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Found 8 results

  1. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON *** Mnt Goat *** [Q? : What are the CBI plans?] As I promised I would I contact my source in the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) this past weekend. Today I wanted to come on and tell you want I learned. Remember we needed to validate all the intel rumors that Iraq has already gone to 1:1, IQD: USD. The result of my long conversation with the CBI is that “NO” it had not revalued to this extent, but there is a plan underway to do
  2. Please do not shoot the messenger (Me..!) for simply posting as a Rumor this guy's nonsense. Since it's out there I thought I'd post it here for all to see who one of the biggest fabricators is and what he posted yesterday (Thursday) that has made it's way around the Dinar community. You can chuckle, grind your teeth, get mad or get excited...I's a fairytale...! Ron PS: I hope everyone has a great weekend. Be Blessed...! From 3-7-2019 Intel Guru Bruce ...Just when you thought it was safe to forget about Iraq, they are the news. ...They have not had their rate on th
  3. 2-18-2019 Intel Guru Delta [Q1? : Delta you are saying the T&T (Taxes & Tariffs) are FULLY implemented as of now?] YES. [Q2? : May I ask if you have seen a rate change on the Arabic side of the CBI? ...With T & T fired off I would expect that the rate change should AT LEAST be showing on the Arabic side of the CBI according to what we all believe to be happening.] NOT YET... [Q3? : May I ask if you have seen or heard anything regarding the Iraqi citizens and their reactions to the new price increases? ] ...IT MIGHT TAKE A WEEK OR SO UNTIL CITIZENS FEEL IT...BUT IT'S COMIN
  4. It is finally true, Adam?09/26/2013 Late Night Blast.....Sunrise Surprise All I can tell you is that it looks like what you have been waiting for could finally be here. Bank people are saying the rates have returned and are at the teller screens. I have received information and confirmation that several countries are looking at the exact same rates that we are.....USD vs IQN. These rate are also live at their teller screens. Hong Kong, Australia, UK all say that the rates are live and identical. Rates are identical at WF, BOFA and CHASE. Talked to bank personnel and rates are bein
  5. Thug - I need your talent for great headings of amusement. How's this? Rumor rumor, oh how I love the humor. This is one call I would LOVE to believe. Grabbed from ReC@ps who ACTUALLY posted some really sober comments. In all the blog posts I have combed through, this one had the most viable comments I have ever seen! Perhaps they are getting wise and publishing all sides after all the flack. 

How I wish it were true!!!!
 drumrolllll .......And now for the post--> T - that was probably the most important thing I had to do today. I got a call from Iraq that it was just announce
  6. I keep getting a failed page loading error crashing my browser, this surely means the RV is upon us right?!?!?!?
  7. Here is the best thread that I have seen in a long time. remember, if something cant be verified, it is nothing but a pumper at work. They give good concrete information. happy Sunday to all!
  8. 8:38 AM [xyz] 3:39 AM [ono62] cgmom70 but have hope 3:40 AM [cgmom70] ono62 we are very close like on the edge 3:40 AM [ono62] incite me 3:40 AM [cgmom70] that i dont say close thats guru but my stand point we are close 3:41 AM [cgmom70] gurus can run but they just got done in parlament with the budget 3:41 AM [ono62] voted? 3:41 AM [cgmom70] yes 3:41 AM [ono62] passed? 3:42 AM [cgmom70] the budget was just done at 3.42 our time actually min before hand 3:42 AM [cgmom70] im about 4 min late getting on 3:42 AM [cgmom70] [3:46:00 AM] 3:43 AM [ono62] gotta link for dat? 3:43 AM [cgmom
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