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  1. Thank you so my to KCW for all your work presenting this call in a readable format! Thank you so much to Adam for all your work and honest perspective.
  2. OOOPS! I think I just gave you a (-) when I meant to give you a (+). I'm so sorry! As a fan of Drudge, I hope you get a reply and share it with us!
  3. They are back up now. I wasn't wanting to read anything into the site being down. But there's alway hope that the first domino has been pushed so we're always on the lookout for clues, right? One of these moments, we will spot the beginning of some very good news! Go RV!
  4. It's been down for me for over 5 minutes. Anyone else have problems pulling up their site?
  5. I'm ready to know..... I'm ready to know if there is a Lop or an RD or an RV I'm ready to know if we've made a smart investment. I'm ready to know if the US treasury has a bunch of dinar to help bail out our sorry economy. I'm ready to know if all those winking bank employees really know something. I'm ready to know the date and...... I'M READY TO KNOW THE RATE!!!!! :D :D ARE YOU READY???????
  6. One note: God's blessings also come in adversity. His will is to conform us the the image of His Son which does involve suffering. That being said, I do also pray for the opportunity to help out others and see the dinar as part of that opportunity. We're just waiting to see what God's plans are.... But....I have a question: What ways have any of you come up with for doing things anonomously? What if I want to do something big for someone - how can we keep others from knowing who we are? Thanks for any ideas you have!
  7. Yes, I am a Newbie but I've been lurkiing for a while. I have a couple of questions and would appreciate it if you kind people would enlighten me. 1) What is supposed to happen by the 15th? 2) The 15th is during a weekend after a holiday. Will they be doing anything on that day??? I know I'm thinking like an American, but we would have completed the work either yesterday, or would get an extension until the next business day. Does the government work in Irag on their holidays or do they work on their weekends? 3) Does anyone have a connection with someone in Bagdad? If they walked into a shop now, would they pay for something in US dollars or new low-denom IQDs? I hope I haven't addressed too many topics in this post and I hope my ignorance doesn't show too much Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me. And.....just so I look like I fit in...... GOOOOOO RVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!
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