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  1. Currency Structuring Campaign
  2. Over the decades, Right Now CBI talk about small categories, wow
  3. We have to make a lot of propagan...mmm a lot of mmm Advertisement campaign & all this thing.. And you have of course to go.. Probably..some mmm campaign to.. to educate a lot of people.. This thing.. (Dr S Shabibi - Washington DC)
  4. Not become, but with...... Its mean 25.000 with 25 x 1000 unit (large currencies / Quantities) And the iraqis can use it for dayli transaction. It's mean the value of this coin (and other IQD currencies) should be adjusted.
  5. ADEL ABDUL MAHDI 1. Iraq's "compromise candidate", approved by the two rival Shia blocs 2. 2014 he was selected as oil minister in Haider al-Abadi's cabinet 3. He's Shia but has also maintained close contacts with prominent Sunni politicians 4. Not antagonistic to the Kurdish region 5. Good terms with the two major Shia blocs in Iraqi politics Its look like New prime minister offers some glimmer of hope in addressing these challenges (Sectarian, International Community, & HCL of course). Thanks Adam
  6. Aryoseno

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    And you should watch the exchange rate to USD of those many countries (UAE 0.27, Egypt 0.056, Turkey 0.16 , Malaysia 0.24 , Saudi 0.27 & Jordan 1.41), not only the signature
  7. Aryoseno

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    You did the right thing CBI, now its time to launch your metal / coin currency 😇
  8. Aryoseno

    Adam Montana Weekly 3 October 2018

    New President , New Prime Minister, New edition IQD, & finally New IQD exchange rate
  9. And lets the CBI significant progress become attention at IMF - World Bank annual meeting October 8-14 , 2018 that will be held at Bali Indonesia
  10. Aryoseno

    We are close to economic stability

    Push the RV buttom is the answer !!! Go Iraqi Banking Go RV
  11. Aryoseno

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    👍highligts @Synopsis Because Security & Political Situation is the only concern at 2014 that hold CBI to postponed the REVALUATION of IQD ☝️ Lets hope 2018 (not 2019) is our year

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