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  1. Isn't the smartest thing to do and just open an account with warka or another bank in iraq and deposit money that way???? wouldnt that make it not matter if they did come out with a whole new currency or delete the three zeros and its lops? if i put money into an account and it reads 5,000,000 million dinars no matter what they did it wouldnt matter right? its in electronic form and not in paper currency.... plus you dont have to pay these sites where you buy the dinar from at a higher rate then its worth, you would get the exact exchange rate... am i wrong in my thinking?
  2. lol he is proud I guess, but he wants me out of his house more then anything ! still trying to get back on my financial feet!
  3. I felt it was time for me to put in my two cents. A lot of other unqualified people seem to get to voice their opinion or their “facts” and “sources” so I felt I would share what I have learned, went through and experienced in my time in this investment. I have been in this investment only since October of 2010. I was introduced into this investment by my father who is a very successful business man and investor. Not every investment he has made has turned into wheel barrels full of cash to the bank but he has won more then he has lost. I believe you win some and lose some and I think any succ
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