this “any minute” waiting is driving me nuts…but I am very excited for where we are now. ...Hope to get more news tonight and I will let you all know. stay positive and will see you all soon...(post 2 of 2)... 2-26-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : the need to be in a group necessary?] I have talked to so many bankers on this. They all agree you do not have to be in a group to exchange...
  22. on cards used inside iraq saying for every 35dinars to every 100usd is what there getting on cards being used right now and with trump saying woring on currency then heading to vietnam next hoply he mentions currency there too would be good sign
  23. ( Updated: 2/22/2019 ) Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 1190 IQD to 1 USD Dinar Market Rate: (CBI last reported 2-20-2019) 1193.008 IQD to 1 USD ** - Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES ** - Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days:YES (maintained since ~Mar. 15, 2018 & Iraq Market since ~Nov. 14, 2018) I would view the following "Opinions" with great skepticism, and mostly as B.S. because there is no confirming evidence .... RON 2-22-2019 Intel Guru Bruce [via PinkRoses] There was an outside shot that we would get the start Thursday. It did not happen. ...It didn’t happen because our lovely banks were not completely compliant...Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citibank were not complete or compliant with the 3:15 pm Thursday afternoon - all the major banks were compliant...That is why we couldn’t go Thursday, but we could be in position to go after today. I think we can finally call Iraq complete. They started paying out their citizens last...Saturday or Sunday...paying them all at a new rate on their Qui cards. These were salaries. This was money that was paid as a result of the oil and gas law, the so called: HCL, Hydro Carbon Law...(post 1 of 2)... What are his sources about the banks (B.S.) and Iraqi salaries. 2-22-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...We are hearing really good information. We think this is it...I am telling you things are moving...This RV/GCR has been rolling out slowly since this past Monday. ...It is like that Heinz Catsup commercial, the Anticipation Song. The catsup is pouring out, but taking a long time to pour out. That is like what we are experiencing. ...I have been told ??? source..? to be alert...I do not know when it is going to happen, but I do feel good about where we are in the process. I told you I wasn’t going to call it, and so I am not. I can’t, because I could be wrong. I am excited as I ever been for this to go thru...(post 2 of 2)... (more B.S.) 2-22-2019 Newshound Guru EHankins Article: "Signing a commercial economic agreement between Iraq and Kuwait" Quote: "the Iraqi-Kuwaiti agreement is a first step in the right direction to activate economic and trade relations and overcome the problems of the previous phase." [This is a significant piece to understanding where we are in the MR...we are at the doorstep to our reward. Just ask yourself, why was this done now and so quickly.] I couldn't agree more .... in my opinion this screams we indeed are on the other side .... both feet planted firmly because we have been prepared in advance. 2-22-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Q? : Do you feel the Iraq government must be fully seated before the RV can take place?] I absolutely say no. They have enough of a government seated. [Q? : Do you think we will RV before Prez gets back from China?] Yes I really think we will have the RV before then. I am still looking for the month of Feb. [Q? : Do you think this will be a taxable event?] From talking to many people at all levels of Gov and banking I do not think it will be a taxable event for the currencies. [Always consult with your tax professional at the appropriate time] [Q? : anything on the Dong?] I am still hearing the rate will be $2.0 to $2.20 on the dong. Hoping to have more news tomorrow [Friday]. (More B.S.)..!
  24. 2-21-2019 Intel Guru ADMINBILL The process is moving and in a critical juncture. I "expect" the good news to continue with a conclusion as early as the next 10 days for the public. 2-21-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Yes. I do believe they will begin currency reform this year. 2-21-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Article: "Iraqi PM aide: State of Erbil-Baghdad ties 'never better' " Baghdad and the Kurds getting along is something we've waited a LONG time to see! That kind of statement was unthinkable just a year or two ago. 2-21-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ They are 100% ready in Iraq , and 90% of all their problems are going to disappear as soon as the RV happens…In Iraq they were expecting it Monday and expecting it yesterday…they are still expecting it today . In Iraq they are asking folks to give up the USD’s and use those cards. The rumors are folks in Iraq have exchanged but no contacts say the rate still has not changed even though they are all talking about it on the TV and in the news...Everything is totally ready to go...they just need to release it all... I will be shaking the trees and rattling the cages all day today to find out some news. 2-21-2019 Intel Guru Delta IQD EXCHANGE RATE IN IRAQI MARKET.... 17-Feb- 1193.144- 1193.114 18-Feb- 1193.091- 1193.054 19-Feb- 1193.095- 1193.055 20-Feb- 1193.008- 1192.987 ***************************** Wednesday Night Opinions ***************************** 2-20-2019 Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf ...The question of tariffs has come up many times over the years and it is all about Iraq's application to join the WTO. Iraq cannot become a WTO member without a unified tariff profile. 2-20-2019 Newshound Guru chattels Article: "Iraq strengthens its reserves of gold to 96 tons" Countries such as Iraq, India, China and Kazakhstan were among the top gold buyers in 2018. According to data, Iraq increased its reserves last year by 6.45 tons, bringing its total gold holdings to 96.3 tons. 2-20-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ It’s Wait and See Wednesday today. We still do not have word from Iraq whether or not the rate has changed. Hope to know more this afternoon. In the banking system – they are still expectant for anytime. Big banks are all done and ready with the new banking system. Regional banks are scheduled to be done updating to new banking system mid-March. We are planning on using the big banks to exchange and they are ready.
  25. 2-20-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana I spend hours every day researching and communicating with my people on the Iraqi Dinar, international business, asset protection, etc...There are people I work with who know how important it is to get me my information by Tuesday, and are extremely dedicated to their roles... Today is short and sweet. There is nothing negative to report - Parliament is working, OIL is still going the right way, and my gut tells me they are just kicking a few last details around. If something counter productive were to happen right now, I'd take a harder look at things... but that's not the case. Everything is lining up! Parliament: still working, and working effectively. OIL: still moving towards $60, and doing it steadily. The only thing we can ask for right now is that BOOM! HCL news. Keep your heads on straight! This really feels like the home stretch. Now for a bit of B.S. in my opinion. I have no idea where he get's his ideas, or what screens he's really looking at (Email sent from a friend..??). It appears he's trying to outdo MarkZ from yesterday..! 2-20-2019 Intel Guru Bruce Iraq is pretty much out of the conversation. All we are looking Iraq for now is where are their rates. We are seeing movement on the screens today. We seen where they have reached a certain point and then start backing down a little bit. Same thing on the Dong. ... something on the front screens about $5.00 or so on the Dong right now and somewhere in the $5.60 - $5.70 range on the Dinar. The Vietnamese Dong may end up when it settles in being within 10% of the Dinar. ...We are hearing very good things about this being our week... I feel like where we are with everything that is moving forward that we are in that zone. We are in the red zone...(post 1 of 2).... 2-20-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...the sources we normally have are sending icons with zipped up mouths. It is like nope, zipped up, can’t communicate, can’t talk. To me that is a great sign. That tells us things are going on behind the scenes. ...It is done for our own safety and security. I am sure the security of the timing not only for us, but for banks, financial institutions, for many reasons, and so it is kind of quiet out there for a reason. I am excited...I know we are very close...(post 2 of 2)...
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