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Found 20 results

  1. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt .... Especially if it comes from Mark ... RON Nader From The Mid East In our religion [Muslim] it's against our religion to make profits from Banks and everybody can tell you that and it's in the Quran. When you put your money in a bank and that money makes babies you give it back to the bank or you give it to poor people. And now we hear the latest outrageous rumor from Mark MarkZ Member Comment: I hear Iraq’s ready. Answer: Yes they are...I was told [the rate] between $1.61 and $1.68. We wont know for certain which one until we get there. They know it’s going to float to that $3+ range. ...I was told it was announced and they have let the world know that they are moving forward... And I was told they are going to go towards the end of Ramadan...[Ramadan ends April 20] I’ve been told...there is a hard push to get it out the doors in the next few days. The comforting part is we can now see the end. It would be nice if it were true, but consider the source...RON
  2. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt .... RON Frank26 Every day they're telling them more and more...they made another exchange rate change. And as we predicted it, it would happen before it takes them to an international float...[NOTE: The official CBI rate is still listed as 1310.] Militia Man [Boots on the ground report] Guest: PompeyPeter has a business relationship and friendship with people from some of the ministries over in Iraq and his brother, they own a business there that deals in banks...PompeyPeter got in contact with him again yesterday morning...they have a good conversation for about 10-15 minutes which is a pretty long the end he says, 'Peter, get with me. Bring me something before the 31st of March.' We know what that means because he's expecting something just like we are. The man dealt with currency and he's a professional. He's a smart man/educated ...He's kind of brilliant in the way he acts and reacts to Peter because that's their culture...
  3. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt .... RON Sandy Ingram There are rumors Iraq has been told not to revalue the currency below a set amount...[we're] neither able to confirm or deny these rumors... Clare Article: "Kuwaiti dinar first and US dollar tenth: the 10 most powerful currencies in the world" Quote: "The American "Forbes" magazine stated that the US dollar is not the strongest currency in the world, but rather the Kuwaiti dinar, and with a big difference between them. The American magazine stated that the US dollar is generally seen as the most powerful currency in the world, adding that it is the most traded currency on the world stage, but it is surprising that the "dollar" is not the most powerful paper currency, among the world's 180 legally recognized currencies. all over the world. [Post 1 of 2] Clare Article Continued: "Here are the 10 most powerful currencies: 1. The Kuwaiti dinar - Is the strongest currency in the world..buys 3.26 US dollars (or in other words, 1 US dollar is equivalent to 0.31 Kuwaiti dinars, meaning that every Kuwaiti dinar is equivalent to about 3 dollars). 2. The Bahraini dinar - one Bahraini dinar buying 2.65 US dollars (or one dollar equals 0.38 Bahraini dinars). 3. The Omani Rial 4. The Jordanian dinar 5. Sterling 6. The Cayman Islands dollar 7. Gibraltar pound 8. Swiss francs 9. EUR 10. US dollars" [Post 2 of 2] MarkZ IMO we are on the cusp of this. There is a lot of news showing the stage is being set for this week... MEMBER QUESTION: Mark do you believe we are now in a window for new currency and a 1 to 1 rate to come to fruition? Yes. Although I believe our rate will be higher. Militia Man You haven't seen Al-Sadr come into play. He hasn't forced thousands or tens of thousands of people into the street so he must be confident that what he's seeing is the reforms are on their way...
  4. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt .... Especially if it comes from Mark ... RON MarkZ I am still hearing above $3 for the rate compared to the USD. (in his head..!) There is a whole heck of a lot of yo-yoing going on. They are throwing all kinds of rates at us. They do this on purpose. Its all part of the smoke and mirrors that go along with a major change in currency values. I think they are hiding this one right out in the open right now. The rate and how many days off we are is the question now.
