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Found 229 results

  1. Good morning everyone! If you missed the last update, check it out here: We covered a LOT of information, and the feedback I've received both in that thread and also via personal email and VIP responses lets me know that it was needed. If you missed it, it will not hurt you to check it out! This week I'm in the same boat as last week... no HCL, no RV. We all know this can't continue forever, so I won't waste your time harping on that. One thing to watch for this week is China. While this isn't directly related to the Dinar, it's a good example of how an independent bank or country can do whatever they want to their currency. China has a long history of manipulating the markets via their Bank, and it will be interesting to see how their recent actions play out. Time will tell. Everything else I want to cover is in the Q's below: THIS is something I wanted to take a lot of time talking about, but I'm going to hold off on it. It's my HOPE that Abadi is getting back into "grind mode", like he was in the beginning of his term. If you recall how much he accomplished right out the gate after his election, this recent uptick in activity may be an indicator that he's making big moves again. What he's doing right now is a great start - get rid of some unnecessary people, simplify the government, and slam that HCL in place. Let's get it done! I say thanks for the promotion! I used to just be "Big" Cheese, now I'm King! Forced resignations - I love it. Postponing the tariffs - I am fine with it. They need to revalue the currency, kick up their economy, and then impose tariffs. I don't recall Abadi stating that date, but regardless... they aren't going to give us an exact date for a major RV. That will happen when it happens. You owe me nothing, friend! I am happy to serve and happier to hear that you see the value in VIP. Thank you bud! It doesn't necessarily help them to RV, but with that in progress it will do a lot of good for their economy and ability to move forward... especially after they RV. I like how you are thinking, and I'm looking forward to matching your triple! Shoot an email to Julie, she can get you started with a new bank. hahaha GREAT question! I don't have time to write a lengthy thesis on it, so here is my opinion: a. If you're talking about your personal holdings, that's a very fluid situation - there's no way to know for sure, and it's always best to stay flexible and alert. b. I'm strong on precious metals right now, and will be for the foreseeable future. But I'm stronger on other things, like real estate, developments, shipping and manufacturing - especially after the RV, when I expect to see a huge upswing in certain sectors. With that said... I can't give a definite answer right now, but I'm leaning towards "no". I think things are picking back up and we'll start seeing movement again here pretty quickly. HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!
  2. Hey hey happy hump day my friends! Well, here we are... Ramabong-a-ding-gong is over, and things are starting to pick up again. ISIS is becoming less and less of an "item" in the daily news, which I expected. This is a good thing, of course, but we should not even think about forgetting about the evil those people are made of. If they went into hiding today and we never heard about them again, we STILL have an obligation to our fellow humans to hunt those animals and have no mercy when they are found. Before I get into a very long-winded rant about that, and a myriad of other topics, let me get back on topic There is news of progress on the HCL, but no official movement as of today. That really sums up the whole situation. We need some strong HCL news to get really excited, and until that happens we are in a holding pattern. I have eyes, ears, and boots on the ground that are keeping me very up-to-date on the important stuff, and as soon as I get word that we're close I will let you know! Here's the weekly Q's: No. Just don't go with a tan/skintone color. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Yuan part of a major change. It would be in everyone's best interest to get a little control over China. No news yet, sorry! I won't be surprised if it takes another few months. It can't be far off now! The IMF has given them many deadlines, and Iraq doesn't care. They do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Hola amigo back at ya! NYK, you sure do come up with some good questions... this one is no exception. At the risk of being short against such a well thought out question, I believe I can indeed get to the point quickly. The deal with Iran is definitely going to have an impact, and likely exactly as you described. In my estimation, this should push Baghdad to move quicker, which would also push the need to revise the value of the currency. I'm not a fan AT ALL of the recent deal with Iran, but perhaps there's a silver lining, as you pointed out. Cheers, and thank you for the question. JUST because? No, and you're onto a good line of thought there. Why would Kuwait willingly say "Ahh, whatever... pay us whenever." I just can't see that happening without a good reason. It's not going to hurt the IQD immediately, but obviously $2 oil isn't going to help with a higher RV number. The good news is it really doesn't influence the "if" or "when" part of this deal. It only affects the "how much" part. Another good question from NYK In my opinion, Abadi isn't the type to make a public spectacle out of Maliki. Abadi isn't a bloodthirsty type of leader, and it's going to take a little more provocation from Maliki before Abadi is finally forced to stop ignoring the shenannigans. Until Maliki actually does something that makes a difference, and hurts Abadi, I think Abadi is just going to ignore him. Maliki is a pest right now, but that's pretty much all he is. That and the LION in Milwaukee! What's going on around here?!?! ======================================= That's it for now everyone - I'm keeping my finger on the pulse, and I'll let you know when things are moving for us. Have a great day!
  3. Hey hey happy Wednesday! Let's get right to the meat and potatoes here - there's a lot going on, and even a little excitement building amongst my closest Iraqi contacts, but as of right now - no HCL, so no RV. That's the bottom line. There is a lot of buzz about a couple of major dinar dealers getting shut down or investigated. The naysayers out there are using this as an excuse to continue their naysaying, but your buddy Adam is here to set the record straight. The dinar is still NOT a scam. If someone told you that you were guaranteed to be rich by last week, it's possible that someone misled you and perhaps they were misled by someone else, but the dinar itself is not a "scam". There is great potential for the Iraqi Dinar to rise in value, be it a little or a lot, and we all have every right to own it, hold it, and gain from it. The companies that are being investigated or shut down all have one thing in common, and it's something I have preached against since the very first time it was mentioned: Dinar Reserves. To keep this real simple, "Reserve" orders have been offered in several different forms over the years - some 10% down, some true "layaway" type plans, etc etc. The fundamental similarity between them all is the customer would send in money and not receive anything in return other than the OPTION to convert their deposit into a full order at some time in the future. Where the businesses got in trouble is right there in capital letters: OPTION. As registered Money Service Businesses, they are all under a microscope at all times, and the alphabet gangs do not play around when it comes to things that involve OPTIONS. As successful business people, these companies should have all known better... but I think greed probably got the best of them and suddenly their brains stopped working, and they never paid a good attorney to look at their business model and make sure they were staying within the law. We've been discussing this a little in the VIP section, but we all know it's important for everyone to understand how this will affect you, so I wanted to bring my comments out here as well. Here is what I posted earlier this week: Here's my personal opinion: Reserves were never a good idea, but if I had bought into it, I would do two things right now. 1. I'd call the company and ask if I can immediately complete my "Reserve" order. 2. If I don't have the cash to do that, or the company cannot fulfill the order for any reason, I'd shrug my shoulders and chalk it up as "lesson learned". (P.S. The lesson is titled "listen to Adam!" ) And now on another topic, I've got some of the craziest news you may have ever heard... I'm not even sure I believe it yet... are you ready for this? LUIGI is actually getting GREEN rocks for once! I know, I know... half of you are either on the ground laughing or ready to stop reading my updates forever if I'm going to pull your leg like this... but it's true. Check it out: Then scroll down to post 15, where our hard-working yota brings the evidence to support the original post. In a nutshell, the IMF is actually putting pressure on Iraq to get moving, and the timeline is less than 2 months. I've always said that the IMF can't force Iraq to RV, or anything else for that matter. The CBI and GOI will do what it wants, when it wants... but this is looking like good pressure on Iraq, and that's part of why my contacts are starting to crank up their enthusiasm. Let's get to the weekly Q's Your bible quote reminds me of one of my favorite sermons ever, where my favorite pastor gave us a great education on how things were measured back then.... thanks for putting that smile on my face. I don't trust Iran at all. Iraq may have a lot of corruption and problems, but I like their fundamentals and the direction I believe they are going. I cannot say anything remotely similar about Iran. Two comments on this one: First, I screwed up my summer by getting involved in some very complicated and time-consuming business ventures at the worst possible time... but when opportunity knocks, I like to answer, so I guess I've made a calculated sacrifice. I'm still torn about how I feel about it... imagine your ex that screwed you royally going off a cliff in your brand new sports car. Mixed emotions, right? But thank you for the gracious thoughts. Second, The majority of my work, research, planning, and investing of my time on behalf of the VIP/OSI members has been concentrated on larger dollar amounts, and I've been very careful to make sure I didn't get myself into the very pickle we now see some of these dinar dealers in. Presenting investment opportunities to people is a very serious situation, and I take great precautions to make sure I'm protecting myself, my family, and my investors. With that said, let me give you a straight answer. I am personally involved in a variety of investments that are getting to a stage that might allow me to take on smaller investors. I will indeed give VIP members the first opportunity to be part of these investments, regardless of where we are with the dinar. That's a great question, and I want to answer it in a way that might change how people are looking at this. You believe that the RV is being delayed, but what if it's not actually delayed... and things are actually proceeding exactly as planned and needed? When people think the RV is "delayed", that's because they think it was "scheduled" for an earlier date. It's my opinion that the change in the value of the dinar has been and always will be a very careful process, and it probably doesn't have a specific date. In order for the RV to be successful, we have always needed a specific situation to be present. Way back in the very beginnings of this site, I always said we need 3 things: GOI, CH7, and HCL. We have GOI. We have CH7. Now we just need HCL, and we are really really close! He lost me at "RV is about to happen soon". Maybe it is, maybe it's a week out, maybe it's months or years. Nobody knows for sure, and until we have an HCL, it's not going to happen. If he's being fed by a pumper, I'll give the pumper credit for mentioning the anti-laundering act, because that's actually true. But anyone claiming to know the date is misled, mistaken, or misinformed. There is a great chance that it's this year, and I love you too! I think you were linking to something similar to what I posted above, and I also think these things will all tie together at some point. I like October. Another good post, well thought out and insightful. I think we could spend quite a bit of time philosophizing post-RV, provided we have the time to do so in the whirlwind of it all. Iran isn't stupid. Unfortunately for us, our leaders are. So... yes, if Iran gets their billions overnight, it could very well be in their best interests to take that kind of action immediately. I wish we had the kind of leadership to prevent them from being successful in such a move, but we do not, and Iran knows this. Iraq knows this as well, which will hopefully give them further incentive to push things along faster. ================================================================ And until my next post... !!!!
