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  1. As long as I have been in this investment, Iraq has been fighting corruption. Involved in a crisis. Fighting over the budget. Fighting the Kurds over oil distribution. Civil wars and genocide within it's borders. Having debt problems (claimed). And the extended list can reach heaven! I do believe that if the GOI cannot improve the economic conditions very soon, they will loose it all! I honestly will be shocked if they succeed! Through the last 15 years following this investment, I had no idea that it was going to be such a long shot. 

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  2. I just completed opening my account and my stocks have been transferred to Al-Karmal! They were great to correspond with and they answered all my questions. I had no contact  with my stock account balances at Warka for 6 years. My balances a incredible! 

    My % returns in the banking sector= 83%

    My % returns in the Industry Sector 192%

    I killed it with Gulf Commercial Bank!

    I killed it with Pepsi Iraq (IBSD)!


    I don't believe that I could ever get these kind of returns in the USA markets!

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  3. I just watched a Breitling post of a recent You Tube ISX seminar. Interestingly the panel said nothing of supporting the IQD in investing into the ISX. But focused on the issue of custody trust regarding who is holding investors money. I would have to believe that trust would also be established by investors when the value of the IQD is not a controlled fake rate. Investors trust transparency and an IQD rate that the world markets will support.

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  4. I have read many articles that state Iraq has the lowest extraction rates for oil reserves in the world. Even as low as $2 per barrel. The Saudi's claimed oil reserves have not changed for 40 years. So it's no wonder that they are wanting to diversify their GDP. Maybe the Saudi's know something that they are not telling the world about their real reserves? Iraq has not even begun to fully map their reserves which are vast. I would recommend not buying into the green theory. Industry world wide needs fossil fuels! we will never be able in our life times to rid our addiction to fossil fuels. The price will go up per barrel and you can count on it! 



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  5. 1 minute ago, Botzwana said:

    Being that I live in Mexico.   Um, no.  The 200 peso 13 years ago was twenty bucks.  NOW because the dollar got alot stronger, it is 20 to one.

    True, But if I had a 200 Peso note. And I exchange it say at the airport. I would get $10 USD. So the same is true that we are exchanging a note that we bought at a discount here in the USA from a bank or exotic currency merchants. So our exchange will be realized at a much better rate of return than anyone who would take that same note aquired in Iraq and taken to the bank to exchange for USD in Iraq. They as citizens of Iraq will loose money every time. We are realizing a greater gain on exchange because we are outside of Iraq. We will win every time no matter what the exchange rate opens up at. Even if you live in Mexico!

  6. 8 hours ago, Laid Back said:

    If this article is true, and a new 500 & 250 IQD notes are coming out to the local market, it means the RV will take longer.


    Why 500 & 250 IQD notes instead of 1-5-10-20-50-100 IQD notes?


    Just my humble opinion.

    What struck my curiosity was that Mexico has come out with a 200 Peso note. Which when exchanged has the value of  approx $10 USD. Maybe Iraq will open up the exchange rate at 10 to 1 USD? which would make our 25,000 IQD note worth about $2,500.00 USD. And so on with the 1,000, 500 and 250 IQD notes. Still a pretty good rate of return IMO for the time I have been in the game.

    I recall that Breitling on a his blog once said that to be in this investment you should own at least 5 million IQD. Or go find something else to speculate on. He may be more right than he ever thought?

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  7. 36 minutes ago, pontiyak said:


    That said, Mr. Montana has postulated a dinar worth .10 ( ten cents), to start.

     If we get some sort of combobulated RD/RV and end up at ten cents I would be happy.

    I have never accepted this theory simply because a printed 1 dinar note would be worth 10 cents? it would cost too much not only to print the note. But still there would be resistance to using a note of such small value. To be a real international player you must have a currency structure like the USD or the Euro. 


    36 minutes ago, pontiyak said:




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