  5. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt... Especially if it comes from Mark ... RON ## MarkZ The latest rates we heard were as high as $4.80 - $4.81 as a street rate…higher for those in the oil for Dinar program. Consider this all a rumor. LOL..! Nobody knows until we get there…I am being pressured to stop talking rates…so will do that soon. That day is coming and coming quickly. But for now…still hearing about $2-$2.25 for the Vietnamese dong…bankers still think I am a dollar or two low…I hope they are right and I am wrong. Same old BS from Mark - he's been spouting numbers for years, with nothing ever coming to pass. Besides, what bankers are going to talk with him about something no one knows about..? RON
  6. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in, take everything with a grain of salt... especially if it's coming from Mark... RON *** Mark [Q? : ...there is a rumor the Dinar rate has been released...] ...I am hearing similar news guys...I am not hearing those rates have been posted yet, and this is directly from the sandbox. I am hearing from my sources $4.81 and $11.90… We will not know for sure until we are exchanging…imo that seems like a very “pie in the sky“ rate. I do not believe we will see the rate of $11.90... I hope I am wrong. But, the $4.81 rate sounds very plausible…and spot on for the in country and international rate. [post 1 of 2] ** Mark I am hearing they have great expectations of it being posted in the next 36 hours or so…we do not control the timing. It could be sooner or a bit further off…we will see... we are hearing that the “oil for dinar” rate could be up to 3 times higher than the street rate...Starting yesterday afternoon we have been hearing these rumors from many sources. I can tell you conclusively that this rate is not available yet in Iraq at this present moment...Just do not make radical financial decisions on these rumors…[post 2 of 2] It would be nice if this were true, but I don't believe a word he says..! RON
  7. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** MilitiaMan Article: "Ports announce the completion of their electronic procedures for exempted goods" The completion of the last link means to me they are fully ready for what is expected. They go international the coffers will fill quickly, aside from the oil revenues!!!..imo. No coincidences with respect to timing.. *** Frank26 Article: "The Central Bank announces the achievement of the largest cash reserve in its history" AGAIN THE CBI TALKS ABOUT ITS CASH RESERVES, WHY?... BECAUSE IT IS PART OF THE MONETARY REFORM EDUCATION TO THE CITIZENS. And now for some outrageous BS from Mark... *** Mark This morning Charlie Ward gave me a call to verify some of the intel he was hearing as well…this was coming from QFS contacts. They are all looking for notifications on Monday or Tuesday …with great activity over the weekend. I am hearing the exact same thing. I am praying this is going to be accurate. There are a lot of things coming in the real world news that definitely points to a massive event very early in the week or over the weekend...Just remember if there telling us a date…it could come sooner.
  8. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq...or the latest Rumor they've heard - like this one..! RON *** Mark I think enormous things are happening...I am getting many rumors I have not been able to vet yet that Iraq did indeed pull the trigger this morning and they are trying to keep the world in the dark for a few days with a lockdown. I am trying to confirm it. ...I was told they wanted a minimum of 3 days but are hoping to keep it under wraps for 10 days...I do not know if it’s true yet, but, I have gotten this report from several different places. So we are very much sitting on the edge of our chairs this morning…going into the next 2-3 days. Let’s pray this is it…Treat this as a rumor for now (...LOL..!) until we get confirmations from boots on the ground….
  9. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** Nader From The Mid East It's a good news. Even with their crisis going on in Iraq the private sector are doing a lot better and the revenue besides the oil revenues is up and it's increasing and it's gonna be a lot better. Like I said before it's a waiting game so you're gonna have to wait a little bit until everything is set up. *** Mark's Rumors [Q? : Did they kick the can again?] I don’t think they are kicking the can…. There were a lot of behind the scenes things moving today...I did have some conversations with Iraqi contacts today. I am still hearing the rate is agreed to and the timing is agreed to with the CBI. This is BS..! I’m feeling confident guys even though we don’t know the exact timing. Contractors are pretty excited. My 3 contacts won’t share what the rate is but just said they were very successful getting the new contracts and rates renegotiated. More BS..! I wish I could say more but I am walking on the razor with this one. *** Kaperoni Two new articles came out tonight one from central bank and another from an advisor of the prime minister both of them confirming that currently there is no reason to change the exchange rate and only with the success and growth of the economy can the dinar exchange rate change. *** Samson Article: "The government comments on the possibility of restoring the dollar exchange rate and ending the currency auction" Quote: "...the issuance of a decision regarding the exchange rate of the dollar to decrease or raise is excluded at the present time. The best solution to end the crisis of the devaluation of the dinar is the currency to strengthen the local currency, expand its activity and diversify its sources..." *** Mark There is zero negative news. Even though they are blowing smoke, backtracked on it, planted more smoke and backtracked on it… We saw the same kind of smoke coming from Kuwait and China when they RV’d in the past. Things are happening just as we expected they would. *** Clare Article: "Dissolving Parliament without forming an interim government means that Al-Kazemi and Barham will remain" IS THIS A FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT? ...NO IT IS NOT...DO YOU SEE THE CHESS GAME GOING ON? KAZEMI, SADR & SALIH HOLD THE zzzzzzzzz MOVE ... THIS MAN Alaa Al-Rikabi, HAS ANNOUNCED WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AND HOW? THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE! AS WITH IRAQ WE WILL SEE THE BACK AND FORTH IN THE ARTICLES ... WE WILL SEE KAZEMI MAKE HIS ANNOUNCEMENTS VERY SOON...