  4. Happy Wednesday all! We're finally through the tedious... slow... agonizing days (which felt like months or years!) of Ramadan. Before I continue, I want you to all be aware of something. It's a two (2) part deal: 1. I don't get paid by anyone to fluff this deal, which is part of why I was able to take some time off last month. I enjoyed ALL of it! I can tell you all without any reservation that what you see is what you get with me... I didn't see much opportunity for action during Ramadan, and I decided to take some PTO. Thank you all for understanding. 2. With that said, I'm actually eager to see what comes out of the next meetings of Parliament, IMF, GOI, CBI, and a few others. Some of us have been around long enough that we give the current situation a "wise eye" and some of you are hesitant to get excited... I get that. I'm in the same boat. I am a bit hesitant to get excited when it comes to Iraq, just like many of you. BUT... BUT! Something feels different right now. I'm tapped into people that watch political movements there. I'm constantly scanning the headlines. I'm on multiple government mailing lists. I'm all over this stuff. We're only a few days outside of Ramadan, so I'm not surprised to see that there's a lack of major news, much less an RV. That doesn't mean I am not confident that the IQD will gain value. In fact, I am VERY confident that the IQD will gain value! I don't think any of us will lose a penny on our IQD (unless you lopster-out and sell at a loss, but that's not my fault!) With all that said... we're just barely out of Ramadan, so I will wait to see what happens over there in the coming days before I set my course as not only an individual, but also as the guy that gets up here every week and posts comments on the situation. My overall feeling on the Iraqi Dinar right now is positive, so let's skip to the Q's while we wait for Ramadan to wrap up and let the Iraqi people get back to work. ================= Weekly Q's ====================== Hey CR - that's a great question, and I wish I had a definitive answer. I don't. We're going to have to watch the news and see how it goes. We might be on a fast-track, or we might be looking at a couple months before they get cranking. I'm not going to pretend I know the future. I have high hopes for the next few weeks, which is rare for me, but just the same... I know better than to get too excited before I have some solid news. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give ISIS a 1.4 Hopefully some lucky CBI mucky-mucky was able to use them for wallpaper in their bathroom. Otherwise I assume they were burned, shredded, or sent to Maliki? I can't foresee every single note being serial-number checked, so... what could they do? I don't think it's an issue that will affect the average speculator. The CBI is well aware that their currency is benefiting criminals, but that's no different than how "The Shorty" (El Chappo) is benefitting from whatever USD he might have. Thanks for specifying that you are asking my opinion! IMO - I'm heavy on cash, medium on stocks, and light on bonds for the short term. When we see a significant change, I'm watching the situation closely and I'll be sending the VIP members my feedback, as it changes, which I expect to be often. Excellent question, my friend! ============================================== Thanks for tuning in for the "weekly". I'm watching and ready to report... keep it classy!
  5. Hey hey hey! Sorry it's late in the day friends! My internet was out earlier and that threw a big 'ol monkeywrench in my day... not to mention spending a few hours on the phone listening to government "hold" tunes and a few other things. No problems now, though, I am back online and back on track! I took last week off from doing the weekly update, but I didn't stop studying the news or communicating with my people. As I suspected, Ramadan once again seems to be the killer of all things great in the story of Iraq's journey "Back From Saddam"... but that's not all that bad. It's just a matter of time, as most things are. In this case, the "time" we are looking at has a defined end, and that end is July 17th. With that said, it's still Ramadan... so here's the Q's! ============================================== I'm guessing that was a general email, not a specific chat link. If you click this link, then look on the right side of the page you should see a button that says "follow this forum" - if you click that, you'll get a notification when new threads are posted.z No change since a month ago Tex! We're looking good, but Ramadan is here, so... The Iraqi man on the street is probably less concerned about an RV than us, because he has probably lost faith in his politicians a long time ago... but he will be happy for any benefit he receives from their actions, just like we will. OGIT is solid. I'm seeing a lot of articles recently to the contrary. ISIS stronghold capital surrounded by Kurds and allies Peshmerga stop 600-strong ISIS attack south of Kirkuk That was just from a quick search - you can find more if you look. I'm not optimistic about anything right now because Ramadan... well, because Ramadan. I don't know why, but I always read your caps in a SQUEALING voice. Please stop SQUEALING at me Hey Mex, thanks for the thoughtful post - if you're looking for investments in Cuba, I have nothing. I'm not saying there's no opportunity there, I just haven't personally invested the time to find it, and I will never recommend anything unless I've personally been involved. Dominican Republic is another story - I've been pretty active there and a few other central america locations, and I'll be sharing those with the VIP members as they come along. How did I come into the IQD? That's a long story that needs to be started at 9 AM or earlier, on a beach, in flip flops and tank tops, with nothing on the calendar. I'm not that lucky today Regarding Hannah... SMH. :smh: I blame it on her mother. I don't think I need to add anything to those two posts! ======================================== That's it for the questions, so I'll just leave you with this one thing - we're almost done with Ramadan. It's possible for something big to happen in the next 10 days, and if it does I'm going to be the first one in your inbox, phone, text, and I might be the first one in the chatroom as well. But if Ramadan goes like it normally does, things just slow down over there. Negative Nancys like to say "oh nothing ever gets done", but I disagree - a LOT has been accomplished in a very short time over the last 6 months, and I'm optimistic about the situation. I'm looking forward to seeing things pick up pace again... but not in the next 10 days. Give it a week and a half, and then let's see what happens. I plan on doing the regular weekly update on next Wednesday. It might be a short one, but that's up to Iraq.
  6. Good morning and Happy Wednesday all! Not much happening in the news lately, and pretty much all of my contacts in Iraq have gone silent this past week... which tells me we're not going to see any activity during Ramadan, much like past years. In fact, it's been a little quiet in the past month as well, which is kind of a bummer - Abadi came in with a bang, got people motivated to work together and make some progress, and they did! Iraq was on a downhill scream for the first few months, and then... silence. It's my suspicion that everyone is resting up, and we'll see more positive progress after Ramadan. One interesting "note": Just a short while ago, they were talking about the possibility of 50k+ notes by the end of the year, but that talk fizzled pretty quick. Now there's this article about smaller notes! It just goes to show that the articles they pump out don't mean a thing. When they are ready to make a significant change, it won't be preempted by relevant news articles. The exact opposite is true! They aren't going to give any more clues than they absolutely have to, if that... so I'll just hang on to what I have, stay prepared, and enjoy the nice weather while Iraq takes a few weeks off. Here's the weekly Q's! 1. Are you accusing Iraq of being honest, acting with integrity, and honoring Laws? 2. Certainly not the greed of us speculators! We're nothing more than a gnat on their shoulder. As much as we stand to gain, the PTB in Iraq stand to gain much, much more. That's a good question! It is not entirely necessary for them to revalue to improve their economic situation, but it's certainly the most aggressive and fastest way to do it. 4 months ago I would have said "ABSOLUTELY". Now I have to back up and say "Let's see what happens after Ramadan" - the month of August will tell us what to expect from Iraq in the short term. HCA is an Agreement, HCL is Law - we want the Law. This has been the most important step for quite some time, and it still is. 1 Trillion is a lot when we're hoping they increase the value of their dinar... the good news is they don't have to use the entire amount. A .10 RV could actually eliminate the need to use most of that amount. This is one reason why I've never really worried about article 8 - it's just not that important. Credit Rating - we're still waiting for this news, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it take another 3-6 months. Either way, the credit rating is not going to affect what the CBI does. It's good to see Iraq taking that step, but again - not a major issue for us. Bond offering - this isn't something I've been excited about. I'm not upset about it, either. It's just SOP and a revalued currency would be applied as simple math. Delete the zeros - could go either way. Doesn't matter, and we won't know until they do it. I talk about this at least once a month, and I also discussed it in depth in my book "RV Intel" - VIPs can get it for free here: ======================================================= FYI everyone, you already know my stance on Ramadan - I don't see anything major happening until it's over. With that said, there will be no Q&A next week. I'm going to take some time to be with family and wrap up a couple of personal business projects I'm working on. I'll be keeping up with the news, so if anything big happens, I'll definitely pop in! And of course I'll be keeping up in the VIP section, so no change there. I'll see you here in the chat section in a couple weeks. (Let the backlash begin! )
