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  1. I also sent a comment to A&E on their facebook page in support of Mr. Robertson... We Christians are getting very tired of just being GODLY and turning the other cheek.. The time is now more than ever for Christians to stand up for what we believe in and to put GOD back in his place, in our hearts and minds is where he reigns and I myself try to live in his light... GOD bless Mr. Robertson for standing up for what he believes in and GOD bless us all for we need the same conviction...

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  2. Yes Umbertino as do I believe that dreams are very important. most of my dreams are fantasy and do enjoy them when i remember them but the most viberant dream that I ever had was when I worked as a Merchant Marianer and I was off the western coast of europe just a few days from the english channel when I had a dream that my grandfather came into my dream to say good by to me but he never answered as to why he was saying goodby. A few days later the captain called me to his office, he told me that he recieved a message from the company that my father had a message for me that he was sorry that it was not good news, I replied that I know that my grandfather had passed away. The captain asked how i knew and I told him that I had a dream that my grandfather came to say goodbyto me and that I didn't see the true meaning of the dream until it was confermed by this message from my dad... so yes I do believe in the power of dreams...

    GO RV

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  3. Hate to disappoint I'm a fairly heavy sleeper and rarely remember my dreams unless something wakes me up but this is the only the second dream about dinar that I have had and the first one resulted in a movement of the IQD so hopefully this one will I'm going to put in on the office pool and call the RV at the first of the year @ 0.87:1USD

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  4. I had a dream last night that the IQD changed value and here is how it goes... I walked into my bank to do what ever business in my bank that I was going to do and I checked the account that had a single dinar in the account. So I checked the balance and was surprised at the amount balance, I doubled checked with the teller and it was true that the account balance was $87,000 converted from a single dinar (hey don't bash it's my dream). So my dream ended with me going home and getting the rest of my dinar and finding out that the exchange had fallen to $16,000:1. and then the dream ended...


    Now here is the kicker... back a couple of years ago when the exchange rate of the IQD was 1170:1USD I had my first dinar dream and the exchange rate at the bank for an exchange was 3.22:1USD. A few months later after that dream the IQD did revalue from  1170:1USD to 1166:1USD. Now I know that a exchange rate of $87,000:1 IQD is a dream but here is what I came up with after thinking about it.


    When the IQD was 1170:1 and I had the dream of the exchange rate at $3.22 that this could be a percentage exchange (so forget real math this is dream math) so in that sense the rate was more realistic that the IQD went from 1170:USD to 1166:1USD in real life... Now to last nights dream of the $87,000:1 IQD and sticking with the same way of thinking that this is a percentage dream also hopefully in a couple of months in the real world we will be blessed with a true revalueation of 0.87:1USD...


    thanks for reading... and here's to hopeing that this dream works out the same as the last....GO RV!!!


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  5. Being an employee at McDonalds for 10 years and is still making minimum wage has a lot to say about a person, when your abilities of futhering youself in a job ends with "Would you like to super size that order" is all that you are capable of accomplishing then may be you should stop having walfare babies and learn a trade because you are not going to get $15 an hour empting the fry basket...just saying...

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  6. These are humans also... they can not help that centuries of fighting has the entire area beat to meer ruble. and not to mention that being under a ruthless dictator for a couple of decades has done little to improve anything... freedom is new to these people and they are learning the best that they can and that is only if they are allowed to. Freedom is what they are tring to establish there... here many people have take the freedom that we have for granted and have forgotten the sacrifice that our military thur the centuries and the freedom fighters of the new colonies have endured to give us the freedom that we have today... If we are not careful America will look just like Iraq after another 3 year of Mr. Obummer... nuf said.... :twocents: 

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  7. People don't under at and the even though he has been re-elected and in to his 5th year as president that if they can prove without a shadow of a doubt the he lie, cheated and stoled everything to get where he is today that it is not over until he is voted out of office or he finishes his term of office. Then at that point is will be harder to undo what he has.done, but if they can prove that he is a fraud then everything that he singed into law becomes null and voided escept for the debt that we as a country owes. The most that anyone can do is sue him forn the ten trillion of debt that he put us in. But they won't even get that because he will be in prison hopefully ratting out every rat-bastard the helped put him there... just my cents

  8. Oh YEAH!!! another mid east country under chapter VII and a devalued currency... something for the guru's to start pumping about... I have a million Syrian Pounds for sale going cheap... only $1000.00 and free shipping to anywhere in the world....ha ha ha just kidding I wanted to be the first to start crap on this one....If Iraq pays off I'm out of the middle eastern hype.... :wave: 

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