  10. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON ** MarkZ News has been overwhelming out of the Middle east today…the excitement level from those on the streets of Iraq is through the roof in anticipation... Sadr and a number of people speaking late last evening in Iraq talked about the impending change of value and the impending government changes ...Most of my contacts over there think it may be within the next week for the new rate to begin. They specifically mention “Pre-Gulf War” for the rate...about $3.20 cents... IMO this is the very absolute closest we have ever been... Note that none of this has been confirmed - it's only from his Contacts..!
  11. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** Mnt Goat *** ...I...made a call to the CBI and learned that they are planning the project to delete the zeros sometime in late May or early June. This was as much details as they would give...we may very well see this move quickly once the president is voted on. I am hearing all is set to go for the reinstatement. All have a “green light”. So, the plan is laid only we don’t know about the entire plan. It is set for much sooner than later...I do not want to over-speculate but things are really lining up. Well, this would be great if it is true - we shall see soon enough. Is she telling the truth or just blowing smoke ... RON
  12. ** BobTheTaxMan ** [Q? : Have you heard anything from Warka Bank?] For those of you who may or may not be aware... Warka...opened up it's doors to allow people who were International to open up an account to be able to buy IQD there and store them there [In Iraq]...About 30 days ago it went completely dark. Meaning their website...went away. The source I have...went dark...I sent an email inquiry to the CBI...nothing. I do know they were insured and the account they've got are protected...the only thought I have is...either they're being absorbed into another bank or they're being overtaken and will be managed in the future by CBI. But I don't know exactly.
  13. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON *** Mnt Goat *** [Q? : What are the CBI plans?] As I promised I would I contact my source in the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) this past weekend. Today I wanted to come on and tell you want I learned. Remember we needed to validate all the intel rumors that Iraq has already gone to 1:1, IQD: USD. The result of my long conversation with the CBI is that “NO” it had not revalued to this extent, but there is a plan underway to do it by the end of the year (2021)... Well, That's a bummer...the end of the year..!
  14. Please do not shoot the messenger (Me..!) for simply posting as a Rumor this guy's nonsense. Since it's out there I thought I'd post it here for all to see who one of the biggest fabricators is and what he posted yesterday (Thursday) that has made it's way around the Dinar community. You can chuckle, grind your teeth, get mad or get excited...I's a fairytale...! Ron PS: I hope everyone has a great weekend. Be Blessed...! From 3-7-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...Just when you thought it was safe to forget about Iraq, they are the news. ...They have not had their rate on the screens...It hasn’t been on for at least 4 to 5 days? ...Should be back up somewhere around 11 o’clock or so tonight [Thursday]... ...Tomorrow [Friday]...they are supposed to release their ATM machines. They are supposed to pay on their new Qi, debit cards... When will they put their rate out? Will they put their rate out at that time? I do not know, but their cards will be working and their cards will have the rate on them. In a sense yes, but I think they will make it known probably make in the Gazette on Saturday. That is their regular publishing day...(post 1 of 3)....stay tuned.. From 3-7-2019 Intel Guru Bruce What is interesting to me...we know what the dinar was when it came off the screen and where it may come back to when it comes back on the screens, but most interesting to me is China has wanted the Vietnam Dong to be comparable to the Iraqi Dinar. That could be within 5% of the Dinar does not say on par with which would mean exactly the same value, but comparable could be close to the value of the Iraqi Dinar. That takes the Dong way up above what we all thought that the Dong could be worth. Makes it quite interesting for us because we are looking at the Dinar that may come out at the $7 - $8 range when it comes out initially...(post 2 of 3)....stay tuned.. From 3-7-2019 Intel Guru Bruce We are about the end of our 48-hour window I talked about on Tuesday that would theoretically expire by now, but these things keep moving and we have to be ready to receive that if this thing is moving and not always moving forward in our favor...Is there a way for us to get started before the weekend which would be tomorrow [Friday]? Possibly. ...All I can tell you is we are hearing some very good things that are happening tonight [Thursday]late and possibly overnight. Iraq is one of them. Let’s see how it goes for us. We know we are underway...(post 3 of 3)... There's a lot of this in the posts above, so be careful to not light a match...LOL..!