  7. Good afternoon, gang! In the news... HOLY SMOKES, The Donald actually threw his hat in the ring for the 2016 Presidential race! I've watched this guy for years. If you didn't know, he's really rich... and he's toyed with the idea of running for President the last few elections, but I always thought he was just doing it as a publicity stunt. I thought he'd never actually do it. As of this press conference, I guess I was wrong! If he doesn't back out, I think he will win. And I like winning, too, so I put some money on his victory - right now you can get +4000 odds on him! Register. Once you're in your account, click on Politics, then 2016 Election, then "Candidate to Be Elected". Donald Trump is currently +4000 - betting $50 on him wins $2000! Of course, that's not a lot of money... and I'll also bet that by next November, the dinar will have RV'd and you'll wish that $50 bet was $500, so you could win $20,000... but there's no guarantee that he won't pull out at some point, so I just kicked $50 in. Do what you want! But like him or not, if he stays in it for the long haul, he's probably one of the only people that can beat Hillarious. We shall see! This will be good entertainment, at the very least. I'm not "really rich" like Donald, but I am "REALLY excited" to watch him win the election and then spend my $2000 on something silly that I don't even need, like a gold faucet or something. I'm serious! If he stays in the running, if he really goes all the way, there is NOBODY that will beat him. It's like free money! Get yours here: Ahhh... if you can't tell, I'm just bubbling with giddy over that, but let's move on. The Iraqi Dinar! Here's what's going on: Today starts Ramadan. With the lack of major news in the last month, I don't see an RV until after July 17, when Ramadan is over. If you have a VIP subscription, and it's coming up to renew in that timeframe... stop screwing around with the 3 month deals. Take advantage of this discount "newsletter20" at , get your lifetime VIP membership, we will send your Certificate immediately, and then just chill out knowing you will never have to worry about missing a payment here ever again. (Did I mention how giddy I am about Trump running for President?! This election season is going to be a RIOT!) Even a small $10 wager on this site ( ) will return enough to treat your family to a VERY nice meal! Here's the weekly Q&A: Unless we get an announcement today, I'm thinking it's not going to happen during the holiday. (I've been wrong before, but that's my opinion!) I'm not quite ready to go bi-weekly. Also, I still think the HCL is really the main thing we're looking for. Unfortunately, I think they missed a big opportunity to get it done a month ago, and their lack of followthrough on a good opportunity will set this back another month now. No date or rate questions please. I don't have any concerns about any dinar bought through Sterling. ====================== That's it for now... I'll be keeping an eye on things, as always! - Adam
  8. Haaaaappy Wednesday everyone! It's been an interesting week in dinar-land, and as we creep closer to Ramadan my spider-senses* are detecting a bit of nervousness amongst those of you that are hyper-sensitive to every rumor or whisper of plot and conspiracy that floats by. (*I'm not saying I'm Spiderman, but I'm pretty sure you've never seen Spiderman and I in the same room at the same time. ) If I can be a voice of reason in the midst of all this, I'd like to do so now by channeling my inner "Aaron Rodgers"... are you ready for it? Here goes: Re. Lax. We've been here before, and we'll probably be here again, and it does nobody the smallest favor to get all wound up about things when the reality is we have NO control over the final outcome. So, again... Relax. If you've been with me any length of time, you're probably already in the VIP group here, you've studied the information in the VIP section, and you're as prepared as you can be... the only thing left to do is follow the instructions once I send out that text message. With all that said, we don't have an RV as of this post so I'm just going to dive into the weekly Q's. Sorry Texas, I didn't catch that particular article. If you could post a link next time, I'll be happy to look into it! That's an interesting developing story... I'm going to hold my comments on it for now, other than the following: I certainly hope Sterling wasn't involved in any wrongdoing, and if it turns out that they are being wrongly targeted then I hope they are compensated for their losses. But if they were complicit in wrongful deeds, then I'm glad that I wasn't involved. I won't apologize for expressing my views. Iraq is moving in a positive direction, and I'm sticking with them until that changes. A few setbacks here and there is NOT a reason to "give up". If I had threw in the towel after my first few challenges in life, I would not have experienced any of my successes. If your belief has "waned", and you don't want to be involved here - just sell out and move on. Nobody will hold it against you, especially not me. I'm not begging anyone to stick this out with me. I can't say I have any inside sources on it, but to my knowledge the ISX is still a bit away from NASDAQ. My understanding is that first we need an RV, then about 6 months for settling, and then another 3 months before we have a realistic chance of seeing the union of NASDAQ/other major trading/ISX. I'm hoping to see it all done by mid-late 2016. Business as usual! When they make a major change in the value/exchange rate, the articles will be a LOT different. Lots of news, but the important thing for us is the second part of your question. There is nothing about the Sterling story that affects our dinars. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And on that note... I've got some research to do on some investments I've been working on, so I'm going to take the next couple hours to do some nerdery. I'll be posting in the VIP section later. Have a great day!
  9. Good morning everyone! VIPs, I just posted a lengthy special report in the VIP section. See it here: I have to apologize to everyone for missing last week's Wednesday chat... hopefully you all feel that I've been sufficiently beaten since then, and I'll do my best to make sure it doesn't happen again. (Or maybe it's time to switch to bi-weekly ) Of course, no promises there. Anyway, let's talk about the Dinar! Here's the latest: Parliament likely to vote in special session: Parliament to merge Rafidain And Rasheed: Kurdistan bumps production even more! Now, what does that all mean? SQUAT. A few months ago all the gurus and know-it-alls were yammering about the new 50k and 100k notes... now we're hearing that they won't be out till early 2016. A few months ago we were hearing from the Negative Nancys that ISIS was going to ruin this investment and we'll never see a return because ISIS ISIS ISIS. Now, where are we? Baghdad still hasn't fallen. ISIS still hasn't taken over Iraq. For years, the gurus claim to know a date. They have been wrong. And for years, the same trolls and lopsters run around with "I told you so" attitudes, but the real truth is they don't know anything. They can't guarantee that something "won't" happen, they can only say "I told you it wouldn't happen last week"... and they will continue to be right, until the day they are proven wrong. I'm just as positive on this IQD thing as I ever have been. In fact, I'm less of a skeptic over the last 6 months than ever before, because Iraq IS making progress. (I'm also a lot more patient than I was a decade ago... I will thank Iraq for that! ) If you're in the VIP section, you'll understand why my weekly analysis is short when you read the special report. If you're not in VIP, you can join here: Here's the weekly/bi-weekly Q's! Hang on, I'll run and grab my magic crystal ball! Sorry robert, I missed last week's update! I can't remember the last time that happened, it might actually be the first time in recorded history... but I'll try not to do it again. I don't know if TG is the type to take time off, deserved or not. Thank you I wouldn't advise anyone to be more than a couple days away from their dinar. Congrats on the name change! You earned it. I agree with you, half say one thing and the other half say something different. I try not to read too much into that - boots on the ground tell me it's not as bleak as the MSM says. And you know I don't do "timeframes"! I can't make promises on a timeline or date, but I lovvvveee youououuuu toooo! That's an interesting question... I think you are asking if there will be countries in Latin America that will be ready to cash in Dinars at the appropriate time? If that's the question, then the answer is YES, absolutely. My apologies if I misunderstood you there. The Credit rating is going to take at least a total of 3 months, and it's only been about one month. I'm expecting to hear more news on that in the next month or two. It might be true that *someone* gave them that credit rating, but that *someone* isn't the big one. We're still waiting on the big official rating. Cheers bud! I'm sorry my friend, I didn't have time to look into that one. I will say that I doubt Kurdistan will ever become autonomous, so that's a moot point. I made it very clear that I don't read all of the posts on this site. I trust the judgment of the moderators here, and they are very fair. Plus... who ever said this was a democratic site? Perhaps consider that nobody has a "right" to be here. You are all guests, whether you are registered or not, and it is a privilege to be here. You're welcome. Wow, nothing like asking for a full essay as part of the weekly update! I wrote an essay, but on a different topic. It's posted in the VIP section. But I will at least give a short answer: 1. Middle East: always has been and always will be chaos. This has not prevented high value currency in the past, and won't prevent it in the future. 2. Absolutely! Would I want to live there? NO! But is there money to be made there? YOU BET! And thank you for your thoughts on "thinning the herd". I've been considering it lately. Cheers my friend! Thank you for your appreciation and mature attitude. I'm not upset about anything you may have posted - life is too short to carry grudges or be angry. It's also too short to worry about explaining yourself to people when they get down on you, especially when you know you're doing your best for everyone involved. With that said, I've added your "Verified" badge. And you can always contact support via I don't know what you mean by a "scam" - the dinar is a very real currency, and in my opinion it has a very real chance to make some very real gains. Most likely, the "they" you are referring to are the very people you shouldn't be listening to. This isn't about "Monday" or any other specific date. Iraq doesn't care about you, me, or anyone else on this site. This is all about what Iraq stands to gain and what Iraq has to do in order to make it happen. As of this year, Kurdistan and Baghdad are skipping along hand in hand, in more harmony than we have EVER seen. Kurdistan is producing more oil every month, and Baghdad is dutifully sending them the money they deserve for it. This is getting us closer to an HCL every day. The GOI is in better shape than at ANY time in the last 7 or more years. With Maliki out of the big seat, Parliament has made more progress already this year than the entire last 5. I'm sorry it didn't happen last Tuesday like a few of the gurus promised... but I will not apologize for remaining positive here. And on that note, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful day and a great start of your summer. Warmest regards to all my friends in DinarLand, even those that see nothing but doom and gloom.
