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  1. good ol' austin, texas!! go longhorns! and how about them mavs?
  2. hey brisco, the link was given in f'in header.... "CURRENCY NEWSHOUND!" so here's what you do. go to CURRENCY NEWSHOUND!! idiot
  3. The Central Bank of Iraq is stressing that the deletion of the 3 zeros from the Dinar will not affect the exchange rate or price of the currency. A Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, Ahmed Ibrihi that “the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency has nothing to do price and exchange rate.” Said Ibrihi told all of Iraq on Sunday, said: “Some people imagine that the state wants to influence prices or exchange rates (a reduction or lift ) by the deletion of zeros and this is not true. ” He added that “the deletion of zeros nothing to do with price and exchange rate and that the addition of larger groups of the currency does not require the deletion of zeros.” pretty sure this is the outcome to an eight year investment..........awesome.
  4. so i understand the risk factor involved in traveling to iraq to cash in. i'm wondering if there will be a lower spread cashing in there than it would be at any bank here. i guess i'm wondering if the risk will be worth the reward.
  5. wow. i'm a bit concerned by the level of animosity being dished out by the "elitist" senior members. however; i will gladly respond to the speculative comments given. 1) i didn't "know" this question has been asked many times before, i only "assumed" that it may have been due to the logical understanding that 100's of thousands of people investing just $1k, expecting $1mil return; any layman would wonder how one "recovering" country could supply this funding. 2) i could be considered a lurker; however, seeing as i just, today, became a member, that means i just, today, gained access to any link not offered to the general public. hense, me asking for a specific link to look for, instead of assuming that everyone would be more than obliged to answer my "little ol' question." thank you for the warm welcome.
  6. newbie here, i'm aware of the redundant newbie questions many of you are frustrated in reiterating. so instead of mumbling degrading words aloud as you answer the same questions over and over, could someone just send a link that could elaborate on how iraq will benefit after the "said" revaluation. i'm having trouble understanding how iraq can spend billions paying everyone that has invested and still improve financially. again, i apologize for my newbiness.
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