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  1. Great job Vern! Only after 4 posts on this forum, It was insinuated I watch to much Jessie Ventura. I know exactly where you're coming from. I often wondered why Mr. "O" put so much emphasis on spending millions and millions on infrastructure in order to create "jobs". I may be a Newbie here but not new to my surroundings, trust me. I've been following the same ideology you are speaking of for years. I certainly don't believe every thing I see or read but some of this stuff must have credibility. This large group of wealth holders I believe is referred to as the New World Order. Could it be be real? I don't know, but it makes me nervous as well. With America's vulnerability to China right now, It makes me wonder. I know the G.E.T team seems to have a bad rep here but even if part of what they is true, it goes completely against the NWO plan. At least I hope it does. Even worse, it may all tie together to become our worse nightmare. When Trump is worried, it's time to be worried. Time to go, probably said to much already. Standing by for my bashings. Glad you to are aware Vern. Have a great 1.

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  2. Good point. Even though gold is a great invest, post RV I plan on owning a pile myself, It won't burn in your automobile. We'll be dead and gone before electric vehicles dominate the world. Iraq and the rest of the ME holds are the cards. The US didn't liberate the folks just because we like them. I foresee an even trading platform and abundance wealth in our futures. Keep up the faith everybody. We all need something to believe. Collectively, a lot of us chose Dinar. It will be historic when it happens. Have a great 1.

  3. This is not the way I wanted to enter these forums as a"Newbie"! Hadn't heard that term since 78. Makes me laugh. All good. This posting does have documented credibility, if you know where to look. While I'm here, my hat is off to Moderators, facts are facts. Way to much garbage from other forums. DV suits me best. I really don't why i'm here. I guess it's for thought sharing. Where else can you get an education in Foreign Policy, Economics, World Trade, and even have a Debate and Bash class, all for free! On a personal note to Dinar Folks. Stick to facts and weed through speculation. Don't place your entire wealth on a horse race. Believe in yourself, educate yourself. I have no inkling to dedicate myself the hundreds of postings that some of you have. I've been following for years. Back in the day, a wad of Dinar and four matchsticks bought you a valuable tool, a way to heat Ravioli. The same is no longer true. Kuwait, Iraq, Russia, China, BP. US and Europe ? Not so good folks. Hold your investment close to your heart. Even if you never get to use it, maybe your kids will. SPECIAL NOTE: THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT HAS EVER MENTIONED AN "RV" CAME OUT TODAY ON THE COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. "CHINA", WHO SO HAPPENS TO OWN THE MAJORITY OF THE US ECONOMY DECLARED THEIR YUAN IS UNDERVALUED. ????

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