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  1. Morning everyone! A couple PSAs/apologies first. I know the chat room has been down for a couple days, and the VIP renewal system is acting up. Chat room - I'm working on it, and it should be resolved by the end of the day. VIP system - please believe me when I say I don't want to add extra work for my staff, so the issue is being worked on as quickly as possible! For the time being, you can use this link to renew or add VIP: And if you're looking for your current expiration date, I'm happy to look it up for you. Just email Now with THAT stuff out of the way, let's talk about the latest! Hopefully you caught my "drive by" this last weekend, because I addressed the recent news regarding the 50 dinar notes being squashed by the CBI. For most of us, this isn't a big deal when it's related to our actual physical holdings. The majority of my cash Dinar is in 1-25k notes. But it IS a big deal when you apply this situation to what we expect to happen when the CBI pulls the BIG trigger. Hopefully you've read the free Cash In Guide by now! But if you haven't, here's a short explanation. When a country changes value or actual notes, they can choose to let the old notes run at the same time as the new notes, or they can implement a "cash in" time. This is completely arbitrary - they can say 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 years, or whatever they want. In this situation, the CBI appears to be doing a "trial run" on the cash-in time. I always thought they would give us a minimum of 90 days, but with the 50 notes, they basically did a ~45 day cash in timeframe. Get your 50's turned in within that timeframe, or they are worthless. :shock: 45 days?!?! YEP! 45 days! My thoughts on this are pretty straight forward. 1. No need to panic. A 50 dinar note is worth a nickel right now, so this is a perfect way for the CBI to do such a "practice run". If you're heavily invested in Iraqi nickels, my condolences to you... if that was my situation, I'd be looking for a dealer that will trade them, or I'd keep them as souvenirs. 2. I STRONGLY doubt that they plan on doing the same thing with the larger notes, but even IF they do, I understand that we are going to have a lot more options for exchanging. The game changes drastically when you switch from nickels to hundreds! Again... no reason to freak out. 3. Here's the real silver lining. Since this was announced, have you seen any kind of pandemonium or an irregular blast of news about the ISX dropping or pillaging and plundering because of a Great Depression coming to Iraq? No, you haven't. And that's because axing the 50s isn't a major negative... in fact, it has more upside than most people realize. On that note, I'll wrap up my Wednesday update by mentioning that I am VERY anxious to get some HCL news. There is a lot going on right now, and hopefully that can all play out in the next week or 2, then we can have some HCL news. Did I mention I want some HCL news? Because that's what I want! If one of you members would be so kind as to kick the HCL into overdrive, I'll be forever grateful! Here's the weekly Q&A =========== Weekly Q&A ================== I kind of like origami - have you ever tried that? Hey Skrappy. I did see your post, but I don't know when "they" said "that". I'll need a link to reply, just to be sure I'm not responding to a mis-interpretation of what "they" said. Second question - I'm not sure I get where you are coming from, but I"ll take a stab at it. You are assuming they need to de-dollarize. I don't know if that's necessary, so that throws the whole question into limbo. On thing I am confident in is the fact that the dollar is less reliable than ever, so there's a possibility that hedging against it could reap some major gains in the right situation. Hope that helps! Everything depends on the CBI. It's really that simple. ============ to be continued... ===============
  2. · Adam Montana Hey everyone! · Just doing a quick driveby like I mentioned in the weekly chat... sorry it's taken so long to get to, I was waiting for confirmation on a couple things I'm hearing. · Confirmation never came, so I'm not going to get too detailed. But I will at least share what I'm hearing. · As you probably read, two pretty significant things were announced this week. · Adam Montana 1. Iraq acquired ANOTHER boatload of Gold, I think it was 36 TONS. This is important IMO because I've always held the belief that while Iraq is running their currency on a fiat system, they have a pressing need to show that they have assets to back their value before they can RV. · Obviously OIL is huge, but when you're sitting on an impressive pile of gold, that just adds to your credibility. · Adam Montana 2. The CBI announced that they are pulling the 50's from the market, and replacing them with other denominations. This part will take a minute to explain, so hang tight with me here. · First, if you've got a bunch of these small denoms - I have heard mention that there's a few dealers willing to exchange them for other denoms OR USD for a minimal charge, so I would just do that. What we're being told is that after April 30, the current 50's will not be honored. · That's the immediate effect on us. The more important thing to realize is this is very likely a test run on exchanging large quantities of notes. · I've always maintained the opinion that we should get at least 90 days, perhaps as much as 2 years, to exchange. that would give us time to make decisions, based on the floating/changing exchange rate, about how we wanted to exchange. I'll be completely blunt - I never expected to get 2 years, but I acknowledge that it's a possibility. · Well, with this announcement... this might be our first clue that we won't even