  10. Good morning fellow Dinarians out there in Dinar-land! Today is Wednesday, 13th of May, and I don't have any secret intel today. (If I did, I couldn't share it anyway!) Before I get to the Q&A, something occurred to me this morning. It occurs to me that people tend to get hung up on the small details a lot of the time, and they forget to look at the big picture. I remember one of my last trips to Abu Dhabi, I ended up sitting next to a Sheik wearing the long robe and a baseball cap (I think it was blue with the Yankee logo on it). I notice in his front pocket a very flashy pen... it was absolutely stunning! Once we got off the plane, I connected to the airport wifi... and did some image searches... wouldn't you know it, I found the pen that guy was toting around in his pocket like it was some ordinary ball point clicky thing. Turns out that pen had a few hundred precious gems in it and was worth TENS of thousands of dollars. Hey, you never know when you'll need something fancy to sign a new multi billion dollar oil contract with, right? On one of my recent trips to the Seychelles, I noticed a LARGE new construction taking place on top of a mountain in the not-too-distant background. Keep in mind that the Seychelles is a very small island, made of granite, and land is at a huge premium there. I asked my guide-friend what it was, and he gave me the name of a wealthy oil tycoon who decided he loved the island and bought a sizable chunk of it in order to build a palace on. Everything he was doing was against government regulations and completely unheard of by anyone else, but this guy had greased so many palms that he was able to do anything he wanted there. And I ran across this recently: Billionaire Saudi to build world's largest building, reaching a full kilometer. This guy is also building an entire city to go around the tallest building in the world. They had to dig down over THIRTY stories to set the foundation. The steel they are using is the strongest ever made. Are you all following along with me here? Let me break this down in real simple terms... The money that comes from oil is mind-boggling. They don't have to live by our "logical" terms, and they won't do business or maintain their money on our terms either! The potential for Iraq to soar far beyond anything we can currently imagine is astounding. The potential for wealth simply by putting their feet down and announcing to the world "OUR CURRENCY IS NOW 100X STRONGER" is real... all anyone has to do is realize that we don't have to understand why someone would actually gold plate a Lamborghini... they just do it because they can. "The gold vehicle had a pricetag of $7.5 million, making it the world's most expensive model car. Carved out of a 500-kilogram block of solid gold, the finished model contained 25 kilograms of the precious metal." So, let me just sum this up real quick... Iraq has a major portion of the stuff that makes this kind of insane wealth possible. At one time, Iraq had a currency valued at that same level. Iraq has been and continues to be on a very linear path to prosperity. Logic does not have to apply. They do what they want. I'm in for the long haul on this one, my friends. I don't expect an RV of $15 where maybe I could have my own gold plated Lambo, but you can bet your sweet little tush I'm sticking around long enough to see a good profit on my little gamble here. I'll see you at the finish line, and hopefully not too far from now. ========== WEEKLY Q&A =========== I haven't spent a lot of time watching it, sorry bud! I've kept up on the details enough to know that ISIS isn't taking over Iraq, as much as the MSM would have liked to have us all think that for a while. Can they? Absolutely. Will they? Possibly. Should they? YES, DANGIT! That is a good question. Sure, it *could* happen... but I doubt it will. Why would Iraq apply for a credit rating now after all this time if they thought they might not get a favorable ruling? Of course they could. I'm not worried about it though. 1. See my opening comments. They don't have to do anything logical. 2. When the new notes are actually printed, we should start paying attention. Until then, it's just another article that may or may not have any real meaning. You are a mean mean person It's over a month from that date... but that's a good question. We've seen a lot of progress and great news on the HCL, but the recent credit rating news may actually become a factor. I'm going to hold my comments on the timeline for now. Shydude good perspective on the articles. They do this stuff all the time, so I'm not going to get too excited until I see something more solid than just a few articles. Not likely. However, if a foreign entity that doesn't pay US taxes in the first place does that, then absolutely yes. If you're not in my VIP/OSI group yet, now is the time! I don't even know for sure if they are really going to print the notes in the first place! Wouldn't it be something if tomorrow they say "Ok everyone, big notes coming out on Tuesday!" and then on Tuesday they said "Just kidding, no big notes... RV TIME!!!" "China dinar positions"? I'm not sure there is any such thing... and with that said, I'm thinking maybe they are being misinformed. If you want to send me information (in private) about these "chinese dinar positions", I'll look into it and at least give you some relevant info to send to him. Regardless, you are correct on one thing - those of us holding cash dinars won't be "out of luck". We'll have the same window as the rest of the world to cash in before they replace the current bills with new re-denominated bills. ============================================ I'm off to shop gold-plating prices. Maybe I can start with a bicycle. Have a great day everyone! - Adam
  11. Morning everyone! I'm going to jump right in and save us all some time. I'm efficient like that. A few weeks ago, I said I'd eat my shorts if something big didn't happen... well, the definition of "big" is apparently up for debate, because even after Iraq announced they would be applying for a credit rating from multiple major sources, there are still members calling for me to start cooking. Ok, I get it... with no RV, the least you all expect is some good entertainment, right? Seriously, though - that's some of the best news I've heard in a LONG time, and there won't be many more that big until the HCL is permanent. On that note, let's talk about HCL for a second. As of last week, we had extremely solid news that the KRG and Baghdad are skipping along, arm in arm, like never before. The news was a little misleading, as it sounded like they were already exchanging at above the expected rate in BPD. This article posted by yota this morning clears it up a little - while the Kurds are on their way to exceeding the expected amount, they are actually working their way up to that number: But most importantly, the same article is sure to point out that this is by no means a breach of contract or anything to be concerned over, because: Of course, none of it matters until we can go exchange for a lot more $'s than we currently have. As of right now, the ship is still heading in the right direction, so... we wait. And have fun. Sometimes at Adam's expense. Here's the weekly Q's... see if you can spot a theme. No further news on the credit rating yet... but that's not the most important thing in my opinion. It's still the HCL that we're looking for, and if the KRG and Baghdad continue to get along like peaches and cream like they are right now - it can't be too far off. That's a good question, and it could go many ways. One possibility is that once the credit rating is started, they RV, and obviously the credit rating agencies will be in a rush to get Iraq listed. It's a lot easier for the world to benefit from Iraq when they have a higher valued currency and are listed as a tradable currency. If anything, I see this as a booster, not an anchor. I don't know how long it normally takes, sorry! Not that pertains directly to the value of the Dinar, but I wouldn't expect to hear anything like that. If you read this update, and then check my last weeks chat, you'll see why I am excited about the current situation! Visit from the World Bank... meh. If it's significant, we'll know soon enough. I doubt Iraq will get a top rating immediately, but anything "above mediocre" will be enough to launch them! I NEVER pay attention to the 0 articles. Iraq is a master at manipulating their currency, and part of that has to do with managing speculators. Those of you on DinarVets may have a more grounded view of what's going on, but anyone who's never heard of DV might immediately sell their Dinar after reading that kind of article... without even realizing that it's a pony-show for the CBI. I will continue to ignore the articles and focus on the fundamentals: 1. Iraq is worth more than it shows on paper. 2. All Iraqis will benefit from a raise in the value. 3. What once was lost, will be found again. 4. Iraq continues to make leaps and bounds forward, against extreme odds. There's a song for you. See my answer above - it could be both! (I will add one thing - S&P is not required for this. There are other agencies that would work just fine to get Iraq rocking!) Hey waiting, While the opinions stated there could definitely be possible, nothing is set in stone and the CBI can change their plans with the drop of a hat. In fact, we expect them to change their plans just that suddenly. It's the only way a good RV can happen... they can't announce that they are going to do it, because a huge run on dinar would immediately drop the value back down. Hi Nadia, I don't have anything planned at this time... my hope is to never run another discount ever! But if we don't have an RV in a couple weeks, I'll think of something. --- Oh, wait! There is currently a 20% discount for newsletter subscribers. It's "newsletter20" at this link: I'll believe it when I see it. This falls in the same category as the "0's" articles. I think the intent of an RV is necessary for both, so again - this is all nothing but good stuff! Article 8 isn't as important to the RV as some make it sound. With that said, I get the feeling it is on the back burner at this time, and that doesn't bother me at all. You should see my round file right now, it's overloaded! I'm still working here bud! See above. Jeepguy, you get me the number and I will make that call!!!! I appreciate that, Newton! And on that note, I hope you all had a great Cinco de Mayo! I'll be back with news as it comes. - Adam
  12. Good morning everyone! I popped in yesterday with a little tidbit to explain why I was running late, and I regret to say that nothing has come of it yet. If you missed my update yesterday, here it is in a nutshell: 1. I'm getting some very good vibes from my contacts both in the banking and financial industries. (No, this isn't another "bank story"! I didn't get the exaggerated *winks* and *head nods* everyone seems to get ) 2. There is no official RV right now, so "Keep Calm and DV On" as some would say. 3. If something big doesn't happen in the next week or two, I will firstly issue a pre- apology and secondly I might even eat my shorts. I haven't seen this kind of buzz in a LONG time, if EVER! That's it. That's all I have for now. I wish I could give more, but "it is what it is"... so I'm going to change my display name and answer the weekly Q's. ======================================= ISIS will always exist in some form, some fashion. To think that no progress (large or small) can be made while ISIS "exists" is to say that no progress will ever be made. So, no - it's not a contradiction. It's a matter of perspective. I wish I could confirm that but I have no inside information that confirms. For the 50 dinar note, I believe the current status is that you need to send them to a dealer willing to exchange them for other denominations. I don't promote any specific dealer, but you can check in the "Buy / Sell" section for more help. I'm with you my friend, let's get buzzy and push the button!!!! I responded to yendor above, but I'll continue as you did - and you made a good point. I agree 100%, Warka is a major gear in this machine. Fortunately for us, Warka's "standing" is as simple as flipping a switch. Currently they are under watch and control by the CBI/GOI, but in my opinion it's a very flimsy "watch". Warka is ready for full release in the blink of an eye, and Iraq's full banking system has been gearing up for major changes for years now. I think we're on "high alert" to see those changes set in place and major changes happen, and I also think it's going to happen in our favor and quickly. Hey vato, I don't rely too heavily on "intel", and there's not one specific company (GE or any other) that is going to make or break this deal. Iraq and the IQD will rise in value because of their intrinsic value. Many will benefit, many will influence, and many will feel some kind of impact from a change in the raise of the IQD value... but there's not one single entity that makes "all" the difference in this event. Cheers Yes. What's your name again? (That's my answer! ) See my comment on ISIS above! On hold at the moment, pending the current situation. Don't worry my friend! My server is much more secure and backed up than Hillarys! They won't go missing... just taking longer than anticipated Well, I have complete faith in an eventual RV. I won't comment on the Cubs. ----------------------------------------------------- That's it FOR NOW!
