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  1. Veteran rockers become first western band to play open-air free concert in Havana after visit by Barack Obama this week opened up country again Jonathan Watts in Havana Saturday 26 March 2016 09.59 GMT “Finally, the times are changing,” proclaimed Mick Jagger to a vast, euphoric crowd in Havana on Friday night, as the Rolling Stones completed their Latin American tour with a concert that may well prove a pivotal moment for a generation of Cubans. Hundreds of thousands thronged to the Ciudad Deportiva stadium to see the British rockers, who follow hard on the heels of a visit by
  2. Victims say 40-year sentence is too lenient while many Serbs continue to support man who oversaw 1995 massacre at Srebrenica Julian Borger in The Hague Thursday 24 March 2016 20.12 GMT At the end of it all, 21 years since he was first charged, after 11 years on the run, a five-year trial and the 18 months the judges took to deliberate over a verdict, Radovan Karadžić’s moment of judgment came. The Bosnian Serb leader was convicted of genocide for the 1995 slaughter at Srebrenica, and nine other counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, terror and exte
  3. At least 11 killed and 81 injured in Zaventem airport blasts 15 dead and 55 injured in metro station blast ‘We face a tragic moment,’ says Belgian PM Matthew Weaver and Haroon Siddique Tuesday 22 March 2016 13.05 GMT 13m agoOne British national injured 28m agoReport: 34 dead 36m agoCameron says 'we absolutely stand' with Belgium 1h agoTrump and Ukip blame 'lax' border controls 2h ago15 killed in metro blast 2h agoBelgian PM: 'What we feared, has happened' 4h agoReport: 10 dead in metro blast Live feed http://www.the
  4. In his first comments since protests interrupted two rallies in Arizona on Saturday, Donald Trump rejected any responsibility: ‘We don’t condone violence’ Edward Helmore Sunday 20 March 2016 17.57 GMT In his first comments since protests and violence interrupted two rallies in Arizona on Saturday, Donald Trump rejected any responsibility, saying the protesters involved were “very disruptive people”. The Republican presidential frontrunner singled out one demonstrator who was punched and kicked by a Trump supporter as he was being led out of a rally in Tucson. Film showed a f
  5. Online retailer delivered age-restricted product, similar to weapon bought by teenage killer of schoolboy Bailey Gwynne, without age-verification Simon Bowers Tuesday 15 March 2016 08.30 GMT Amazon is selling age-restricted folding knives, similar to one used by the 16-year-old killer of schoolboy Bailey Gwynne, without checking they are safely delivered to adults, a Guardian investigation has found. Last week, a teenager who killed Gwynne in a school in Aberdeen was cleared of murder but convicted of culpable homicide. He had paid £40 ($56.61) on Amazon for a folding kn
  6. Calls secretly recorded by investigating judge suggest president gave her predecessor a government role to avoid prosecution on corruption charges Bruce Douglas in Rio de Janeiro Thursday 17 March 2016 02.19 GMT In the latest of a series of explosive revelations that could bring down the Brazilian government, a secretly recorded phone call between former president Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva and his successor, Dilma Rousseff, suggests his appointment to a ministerial position on Wednesday was motivated by a desire to avoid prosecution in Brazil’s worst-ever corruption scandal. Jud
  7. Russian president says soldiers should begin pulling out of country as military intervention has largely achieved its aims Patrick Wintour in Geneva and Shaun Walker in Moscow Monday 14 March 2016 19.57 GMT The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has abruptly declared that he is withdrawing the majority of Russian troops from Syria, saying the six-month military intervention had largely achieved its objective. The news on Monday, relayed personally to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, in a telephone call from Putin, followed a meeting in the Kremlin with the Russian
  8. March 11, 2016 6:40 pm Geoff Dyer in Washington The military campaign to topple Muammer Gaddafi in 2011 was Barack Obama’s own intervention, the one time he embraced a recommendation to pursue regime change. Five years later, he considers the decision a “mistake”. The US president provided the unprecedented insight into his foreign policy views in a series of long interviews given to The Atlantic, in which he acknowledges that the Libya experience played a big role in shaping his world view. The country is, he is quoted as saying, now a “**** show”. “It didn’t work,” he admits
