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Found 8 results

  1. Luigi1

    Good News.

    Luigi came across this article of Dinarian interests... GOI gives reasons why there must be a new exchange rate. Take this as very good news on our way towards the RV/RI. Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. Go RV. SHAFAQ: The Iraq government justifies the reasons for adopting a new exchange rate for the Dollar. Noting that that this will come to support national production, protect the Central Bank of Iraq reserves & support the budget.
  2. Luigi says... We will have to just put all out trust & faith in the Gurus. All the links are in way to confirm or varify. Frank26: WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS FROM THE CBI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walkingstick: Friday, October 12 Video: delete the zeros is still exist and the mass of cash is 44 trillion dinars LINK DELTA: THANK YOU BROTHER I DID WATCH IT LIVE……. NO WAIT NO EXCUSE …..FROM THEM… Alison: Despite whatever little steps backwards those knuckleheads may be tempted to take from time to time is also VERY encouraging to be reminded that what we all seek is on track. Thank you Walkingstick, Delta, Frank and all teams...LINK... Popeye7: Article: “Turkey: release of US priest Branson” LINK Remember that this was one of the main reasons that the US placed sanctions on Turkey… The imprisonment of this priest, and our country demanding his release… Well, I believe his release is very significant as far as timing goes… IMHO…LINK...
  3. Luigi says... Iraq commitments to Kuwait is the #1 holdup of the MR process. Treat this article as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. 22 Sep 2017 KTFA26... Article: “Kuwait to help Iraq fulfill UNSC commitments” Quote: “Kuwait said Wednesday it would cooperate with Iraq to fulfill commitments towards Kuwait as listed in UN Security Council resolutions...” Today we have Kuwait backing Abadi and Iraq … Nice (big smile).
  4. 15 June 2017 TNT Tony RayRat... They are posting #800...this was from Tony. CITI at 2 AM, happened to check VND rates. VND was clearly listed at $8.00. Made a call to a contact at the UST. The rate was there then reverted back.
  5. 16 Sep 2016 ADMINBILL: 5:07PM MDT HEARING GOOD THINGS. LET IT BE. LET IT BE. 16 Sep 2016 From a TNT member I went to my local bank (one of the top three about which we speak so often), and Dinar is on the teller’s screen for $3.71. Zim, Rupiah, Dong were not coming up in their system at all. I asked for a manager to confirm what the teller shared with me about all four currencies and the information given to me was confirmed. From a TNT member in California 16 Sep 2016 OKRocks: GM all…. this could be an exciting day/weekend Tada wrote I bet most of us are asking ourselves…. “should I go or should I stay”? (to work)… lol Daz: I DONT THINK GOING TO THE BANK RIGHT NOW IS THE RIGHT APPROACH…HANG IN THERE TILL WE GET THE GO SIGN…. WHEN ITS TIME TO GO WE WONT HAVE TO GUESS AT IT
  6. Luigi found this article worth a read. The next couple of days we should see some urgent Bills passed. Still no word on the HCL. 3/1/2016 OGG, Poppy3, MAINE... maine says()*) New Law is Ready for Approval, Good News for Iraqi Dinar Investors? February 29, 2016 On Monday, the Iraqi Parliamentary Legal Committee has confirmed that legal discussion regarding general amnesty of the Federal Court has been completed and it will be forwarded to Iraqi Parliament for approval. A member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee issued a press statement that Iraqi Parliamentary Legal Committee arranged a special session to discuss the general amnesty law of the Federal Court and we have completed discussion for all the concerning issues and aspects. ogg says():just a couple questions: was there not an agreement between the USA and Iraq the price of per barrel of oil was going to be $32 and so their economic recovery was based on that $32 amount since we are the majority purchaser of their oil ogg says():question two: I thought that precious metals and other gyms and things like that were what made up the most of their reserves not just their revenues from oil dwightj says():THAT WAS THE STORY OOG maine says():i heard its up to 35 a barrel EVERYONE SEEM TO FORGET THIS IS IN THE 12TH YEAR NOW AND SEEM ONLY A HAND FULL OF PEOPLE REMEMBER BEYOND YESTERDAY. THIS EFFECTS DIRECTLY SOME 30 PLUS COUNTRIES ,NOT JUST THE FEW OF US AND IRAQ. POPPY3 SCOTZGIRL says(): The only deadline I've read in all that has been copied from IMF documents says "first half of 2016" dwightj says():ANYWAY THEY SAID THE BUDGET WAS BACED ON 45 DOLLARS A BARREL SCOTZGIRL