  15. 2-18-2019 Intel Guru Delta [Q1? : Delta you are saying the T&T (Taxes & Tariffs) are FULLY implemented as of now?] YES. [Q2? : May I ask if you have seen a rate change on the Arabic side of the CBI? ...With T & T fired off I would expect that the rate change should AT LEAST be showing on the Arabic side of the CBI according to what we all believe to be happening.] NOT YET... [Q3? : May I ask if you have seen or heard anything regarding the Iraqi citizens and their reactions to the new price increases? ] ...IT MIGHT TAKE A WEEK OR SO UNTIL CITIZENS FEEL IT...BUT IT'S COMING. 2-18-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ I was told yesterday that we would see all kinds of movement on all fronts and we are scratching our heads today because we didn’t see what we expected...I am reaching out to many sources...we were very much expecting it this weekend...We are still expecting it for the week...I really believe we are that close...I have good sources in Iraq and Iraq has a lot going on but they are hiding info about the RV. We hope to know lots more later today. This guy is blowing smoke, just like in his other posted opinions. They basically say, "Hey, look at me - I've got special info.." JMO..! RON 2-17-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "THE FUTURE FATE OF THE IRAQI CURRENCY AUCTIONS" ...these currency auctions are doing more harm to Iraq than good. They are no longer necessary and outlived their usefulness. They were supposed to help Iraq get through the sanctions but apparently now they are helping Iran through their sanctions using Iraqi funds. ...when the CBI tells us there is still POLITICAL INSTABILITY and ECONOMIC INSTABILITY this is what they mean. So now we get some insight as to what they have been saying all along. We now know the situation as to why the NSA stopped the RV twice in January...(post 1 of 2)....REPOST from yesterday for Continuity... 2-18-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat I want to make one other point here too and that is the connection of the RV to the Iranian influence and militias. So how can they stop the auctions and launch the lower denoms and thus raise the rate if the militias are going to cause trouble and spread counterfeit currency only causing a disaster in the dinar rate anyhow. So like I have been saying all along, they must get rid of the Iranian influence if they are ever going to RV...(post 2 of 2)...Follows the above post... 2-18-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Iraq is reporting that the vote on the cabinet will be completed at the first session in March. Parliament is to host Saleh and Mahdi at its first session on March 4 to develop strategies and maneuvers for combating corruption. All of the Green Zone will be open for 24 hours on a "test" basis. The Tariffs and Taxes supposedly started today, details are still difficult to obtain. 2-18-2019 Intel Guru Delta VERY INTERESTING - NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE... Iraq customs Apply for visa Free import • 200 cigarettes or • 50 cigars or • 250 grammes of tobacco • Up to 1 litre in wines or spirits • 500 ml of perfume in two small opened bottles • Up to 25 Dinars can be imported and sums no greater than 5 Dinars can be exported out of the country. [...with program rate on dinars why bother with the export of dinars or import of dinars.] [...the CBI still says 1190...] IMO NOT FOR LONG...!
  16. It is finally true, Adam?09/26/2013 Late Night Blast.....Sunrise Surprise All I can tell you is that it looks like what you have been waiting for could finally be here. Bank people are saying the rates have returned and are at the teller screens. I have received information and confirmation that several countries are looking at the exact same rates that we are.....USD vs IQN. These rate are also live at their teller screens. Hong Kong, Australia, UK all say that the rates are live and identical. Rates are identical at WF, BOFA and CHASE. Talked to bank personnel and rates are being loaded by regions, so that no one can exchange tonight and the process should be completed sometime tonight. If everything goes as planned and there are no hiccups, we are cleared to start the exchange. They have the option to start tomorrow at bank opening or whatever time they deem. Current rates being loaded are IQN - $25.87, VNN - $2.87 and IDN - $1.08. We will have to wait until the morning to see if these rates hold. Go to bed and enjoy this last night, because if everything holds as it is, you will be busy for the next couple of days. TNTDINAR Tony I am treating this as a rumor, until word from Adam! Sorry if I broke abt rules, this I took from that Recap place !
  17. Thug - I need your talent for great headings of amusement. How's this? Rumor rumor, oh how I love the humor. This is one call I would LOVE to believe. Grabbed from ReC@ps who ACTUALLY posted some really sober comments. In all the blog posts I have combed through, this one had the most viable comments I have ever seen! Perhaps they are getting wise and publishing all sides after all the flack. 

