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  1. Same 65 last March. Taking it a day at a time. I'm healthy but slower and am gonna keep it that way.
  2. All is good, Bro. enjoying retirement, walks and fishing trips with lots of beer lol. Two new grand kids in the last year makes three and counting. Thought I'd stop and say hi. I hope all is well with you, Bert. Take care my friend.
  3. My newest favorite guitarist. A little too country for my liking but damn Billy can play...
  4. Alls good bro. Waiting for warmer weather to go to my cabin for the summer. Stopped by to say hi.
  5. Same buddy. 65 on March 8 I walk some and eat healthy so am holding up well.
  6. All is good, Amico. Just cruising thru life. TG you are well.
  7. Hey my good brother. yes all is well. I must drop by once in a while to say hello. This is how I do it. much Love.
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