get 90 days... we'll get about 45 days. · Adam Montana Not that it's a horrible thing by any means! · Adam Montana I'm hearing that instead of a huge RV with a lot of time to exchange, there will be a smaller RV (.01 to .30), a very short cash in window (~45 days), and then a float... so what we MIGHT get to do is simply exchange for the new notes, then ride the value up before we convert to USD or whatever other currency we choose to keep our liquid cash in. · Adam Montana Personally, I don't keep a lot of liquid cash - I'd rather have it in investments, and that's a huge part of what I'm angling my Post RV VIP activities around. Why keep cash that loses value, when you can stick it in an investment and gain? Sorry, I'm digressing... · Anyway - the news is kind of speaking for itself right now. The CBI is not sitting idle, they are moving. All the news we see coming out concerning the IQD shows us that they are serious about raising the value. · Adam Montana At this time, that's all we have... so I'll step off the podium and wish everyone a fantastic weekend. · 3:55 PM · coorslite21 quick question before you go. With the 60 day trial exchange, we probably are not looking at anything else until summer? Would that seem right to you? thank you sir · Adam Montana Cheers · 4:00 PM · skrappyone things that makes you go.....hmmmmmmm lol · Adam Montana Hey CL I almost missed that. · coorslite21 How have you been?? · Adam Montana (T)hat's not a concrete matter. They could test this 50-note exchange for a week and then slam the rest of the notes on it as well · I'm good, thank you for asking · NoviceInvestor Hi Adam .. This is the first time I have looked and your here and I missed your comments · nfire Thanks Adam · coorslite21 Thanks for the drive by · Adam Montana Gotta get dinner going for now! I'll copy and paste the entire chat if nobody else got it Novice.
  3. Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! This week is an interesting one. The budget is 100% done, which is exactly what we want. The CBI is mucking around with their auctions... and there's a ripple effect happening right now, which will have an impact on the ISX and a lot more... ... but the fact that the CBI is changing things up has me asking questions, and I'm getting some VERY interesting responses. With that said, I'm going to make this update short. I have a feeling that I'll be getting some feedback here shortly, and at that time I'll do another "driveby" or formal post here in the forums. Until that next post... hang tight, my friends! I'm just as eager as you are for some great news, and it looks like we're closing in! Good question Tex! It does appear that there was HCL-specific text in the budget, but the HCL has to be passed on it's own. In other words, the budget supports the HCL, but the HCL will be a completely separate deal. With any luck, it will be dealt in short order! I certainly hope we'll see the RV here in the first quarter, and yes the HCL is the holdup. Neither has as much potential as the IQD. No and Yes. Baskets do exist, but they simply won't change all at the same time. I don't see them doing that either. ISIS is not close enough to Baghdad to make an impact. I love it when the CBI starts playing with things. It means they are getting ready to do something! I'm not getting in the middle of your marital "discussions"! To NOT be.
  4. Good morning everyone! Obviously another week has passed and I'm still doing the weekly updates, so I guess Abadi didn't get the letter I sent him explaining that it's ok to pull the trigger! I'll get another one out in the mail today... maybe I wrote the address wrong. I'll just keep things short and sweet today - not much has changed since last week. We are no closer, but thankfully no further. The HCL remains on the top of my watch list, and I am confident they will move on that shortly... but until they do, I'm not a huge fan of talking just to hear myself talk. When I have something important to share, I'll do so. Until then, we remain positive and patient. (If you're dying for some good commentary, check out this superb post by Platinum member / ISX aficionado TrinityX - it's a good read!) We are definitely on the brink of SOMETHING... I temper my excitement by reminding myself that regardless of how far they've come in the last couple months, this is still Iraq and things will happen when they happen, and not a moment sooner. Just talk right now. It's possible that more is going on in the background, but "officially" they are just talking about it in the last week. It's a little frustrating seeing them make SO much progress so quickly, and then now it's kind of quiet... but then again, it's always possible that this is the "quiet before the storm". And boy oh boy are we ANXIOUS to get wet in that storm! I think you answered your own question! "Most countries are deep in the red. Iraq has unimaginable wealth potential" That's a fair question, and I certainly am glad to hear you have enjoyed the site! As the rest of the world devalues, Iraq can easily increase value and recover a lot of the "cost" simply by manipulating the market. Iraq's incredible wealth, resources, and potential are rivaled by almost ZERO other countries on the planet. It's easy to lose sight of that, but keep things in perspective and don't forget that Iraq could literally be the biggest producer of black gold in a VERY short timeframe if they do things right... and I have no doubt that they will. I think I mentioned that it won't happen. That's my opinion, in it's entirety, so the answer is: 0% chance. Hi fredst, my answer is simple - I encourage you to do your due diligence before taking any actions that could seriously affect your personal situation. If you are happy with what I present, use it. If you