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  1. Have to agree Slaydadea, she is a classy lady. 


    In fact Thanks littlesam for giving us two great artist's in one video, oops make that 3, have to include Sammy Davis Jr. 

    I bumped into Micheal when I was 11. For what 's it's worth. I knew James B. as well. Who would have thunk? Augusta GA.

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  2. Dear Abby,

    I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice. I have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The usual signs. Phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. My wife has been going out with "the girls" a lot recently although when I ask their names she always says, "Just some friends from work, you don't know them."

    I always try to stay awake to look out for her coming home, but I usually fall asleep. Anyway, I have never approached the subject with my wife. I think deep down I just didn't want to know the truth, but last night she went out again and I decided to really check on her. Around midnight, I decided to hide in the garage behind my golf clubs so I could get a good view of the whole street when she arrived home from a night out with "the girls".

    It was at that moment, crouching behind my clubs, that I noticed that the graphite shaft on my driver appeared to have a hairline crack right by the club head. Is this something I can fix myself or should I take it back to the pro shop where I bought it?

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  3. I guess you guys still believe in fairy tales still since 2008 and you guys still on the bandwagon??

    We do. At least. I do.

    All I see is people sharing their thoughts and points of view. Why can't people have opposing viewpoints without being termed demons, minions and thread grabbers? Can't we debate like mature rational adults instead of like ten year old school yard bullies?

    People wonder why peace in the Middle East has been unattainable. This website is a microcosm of exactly why. God forbid someone has an opposing opinion on something. They are shown no respect, just ignorance and hatred and then have the audacity by ending their tirade with a bible quote which is supposed to make everything ok. Unreal.

    Love that First Amendment Liboy! Well spoken Sir! Go dude! Freedom! That's what we're about. If you don't agree with me , then don't. Core values. Thank God and people who defend our rights.  :twothumbs: Progressives, (Libs), Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans? The entire system is is fundamentally broken. It is!

    We do. At least. I do.

    Love that First Amendment Liboy! Well spoken Sir! Go dude! Freedom! That's what we're about. If you don't agree with me , then don't. Core values. Thank God and people who defend our rights.  :twothumbs: Progressives, (Libs), Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans? The entire system is is fundamentally broken. It is!

    By the way. Learn to depend on yourself and not the idiots that claim to have your interest in mind. No one cares about you, but you!

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  4. Looks like the Libs grabbed this thread. Negs for everyone! just remember, "Stupid is as Stupid does"! The Gubment goona make it   all right! Keep dreaming. We outta money. Been out. Trade ya a can of green beans for an ounce of silver! Sweetening the deal. Two cans of green beans!  Never know when you'll encounter a demon.

    Told Ya So!!!!! :D  :D  :D  :D Funny as Hell!!!!!!

    Told Ya So!!!!! :D  :D  :D  :D Funny as Hell!!!!!!

    So, So typical, not Atypical, mind. Probably need to look it up.

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    It is Indeed! People, whatever your're current situation, You need to educate yourselves, and each other. This is not the current Administrations fault. They are merely proceeding with it. A systematic failure of the United States of America! It's been going on for a long, long time. No links, to many to post anyway. Ask yourself, How can a Nation implement measures like DHS and the Patriot Act only days after a tragedy like 911. Where did ObamaCare come from? Obama is a stoner, you think he wrote it! Think not! Sandy Hook? Three days after. Massive gun control measures in place heading for approval, only 3 days later! Hell, we can't even reach a decent budget plan! GIVE ME BACK WHAT I PAID INTO SS OVER THE LAST 40 YEARS, WE'RE EVEN. This junk has been planned for a while now. Our elected Officials are not in control of this Country. Hell, we don't even have a workable budget. Power and Money is in control. How's that European Union working out? 27 Countries, all bankrupt. Including Germany. Hasn't been told yet. I suppose the 7 influential Gazzillionheirs that wan't to control world don't have family. Gonna live forever. Pisses me off! Slay. 

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  6. There is an uncontrollable downward spiral attached to Obamacare that is affecting his voters. 

    Wasn't supposed to be this way. Only the beginning.

    The federal budget cuts that went into effect April 1 are already beginning to take their toll on cancer patients. Cancer clinics across the United States have begun turning away Medicare patients, according to a report published April 3 in theWashington Post.

    Oncologists are blaming the federal cuts and say that they cannot treat patients with expensive drugs and stay financially solvent.

    In fact, one practice has made the decision to eliminate one third of their 16,000 Medicare patients, according to the report. "If we treated the patients receiving the most expensive drugs, we'd be out of business in 6 months to a year," said Jeffrey Vacirca, MD, chief executive of North Shore Hematology Oncology Associates in New York. "The drugs we're going to lose money on we're not going to administer right now," he explained.

