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  1. Does anyone believe in Murphy's Law?

    How about Murphy's Law, with a twist?

    I start a new job on Monday.

    Wouldn't it be funny if, on my first day,

    the rv actually happens?

    If only my luck was THAT good...

    That might be some kind of new record! I'm praying for ya!

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  2. All,

    I feel I need to say this… I could be off-base, but I believe I’m right, so here’s what I’ve got to say…

    Earlier today, I wrote a post basically stating that the “Global Settlements and other stuff” was no longer going to be posted on my site. I wanted to be clear about a few things…

    1) CMKX is legitimate as a penny stock company, and they do have a pending case. That part is true. but that case simply has NOTHING to do with the Iraqi Dinar. Why it’s tied into this is beyond me. The only thing it says to me is that there are other groups outside the online Dinar-following community that are waiting on Iraq to get it’s act together so they can get paid by the federal government of the United States of America. An association has been made by this group with relation to their eventual pay-0ut as “black farmers of America”, but that’s the extent of it. There is no further tie-in.

    2) Nesara and discussions around aliens, and other stuff is absolutely up in the night. That is complete speculation and information, that in my mind, is being thrown out there, by those who are involved for the sole purpose of discrediting this legitimate investment. This IS the “mis-information” I’ve shared would happen as we got closer. Some thought it would be through news articles.

    Well, that still has been and most likely is the case, but I want all of you to be absolutely clear that what has recently come out from these outlandish groups… i.e. Thing One and Thing Two… Star Children… or whatever you wish to call them, has been introduced for the exclusive and sole purpose of destroying the credibility of this investment for all mainstream investors. As such, I want you to know that I am calling them out RIGHT NOW, and stating with certainty that they are not going to do that here.

    There have been some good people who have been caught up in the frenzy and hype over their conspiratorial information. You need to let go of it, as it’s only making a mockery of this process, and destroying your credibility; not to mention hurting many along the way through frustration, confusion, concern, and even panic.

    It is the sad tradition of those in power to help throw the public’s eye off the ball by inventing outlandish things in order to cause conspiracy to cloud the truth. It is the mastery of the these wicked men to allow such untruths to be shared, as it only confuses the issue of things that are really happening (their intent) and thereby destroys the topic all together… eventually. So, make no mistake about it. The revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar is real, and is part of the way things have been for years with the global monetary system. Things may be changing, but not to the level some have reported, and used to create hype on their various websites.

    Please use your God-given discerning capabilities to learn and find the truth. We are being lambasted with falsities all around us, but there are truths we are being exposed to as well. Allow the government of Iraq to get settled, budget passed, and moving along, and then you’ll receive what you’ve been waiting for. We are investors in a new currency of the world. Allow it to happen like other times before with other nations.

    To what degree will all this happen, who knows? Either way, they can’t keep the currency of Iraq at it’s current level forever. They have a nation to rebuild, an economy to boost, and a people to succor. Things always change and evolve… so will the status of this investment… but not to the level of the outlandish things shared by those who are becoming more and more irresponsible in their information gathering and sharing.

    I’m sad it’s come to this, that the Dinar-following community has been thrown off course so far. But, we can correct this, and we will. Back to the business at hand… Government Seated… Budget Passed… HCL Approved… Final approval and sign-off by the powers-that-be, and then we should start seeing the Dinar rise. Until then, try to enjoy the ride, and, using a sporting analogy, try not to “take your eye off the ball”, or you just may get burned. After all, this will happen when the timing is right, and not a day before.

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  3. I don't see it going down that way at all. Just my opinion. Two much Dinar scooped up by to many counties over the years. I can't see them taking that kind of loss. The US desperately needs our capital gains dollars as well. I heard a rumor over the mainstream media that Congress is seeking a "new" tax reform in addition to the one we have now. If we don't hedge ourselves against instant wealth, they'll end up with all in short time anyway. Just a thought. Let's stay focused and take it as a possibility but not a likely reality. Even If our combined capital gains were equal to 50% of the national debt, I'm sure it wouldn't be paid out that way. Corporate America, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve will get their hands on it and gone again. A LOP is not likely. <_< Thanks for the post. Good food for thought. That's my 2 cents. Have a great 1!

  4. Partner, If it shows up on your tv, your watching the wrong news. The folks on this forum have been researching this investment for years on end and I'll tell you, you won't find this kind of intel on network tv. That's why I'm here. Though we share the same common interest here, there's much, much more to be learned. There are many other sources of intel available. I can't promote sites nor will I, however, I'll drop you hint. Check out Thats a start in in right direction. The Dinar is stronger today than it ever has been though recent events may make you weary. Either way, we took a gamble and it gave us hope. READ THE FORUMS. It's not over yet, it's just getting good. Hang in there Hoss and keep your head up. Have a great 1.

  5. Great supporting links Wingsof hope! Anyone following this thread should read. Oh," Did I say Change" is coming. Yes this will affect our investment. May have to cash in Dinar for gold, Dinar for Euro, then Euro for USD the way things are looking. Lots going on in the news this past week. Lots of big boys bailing right now.

  6. I'm a little sketchy about about the whole thing myself just yet. However, the millions and millions of hundred dollar bills that were mis printed a couple two or three months ago were TREASURY notes and not FED notes. Makes me wonder. Honestly, a world economy owned by a private corporation whose borrowed money is printed by the trillions and backed by thin air and not liquid is not going to work any longer. Just my thoughts. I think Mr "O" got a rude awakening this week.

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  7. I GOT ONE! The day I joined this forum I was greeted with a message. "Interesting name you have there"! I guess Slaydadea is a bit unusual but I never really thought much of it . I to am an avid deer hunter and have called in sick to work during the rut more times than I'm willing to confess. I met a buddy on a Med Cruise one year from the great state of Louisiana and we became very good friends and still are after many years. His family owns land so he invited me to his place one Thanksgiving. He knew the place like the back of his hand and was determined to show me a good time. After two days of still hunting we had not had any luck so at dusk it was time to go. On the walk out there was a field we had to cross and low and behold as we came out of the trees, about 250 yards out stood a beautiful buck. My guess was at least an 8 point. I steadied my rifle and began to breath. Seems like the longer you wait, the longer it takes. Then it started, "Slaydedea", Slaydedea"! I turned and looked at him and said, "what". When I looked back it my scope, the deer was gone. For those of you that are not quite up to speed on your foreign languages, "Sladedea" means "Slay the deer", in Cajun. I didn't know it either and it cost me a buck. That's all.. Have a great 1.

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