  9. "Keith was a gentle soul whose love for music and passion for his performance as a keyboard player will remain unmatched for many years to come," Carl Palmer says of ELP bandmate By Daniel Kreps March 11, 2016 Keith Emerson, founding member and keyboardist of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and a prog rock legend, died Friday. He was 71. His bandmate Carl Palmer and the trio's official Facebook confirmed Emerson's death. TMZ reported that police found Emerson with a single gunshot wound to the head, though they could not confirm that Emerson died by suicide. "We regret to announce tha
  10. Police say at least two gunmen are at large after ‘ambush-style attack’ at a party in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Staff and agencies Thursday 10 March 2016 10.40 GMT Police say five people have been shot dead in an “ambush-style attack” in suburban Pittsburgh and at least two gunmen are at large. Allegheny County police said four women and a man were killed late on Wednesday during a backyard party in the borough of Wilkinsburg. At least three others are in hospital, where two men are in critical condition and one woman is stable. Police said people scrambled towa
  11. For the last eight years, Gift and her husband, Augustine, have spent most of their married life on the road fighting FGM in south-east Nigeria Hajra Rahim in Agwagune Tuesday 8 March 2016 09.38 GMT
  12. More than 200 people were travelling on the train when it left the tracks near the town of Sunol, near San Francisco Guardian staff Tuesday 8 March 2016 04.47 GMT A passenger train carrying 214 people has derailed and overturned in a river in California after hitting a tree that had fallen on to the line, according to US media. The Alameda County fire department said on Twitter that all of those on board had been rescued and were being assessed by paramedics. The department later said 14 people had been injured, four seriously, but that none of the injuries was life-thre
  13. Draft of summit conclusions says EU ready to double aid to €6bn, as leaders discuss plan to resettle one Syrian refugee in Europe for every Syrian returned to Turkey from Greek islands Jennifer Rankin in Brussels Monday 7 March 2016 18.36 GMT A proposal to exchange Syrian refugees has been debated at an emergency EU-Turkey summit in Brussels, as Ankara demanded an extra €3bn to help manage Europe’s migration crisis. Turkey’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, outlined proposals to resettle one Syrian refugee in Europe for every Syrian returned to Turkey from the Greek isla
  14. The knife was in the possession of a retired LAPD officer, who was given it a number of years ago by a construction worker and kept it as a memento Nicky Woolf in Los Angeles and Maria L La Ganga in San Francisco Friday 4 March 2016 20.45 GMT Los Angeles police are examining a knife that may have been found in a now-demolished house once owned by OJ Simpson, the former football player who was acquitted of the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, in 1995. In a bizarre twist to a decades-old case that has long captivated the US, the LAP
  15. In an exclusive interview, Rosa Isela Guzmán Ortiz says Mexican officials helped him evade US patrols and that he bankrolled the election of senior politicians José Luis Montenegro in Mexico City and Rory Carroll in Los Angeles Friday 4 March 2016 12.00 GMT The drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán bankrolled the election of senior Mexico politicians and twice secretly entered the United States to visit relatives, according to his eldest daughter. Rosa Isela Guzmán Ortiz said that shortly after an interview with Hollywood star Sean Penn last year, her father dodged a mass
  16. After meeting with Greek PM in Athens, president of European council issues warning to would-be migrants Jennifer Rankin in Brussels Thursday 3 March 2016 11.51 GMT One of the EU’s most senior leaders has warned would-be economic migrants not to undertake a life-threatening journey to Europe. In a dramatic appeal aimed at “potential illegal economic migrants”, the president of the European council, Donald Tusk, said: “Do not come to Europe. Do not believe the smugglers. Do not risk your lives and your money. It is all for nothing.” Tusk was speaking after meeting Gre
  17. Five Republicans and two Democrats await the verdict of voters in a dozen states (and one territory) – with Donald Trump and Hillar-y Clinton leading the polls Super Tuesday cheat sheet: everything you need to know Scott Bixby Tuesday 1 March 2016 21.42 GMT
