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  1. Davis, I agree, every situation is different. Basically my point is for people (and I work with many) that like to jump in with the cheering of bomb the whole country, men, women and children. For the most part I believe that people over there (and other American hater countries) are just trying to live their lives as we do, day by day, feed the family etc.... so my analogy of the neighbors is that the family didn't have anything to do with the dad's actions, just like most people in the other countries could care less about us, they're just trying to make a living. Unfortunately
  2. I'm all for protecting myself and my family (be it from foreign or Domestic enemies) but I'd like to hear an answer from everyone on the Trump bandwagon to this; It's easy to stand on a soap box and shout out to others to go kill innocent people, but answer me this, can you do it yourself? If your neighbor came into your house and killed your family, would you be able to pick up your gun march right over to their house, look the wife and children in their eyes and pull the trigger and then see their lifeless bodies laying on the floor and feel like you did something right. It's
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