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    My baby girl "Holli" that coming into my life on Dec. 16th. Go fast cars, my dad, my mom and little sister. The most gorgeous places on earth that God made so hard to see except for the man that it willing to strive for it all.

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  1. Hey all. I did lie first of all...I didn't get back on here when I said I would. Havin too much fun and got distracted. Takin a bathroom break this morning so I gots the time now...haha. I did speak with my uncle. No new news to talk about. He hasn't been to the bush's house in over a month and a half. He did have some positive notes to touch on focused elsewhere but nothing that's going to help any of us sleep any easier...sry guys. I want to thank everyone for the congrats, you all are a real standup group (even the ones that think I'm talking out my ass). I just relay what is told to me from people I trust and we'll see if I ever do that again...haha. Little Holli is doing great and yes (rodandstaff) she is my first bundle of joy. I thank you all again for your support through not only the dinar investment but my rumors, baby's birth, MX races and whatever else I manage to get into before this insane ride is over with. Honestly, flying 90+ feet in the air at 50mph is less scary than this crazy ride we're all on. Let's hope and pray we hear something positive soon. Blessings to all and GO RV!!!
  2. Wow...didn't realize its been that long since I last posted. My baby girl was born on friday of last week...Holli came into this world 7lbs 2oz and 19"...I haven't slept much since then. Haven't spoke to my uncle either, kind of expected a phone call at least for the congrats. Since you guys reminded me though I'll see what I can dig up. Here lately with the let down from the last time and my baby girl coming into this world I've been letting the rest of my family try to stay on top of things focus has been elsewhere and its been kinda nice not getting all worked up over things we hear around the net...haha. Hope everyone has been doing well. Gettin ready to go hit the track for just a few hours (got the ok from the wife) so I'll be back on a little later to discuss and detail with my fellow dinerians. Have a great afternoon everyone and I'll see you all this evening! Blessing to all and Merry Christmas! PS- I could dig seein and clown and dolphin. It would make for one hell of a funny flipper episode!
  3. I don't know whether to be offended or happy!...haha. Still haven't heard back from my uncle. I'm sure he'll call me this evening to chat so I'll be back as usual later this evening. Trust me, if I hear anything I'll be too damn giddy to stay away from here very long. Blessings to all and GO RV!!!
  4. Good point but read that a little too late. Ohwell, not to worry...hopefully.
  5. Man I'm 25 years old, I'm always guilty of something. It was a buddy at the Moto X pit in Ferris tx. You can go to their website online at I think. Shannon (the owner) doesn't sanction any races at his place from AMA, this is just a personal free ride track so I don't think any results will be posted. There was an open free ride that day as well. I've only been in 2 AMA sanctioned races. 1 was a TORN race which I will never do again and the other was at Badlands last year. I just don't seem to find the time all to much nor the courage to hit up too many of the sanctioned events. I didn't think at all you were directing that comment to I said in the beginning, no feelings get hurt on my end...I've got too much good around me for some bad comments on the internet of all places to bring me down...haha. Have a great day, I'm going to be calling my uncle again in the next hour so hold tight everybody and let's see what else is crackin in the wacky world of dinar BS today.
  6. If you are referring to the person which the intel came from I'm in the same boat you are...kind of got excited when I heard this, hell, my uncle was to cause he needs a new barn and paddock. Ohwell, great ride through the weekend...hope nobody lost any sleep cause I sure as hell didn't.
  7. Well...not to be rude but that's the difference between you and I. I did call but got no answer, he's a busy guy and I refuse to blow someones phone up, especially on a weekend, common courtesy dictates you don't do those kind of things. He's family, not some jack wagon I found out had intel.
  8. God bless it...that was inspiring! heart was racing just reading that post...haha. Muddy sweepers don't bother me as much as a dusty one. Hard packed, dry, long, rocky rough sweepers feel a hell of a lot worse sliding across at 40mph that a dead stop in the mud.