How I wish it were true!!!!
 drumrolllll .......And now for the post--> T - that was probably the most important thing I had to do today. I got a call from Iraq that it was just announced on their TV that they now have the highest currency and reserves in that area of the world. It's supposed to be scrolling across the bottom of their TVs 15 minutes ago. That was done to confirm that it went live for 20 minutes between 7-7:30 AM this morning then it was placed on an admin hold. T - 2nd Confirmation just arrived: US Embassy on High Alert in Iraq in anticipation for "RV Craziness." I'll be getting texts all during this call. We've been waiting for the release in Iraq first, so that's what we're getting in right now. If you can't handle it emotionally hang up because we're getting it as it comes in. This is what's being broadcast on Iraqi TV right now. T - That's what is happening - up to the minutes news happening right now. Monday morning Q&A from chat starting now. Q - why was your info wrong? What happened this time? A - I don't know that it was wrong but the situation changes and there is more than 1 person making decisions. A lot of what I shared on Friday went over a lot of people's heads. It's a situation that involves many people around the world and it's not a simple thing. It's about the budget negotiations, debt ceiling, money brokers, people in other countries, etc. This is a very complex situation. Even businesses operate like this. It changes quickly. Q - If $300T was used to push this through, why is it not done yet? Who paid this money? A - The Chinese were involved in the $300T and they didn't want money, they wanted oil. They are highly upset that it didn't go during that 72-hour period as agreed upon. It was discussed yesterday and this morning. Q - Is everything going as thought? A - Yes, the timeframe for today is set. They are calling their people in for today, so let's hope it goes through this time. If I get it from a few more people during this call I'll tell you. Q - How can banks afford to pay these people to come in for nothing? A - The banks are calling in their people again because UST is instructing them. UST is paying their OT to bring in their people. They've already called them in twice now and now we're hearing the morale is down because they have been called in multiple times for nothing. Banks know that regardless of the OT they know they're going to make it up when you make your deposit. So when they're told to go to the starting blocks they go. Q - How is WF explaining this to their employees? A - WF is being very careful as to how they framed this event. They are well-trained in their wording to employees. T - JUST GOT ANOTHER CONFIRMATION: It is on TV over there! DC guys just confirmed with his guys. T - Re: employees, the banks have been told to be careful that they're going to have rogue employees when this happen. They do expect this and have something in place for this. Watch your accounts - there will be some backlash. Q - If Lew facilitated the Kuwait RV, why did Clinton pass a law? A - We were not allowed to use those funds because of the agreement, nothing to do with Kuwait and Clinton. Whole new circumstances. This GCR is not 1 country and not 1 currency. Q - How can you know the rates when nobody is supposed to know beforehand? A - No one was supposed to see them before the RV took place, but we do know it took place on a higher level. People we know have told us the floor and the ceiling rate. It's steady, no holds there. All banks we contact and 5 other countries and they all agree on what they are seeing. Probably not an operating rate. Everything we've seen supports that rate. Q - Regarding the call center personnel, are they bonded to provide security? Which number do we call? A - each bank will have their own 800#. WF is the only bank with a group 800#. None of the others, as far as we know, have group numbers. Regarding the employees, they have signed NDAs, they're bank employees. It's just a call center where people are taking info, i.e., your name, email address, amount of dinar. That's all. They don't run background checks and security on these employees. T - A week ago Friday all the bank employees, on that Friday morning, were brought in and told that any info they give out could mean they would be prosecuted. "LIVE" Q&A FROM CALLER STARTING NOW....C = CALLER | T = TONY C - $300T was paid to ensure it happened in a timeframe and they didn't do it? T - This is bigger than a regular business deal. This isn't anything new to them. They get upset about it and do it anyway. They didn't do it in the 72 hours and now it's looking like it's being done in 96 hours and the Chinese know they won't get it back. T - Just received 4th confirmation of info being broadcast on Iraqi TV that they have the highest reserves in the world now. C - If it goes at the time they expect today, can we go to the bank today? A - If it goes today, yes. You have to remember that those bank employees are scheduled to work until 11PM in all time zones. They have been instructed that within 2 hours of the announcement the first people can come into the banks C - Was the powerful female figure Chinese? T - No, that was Christine LeGarde. C - Per the Stage2Omega post today, is it possible that some cashed out during that 20 minutes today? T - the word going around is that's why they did it T - I have to take a little break in here for a minute and share something that may be a little scary. I got some info a week ago and I didn't really share it