  13. Howdy all you DV'ers out there! Another fine Wednesday is upon us, and if you're in a colder part of the world, I hope you're seeing the same warming trends as I am. Spring is finally here after another hard winter. WOOHOO! And with that comes allergy season... BOOOO... Anyway, the Iraqi Dinar. There's been a wild flurry of rumors that the HCL was printed. Unfortunately, I cannot verify it so I have to say they are wrong. I'm confident that we have an HCA, but the L is not yet with us. I'm also confident that things are still moving in the right direction for us, more so than at any time in this entire ride! Check this out - we haven't seen cooperation like this not just in years... but ever! - Baghdad sends Kurdistan's entire check for the month of April: LINK - Kurdistan says all issues are resolved on oil trade with Baghdad, and is freely sending the oil that Baghdad is entitled to. LINK Those two links, all by themselves, is reason to be positive! But wait, it gets better! Baghdad says they will be sending more money to Kurdistan. Kurdistan freely producing higher amounts of oil and shipping to Baghdad. Baghdad and Kurdistan have fought for YEARS, neither one giving an inch. They couldn't stand to be in the same room with someone from the "other side", and now they are performing better than they have to? This isn't rocket science - this is history and a plain-as-day painting on the wall. That they are acting upon the Agreement with no problems is all the proof I need that we will be seeing an actual LAW finalized, officially, soon. Here's the weekly Q&A: My timekeeper, yendor, says I still have one more week. If you click on the "tags" in this thread, you'll be given a list of my recent chats. Makes it easy to go back and review. That's an interesting possibility - I didn't read the article you were responding to, because how they manage the balance between USD/IQD and anything else the CBI implements to control their currency is just speculation. There's no rule that says they must follow one way or another... as long as what they do works, that's all that matters! See below. You are absolutely correct, they put out these articles every year. Until they actually do it, I put no stock in the regurgitated fluff stories. They stick their left foot in, and pull their left foot out... they do the hokey pokey and they confuse us all about. That's what Iraq's about! Good question. I did a writeup on it in the OSI section (here), but the short and sweet version is this: No, FATCA doesn't have any impact on us. FATCA is simple - you're supposed to report foreign bank accounts holding over $10,000 and the banks that are complying with FATCA are reporting as well. Not a big deal at all. (Other than the fact that our government is a bloated controlling thieving pig, but I digress...) You heard correct. If you're trying to trick me into giving a date, you'll have to be sneakier than that! I can't guarantee if I will send notice of it closing in advance or if it will be a sudden thing. You being Platinum takes all that worry off you, so thank you for being a committed VIP member. Thanks for keeping track. We will see! =============================================== And that's it for this edition of the Weekly. Hopefully Iraq will give me a reason to do some drivebys later this week. Until then...
  14. ----------- quick update.... I just posted this in the chatroom, will follow up later: --------------------- Adam MontanaHowdy all! The Machinegood evening all TicoHowdy Jetmanwe were wondering if you was alright Adam MontanaSorry for the late chat... mind if I interrupt real quick? TicoNP Jetmango right ahead 2:20 PM The MachineFire away boss Jetmanthe room is all yours Adam MontanaThis is an unusual situation for me to be in... but I'm just going to go out on a limb and spit it out. 3KINGSDO IT Adam MontanaFor the past couple months, I've been getting messages and more importantly... "feelings"... from my banking partners and investment people. And as of just last week, a few of our offshore banks started letting me and my staff know that big changes were coming. The Machine BJinMontreal Adam MontanaAs of a couple days ago, they started sending out messages to other clients as well. The messages are varied, but they all point in the same direction - towards somethign significant. Adam MontanaOne says they expect us to be dealing with stricter US investment and reporting laws shortly, another is stating they expect MY clients to be dealing with larger amounts of cash soon, another is anxious to get all of our current affairs finalized and quite a few are starting to hint that they will not be taking new clients in a very short manner. I'm not saying I'm being told directly that we're on the brink of something major. 2:25 PM The Machinesounds promising Adam MontanaBut I will tell you that I am VERY busy right now and I'll try to get to the Q&A later tonight or tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed! I'm going to post this in the chat log section of the forum as well... so if anyone comes asking, you all know what's going on in my world. CHEERS! I'll talk to you soon, and I'll keep you updated. The MachineThanks Adam 3KINGSTY dinar2blowThank you Adam! ------------------------ to be continued ------------------------
  15. Good morning everyone! 15th of April, 2015 - hopefully all of you Americans survived our annual Robbery At Gunpoint Day (Tax Day), and if you have anything left after graciously "volunteering" your support to the overpaid imbeciles in Government, please treat yourself to something nice... like an ice cream cone or a waffle. And try not to dwell on the fact that most of us only have to work 9 more days before you actually get to keep anything you've "earned". With that said, I've harped for years about the foolishness of counting on the government (ANY government!) to be "fair" to us when we make some good money on the dinar, so if you're not in my VIP group - and most importantly, the OSI group - you need to at least consider it! Here's a quick link that explains some of the benefits: (Scroll to #5 for the important stuff!) Now to the dinar! I am working on a couple of reports that I hope to have complete within the next week, so for now I'll just get to the weekly Q&A: ================================================= As I write this: YES. In particular, a Name Reserve is effective almost immediately. The quickest way is to follow these instructions. That's only part of it! Of course they have to reduce the currency, but that's what the CBI is there for. They are masters at manipulating the currency, both in quantity and in value. We've been seeing those articles for years - I think still has the Iraqi Dinar set to redenominate (remove 0's) as of 2009. They sing that song several times a year, but the dance never happens. I've learned to ignore those articles. Hey CL, I feel the same about the auctions as I do about the articles on "delete the 0's". The CBI is a masterful manipulator of the currency, it's value, and the amount in circulation. The auctions are a major part of their M.O. in controlling the situation, and they will never let on to their full plan. I don't watch the auctions as an indicator to the future. The minute we start seeing something that looks like a "tell" is the minute they change directions and screw up all our hours of research. Instead, I focus on the fundamentals - progress, stability, intent. As long as those things stay positive, I'm content to let the CBI do their job. I don't know exactly what you are looking for to represent a "strong position to support a radical change" when you started off with talk of "reconstruction". I don't think they are going to pretty up the buildings or build an international airport that rivals Dubai before they RV, if that helps! YES! When? I don't know - but hopefully! I don't think anyone has ever escaped the Lopster tank, and I highly doubt the member you are referring to is a VIP because the mods would have mentioned it to me before the action was taken and I would have handled the situation personally and the person would most likely not be there in the first place. Those rubber bands might seem harmless, but once they get on your claws you're pretty much stuck! P.S. This particular topic is not up for debate. Any further comments will be warned and hidden. I simply don't have time for it. HCL is Agreed, not Law - so we're still waiting on that. Maliki - I'm not concerned with him. If he's to be arrested, it will happen eventually. I don't see him as an influential figure in the value of the Dinar. If anything, since his political strength is waning, he would want to see it RV ASAP so he can benefit just like us. Absolutely. :tenfootpole: :conspiracystuff: :nopoke: One theory would be to watch the other hand when you're trying to figure out what a magician is up to. We talked about this last week or the week before. I NOTICED YOU WERE MISSING! Hey Tico, First of all congrats and thanks on your Platinum status! About ISIS - yes, of course they have a considerable stash of dinars, so YES an RV will benefit them just like us. It will also benefit Satanists, Followers of the LEGO Messiah, and the Cult of the Spaghetti God. But... what does that really mean? If you are my enemy, and you have $100 for a weapon but I have $1000... and we both get 10X profits... who comes out ahead? Nobody. We find ourselves in the same relative position. The thing that ISIS has against them is that they are evil, and they will eventually fall. It may take some extreme changes in the world, or an extreme event, but eventually good will prevail. Best regards to all.