think another way is better for you, then go that way. Cheers. That's a tough one... I see the HCL as numero uno. If they pass the HCL and we don't have an RV in extremely short order, I will owe you an apology! GCR is "Global Currency Reset" - I think it's some kind of dish they pass around at tin foil hat parties. I believe the primary ingredient is GMOs, and it has to be microwaved, which doesn't go well with the tin foil hats, so I've turned down all the invitations to those parties. I suggest you do the same. The benefit for Iraq to RV is easy - just study up on the concept of fiat currency. The difference between using USD or IQD is irrelevant once you understand how fiat currencies work. Calm before the storm if this is indeed our time! *fingers crossed* ======================================================= There is more that I'd comment on, but at this time I'm going to bite my tongue and wait to see what comes through the pipelines... we are close to the end of this ride, but we have to wait it out. So... until my next update, I'm just going to keep watching that newsfeed and when I get something good I'll be back in touch. LET'S GO, IRAQ! BABIES NEED NEW SHOES AND MOMMIES AND DADDIES ARE WAITING! Talk to you soon, friends! - Adam
  5. Gooooood morning everyone! After a crazy rush of excitement early this year, we seem to have stalled out a little... but I'm not worried. The positives are pretty plain to see - Budget approved amazingly fast, as opposed to last year when they NEVER passed one! If this had happened at any time in the last 12 years, we would have been seeing contrary statements from the "other side", but we are seeing less and less of an "other side"... they are truly working together and moving the ship forward. Abadi just continues to impress me! The next step is to publish the Budget in the Gazette, and that should happen any day now as it's been announced that the President has signed off on it. Unfortunately, the HCL wasn't passed since my last weekly, so we're still here talking about it. Now let's talk about some GOOD stuff! If you're in the mood for some encouraging news, check out the 3rd post in this thread: That sounds to me like the CBI is preparing to open the doors and do some business! A little food for thought... does this announcement by the CBI have anything to do with the ISX jumping like it did? Do people in the know, know things we don't know? I guess we will see! Now for the weekly Q&A! ==================================== Dr. Shabbs has always had my respect as an intelligent and capable person - if that's what's going on, I'm sure there's a good reason. My main focus right now is on the HCL. Hmm... ok, I'll admit that it *could* happen. As long as you're going to a bank with a DeLaRue machine on hand, and you witness the counting and confirming, I don't think that's a major concern for us. I'm completely comfortable with any size denomination. If you want to diversify for future uses (like buying gold in small and large pieces), then by all means get some lower denoms. But they will all exchange equally. We have a good number of Australian VIPS! Check this link here - it's for anyone outside the US: Well... I try not to go into dates, but this has been THE most exciting time we have seen EVER! So... step 1, publish the budget. Step 2, HCL. Step 3, RV. Once they get back to work on the HCL, we should know more, and I see that happening fairly quick. ============ To be Continued... ========================
  6. Wednesday, 4th of February 2015 Good morning everyone! I'm going to be blunt here... I keep my expectations low and I hold my excitement regardless of what's happening. It's getting progressively harder to stay grounded, even for me... so if you're one of those that's like me and you're on the edge of your seat right now... well, you're not alone! Here's some cliff notes: 1. It's been a long haul, but we are MAKING PROGRESS! We have a new Iraqi PM, we have a new and improved GOI (Government Of Iraq), Chapter 7 is a thing of the past and we are working on the HCL right now. 2. This year's budget was passed, which is something the former GOI (which included Maliki) was not able to do last year. 3. From my sources: the HCL is in effect but there is some question on security, which is the reason for the delay in making the hcA into the HCL. I don't like delays any more than any of you, but this makes a lot of sense. It would be irresponsible for the CBI to raise the value of the dinar without considering the security of those that protect the very oil that has a major role in backing the value of the dinar. So... let's see how this goes over the next couple days. One thing to keep in mind is this: We aren't the only ones waiting to cash in. There's a lot of bigwigs here and abroad that are pushing harder than we are! Cash in guide is here: But more importantly... is "double duce duce" meant to be 222, 44, 42, or something else?! We have an extensive network of banks - if you're in my VIP group, and you are in a semi-populated part of the world, chances are good that you'll have a participating VIP bank in close range. I thought it was 19%, but either way... doesn't matter because our OSI plans circumvent all that. Are you kidding?! The Philippines is a major player in worldwide trade, commerce, banking, etc - of COURSE we are there! No way. That won't happen. How ooooolllllllllddddd ARE you!? At this time it seems like the security issue is the only factor. Not 100%, but they are definitely connected. Good question and I understand your frustration! There's a bit of difference between our FED and the CBI.. I'd be here for days or WEEKS writing about that! To keep it simple, I'll just say this: I think the CBI could RV in the next month with complete control.