with you guys. There are people on our site and other sites who are not good people. They form little groups to come on here and share negative stuff. We know who they are. There's another group of people who have little groups who've been PMs out to get you to become their friends, share your email addresses, etc. Some of you are falling prey to something that's going on several sites. There are investigations going on about people who are building databases off your. Remember: just because you met somebody on the internet doesn't make them your friend. These guys are pros - they get it a little at a time and complie it. It's been going on for years. I don't know who they all are - I know who some of them are. But this morning I just want to tell you to be careful. T - at least 4 different agencies are monitoring this site. I told you that post-RV there will be people will be escorted away. Just be careful and know that somebody has planned all along to take your money from you because they've gotten a lot of information from you. I would absolutely buy a new computer - these guys do this for a living. I've been warned and reminded again today. I received official notification about this about a month ago. C - How realistic is the possiblity of the government masking the RV with a Cypress thing? T - That's a big 0% possibility. C - what's the rate today? T - the goal was to get to $30 but today the rate is $27.87. They want to have the bulk of people done in the 1st 4 days. The are pushing those rates high to get peopel in and out so nobody would question it. C - What's the VND rate? T - $3.87 C - How did you get into this investment? T - Dan called me about this and stayed on me for about 3 months and finally I did it. I didn't want to get on the calls, but he got sick one week and he needed me to be with him. It just went from there. No good deed goes unpunished and believe me there has been plenty of punishment with this. T - Yesterday I was talking with some friends, ex-Marine who was in Kuwait. He did not buy any out of peer pressure, but all the officers bought some and then he saw people making $1-2M when they got home. C - I have concerns about giving my name when I call. T - cash in 1 note and set up your trusts then call the 800#. I've been told that with WF you can take in 1 $25K note and cash it in to set up your trust or foundation. If you're confused about this get on the OMC and ask Rayren all the questions you need to. C - With WF perpetrating the false narrative it seems some are hesitant to put their money there. TD Bank is more neutral, for example. T - It's not just 1 bank, it's banks all across the board. What are you going to do? Stuff your info in your mattress? People always bring up WF because they are the ones giving us the most info. T - MORE CONFIRMATION FROM IRAQ JUST RECEIVED - Boots on the ground are confirming what Tony is saying. C - Will there still be a 24-hour hold or maybe 72 hours? T - I know the banks are getting ready for this evening. My understanding is that auctions were stopped weeks ago and haven't taken place in weeks. C - From what I've heard is Lloyds of London a good way to insure funds? T - from what I've heard it's a smart play to be done. Not all banks know about it so keep asking up the food chain until you get the info. C - Who is backing up this money? T - The UST is backing up this money with oil credits. It is all digital. The average amount of IQD with 5M people is $100K IQD. 5M didn't actually get involved. Maybe 600K-700K did but may given it to others, which is what created the 5M people. C - Have you heard anymore from the dealers that they will be able to meet the bank rates? T - They will meet the CBI rate, not the market rate. There is a new CBI site that is supposed to come up the minute this is announced. But if 5 other countries see our rate they may force the CBI to show that as well. C - Do you think this can be stopped because of budget negotiations? T - No, because the info is out on the street in Iraq that they now have the highest currency in the region. We have 6 confirmations and I don't think the budget talks can stop this. It maybe tomorrow before it gets to us, or maybe like this afternoon like it's planned. I'm thinking anytime after 3PM EDT you might see it. C - You said they're going to change the CBI website? T - yes, we got a peek at it in January and you will be automatically directed to it when it changes and is "live." C - It would nice to have a list of questions to say or do when we go to the bank. T - Check our Forum for the top 10 questions to ask. T - They made the rates high enough for you to take your money and go. There is more so you can ask and they'll have to get authorization to go above $25.87. That's alot of money! C - is the VND rate fixed for 30 days or can it carry over to the 1st of the year? T - It's not going to carry over and it's not a fixed rate. When the IQD comes out, look at Kuwait's rate. Regardless of how high it comes out, it will come down to near the KWD rate. We know where the VND should come out based on Iraq, so you should know how far down it will go. C - When you call for your appointment, can one family member call for the other family members? T - don't know. You'll have to ask them when you call. C - When the RV happens can we walk into any bank and exchange VND? T - yes, it's already internationally tradeable. C - Is WF the only bank confirmed to exchange 1 note before the main exchange? T - Yes as of right now. C - When are you coming to