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  1. I had some Dinar to unload and was considering going through one of the main dealers but didn't want to have to go through all of the red tape and time. That said, I researched Doc on this forum and noticed that he seemed to have a lot of credibility with DV members so I left him a personal message on his profile and he prompty called and introduced himself. After some hesitation I decided to pull the trigger and move forward. I packaged my Dinar and sent it out USPS express and it was supposed to arrive the next day by noon but low and behold there were some problems at the sorting facility and my stomach dropped when the tracking info. was incomplete. Doc immediately stepped in and assured me that all would be well and was on top of the transaction from start to finish. His communication was absolutely top notch and his attention to detail was evident. Within 30 minutes of him receiving my Dinar my money was already in my bank account! Doc is my new go to guy in the event I need to sell more Dinar.
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