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  1. I hope he will understand as you do, that we are all ethnic by heritage and American by the Grace of G-d and every man, woman and child who has sacrificed that America should be the bastion of freedom for all Americans and an example to the world of what humans can accomplish when they live without the oppression of a totalitarian government that Obama and the leftwing, liberal, progressive, Marxist, Maoist, Socialist, National Socialists, guilt ridden sociopaths, want for America. We have been forced to give up our freedom to be human in the name of tolerating perverts, sex addicts, morons, name it. You already know it. I hope the best for you and your family. Never give up, never give in. This country is more divided than I ever remember it . Even in the days of segregation when I wasa growing up. The country is way more segregated today, except now the different races seem to hate each other with a venemous bitterness. Maybe because a certain political party has kept themselves in power through class envy, racial preferences, and telling the same lies over and over and over. Being American is not where you are born and live, except when it comes to being President, but what lives inside you. Accepting America's forefathers as your own forefathers, believing in the idea of freedom they wrote about and laid down their lives to make real. These old white men as the commies like to call them, thought of you and your son a couple hundred years ago when they wrote "that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights...." That is what makes an American, that our rights come from G-d, not from government, and government shall not stand in the way of our freedom to be. I pray your son grows in the image of his father. bozo
  2. I see you are trying to rack up posts. Because you certainly don't have anything to say and your ignorance is quite striking. You claim to know something is false, yet you know nothing of the sort. You do not know me, my wife or the WF employee. Yet you presume to pass judgement while in complete ignorance of the facts. I would venture a guess you voted for Obama and will do so again. Your kind of ignorance goes clear to the bone. I would suggest you either verify the facts or keep your ignorant comments to yourself. But that is only my suggestion as I am totally ignorant of any of your character traits. For all I know you may enjoy making a rather large ass of yourself hiding behind a handle. Of course you may not care if you are hiding or not and just enjoy making a large ass of yourself when the muse strikes you.
  3. My wife moved from Lewistown, PA to my home town of St. Augustine in 1954 when she was 17. She lived across the way from my grandmother's house where my parents were living at the time. She became friends with my mother. I was born two years later and she was my first non family baby sitter. In 1979 her husband was killed in an accident in Dubai where they had been living for several years. I ran into her in 1980 in St. Augustine and one thing led to another and we married in 1981, November. It will be 31 years next month. My best friend married her eldest daughter the same year. This is another true story. Can't wait to see what you all do to this one! bozo
  4. What I get a kick out of is that I know that this WF banker told my wife they would be expecting it soon. That is the alpha and omega. And I know it is what transpired. I know. Get it? It is like you are in the desert wandering around. You ask for water. I point toward some dunes rising above the shimmering sand. Oasis, I say between mouth fulls of cool water flowing from my freshly filled canteen. But do you go in the direction I point. Heck no. Your superior intellect and vast experience in trading Dinar for Dollars, I mean finding water, tell you there cannot possibly be water in the direction I pointed out. I am reminded of many years ago when I served in the Navy. You could always tell a serviceman from a civilian and you could never tell a Marine anything. Between the chemicals they put into the chow and the intensive training, the ability to think is replaced by an insane desire to destroy things. Senior Marine officers are fed chemicals to restore a semblance of rationality. So if I told my banker story or my oasis story to a General in the Corps, I beleve he would find the water, eventually. Army officers from light colonel up and sgt. majors, airforce captains and up, and just about any squid striker to fleet admiral. But you just cannot tell a Marine anything, or an army nco below sgt. major. No, give me a Navy man or woman anytime there is truth to be understood, dinar to be pumped or water to be found. Don't get me wrong though. I have not met every marine.
  5. Thanks for the info. However my mindset is still getting something from the bank, like a toaster. I don't want their services. I don't bank online. I don't want a debit card. These are merely ways for the bank to take more of your money. I don't use ATMs. They use to be free. We were told they saved the bank the cost of extra tellers so use them all you want no charge. Now they are a cash cow. Banks used to be run with a sense of dignity. Marble buildings and marble counters. Dignified senior gentlemen as presidents and board members. Now they are run by silly middle aged women and sillier young men. I intend to keep my RV money in my mattress and the pockets of my old leisure suits. Anyway, it is nice to be able to pop 15 hundred dollars in an account and know it will not only be there, but I'm not being blackmailed by an effing bank to take crap-ass services I neither need or want and they cannot sh*t me out of that 9 bucks a month. Sometimes life is sweet.