Atlanta? T - I will be in Atlanta and will try to do something while I'm there with the locals. C - Is there a negotiable ceiling rate on the VNN? T - Yes. C - Went into a WF here in the midwest and spoke with a Private Banker. We are much more informed than they are. I got the impression they want to control your money, i.e., invest it in securities, stock market, etc., so people have idea of the pressure you'll get from the financial institutions. You need to have tough skin. T - This is what these guys do all the time. It's their job so they can influence you. They get paid regardless of what happens with your money. The more times they move your money around they more they make. If that banker knew about the IQD they wouldn't be a VP, they'd retire. He may be a VP but he's still working for a living. There's a saying: "if everyone was in the parade, who would be watching?" We'll do it my way. T - When I was in real estate I bought my 1st 7 houses with no money down. I went through all the classes. The 1st house I bought for $1K and made $47K a short time later. The last house I bought I told the realtor I wanted to close in 10 days. Realtor said it couldn't be done, but we did. Banks have rules to follow. You have to go in and tell them how you want to do this. They have a good process they are used to so you have to go in with a different mind set. C - Since Iraq has announced it's done there, are we just waiting for CBI to change their rates? Is Iraq back in the driver's seat? T - No, Iraq is following protocol. I don't know if it's DC trying to figure out how to spend this new money and tell the public they've been arguing for nothing and the 17th doesn't really matter? They have to figure out how to spend this so they don't all look crazy, how to explain arguing over cuts when they'll have the money. How do they bring this out in public? They said maybe by the 17th but how can they wait since it's been announced in Iraq? T - During this call we got confirmations saying it's on their TV but people are in the chat rooms saying it's not showing on TV. Well, turn the channel. All of these people cannot be confirming it and it's not happening. You may not see it on satellite TV here in US. C - Why would the bank need an email address when you call the 800#? What about people who don't have computers? T - I was told they would ask for 3 identifiers: name, email address and zip. TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WITH CALL....PLEASE STAND BY. C - 2 weeks ago you said there were 5 states for exchanging the IQD? T - no, I said there were call centers in 5 states. All states are doing the exchange. C - On a scale of 1-10 happens today, happens this week, happens this month? T - Definitely will happen this month because it won't go past the debt ceiling. With info coming out today I feel 99% we will see it tonight or tomorrow. T - Everything is good. All agreements are in place. We are awaiting an activation time. It is scheduled for this evening or tomorrow morning. It's not about us - this deal wasn't put together for us. We will see how they make it look to the public. It's about countries and global economies for the next 300-400 years. It's not about us. I've gotten 6 confirmations that it's being announced in Iraq that they now have the highest currency in the region and the world. These are all different sources, gov't agencies and contractors. I have 6 confirmations that it is happening right now on their TVs, even tho some are saying they can't see it. That's okay. Let's see what happens and hopefully I'll be doing another call today. We should be seeing it rather soon. If something happens that will affect your day I will do a blast. Enjoyo your day! END OF CALL. ComeonRV 10/07/2013 3:33pm If we have a private banker do we need to call the 1-800 #? Reply littleoleme 10/07/2013 3:33pm I loved your call!! Can't wait to hear from you again, I believe the next I hear from you I will be celebrating!!!! Reply PD 10/07/2013 3:57pm Thanks Team Tony. Reply king bean 10/07/2013 4:08pm This will start in Iraq. There is no confusion as to which country gets to "take credit". Its in Iraq CBI hands and theirs alone. Tony, what 5 states have called in their staff? I have friends from college working all over the country so I can VERIFY your "intel". Info should be easy to provide. Still havnt seen or confirmed those "pamphlets" from any WF you mentioned last weekend 0/07/2013 4:33pm WOW! What amazing information! GOD Bless you for all you bring to us! Reply link [ Sidebar from me aka Dinarian64 - NOW THESE COMMENTS ACTUALLY ARE PRETTY SOLID - CHECK IT OUT!] 10/07/2013 5:27pm Here is a clue, NOTHING will happen on the RV today or tomorrow or any time this week and that is a fact. If anything about currency is on TV in Iraq it would be that they have the highest RESERVES in the ME, not the highest currency. And if they were to RV at even 1 to 1, their reserves would be drastically lowered. 

If you think the debt ceiling in the US has anything to do with the RV, you are in for a big surprise. Iraq is still in control of their RV. There are many agreements on laws that need to be passed, but they are not yet passed. One of those being the HCL. 

I know you all think it is right around the corner and no one wishes more than I do that was true, but it is not. I would be overjoyed to be surprised, we'll see how it plays out this month. Reply Paul link 10/07/2013 7:42pm Gary, Finally some one has put "common sense" on the boards. but no one wants to hear what is real. 
