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  1. Michael Sandford, who had a UK driver’s license, was arrested after grabbing at the holster and handle of a gun at the hip of an officer providing security Nicky Woolf in San Francisco Tuesday 21 June 2016 07.21 BST
  2. Success of Five Star Movement’s Virginia Raggi and Chiara Appendino in mayoral elections is setback for PM Matteo Renzi Rosie Scammell in Rome Monday 20 June 2016 12.43 BST
  3. Husband of Batley and Spen Labour MP calls for fight against ‘the hatred that killed her’ as politicians mourn victim of shooting and stabbing outside constituency surgery Robert Booth, Vikram Dodd, Nazia Parveen and Helen Pidd Thursday 16 June 2016 21.04 BST
  4. Chris Murphy, who led Democrats in holding floor for more than 14 hours, says deal was struck with Republicans for vote on background checks and terror watchlist Warren Murray and agencies Thursday 16 June 2016 08.11 BST
  5. Convicted terrorist Larossi Abballa fatally stabbed couple in front of their son and posted video of attack on Facebook Angelique Chrisafis in Paris and Kim Willsher in Magnanville Tuesday 14 June 2016 12.45 BST
  6. Uefa expresses ‘disgust’ and threatens England and Russia with expulsion Police say 35 people were wounded in clashes before and after Euro 2016 game Owen Gibson in Paris Sunday 12 June 2016 15.32 BST
  7. Police notifying next of kin before names released Barack Obama declares mass shooting ‘an act of terror’ Father of Omar Mateen condemns Orlando attack Amanda Holpuch and Alan Yuhas Monday 13 June 2016 14.40 BST
  8. The sexualities of those murdered in Orlando shouldn’t be glossed over. This was the worst mass killing of LGBT people in the west since the Holocaust Monday 13 June 2016 12.02 BST By Owen Jones
  9. With voters set to reject their nominee, Republicans could lose control of Congress, ushering in a progressive era Sunday 12 June 2016 00.05 BST By Michael Cohen
  10. Democratic frontrunner attacks Trump’s ‘personal feuds and outright lies’ in blistering speech that questions GOP candidate’s suitability for the White House Rory Carroll in Los Angeles Thursday 2 June 2016 21.37 BST
  11. Mainak Sarkar also killed his mentor, William Klug, on campus yesterday A second UCLA professor on the ‘kill list’ is unharmed Rory Carroll in Los Angeles and Maria L La Ganga in San Francisco Thursday 2 June 2016 18.17 BST
  12. New polymer fiver lasts up to five years and can withstand punishment from ‘claret, cigar ash, bulldogs and the washing machine’, boasts Mark Carney Angela Monaghan Thursday 2 June 2016 16.52 BST Last modified on Thursday 2 June 2016 17.54 BST
  13. Tens of thousands of children believed to be victims of live-streaming abuse, some of it being carried out by their own parents Tuesday 31 May 2016 03.11 BST By Oliver Holmes in Manila When Philippine police smashed into the one-bedroom house, they found three girls aged 11, seven and three lying naked on a bed. At the other end of the room stood the mother of two of the children – the third was her niece – and her eldest daughter, aged 13, who was typing on a keyboard. A live webcam feed on the computer screen showed the faces of three white men glaring out. An undercover agent
  14. Humanitarian specialist Michiel Hofman says permanent members of UN security council are complicit in killings by supporting countries in conflict Kareem Shaheen in Beirut Wednesday 1 June 2016 07.00 BST The targeting of hospitals and humanitarian workers in war is quickly becoming a “new normal”, a top official at Médecins Sans Frontières has said, describing permanent members of the UN security council as complicit in the killing of medics. Michiel Hofman, a senior humanitarian specialist at the charity, offered a grim analysis, saying instead of rebel groups it was conventional
  15. 'When we look into the face of every single refugee, especially the children and women, we can feel their suffering' Max Bearak 4 hours ago 29 comments The Dalai Lama, widely known for his compassionate views, has said that "too many" refugees are seeking asylum in Europe, according to German news. Speaking to reporters in the de facto capital of Tibet's exiled government, he said: "Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country," in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "Germany is Germany. There are so many that in practice it becomes d
  16. Thousands of protesters turn out on streets of French capital as refineries and nuclear power stations across the country come to a halt Angelique Chrisafis in Paris Thursday 26 May 2016 18.45 BST Riot police arrested 16 people and fired teargas in violent clashes with protesters marching in Paris as striking workers continued to blockade refineries and nuclear power stations in an escalating stand-off over labour reforms. Tens of thousands of people marched across France in protest against François Hollande’s planned labour bill, which aims to make it easier for companies to