  7. Good morning everyone! Well, I had hoped to see something significant before today's chat, but as of right now the Budget is not official and we have no HCL. That's a little disappointing to many, but hey - we've waited this long... what's another day or week? Hang in there, friends! One thing is starting to stand out to me this week, and I have to come right out and say I believe I was wrong when I was thinking that the budget will come before the HCL. I'm rethinking that... it's possible it could be the exact opposite, but still achieve the same end result. For example, this article right here states that "the oil agreement with the Kurdistan Region of the most important obstacles to the completion of the budget..." And it's possible that they made progress on the HCL even today, so hopefully we see news on that as soon as tomorrow: "Parliamentary Finance considering today the Peshmerga and Kurdistan oil budget". This article says "House of Representatives moves session to next Thursday" - it's unclear if that's tomorrow or next week Thursday, BUT... "... the beginning of the month of February will see the adoption of the budget." You'll also note in that same thread it was posted that they have decided to adjust the budget to work with oil at $55 instead of $60. I mentioned last week I didn't like the $60 mark, so I like this move. It's more realistic, and will take stress off the CBI when they raise the exchange rate. And as the final kicker from the news section, it appears that they already have a revised budget ready to go. LINK. So, what's the bottom line? You all know I don't have a crystal ball, but I'll tell you this: our best case scenario is whatever Thursday they meet (tomorrow or next) they pass the HCL and possibly slam the revised budget into place in the same meeting. CBI jacks up the rate and pandemonium ensues! Worst case scenario is we continue to wait ON TO THE WEEKLY Q'S! My finger is on the trigger bud, you can bet on that!!! I'm just as ready as you! I'm not going to get into the rate portion, but I definitely agree with your positive assessment! Iraq is doing a great job of handling their finances. Better than most other countries, in fact. I'm married to a CPA and I pay a lot of money to attorneys and tax/investment specialists every single month. Not one of these professionals thinks there's a chance that we'll skip out of this without rendering to Uncle Sam that which Uncle Sam did not earn. That's the end of that debate for me! Once we have the HCL and the Budget, I do indeed think we are moments from that announcement. Both of you please post VIP questions in the VIP section, if they weren't already answered in one of the pinned threads. I personally post in the VIP sections several times a day, every day, so you'll get your answers much faster that way. I don't even have a response to that, but thanks for the first laugh of the day!! ============== to be continued.... =====================
  8. Good morning everyone! Budget being prepared based on 3.3 million b/d and $60 per barrel. I don't like the $60 per barrel price, BUT: Iraq exported 4 million b/d in December ( ) and they are looking to increase their production... seeing as how Iraq has one of the largest reserves in the world, the HCL is sure to be completed very soon, the Kurds and Baghdad are playing nice (finally!!!), I believe the increased volume will easily make up for the lower price of oil and Iraq will have no problems with the budget as it is. It's also important to remember that Iraq has barely scratched the surface of their reserves. As we watch them progress, with more and more companies investing into their production, it will continue to rise and a lot of experts even believe that Iraq will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's leading oil exporter... all that says to me is "COME ON, RV!!!" I won't pretend to know when they will actually make it official, but my gut feeling is that this week is a strong possibility, with a quick move after that to turn the HCA into the HCL, and then revalue the official rate on the dinar. When this happens, it's going to happen so fast our heads will spin! The only thing I'm actually worried about right now is if the CBI will peg it or float it. If they choose a float, my advisors are telling me the best play might be to take the first rate we get, because that could easily be the best rate we'll see for a long time. In other words, if it comes out at $1, it could quickly dip to a dime or less and then take years to rebound. I have no doubt that it would eventually come back, but that's not a fire I want to play with. Even if they don't float it, they can still adjust the rate down again with no warning, explanation, or apology. That's just my on how to handle the good news when it gets here. Now on to the questions! I think the SNB probably did surprise the IMF and I'm pretty sure they are going to regret doing it. Actually their government isn't as strapped for cash as it seems. If you were to compare their GDP and debt to the US's GDP and debt, you'll see that the US is actually far worse off, yet the dollar is worth far more and actually gained in 2014. Also, an influx of cash and wealth will boost the economy, create new opportunities for growth in other areas (manufacturing for one), and in fact.... the CBI is hinting about taking action to make that happen. Link: Regarding the stolen billions... I don't have an answer to that one right now, but you make a good point. 1. Nope, I don't believe we'll know that immediately. 2. A LOT. I don't trust the government (ANY government) to play fair with our money - they never do. I think that number is just fine, and it's even better knowing that they are not maxed out and plan to keep increasing production. Thanks for the condolences. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Patriots decide to cheat in the SuperBowl There is no law or rule that says the budget must be passed before the CBI can make a change on how much it pays for the currency. Yep, that one is dead! They've been throwing that idea (and the opposite) around in various articles and news releases for years... I don't see any new evidence to suggest that they will actually do it. Either way is possible. And I will like it either way. I see your point but that's pretty extreme - I believe that's exactly how it will work, but on a much smaller scale so that we will indeed realize true profits on it. ============================================== That's it for today everyone! Sorry I didn't bring "the announcement", but that doesn't mean I won't pop back in tonight or tomorrow with it. Fingers crossed for some good news soon!