  6. I am so sorry. I see you all have nothing better to do than hangout here. I had no idea. I only come here to ask questions usually, I read recaps then wait for the crowds rushing to the bank. I have stumbled into you all's private neighborhood. I shall withdraw before someone sticks a shank onto me. Forget I was here. Shhhhhhhh........
  7. And they say smoking weed is not harmful. Oh Boy.
  8. I live 68 miles east of Ashville. I have ten trillion Dinar. Now you know why I came here to pump. Somehow, you will find a way to buy my ten trillion dinar. I don't know how, but you will. And somehow I will make more money selling it to the morons who live in Asheville than I will trading it for dollars when it RV's. Unless you know that the whole thing is a scam and it will never RV! Come clean! What do you know hame55? What are you hiding from the group? Why are you so sure that the dinar is more valuable to sell now? What do you really know about pumping? Tell the truth hame55! The Dinar will never RV will it? You seem to know something the rest of us do not.
  9. Well, this will be my last note if you all will let it lay. It happened. Just as I said. And it is harmful and hurtful when you insinuate that someone is untruthful just because you don't happen to believe it. Who made you Emperor? Or King? Or Queen? What right do you have to smear anyone with your inuendo? It is not your responsibility if some child other than yours goes hungry because their daddy spends all the money on dinar or dope or potato chip or booze. This country is in the toilet now because of high minded nannyism. Freedom requires that people sometimes make bad decisions. You will not feel guilt free until you have locked everyone into a cell where they cannot hurt themselves or anyone else by their actions. Lord save me from do gooders and nannys.
  10. I am sorry that you are suspicious. I do not lie. I am 56 years old. This is the way I was raised. I understand that young people would not understand what life and people and the country was like when I grew up. So all I can say is it is a sad thing that people have no faith in their fellow man anymore. I have not given dates or rates and I am growing tired of having my integrity questioned. So I shall leave with this. To those of you without an axe to grind I hope this truthful account of my wife's experience gives you a little lift. For those of you who do not believe it, I hope it bugs the sh*t out of you! bozo
  11. The question is rhetorical, it sets up the reason why people voted for an incompetent moron for President. The media pounded it in that to not vote for Obama was racist. However, voting for Obama because he is half black is the definition of racism. Blacks voted for him because he is black. A purely racist act. Does that bother you, such a blatant act of racism? If white people voted for a white guy because he is white, would you not call that racist? Would it make you come unglued? Absolutely. My agenda was to share something that I knew for a fact was true. No black jets,no religous flummery, just what I personally knew. That is it. I was also asked a question that I responded to in a general way based on my experience and optimism in normalcy. What seems obvious to you is absolutely obscure to me. If you would like to point out what my obvious agenda is I would love to know it. Otherwise, pretned you never saw my post. Until the RV actully happens it makes no difference any way. Now does it? bozo
  12. Anything you can do with your deposited assets now you will be able to do with any additional assets from a CE, barring any specific action taken by the Bank or the Fed in regards to Dinar exchange, meaning that the sky could fall and special laws regarding RV and Dinar could be implemented. With normal p[eople running the show this is extremely unlikely. But with Obama in the house, who knows? Big Bird maybe? I would expect banking as usual and don't worry. bozo
  13. To Sarge and others all I can say is always believe in the Judeo-Christian morality that is the foundation of this country. The laws of G-d as given to Moses and Aaron as His most precious gift to us after life itself. Never stand by silently while commies and atheists and perverts attemp to bully or shame you into supporting their beliefs. Why did no one question who this Obama creature was before handing him the most powerful command post in the world? Because they were afraid of being a racist? What the H--L is a racist? Who are the real racists? You all know no matter what color or country you are from. Everyone is a racist! Would you prefer to be another color or nationality? Of course not. So why be ashamed of being a racist? Because it was the onlly way you would elect a moron for president. I do not believe the American people would long abide martial law, or having their assets disappear or any of the things you fear. If they do, then we are no longer Americans and do not deserve the unlimited freedoms we were given. Look at how many freedoms we have willingly given up to appease the tree huggers and lefties and progressives. The last thing we will give up is our honor and if that goes, so goes the country. bozo
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