  17. What three decades in journalism has taught me about the persistence of racism in the US Wednesday 25 May 2016 06.00 BST By Howard W French Over the course of 2014, America seemed to reawaken to one of its oldest preoccupations: the reality of how race is lived in the United States, and in particular the many stark disparities that persist between black and white people. The continued existence of racial inequality in the United States was not exactly news – but the shocking deaths of a series of unarmed black men at the hands of the police made the issue impossible to ignore. The
  18. Planning minister Romero Jucá was recorded saying ‘We have to change the government’ as the only means to stop a sweeping corruption investigation Jonathan Watts in Rio de Janeiro Monday 23 May 2016 22.08 BST The credibility of Brazil’s interim government was rocked on Monday when a senior minister was forced to step aside amid further revelations about the machiavellian plot to impeach president Dilma Rousseff. Just 10 days after taking office, the planning minister, Romero Jucá, announced that he would “go on leave” following the release of a secretly taped telephone conversation in
  19. Isis claims it carried out suicide and car bomb attacks in Jableh and Tartous, which until now had escaped worst of conflict Martin Chulov Monday 23 May 2016 14.11 BST Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a series of blasts that killed more than 120 people in a loyalist coastal enclavethat has remained the most tightly controlled part of Syria throughout the civil war. The attacks targeted Tartous, which hosts a Russian naval base, and Jableh, 50 miles to the north. Both cities had been spared the destruction that has laid waste to other parts of the country over more than
  20. SFPD boss Greg Suhr resigns just hours after officers fatally shot a 27-year-old black woman and as the police department faces a bigotry scandal .... In a statement on their Facebook page, the activists who held a hunger strike, known as the Frisco 5, called for further action, including a meeting with the acting chief to discuss “real reform” and the resignation of the mayor.
  21. Smarter artificial intelligence is one of 21st century’s most dire threats, writes Yuval Noah Harari in follow-up to Sapiens Ian Sample Science editor Friday 20 May 2016 13.20 BST It is hard to miss the warnings. In the race to make computers more intelligent than us, humanity will summon a demon, bring forth the end of days, and code itself into oblivion. Instead of silicon assistants we’ll build silicon assassins. The doomsday story of an evil AI has been told a thousand times. But our fate at the hand of clever cloggs robots may in fact be worse - to summon a class of eternally us
  22. Global poll finds 10% would take in refugee – rising to 29% in UK – with Australia fifth on Amnesty index despite hardline policies Ben Doherty in Sydney Thursday 19 May 2016 01.01 BST The people of China, Germany and the UK are the most welcoming to refugees in the world, according to an Amnesty International survey on attitudes towards those fleeing war and persecution. In a global survey of 27,000 people across 27 countries, nearly 70% said their governments should being doing more to help refugees, while 80% said they would accept refugees living in their country, city, or neighb
  23. Greek TV reporting that large objects found in search for passenger jet that is beileved to have crashed in the Mediterranean with 66 people on board Hollande confirms EgyptAir flight crashed over Mediterranean Q&A: key questions about missing EgyptAir flight MS 804 Claire Phipps and Matthew Weaver Thursday 19 May 2016 14.22 BST 28m agoPossible debris found 33m ago‘Terrorism more likely than technical failure’ 1h ago 2h agoGreece issues timeline 3h ago'Sudden swerves' before crash 3h agoHollande's statement 3h agoHollande conf
  24. Nicolás Maduro remains defiant in face of parliament’s attempts to unseat him and worsening economic situation Emma Graham-Harrison and agencies Wednesday 18 May 2016 13.54 BST Venezuela’s political crisis has deepened after the country’s president, Nicolás Maduro, predicted that the opposition-controlled parliament would soon “disappear” while his political rivals prepared for a day of protests in the capital to demand a recall vote. Both sides have intensified the rhetoric as they vie for control of a country wracked by food shortages, looting, power cuts, spiralling violence, a shr
  25. Death of New Yorker, whose secret to long life was plenty of sleep and no alcohol, means just one person born in 19th century still lives ..... Thomas Scharf, professor of social gerontology at Newcastle University, said that as the general population ages the likes of Morano should be celebrated and learnt from. “Within 30 to 40 years there will be half a million people over 100 [in the UK] and there will be more people on that list of super-centenarians,” he said. Emma Morano poses next to a picture of her younger self. Photograph: Antonino Di Marco/AP
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