  16. Good morning everyone! Please keep in mind that today is 1 April 2015... in recent years, some "less than sensitive" folks out there have played some pretty careless April Fools pranks on us. Outside of the Dinar world, I'm pretty laid back and more likely to crack a joke than to be serious about anything, but when it comes to business... April 1 is just another day, and you won't be getting any funny games from me today. With that said, I've given this a lot of thought... and I've decided it's time to close down Dinar Vets. This wasn't an easy decision. No sir-ma'am, it was not. But it's time, and so... Good bye. .... APRIL FOOLS! (I know, that wasn't funny at all. ) DinarVets isn't going anywhere, don't worry! We've come too far to walk away now, and besides... where else can you have this much fun while learning about worldly things?! I don't know of any other such place, and I still look forward to being part of this community even Post-RV. (The topics will probably change significantly, but I'm betting the community will stay just as vibrant and engaging.) Now that I have THAT out of my system, let's get to the situation in Iraq! The details really don't make a difference to us, when you really boil it down. All we really wand is for the CBI to pull the ever- elusive trigger on a major change in the rate of the Dinar. FYI for all you newbies here - a "major change in the rate of the Dinar" is what we're waiting on. It's the so-called "RV" or "RI" that everyone talks about. Don't expect Iraq to call it an "RV". Most likely, they will simply announce something like this: "CBI announces change in exchange to equal 1 dinar equal to 10 cents USD". I don't foresee any fanfare or press releases. The CBI won't have time to enjoy the party that people will want to throw for them, accept awards, or anything else. My expectation is that they will be excruciatingly silent about their reasons, future intentions, and everything else related. They will simply issue directives to banks, manage an explosion of activity with their auctions, and tell the world "This is now how it is. We do not need to answer questions." And the world will just have to accept it. The media will go into a frenzy, every station will point out that they never said it "won't" happen, and probably even pat themselves on the back for the one or two bits they ran on the Iraqi Dinar years ago where they "informed" people about a possible uptick in the value of the Dinar but wisely educated their viewers to be sure they were not acquiring "fake" dinars. (The chances that you have fake dinars are pretty low, but it seems to be a good talking point on the subject of any currency.) Fortunes will be made, then squandered, which is the case in any boom. We may see a bubble in the dinar, where the initial surge is where money is made going up and the shorters will pocket cash on the way down. As history has shown us time and again, 98% of the wealth will in due time be held by 2% of the population, and this isn't due to any conspiracy started by the Rothschilds... it's just how things work. Most people do not plan ahead and more lottery winners are broke in 3 years than not. (*COUGH COUGH*! VIP is open to new members at the moment. Don't be a slouch! Get in now, support the site, and reap the benefits!) So, what's the hold up on the change in rate?! Let's start with the stability of the rate. This is one of the key factors to the CBI actually having the ability to raise it in the first place. Throughout the last dozen years, the CBI has proven beyond a doubt that they are capable of supporting whatever rate they set. Their track record is impeccable, and when they decide to raise the value of the Iraqi Dinar, there is not one power on earth that will successfully challenge their right and ability to do so. Next we have the stability of the country that owns the currency. With the recently changed leadership in Iraq, we have witnessed an amazing spurt of progress. Under Abadi's leadership, Iraq was sprinting forward at a pace we had not seen in over 10 years! And then, suddenly... silence. We've been twiddling our thumbs for over a month now, waiting. Some of us patiently, some of us not so patiently... but we're all waiting. It's been my opinion over the last couple months that the HCL is the numero uno factor in raising the rate. We haven't heard much on the HCL in the past month or so, and interestingly (or accordingly) we also haven't heard much about the "0's" or an increase in the "strength"of the dinar. Coincidence? I think not. It's my strong opinion that the HCL is done... in fact, just last week it was announced that there are no objections between the Kurds and Baghdad on it. LINK They are also on the same page about boundaries. LINK Ban Ki Moon reports that he's happy with the situation between Erbil and Baghdad. LINK So if there are no objections, what else is there? I believe it's as simple as sorting out a few small items, such as: 1. Amending the banking laws to support CBI's actions for the increase. This has been going on for the last month, and is nearing a finish. LINK Just read the articles and check the dates on them! Parliament is checking off major items in a very methodical manner. I like it. 2. Defining where the money will go when it's found. This is no different than forming a new company... you have to determine ownership in the shares etc. LINK Again, they are making very timely progress on these things. So with the HCL all but rubber-stamped and announced in the Gazette, and Parliament still moving forward in a peaceful and cooperative fashion, I only have one thing left to say on it. Stay patient, my friends. We all wanted this to pop a decade ago, but when there's no need to panic... well, there's no need to panic! We're still in the "Go Zone", and it's just a matter of time before we're launched. Cheers Now for the weekly Q's! ================================== Hi Robert, This ties right into my thoughts above - when the HCL is announced, that will be when the CBI is ready and I don't see the RV being delayed beyond that. I am very confident that all currently honored notes will be honored for however long they say they will honor them. At this time, only the 50 dinar notes are being pulled, and they were very clear about the timeframe and exchange policy. VERY good! Sure, that's a factor. But let's be realistic... what would it take to secure that entire line? Here's a hypothetical situation: 1. CBI is ready to RV. Informs GOI, who then calls on allies for immediate military assistance. 2. Allies realize that this is "payday" and all they have to do is send massive coordinated military assistance to the pipeline and a few other strategic locations to cash their checks. Iraq could be secured in 24-48 hours with that kind of support. Can anyone deny that Iraq WOULD get that kind of support in that situation? I don't think so. Of course not. The CBI is not obligated to do anything on any day, ever, for any reason whatsoever. If anyone says different, they are misinformed or smoking something. No, I don't think Abadi would be so vain as to try to pull that off. He will get plenty of credit for his work regardless of the date. I don't do dates... you can read my thoughts above and see how I feel about the situation. 1. Completely different situations. To put it simply, China and Japan are mildly undervalued, while Iraq is extremely undervalued. Iraq should have a currency valued at a dollar or more, so if they RV'd to .10 you could still say they are undervalued. 2. Nope. countryroads, your feelings on this are very similar to why I theorize that the dinar will come out at a dime even if it should be a dollar. =================================== That's it for the weekly update and Q's... I hope your April is off to a great start, and since so many of you asked for a "pick-me-up" - I'll give you a 25% off your 5 month or Platinum VIP for a short time. There are limited seats available in the VIP section, so this discount will be removed once we are full. Don't delay! Get it here: With the discount code: april125 Happy April Fools day, and GOOO RRRRRVVVVV!!!!!!!
  17. Gooooooood morning and Happy Wednesday! Here we are… another Wednesday chat, and I know what most of you really want to know. You don’t care about the HCL, the GOI or the CBI… heck, I’m there with you. The question is simple: DO I GET THE CHA-CHING THIS WEEK OR NOT?! Well, my friends… not YET… but bear with me and I'll do my best to share the current situation as best I can! Some of you here have been with me for only a little while, and some of you have been here for what might seem a coon’s age… but regardless of which camp you're in, you know I don’t get on my podium for the sake of just being on a podium. When there’s something hot to talk about, I do that. When there’s not… well, then I don’t. Today - this morning, anyway - I can only relay what I'm hearing and feeling based on my contacts, the conversations I have with them, and then also the news that we all have access to. So, here goes. There is not an HCL in place yet. Don't start kicking things! I said “we don't have an HCL” at this moment. It IS coming! What I'm hearing is pretty similar to what is being posted on a lot of the threads here at DV. This whole thing is coming to a head. It simply can NOT keep being delayed. Wheels are in motion, and the snowball is rolling DOWNhill… good luck getting in front of it and stopping it! (Please don’t try.) One of our Platinum members idplzr posted this, and I'm a huge fan of "if it aint broke don't try to fix it" so enjoy the following: In other news: - Texas to squash liberal anti-gun-rights whiners with big fines. Adam Approved. - Today’s lesson in irony: Q&A to follow! ======================== I've been putting some thought into this. I'm starting to think that people would actually pay to not see Davis411 in that kind of attire... Davis, please contact me personally to setup a joint venture program. This will require you to limit your exposure to specific locations, and might not bring in a ton of cash since people can just choose not to look, but maybe it will pay for a couple umbrella drinks. I don't know. It's worth a shot though. Hi Candy, I elaborated on my thoughts above... that's all you get. Thanks for loving me for who I am. Like Popeye said, "I am what I am!" ============== To be continued! ====================
  18. Good morning DV! It's a beautiful Wednesday morning with SPRING finally right around the corner! The sun has been out more in March than the last 4 months, and that makes me a happy camper! I hope you all had a fantastic St. Patricks Day, complete with green beer or at least a shot of Baileys. (I sure did! ) Let's talk about dinar. I'm just going to be blunt here - this last week was a bit slow. We've seen continued evidence that Abadi is "the man" we want at the helm, as he continues to do great things to advance Iraq in every aspect possible. Parliament has been working diligently, accomplishing more in a week than they used to in 2 months! It appears that the Oil & Gas issue is paused at the moment - they still have the same 9 issues to work on that I mentioned last week. I'm going to cut them some slack and give the benefit of the doubt at this time, since they are actually working and not just screwing off like they would have done this same time last year under Maliki. There's a few ways to look at this... the most logical, in my opinion, is pretty simple - the CBI probably informed Parliament that they were not ready yet, so hold off on the HCL. So, what might be holding the CBI back? Again IMO, not much! The CBI is excellent at what they do, so perhaps it's a simple matter of aligning all of the banks that participate in the auctions. Maybe it's a last minute tweak on the Post-RV spreadsheets that they will be using. If that's what is happening, I believe that's great for us. It means we are a few words away from seeing this all come together. That's all I have for this week. We need some HCL news before I start packing my bags, so I'm going to temporarily re-open VIP for those of you that want to get in. Upgrade here: That option will close once Parliament picks up the HCL work again. Don't blame me if you miss out! Here's the weekly Q&A: "Up" is a very useful word that should be used in the following manner: The value of the dinar should be going "up" any day now. Hi eg1050, that's a good question. If you're in my VIP group, that information will be sent as soon as it's available. We won't know until after the announcement is made, but you can count on getting all of the best options from me at that time. Well, we're nearing the 3 month mark and heading towards 4, and my opinion is the same. Right now we've seen the HCL make incredible progress and it's poised to continue at a moment's notice. Congratulations on your success! I don't think a movie theater is up my alley for investing, so I'll pass on that one. Hi Candy! Yes, you are correct - the majority is done and we are looking for it to be 100% complete any time now. I wish I had more concrete news, but what we have is what I mentioned above. Hello RPMAC! Ramadan is June 17 to July 17 this year. I don't think we'll make it that far without seeing something major. Will Ramadan be any different for Parliament under Abadi as opposed to Maliki? I would certainly think so, but "how much" different remains to be seen. Whichever one you choose to wear, please just leave a note at the front desk so the rest of the group can choose to see or not see it! Hi soonerdoc, Iran: Is and will probably always be an enemy to the US. If they are doing some good in Iraq, then that's a good thing. It has no bearing on how the value of the dinar will benefit us. The rate: I don't know what rate you are referring to, but if it's over 1:1 I simply don't think that will happen regardless of how much is or isn't in circulation. But to address the "amount in circulation" issue, that is controled by the CBI and when they want to pull money out of circulation, they will. When they want to RV, they will. You know... so many things over there defy logic, yet people still try to apply logic to them. It kind of cracks me up. Good morning Barreled1! I don't think it matters at all if they decide to depeg. The value is what it is regardless of how they choose to measure it. ==================================================== That's it for now. GO HCL, and GO RV!!!!!