  18. Holy See-owned L’Osservatore Romano hails Tom McCarthy’s best picture Oscar winner, which shows systemic abuse and cover-ups by Catholic church Ben Child Tuesday 1 March 2016 11.25 GMT The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, has praised the 2016 best picture Oscar winner Spotlight for its convincing attempt to show abuse and cover-ups in the Catholic church. The newspaper published a front-page editorial on Monday hailing Tom McCarthy’s film and calling it “not anti-Catholic”. The editorial said Spotlight, which centres on the work of a group of Boston Globe reporte
  19. Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox said the outspoken presidential candidate was stirring up hate like the Nazi dictator Martin Farrer and agencies Sunday 28 February 2016 04.07 GMT Two former Mexican presidents have compared Donald Trump’s to Adolf Hitler as the cross-border war of words over the Republican presidential frontrunner’s immigration rhetoric intensified. Felipe Calderon, a conservative who was president of Mexico from 2006 to 2012, told reporters at an event in Mexico City on Saturday that Trump’s political rhetoric was “racist” and evocative of the Nazi dictator
  20. Speaking in Berlin, Facebook boss calls Germany’s handling of European refugee crisis ‘inspiring’ and says site must do more to tackle anti-migrant hate speech Associated Press Friday 26 February 2016 19.00 GMT Mark Zuckerberg conceded Friday that Facebook didn’t do enough until recently to police hate speech on the social media site in Germany, but said that it has made progress and has heard the message “loud and clear”. German authorities, concerned about racist abuse being posted on Facebook and other social networks as the country deals with an influx of hundreds of
  21. Rampage at multiple Hesston locations, including Excel Industries Sheriff said shooter was an employee of Excel, but did not identify him Sam Levin in San Francisco Friday 26 February 2016 07.13 GMT A gunman killed three people in a workplace shooting in Hesston, Kansas on Thursday afternoon, before being shot dead by an officer, the local sherrif said. The shooting rampage, which also left 14 people injured, happened at multiple locations, including Excel Industries, a manufacturer of turf care products in Harvey County, 35 miles north of Wichita, Sheriff T Walton tol
  22. Jury in Missouri orders pharmaceutical company to pay damages to family of deceased woman who claimed talcum powder caused her cancer Associated Press Wednesday 24 February 2016 00.32 GMT A Missouri jury has awarded $72m to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer, which she said was caused by using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and other products containing talcum. The civil suit by Jackie Fox of Birmingham, Alabama, was part of a broader claim in the city of St. Louis circuit court involving nearly 60 people. Her son took over as plaintiff following his
  23. Residents of Michigan city targeted by Jason Dalton call for action on mass shootings at ceremony honouring the six victims Ryan Felton in Kalamazoo, Michigan Tuesday 23 February 2016 07.35 GMT Inside a packed church, hundreds of residents from the Kalamazoo area of Michigan carried white candles and gathered to mourn the loss of six people who were killed on Saturday in a seemingly random act of murder. Just hours after Jason Dalton, 45, was arraigned on Monday for multiple counts of murder and assault in connection with the shooting spree, clergy members from several c
  24. Roberto Di Bella’s programme to interrupt the influence of the ‘Ndrangheta in Reggio Calabria appears to be working Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Reggio Calabria Tuesday 23 February 2016 12.24 GMT When Judge Roberto Di Bella returned to Reggio Calabria in 2011 – the home of one of the most powerful criminal networks in the world – he noticed that the minors standing before him in court were the children of the mafiosi he had put away years earlier. It was “a kind of enlightenment” for the 52-year-old judge, who has spent most of his career, save for five years in Sicily, in
  25. Suspected arson comes three days after protesters blocked bus carrying asylum seekers in east German state Philip Oltermann in Berlin and agencies Sunday 21 February 2016 14.57 GMT A fire that destroyed a hotel being converted into a shelter for refugees in Saxony was cheered and celebrated by onlookers, German police have said. The blaze at the building in Bautzen, eastern Saxony, began in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police are treating the incident as suspected arson. No one was injured. Locals had cheered as the building caught fire, police said. “Some p
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