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  1. Napoli Centrale (name indicates Naples' main train station) were formed in Naples in 1974 on the initiative of James Senese (sax, vocals....later he will play with Pino Daniele-RIP & others) and Franco Del Prete (drums) after their experience in another band called the Showmen 2. They joined forces with American keyboardist Mark Harris and British bassist Tony Walmsley and in 1975 released an eponymous debut album blending in an original way Mediterranean roots and jazz rock. James Senese's father was an American soldier who had been working in the base of Naples and his moth
  2. Old expression: Roma Caput Mundi (latin)....Meaning Rome capital / head of the world....Indeed a beautiful city A dedication to his hometown  Saw him in concert in 1975 ( he was opener for Perigeo) and then again in 1976 ( Sung in Roman dialect which is very similar to proper Italian unlike other Italian dialects) How beautiful you are oh Rome in the evenings when the moon reflects itself inside the big fountain and the couples des
  3. Great song with awesome lyrics imo
  4. The TV remains off and I don't watch it anymore I feel a lump in my throat that is difficult to swallow I'm smoking a little, I go through the curtains Grey skies lead me, I'm not leaving because I'm overtaken by A nostalgy that rises slowly, like never before I'm thinking about you, I'm asking myself now where are you and what you do Who knows if you have ever thought about me About our fire that was burining and now became ashes But everything goes by, and even if it feels strange I'm smiling, because I know That today I won't call you up Whatever will be, will be - and I
  5. Saw them in 1973 ( that's 47 years ago...Yes, I'm gettin' old.....) Good concert Claudio Rocchi (RIP) was the opener
  6. 1.Allegro (00:00) 2.Adagio (Shadows 02:18) 3.Cadenza - Andante Con Moto (07:12) 4.Shadows (Tribute to Jimi Hendrix 11:25) 5.Nella Sala Vuota (Live Improvisation 16:54) Arrangements written by composer Luis Enriquez Bacalov
  7. He sings / plays 3 diff. parts / characters ( 2 men , 1 woman) in this song It's his fault! It's his fault! Believe me! You weren't there... you weren't there to defend me! And his determination was stronger than my will. And the innocent one... and the innocent one will pay. I know you won't believe... you won't believe me, but it's his fault! It's his fault! I don't care if you are going to drink false tears. I can tell you they're salty, I already drank them, by now. Anyway, everything she s
  8. Great singer / songwriter...Saw him at the end of the 70's / beginning of the 80's
  9. She has been one of our greatest female singers no doubt...Too bad she left us way too early....She had a very tormented life unfortunately.....which ended tragically You know, people are weird, first they hate each other, and the they love each other they change mind suddenly, first the truth and then lie without seriousness, as if it was nothing you know,people are crazy, maybe too unsatisfied follow the world blindly When the fashion changes they also change continuously and foolishly.
  10. RIP Francesco Di Giacomo (vocalist) 00:00 Canto nomade per un prigioniero politico (Nomad song for a political prisoner) 15:45 Non mi rompete ( Leave me alone...literally "don't break me"...) 20:52 La città sottile ( Subtle city) 28:04 Dopo... niente è più lo stesso ( Afterwards...Nothing is the same anymore) 37:59 Traccia II ( Track II) Francesco Di Giacomo / lead vocals - Marcello Todaro / electric & acoustic guitars - Gianni Nocenzi / electric & acoustic pianos - Vi
  11. Napoli/Naples percussionist, drummer, composer...Has collaborated ( in albums & live concerts) with Alan Sorrenti, Pino Daniele, Perigeo, Francesco Guccini, Don Cherry, Eumir Deodato, Brian Auger, Gilberto Gil etc Very talented ( saw him in concert w P.Daniele-RIP in the 80's)  From "Processione Sul Mare ( procession on the sea)
  12. Carlo Marrale, Antonella Ruggiero - vocals
  13. From "Contaminazione" 1973 AFTCW / Now I can't remember anymore
  14. Meaning.. those who believe they are always thinking the RIGHT doubts whatsoever ... NOT meaning people politically on the right...Just to be clear  They're all around us, among us, in many cases we are the ones making promises that we never keep, unless for selfish reasons. The only end is usefulness, the means are every possibility, the stakes as high as can be, and winning is an imperative - and don't give anybody else a chance to participate. In the logic of this game, the only rule is being shrewd: no scrupl
  16. City is Firenze (Florence)...Band's hometown Years later band split up and vocalist Piero Pelu' went on with a solo career
  17. 1 La Terra -00:00 2 Miña-10:30 3Mud-18:21 4 Sar -25:57
  18. When I saw you arrive so beautiful as you are it did not seem possible to me that with so many people around you'd notice just me it felt like flying right here in my room like in a dream more inside you I've known you forever and I' ve loved you since no time Pretend you'll never leave me even though it will have to end sooner or later this long love story now it's already late but it's still early if you leave Pretend that it's just for the two of us time will go by but this long love story will not now it's already late b
  19. Quando la sera me ne torno a casa When I come home in the evening non ho neanche voglia di parlare I'm not even in the mood to talk tu non guardarmi con quella tenerezza Don't look at me with that tenderness come fossi un bambino che ritorna deluso like a child that comes back disappointed si lo so che questa non è certo la vita Yes, I know this surely ain't the life che hai sognato un giorno per noi you once dreamed about for us vedrai, vedrai you'll see, you'll see vedrai che cambierà you'll see it will change forse non sarà domani maybe not tomorrow ma u
  21. Real name: Francesco Puccioni Quite a hit in Italy and Europe in the 80's
  22. "Il Dio Serpente" (The snake god) soundtrack
  23. RIP Massimo Riva (vocalist) Ok yeah....Allright Tonight I'm staying with you Ok Yeah... You'll see Tonight You'll die! Take all you want Tonight we won't ever leave each other It's your lips making me cry by now Sometimes when you kiss me I believe I'd die If you w
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