  9. Hahahahaha!!!...something to that effect.
  10. That's exactly what I heard friday evening. I'll keep you posted once I hear more...if I hear more.
  11. Man there are way too many comments on here since the last I was on to even try and reply to all...I'm doing this on a busted blackberry that likes to skitz when it gets some attention. Anywho, I'm heading to my farm to work with my dad on some equipment so I'll have him call my uncle to see if anything new has come up. The other thing I forgot to add earlier just cause it sounded like a stretch just a tad was that it was announced in the mosques (if I spelled that right). Reading through all the responses I saw some you had said the same thing so I felt a little better. I did in fact hear friday night that my uncle was told the very same thing. Race update: I GOT MY ASS BURNED! It was first amateur race ( I've only run 20+ novice before). Heat 1 I got 2nd, heat 2 I got a by, heat 3 I cam in 3rd and final race I came in 4th. The guys that won it everyone was mad at cause they definitely should have been in expert races...all good though, I killed that 100ft jump, blew my back tire when I landed on a rock though. Just told my fiance about all the blessings from everyone and she wanted me to send a personal thanks to each of you...again...I'm using a crackberry so let's just say THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I really hope all this is true. The timeline was not very definitive but he did say that it would be announced by the weekend days rolling around...whatever the hell that means (end of weekend, weekend, who knows)...but I'll check up on some things. Thanks again to everyone for their support, you really are a bunch of good people. Some have a stick up their butt just a tad but hey, who hasn't at one point or another. Those people don't hurt my feelings and I wish them the best once this mobile mental hospital we call a rollercoaster ride comes to an end. Oh, by the way, just a funny note. I had to go into the office early yesterday morning to load out one of my installer crews (new construction flooring job) and one of the mexican dudes there goes "hey James, know how mexicans get their family portraits done?"...I looked at him kind of baffled and he says "they pile into the back of a truck and run red lights!"...haha. Just thought it was funny comin from a mexican. Blessings to all and here's to hoping uncles got some good intel.
  12. Thanks much on the congrats!...when this RV happens to hell with goin somewhere to pay and ride...let's build our own damn compound to ride. Rollers, doubles, triples...everytHing!...haha. Have a good evening, seals are done and bike is back together for another weekend of thrashing...just to end up back in the garage. That my painfully least the part about the Z. But that's why we make up for these things with 1300hp drag cars and 100ft MX jumps.
  13. Damn...good memory...think its safe to say you spend a minute or two on here a day...haha. I appreciate the compliment. I hope in everyone's eyes if this doesn't come through I can still be called a straight up guy...matter of fact, I'm tryin to clear my first 100 step down so I'm hopin I stay straight up tomorrow at least. Let's hope this is true for everyone's sake...rumors like this tend to create a stir where people spend money not needed. Just a side not. I have my first child...little Holli due in the next 2-3 weeks (really damn excited and proud). I have a beautful fiance at home and live to the best of my ability. My hoobies are supported by my friends cause my budget doesn't allow it and I was fortunate enough to have family who wants to see me succeed. Not everyone one of you have that same advantage and those of you who struggled hard and bled just to provide this opportunity to your families, my hat's off to you. Please don't take what I say and get excited only to make an irrational choice to purchase and sum of dinar. Let this ride, take what you make and roll the hell out of it for the rest of your'll really understand true wealth if you do it that way...God Bless and I gotta get off of here, I'll be back in a few hours, fork seals don't replace themselves and I gotta race to win tomorrow.
  14. Not asked...was told about this. Matter of fact, if I'm not completely talkin out my butt here, I believe he said Wooten was at that dinner when it came up in conversation. I want to say there were only about 12 or so people there and...ummm...yeah, I think that's it. I want to stick to what I know to be factual and not shoot my mouth off.
  15. I don't know the back story about Tony but sounds like he beat you to that limb...actually sounds like he found the end of it and didn't quite touch the ground if you get what I mean...I hear a lot of bashing about that guy...none of which sounds good so I hope I don't fall into the same bucket come monday.
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