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  1. For years I was one of the people that beleive it would happen. I worked with departments defense and Department of state and was a sign over in Iraqi from 2005 to 2013. I have seen many changes that were not great but got better and then became worst. Over the years my 2 partners and I have brought over $400,000 American dollars of Iraqi currency. If it was not for one of my partners the two of us probably would have pulled out. The controlibg powers have the money and do not want to share the wealth. I see it with the government and also when I'm working with there military that they hate to share knowledge and wealth. Trust me the wealthy ones there are doing business with American dollar. And they really don't need a RV because they can get access to all the different currencies in the world. I Don't want to stay in but because I have invested too much. And yes out of three partners two of us all worried. Only thing about when we bought the Iraqi dinar we were able to get our interpreters to go into Iraqi banks and get the money for us. Working there so long I do not see the country breaking up but I do see degreed that has formed in a country that has the richest grade of oil in the world. If they cannot pass simple information back-and-forth why would they share the wealth of a country. Remember this is a culture that is much older than the US. One day I sat across from one of the upper ranking generals before Saddam Hussein was executed. I asked him one question. If we released Saddam Hussein how long would it take to get this country back in order. He stated three days. The first day he stated he will call his cabinet people. The second day heads would roll. Third day peace and tranquility in their terms. This has been there way for over 5000 years. At one time I believe that it could change now I do not. But ladies and gentlemen I have gone too far and too much money that I have put out that I must stand strong with you. But I pray that my gut feeling is wrong.
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