  19. Good afternoon everyone! I'll just get to the point immediately - you know me well enough by now to know that if I'm not here to waste anyone's time! We are, as we have for the past few weeks, on an HCL watch. We had two potential scenarios - A: Parliament slammed it on the books and we blazed right into an RV and we all scrambled. B: They don't do A. Obviously they chose option B The only way I'd be getting discouraged is if there was backwards or negative progress... and that's not the case. March 9th 2 more points in the HCL passed Parliament. March 10th 5 more were approved. 2 more were slated for today (this?) if I'm not mistaken, and also if my information is accurate there is a total of 16 items to get through... They *could* do all 9(?) by tomorrow, which would be absolutely AMAZING! My gut feeling, however, is that this will drag out to next week... sorry to everyone hoping that Friday was "payday". I'll eat a whole table full of crow pie if I'm wrong, with a huge smile on my face! That's just my opinion, nothing more. So, where are we right now? That's easy - we're sitting on the sidelines, watching our team march towards the goal, steady and sure. That's a pretty good feeling if you ask me! ************ ADMIN UPDATE *************** This was just sent out via email, but here's an addon update: To make up for my inexcusable lack of emails lately, I'm going to share what is really a "VIP Referral ONLY" link with you. If you're not in the VIP group because you didn't want to spring the full $379 for Platinum VIP... this is your chance! Here's a VIP REFERRAL ONLY link for a 5 month VIP: *********** END ADMIN UPDATE *********** The weekly Q & A: No disrespect taken jar! And welcome to the site. I'm not here to waste people's time - when I have valuable insight, I provide it. If there's nothing to report, I won't fluff things up to get some more ad views. That's not my style. Take me as I am or don't take me at all. (If you're in the VIP group, I suggest you spend more time in there - I post several times a day in there at least!) ABSOLUTELY YES - that's even more reason for them to shoot for pegging to the dollar rather than another basket of currencies. I have ran it, and the system has been verified by several other groups in different industries as well. In a word - "no". See my weekly update comments at the beginning of this post. I will wait and see ONLY MADNESS!!!!!! aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! The US doesn't have enough "money" to cover it's trillions in debt, yet the dollar is still worth a dollar... how is that possible? The answer lies in how a fiat currency works. Here's a link to start learning: I'm hopeful that the HCL will work out much quicker than that. HCL! HCL! HCL! Of course there are other things that *could* pop up, but at this time I know of nothing major. See above! -------------- to be continued ---------------
  20. Morning everyone! A couple PSAs/apologies first. I know the chat room has been down for a couple days, and the VIP renewal system is acting up. Chat room - I'm working on it, and it should be resolved by the end of the day. VIP system - please believe me when I say I don't want to add extra work for my staff, so the issue is being worked on as quickly as possible! For the time being, you can use this link to renew or add VIP: And if you're looking for your current expiration date, I'm happy to look it up for you. Just email Now with THAT stuff out of the way, let's talk about the latest! Hopefully you caught my "drive by" this last weekend, because I addressed the recent news regarding the 50 dinar notes being squashed by the CBI. For most of us, this isn't a big deal when it's related to our actual physical holdings. The majority of my cash Dinar is in 1-25k notes. But it IS a big deal when you apply this situation to what we expect to happen when the CBI pulls the BIG trigger. Hopefully you've read the free Cash In Guide by now! But if you haven't, here's a short explanation. When a country changes value or actual notes, they can choose to let the old notes run at the same time as the new notes, or they can implement a "cash in" time. This is completely arbitrary - they can say 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 years, or whatever they want. In this situation, the CBI appears to be doing a "trial run" on the cash-in time. I always thought they would give us a minimum of 90 days, but with the 50 notes, they basically did a ~45 day cash in timeframe. Get your 50's turned in within that timeframe, or they are worthless. :shock: 45 days?!?! YEP! 45 days! My thoughts on this are pretty straight forward. 1. No need to panic. A 50 dinar note is worth a nickel right now, so this is a perfect way for the CBI to do such a "practice run". If you're heavily invested in Iraqi nickels, my condolences to you... if that was my situation, I'd be looking for a dealer that will trade them, or I'd keep them as souvenirs. 2. I STRONGLY doubt that they plan on doing the same thing with the larger notes, but even IF they do, I understand that we are going to have a lot more options for exchanging. The game changes drastically when you switch from nickels to hundreds! Again... no reason to freak out. 3. Here's the real silver lining. Since this was announced, have you seen any kind of pandemonium or an irregular blast of news about the ISX dropping or pillaging and plundering because of a Great Depression coming to Iraq? No, you haven't. And that's because axing the 50s isn't a major negative... in fact, it has more upside than most people realize. On that note, I'll wrap up my Wednesday update by mentioning that I am VERY anxious to get some HCL news. There is a lot going on right now, and hopefully that can all play out in the next week or 2, then we can have some HCL news. Did I mention I want some HCL news? Because that's what I want! If one of you members would be so kind as to kick the HCL into overdrive, I'll be forever grateful! Here's the weekly Q&A =========== Weekly Q&A ================== I kind of like origami - have you ever tried that? Hey Skrappy. I did see your post, but I don't know when "they" said "that". I'll need a link to reply, just to be sure I'm not responding to a mis-interpretation of what "they" said. Second question - I'm not sure I get where you are coming from, but I"ll take a stab at it. You are assuming they need to de-dollarize. I don't know if that's necessary, so that throws the whole question into limbo. On thing I am confident in is the fact that the dollar is less reliable than ever, so there's a possibility that hedging against it could reap some major gains in the right situation. Hope that helps! Everything depends on the CBI. It's really that simple. ============ to be continued... ===============
  21. · Adam Montana Hey everyone! · Just doing a quick driveby like I mentioned in the weekly chat... sorry it's taken so long to get to, I was waiting for confirmation on a couple things I'm hearing. · Confirmation never came, so I'm not going to get too detailed. But I will at least share what I'm hearing. · As you probably read, two pretty significant things were announced this week. · Adam Montana 1. Iraq acquired ANOTHER boatload of Gold, I think it was 36 TONS. This is important IMO because I've always held the belief that while Iraq is running their currency on a fiat system, they have a pressing need to show that they have assets to back their value before they can RV. · Obviously OIL is huge, but when you're sitting on an impressive pile of gold, that just adds to your credibility. · Adam Montana 2. The CBI announced that they are pulling the 50's from the market, and replacing them with other denominations. This part will take a minute to explain, so hang tight with me here. · First, if you've got a bunch of these small denoms - I have heard mention that there's a few dealers willing to exchange them for other denoms OR USD for a minimal charge, so I would just do that. What we're being told is that after April 30, the current 50's will not be honored. · That's the immediate effect on us. The more important thing to realize is this is very likely a test run on exchanging large quantities of notes. · I've always maintained the opinion that we should get at least 90 days, perhaps as much as 2 years, to exchange. that would give us time to make decisions, based on the floating/changing exchange rate, about how we wanted to exchange. I'll be completely blunt - I never expected to get 2 years, but I acknowledge that it's a possibility. · Well, with this announcement... this might be our first clue that we won't even get 90 days... we'll get about 45 days. · Adam Montana Not that it's a horrible thing by any means! · Adam Montana I'm hearing that instead of a huge RV with a lot of time to exchange, there will be a smaller RV (.01 to .30), a very short cash in window (~45 days), and then a float... so what we MIGHT get to do is simply exchange for the new notes, then ride the value up before we convert to USD or whatever other currency we choose to keep our liquid cash in. · Adam Montana Personally, I don't keep a lot of liquid cash - I'd rather have it in investments, and that's a huge part of what I'm angling my Post RV VIP activities around. Why keep cash that loses value, when you can stick it in an investment and gain? Sorry, I'm digressing... · Anyway - the news is kind of speaking for itself right now. The CBI is not sitting idle, they are moving. All the news we see coming out concerning the IQD shows us that they are serious about raising the value. · Adam Montana At this time, that's all we have... so I'll step off the podium and wish everyone a fantastic weekend. · 3:55 PM · coorslite21 quick question before you go. With the 60 day trial exchange, we probably are not looking at anything else until summer? Would that seem right to you? thank you sir · Adam Montana Cheers · 4:00 PM · skrappyone things that makes you go.....hmmmmmmm lol · Adam Montana Hey CL I almost missed that. · coorslite21 How have you been?? · Adam Montana (T)hat's not a concrete matter. They could test this 50-note exchange for a week and then slam the rest of the notes on it as well · I'm good, thank you for asking · NoviceInvestor Hi Adam .. This is the first time I have looked and your here and I missed your comments · nfire Thanks Adam · coorslite21 Thanks for the drive by · Adam Montana Gotta get dinner going for now! I'll copy and paste the entire chat if nobody else got it Novice.