  9. Good morning everyone! I'm going to get to the point real quick here. I recall one of my grade school teachers giving a lecture that stuck with me my entire life. It was on the "3 C's" and how you should always "be" them: "Cool, Calm, and Collected". Looking back, I realize my life was a lot tougher than it needed to be... if I'd taken that advice to heart immediately, my life would probably have been less rocky (and also a lot less fun)... but I digress It took a few decades, but her point finally took root in my mentality at some point and it has served me well. I've applied that concept to everything I do, and the Iraqi Dinar is no exception! Over the last decade or so I've watched the situation in Iraq. I've calculated the probabilities, scanned the news feeds, kept a close eye on everything going on there... and I've done it all through VERY skeptical eyes, and I continue to see potential. But to get back to the "3 C's"... I bring that up because that's the philosophy and state of mind that kept me from ever predicting a date. That's the mentality that keeps me grounded, so I never invest on emotion... I only invest on logic.* * I had to put an asterisk on that one because I'm part owner of the Packers. That was a purely emotional "investment" So looking back at my last week's update, I realize I used the word "soon", and to be completely blunt here... I'm surprised that it didn't happen yet, but since I used the word "soon" I feel like an explanation is owed to my readers. Here it is: The Iraqi Dinar is undervalued. The CBI can and should raise the value, they CAN support a higher value, and at some point we are going to see a profit on it. It's THAT SIMPLE. We are on the cusp of something big. It's looming over us. We are in the shadow of a giant tidal wave that's about to crash onto the beach and take everyone but us by surprise. There's no way around it! Abadi has made so much positive impact, the political atmosphere in Iraq has never seen this much harmony, and we are all just here waiting to reap some rewards. Since we're likely only looking at a couple days till the budget happens, I'm going to open VIP to a LIMITED amount of new members, and for a LIMITED time only. Don't miss this... I'm closing it down again ASAP. Also, these options are ONLY available if you have the direct link. Here they are: 6 month VIP: Lifetime PLATINUM VIP: If you miss out, don't come crying to me. I gave you a chance! Now for the Q's! If you're exchanging as a citizen, you're pretty much nailed to the wall and screwed exactly as your government wants you to be. If you want to have benefits, you need to take action. Joining the VIP group and looking at OSI is a no-brainer. Great question - I believe it will only help the rate, so good for us! Good question and I like how you are thinking - you are giving the CBI it's due credit. The CBI can do whatever it wants. End of story. I've been watching this for years and I am with you! But yes - I think this is the best possible time we have ever EVER seen! =============== to be continued ===============
  10. Morning everyone! Things just keep getting better! The budget was read today, as planned. It's possible to have a decision as soon as tomorrow, but there is no official vote scheduled that I know of... either way, when Iraq meets deadline after deadline after deadline after a decade of postponements and delays, you know it's time to put on a smile! We already know that we have an HCA, and they are already talking about making that an HCL. Again, moving quickly and making solid progress. 1. Text message sent to everyone that has the service 2. Specific instructions sent to VIP members 3. General email sent to everyone on the email list I glanced at it... apparently someone is so desperate for attention they are answering questions that weren't even asked of them? I don't waste my time on stuff like that. Ah, TAX questions! I'm not giving financial or tax advice here, just stating my opinion: I believe you are referring to ISX/Warka when you say "electronic", correct? If so, I have to assume it will work exactly like stocks in your Sharebuilder or Scottrade account... you pay the taxes on them when you realize the gain, which doesn't happen until you sell them or cash out your account. ============= to be continued... ==============
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