I hope you are wrong but "common sense" tells me you are right. Reply Rob 10/07/2013 6:18pm Almighty God is the only one who knows when it will happen....if anybody will know is the CBI banks in Iraq.. Reply [ Sidebar from me aka Dinarian64 - THIS ONE SAYS THEY ARE STILL CENSORING - OY! WHAT HAPPENED TO FREE SPEECH?] gw 10/07/2013 6:43pm I will rephrase my first response so it can get posted . What are the banks and where are they located because according to Tony these poor souls get yanked around and get more overtime than disaster relief workers. I could use the extra pay lol. Reply RJM 10/07/2013 6:43pm I know people also... pretty connected. I know bank managers at some of the top banks in my heavily populated area... I know wealth managers for the very wealthy, I know bank tellers a senator and some very well known local representatives. I can't verify one thing Tony has said in the past several months. The only information I've been able to get are from people I know in high places, that know this investment inside and out... I've been told they will adjust their currency in due time... still many laws to pass, security is still a huge issue, and still much political instability... It's coming... but I have a hard time believing it's going to happen within days. Remember one thing... the only people that have been right up until this point are those that have said it's still some time away... I'm confident it will happen some day in the near future Reply Tim 10/07/2013 6:48pm I talked with a family member who's in Iraq and he said everything seems to be the same. Nothing on tv saying anything about the currency. I went to the currency converter and IQD is still showing 1164 to $1. I want to believe what Tony says but I have a family member in Bagdad who can prove everything be says wrong! These people are really hurting! Reply anonymous 10/07/2013 7:13pm To King Bean, Gary and Rob..... Finally some commentary that is based on reality based observations and thinking... Thank you! Reply Dale Smith 10/07/2013 7:22pm My cousin has a relative who works in Iraq, so I made a call. There wasn't anything on TV , and the Dinar is still worth the same ole, same ole. I am tired of being fed lies. Reply wew 10/07/2013 7:37pm Who care who goes first, it simply means that the rest go 2nd, then 3rd and so on, but it get done! Or am I missing something? Iraq goes, the rest of the middle east then Africa, Asia, China, the USA!!! The Europe etc and so on! Egos really, not when we are talking about this kind of money, that is absurd sir, absolutely absurd. Reply [ Sidebar from me aka Dinarian64 - AND NOW MORE HOPIUM FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY] daryl 10/07/2013 8:09pm Personally watched the press announcement during Tonys call on the Web this am .... ... It went for an hour at 8 pm their time, even more interesting was on another station there a lady was interviewing the families out in the marketplaces they were all exhuberent and smiling like it was Christmas morning, all the men pulled out their white card when interviewed and I believe this is same bank card they show to the tellers for their account. All the people had brand new clothes, haircuts, and some new iPhones, the commercial between interviews were very americanish with Arabic script advertising 65 inch plasma TVs (a $1500 cost), cell phones,etc ... No way anyone there could afford these if the dinar was still 8 cents in value! Everyone was out late at night shopping with many gifts in hand, from the youngest to the oldest, just watch the replays, the press Conf had over 30 local stations broadcasting, so a total media blackout by the Intl. Press on this event! All the Intl press reported on today happening there was more bombings, we are being totally manipulated the mainstream liars, by Murdoch and his degenerate peers ... My blood is boiling! But it's great to see genuine happiness and joy finally with these iraqis who have suffered in squalor because of the Kissinger Style satanists!
  18. I keep getting a failed page loading error crashing my browser, this surely means the RV is upon us right?!?!?!?
  19. Here is the best thread that I have seen in a long time. remember, if something cant be verified, it is nothing but a pumper at work. They give good concrete information. happy Sunday to all!
  20. 8:38 AM [xyz] 3:39 AM [ono62] cgmom70 but have hope 3:40 AM [cgmom70] ono62 we are very close like on the edge 3:40 AM [ono62] incite me 3:40 AM [cgmom70] that i dont say close thats guru but my stand point we are close 3:41 AM [cgmom70] gurus can run but they just got done in parlament with the budget 3:41 AM [ono62] voted? 3:41 AM [cgmom70] yes 3:41 AM [ono62] passed? 3:42 AM [cgmom70] the budget was just done at 3.42 our time actually min before hand 3:42 AM [cgmom70] im about 4 min late getting on 3:42 AM [cgmom70] [3:46:00 AM] 3:43 AM [ono62] gotta link for dat? 3:43 AM [cgmom70] ive said before 3:43 AM [cgmom70] no i dont sorry you will see it tomorrow 3:43 AM [healthscans] cgmom70 so that means we will see the RV then, right? 3:43 AM [cgmom70] healthscans i dont know if it will be hours or days that i dont know 3:43 AM [cgmom70] i know what was done with it was 3.48 3:44 AM [healthscans] cgmom70 that is ok coming from you! 8:50 AM [novemberwhiskey] goin4broke i hear ya, i tired of the row row row the boat too, we will be in port, 3:44 AM [cgmom70] healthscans well you know how i am i wont sugar coat 3:44 AM [healthscans] ono62 Hello. I am doing ok, just working and waiting on this RV 3:44 AM [healthscans] cgmom70 Yes I know that and respect it. 3:45 AM [cgmom70] so now that its done your guess is as good as mine on the showing party 3:45 AM [ono62] healthscans good to c u 3:45 AM [cgmom70] i got a hold of my freind in afganistan 3:45 AM [cgmom70] the lower denoms was out yesterday 3:45 AM [cgmom70] for iraq
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