  22. Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! This week is an interesting one. The budget is 100% done, which is exactly what we want. The CBI is mucking around with their auctions... and there's a ripple effect happening right now, which will have an impact on the ISX and a lot more... ... but the fact that the CBI is changing things up has me asking questions, and I'm getting some VERY interesting responses. With that said, I'm going to make this update short. I have a feeling that I'll be getting some feedback here shortly, and at that time I'll do another "driveby" or formal post here in the forums. Until that next post... hang tight, my friends! I'm just as eager as you are for some great news, and it looks like we're closing in! Good question Tex! It does appear that there was HCL-specific text in the budget, but the HCL has to be passed on it's own. In other words, the budget supports the HCL, but the HCL will be a completely separate deal. With any luck, it will be dealt in short order! I certainly hope we'll see the RV here in the first quarter, and yes the HCL is the holdup. Neither has as much potential as the IQD. No and Yes. Baskets do exist, but they simply won't change all at the same time. I don't see them doing that either. ISIS is not close enough to Baghdad to make an impact. I love it when the CBI starts playing with things. It means they are getting ready to do something! I'm not getting in the middle of your marital "discussions"! To NOT be.
  23. Good morning everyone! Obviously another week has passed and I'm still doing the weekly updates, so I guess Abadi didn't get the letter I sent him explaining that it's ok to pull the trigger! I'll get another one out in the mail today... maybe I wrote the address wrong. I'll just keep things short and sweet today - not much has changed since last week. We are no closer, but thankfully no further. The HCL remains on the top of my watch list, and I am confident they will move on that shortly... but until they do, I'm not a huge fan of talking just to hear myself talk. When I have something important to share, I'll do so. Until then, we remain positive and patient. (If you're dying for some good commentary, check out this superb post by Platinum member / ISX aficionado TrinityX - it's a good read!) We are definitely on the brink of SOMETHING... I temper my excitement by reminding myself that regardless of how far they've come in the last couple months, this is still Iraq and things will happen when they happen, and not a moment sooner. Just talk right now. It's possible that more is going on in the background, but "officially" they are just talking about it in the last week. It's a little frustrating seeing them make SO much progress so quickly, and then now it's kind of quiet... but then again, it's always possible that this is the "quiet before the storm". And boy oh boy are we ANXIOUS to get wet in that storm! I think you answered your own question! "Most countries are deep in the red. Iraq has unimaginable wealth potential" That's a fair question, and I certainly am glad to hear you have enjoyed the site! As the rest of the world devalues, Iraq can easily increase value and recover a lot of the "cost" simply by manipulating the market. Iraq's incredible wealth, resources, and potential are rivaled by almost ZERO other countries on the planet. It's easy to lose sight of that, but keep things in perspective and don't forget that Iraq could literally be the biggest producer of black gold in a VERY short timeframe if they do things right... and I have no doubt that they will. I think I mentioned that it won't happen. That's my opinion, in it's entirety, so the answer is: 0% chance. Hi fredst, my answer is simple - I encourage you to do your due diligence before taking any actions that could seriously affect your personal situation. If you are happy with what I present, use it. If you think another way is better for you, then go that way. Cheers. That's a tough one... I see the HCL as numero uno. If they pass the HCL and we don't have an RV in extremely short order, I will owe you an apology! GCR is "Global Currency Reset" - I think it's some kind of dish they pass around at tin foil hat parties. I believe the primary ingredient is GMOs, and it has to be microwaved, which doesn't go well with the tin foil hats, so I've turned down all the invitations to those parties. I suggest you do the same. The benefit for Iraq to RV is easy - just study up on the concept of fiat currency. The difference between using USD or IQD is irrelevant once you understand how fiat currencies work. Calm before the storm if this is indeed our time! *fingers crossed* ======================================================= There is more that I'd comment on, but at this time I'm going to bite my tongue and wait to see what comes through the pipelines... we are close to the end of this ride, but we have to wait it out. So... until my next update, I'm just going to keep watching that newsfeed and when I get something good I'll be back in touch. LET'S GO, IRAQ! BABIES NEED NEW SHOES AND MOMMIES AND DADDIES ARE WAITING! Talk to you soon, friends! - Adam
  24. Gooooood morning everyone! After a crazy rush of excitement early this year, we seem to have stalled out a little... but I'm not worried. The positives are pretty plain to see - Budget approved amazingly fast, as opposed to last year when they NEVER passed one! If this had happened at any time in the last 12 years, we would have been seeing contrary statements from the "other side", but we are seeing less and less of an "other side"... they are truly working together and moving the ship forward. Abadi just continues to impress me! The next step is to publish the Budget in the Gazette, and that should happen any day now as it's been announced that the President has signed off on it. Unfortunately, the HCL wasn't passed since my last weekly, so we're still here talking about it. Now let's talk about some GOOD stuff! If you're in the mood for some encouraging news, check out the 3rd post in this thread: That sounds to me like the CBI is preparing to open the doors and do some business! A little food for thought... does this announcement by the CBI have anything to do with the ISX jumping like it did? Do people in the know, know things we don't know? I guess we will see! Now for the weekly Q&A! ==================================== Dr. Shabbs has always had my respect as an intelligent and capable person - if that's what's going on, I'm sure there's a good reason. My main focus right now is on the HCL. Hmm... ok, I'll admit that it *could* happen. As long as you're going to a bank with a DeLaRue machine on hand, and you witness the counting and confirming, I don't think that's a major concern for us. I'm completely comfortable with any size denomination. If you want to diversify for future uses (like buying gold in small and large pieces), then by all means get some lower denoms. But they will all exchange equally. We have a good number of Australian VIPS! Check this link here - it's for anyone outside the US: Well... I try not to go into dates, but this has been THE most exciting time we have seen EVER! So... step 1, publish the budget. Step 2, HCL. Step 3, RV. Once they get back to work on the HCL, we should know more, and I see that happening fairly quick. ============ To be Continued... ========================
  25. Wednesday, 4th of February 2015 Good morning everyone! I'm going to be blunt here... I keep my expectations low and I hold my excitement regardless of what's happening. It's getting progressively harder to stay grounded, even for me... so if you're one of those that's like me and you're on the edge of your seat right now... well, you're not alone! Here's some cliff notes: 1. It's been a long haul, but we are MAKING PROGRESS! We have a new Iraqi PM, we have a new and improved GOI (Government Of Iraq), Chapter 7 is a thing of the past and we are working on the HCL right now. 2. This year's budget was passed, which is something the former GOI (which included Maliki) was not able to do last year. 3. From my sources: the HCL is in effect but there is some question on security, which is the reason for the delay in making the hcA into the HCL. I don't like delays any more than any of you, but this makes a lot of sense. It would be irresponsible for the CBI to raise the value of the dinar without considering the security of those that protect the very oil that has a major role in backing the value of the dinar. So... let's see how this goes over the next couple days. One thing to keep in mind is this: We aren't the only ones waiting to cash in. There's a lot of bigwigs here and abroad that are pushing harder than we are! Cash in guide is here: But more importantly... is "double duce duce" meant to be 222, 44, 42, or something else?! We have an extensive network of banks - if you're in my VIP group, and you are in a semi-populated part of the world, chances are good that you'll have a participating VIP bank in close range. I thought it was 19%, but either way... doesn't matter because our OSI plans circumvent all that. Are you kidding?! The Philippines is a major player in worldwide trade, commerce, banking, etc - of COURSE we are there! No way. That won't happen. How ooooolllllllllddddd ARE you!? At this time it seems like the security issue is the only factor. Not 100%, but they are definitely connected. Good question and I understand your frustration! There's a bit of difference between our FED and the CBI.. I'd be here for days or WEEKS writing about that! To keep it simple, I'll just say this: I think the CBI could RV in the next month with complete control.
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