says to rcookie():Right, but someone referred to end of year and that doesn't fit with their comments on entering world economy in "first half of 2016". They had deadlines by end of Feb - but it wasn't to revalue according to IMF doc's rcookie says to Holly1():THERE YOU GO..OIL A LITTLE OVER 35...IRAQI OIL AT 30... dwightj says():OILS AT 33.91 A BARREL NOW Holly1 says to rcookie():Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar 6.22 SCOTZGIRL says to rcookie():all good Holly1 says to rcookie(): Fawaz Hazim Ahmed For gold Waco went from UAE stamped caliber 24 and 24 and there went from the central bank stamped by the bank rcookie says to Holly1():SO...IN THAT CASE IRAQI OIL AT $25...WOW... rcookie says to Holly1():AND REMEBER AT THAT PRICE ABOUT 5.5 BILLION ADDED TO DEFICIT WITH NO BACK END RELIEF FROM OVERPUMPING THIS TIME...BECAUSE OF PRODUCTION FREEZE.... Holly1 says to rcookie():Hussein Al-Jabri Sweet Bs rise of oil dollars do not rise poppy3 says to SCOTZGIRL():THEY ARE TO ENTER THE GLOBAL ECONOMY ON MARCH 1 ACCORDING TO THEIR LAST REPORT. THEY CANT WAIT TILL JUNE 15 AND THEN BAM THEY ARE THERE. THEY HAVE MANY CHANGES TO MAKE TO GET TO A MARKET ECONOMY. IT TAKES WEEKS AND EVEN MONTHS TO JUST THROUGH ALL THE HOOPS TO GET THEIR. THUS THE MEETINGS TODAY AND TOMORROW CLIMBING THE LADDER TO GET THERE. POPPY3 rcookie says to Holly1():WHAT WAS THAT 6.22 HOLLY.... thomas1 says():so are you thinking a change in rv in march 2015 dwightj says():WELL WHERE IS AT NOW DID IT MOVE TO THE 15TH OR APRIL 1ST thomas1 says to poppy3():are you thinking that change in dinar value in march 2016 A member of the Commission MP Ahmed Saleem also confirmed that approval of the Financial Court Act has been added in the next session of the Parliament and it would be discussed, then it will be presented to the House of MEETINGS TODAY AND TOMORROW IS WHAT I WAS TOLD. POPPY3 poppy3 says():Session starts at: ten in the morning.
  7. Treat as a rumor until varified. Your comments. Your opine. 20 Nov 2015 Elmerf12346: I just got this text from my mystery man: Across the Pond Plans for lower denominations on fast move now in country. We have a time table and it's very soon is all I can say. I haven't heard from my contact in over 3 weeks and he sends me this little nugget. I want to strangle him in the most loving way. Lord let this be so! We stand tall and ready to receive this Blessing. Searching for Intel is an addiction and a hobby. Unfortunately when your good contact close to the situation is asked to be quiet, so is Intel separation. But in this case all is forgiven. Let's bring it! Lol. All we need now is our REALITY I'm ready and I know all of you are as well. Let's get this done and call it complete. I patiently await that moment. .... Elmer123456: We have all waited what seems to be a maternity we have been up and we have been down and this indeed has been an emotional struggle for many! This journey has not been one of a smooth paved road but a rocky one ! In the beginning we heard much and believe everything and then we got wiser and sore more validation of what we seek ! I believe our celebratory days or among us ! Thank you for riding along with all of us as one TNT strong Eternity. Maternity for some also Lol… you know that AutoCorrect will hit you anytime you're not looking Adept1: Elmer: Push! Push! Push! Elmerf123456: Well maybe AutoCorrect is smarter than all of us because if you think about it this is probably very similar to maternity all the pains that we've had the ups and downs and so forth but once we get our RV we will forget about all the pain and all the time it took us to get here Elmerf123456: I don't do timelines. I want it now like everyone. If you hold the ticket(currency) you get to go to the show!(exchange) that's what's most important. ***************************
  8. from S3A...He Has Good News...Your comments. Stage3Alpha: warrior March 13, 2015 at 3:17pm Copied From Twitter JC@JCR3758 I will keep you informed here once I have confirmations! JC @JCR3758 · Please standby and don't rock the boat as its approaching the shore. Just be ready and thankful for the blessing we are about to receive! JC @JCR3758 · Hopefully the PTB acknowledge its success and implement the full release now. You will NOT need to be affiliated with any group to exchange JC @JCR3758 · The process of exchanging has started in different countries but still under controlled conditions. We're very attentive of this development JC @JCR3758 · Guys I want to caution you: yes it is true that we are extremely close to seeing the completion for all involved but we must stay grounded ....
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