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    Racing, motorcycles, vintage automobiles, My Band

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About Me

A little about me:

I Went to the University of Michigan for my BSME, and Lawrence for an MBA. I spent many years in marketing and product management including a number of years with an entertainment company. When a corporate buyout eliminated my position as director a few years ago, I started a film production company and have produced 2 feature films. I am currently a business owner in Florida with a specialty vehicle/restoration business and continue my involvement in the entertainment business.

I have been involved in racing since I was a child both 2 and 4 wheel. I have raced professionally in SCCA, FIA, NASCAR,FIM, AMA, SRA and more. I have always been involved in motorcycles and cars and am an active participant in those cultures.

I am also a lifelong musician and am currently a member of 2 bands. One in Michigan and one in Florida. I play guitar and sing lead vocal.

I believe in the pursuit of dreams and taking risks to achieve them. As a result, I have been fortunate to have experienced many of the things that have been my heart’s desire. If you have passion for something, then do it. Don't just sit on the sidelines and talk about it. Hard work and perseverance yield amazing results.

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