    The automatic across-the-board budget cuts, known as sequestration, have slashed Medicare payments to physicians by 2%. The reduction does not apply to the Medicare allowed charge for a given service, but it does apply to the 80% share that the government pays to a physician, as previously reported by Medscape Medical News.

    Leaders of organized medicine have spoken out against the 2% Medicare cut, noting that even this seemingly small decrease can harm fragile medical practices, especially in light of rising expenses. They have warned that physicians might decide to see fewer Medicare patients to keep their practices afloat.

    Unintended Consequences

    Although the sequestration cuts were not a surprise, "everyone was under the belief that saner heads would prevail," said Ted Okon, MD, executive director of the Community Oncology Alliance (COA).

    Healthcare reform was supposed to boost efficiency, increase coordination between patients and providers, and cut costs, Dr. Okon told Medscape Medical News. However, "it is having the exact opposite effect."

    It is more expensive for Medicare when patients are treated at a hospital, he noted. "It is self-defeating."

    Especially Detrimental to Cancer Patients

    Medicare cuts are especially detrimental to cancer patients because of the way treatment is covered in the outpatient setting, according to a joint statement issued by the COA, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the International Oncology Network (a division of AmerisourceBergen), and the US Oncology Network.

    Community cancer clinics are reimbursed on the basis of the average sales price (ASP) of the chemotherapeutic agent plus 6% for administrative costs, the statement explains. However, even before the current cuts, this payment scheme failed to adequately reimburse community cancer clinics for the total costs of essential therapies. The ASP formula produces ASP values that are below the actual prices clinics pay in the marketplace, it notes.

    According to the statement, oncologists are being put in an untenable position. It would be one thing for community-based oncologists to absorb the 2% Medicare cuts being applied to physician and provider services, "but it is entirely another for the sequester cut to apply to the market-priced underlying drug costs paid by practices."

    The sequester cuts apply to payments for Part B drugs and the 6% administrative fee. After patient copayments are taken into account, reimbursement will be cut to ASP plus 4.3%. This is effectively a 28% cut, and not a 2% cut, for payments intended to compensate for the significant operating expenses of procuring, storing, preparing, and handling Part B drugs, the statement points out.

    It also notes that a recent survey indicated that the sequester cut will force 72% of cancer clinics to deny new Medicare patients or send all Medicare patients to the hospital for treatment.

    No one with cancer should be forced out of their own doctor's officeASCO

    "This potential crisis underscores that Medicare's system of reimbursement for cancer care is deeply flawed," according to a statement issued by ASCO. "We need payment approaches that maintain patient access and focus on supporting high-quality, high-value and patient-centered care. ASCO is examining a range of specific payment models that can meet this need and provide fair reimbursement for the critical services that oncologists provide to their patients."

    "No one with cancer should be forced out of their own doctor's office" at such a difficult and precarious time, the ASCO statement notes. The society is urging Congress and the Administration "to take immediate action to reverse these cuts to reimbursement for life-saving cancer drugs — cuts that may, in the long run, cost the government more."

    Immediate Action Needed

    There are a number of ways the Administration and Congress can act to avoid these cuts. For example, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has the authority to exempt cancer drugs from the sequester cut or to apply the 2% sequester cut only to the 6% administrative fees. In addition, Congress can pass H.R.800, which is legislation designed to help sustain community cancer care by aligning Medicare drug reimbursement with actual costs.

    However this matter is addressed, the organizations warn, it must be done immediately to preserve patient access to community cancer care.

    Now we are sliding backward.... Sequestration is the last strawDr. Ted Okon, COA

    "In the past 40 years, cancer care has evolved into one of the most efficient systems in the world by allowing patients to be treated in the community," said Dr. Okon. "Now we are sliding backward. Shortfalls have led to a consolidation in terms of cancer care, and the sequestration is the last straw."

    The organizations that issued the joint statement have sent letters to Health and Human Services and all members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Responses have come from a number of members of Congress, and all have been positive, explained Dr. Okon. "That is encouraging, but we haven't heard anything yet from the Administration."

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  7. Thank you, Mark. As difficult as this was to read, it was very informative. My heart was broken before I knew how brutal the beating He took FOR ME was. The pain He felt while atoning FOR ME in Gethsemane as he bled from every pore FOR MY sins and illnesses and pains and problems was overwhelming enough... but this... 


    Thank you... I am further humbled...



    To everyone's reply and remarkable contribution to this thread, KK, I jumped yours, it was shorter. Slay was born a sinner, as we all are. I'm not necessarily proud of what I've done in my life. Some good, some bad, and some right down horrible. I consider it time well spent. We are all a work in progress. When the gong tolls, you're on call. You decide where you are when it's your turn.

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  8. Just a Newbie trying to make a name LOL :bravo:

    Did a great job! April fools to poster as well. Hope we can reverse all those negs. Got a great sense of humor. Right?

    Grow up NEVER!!!

    I still swing on a tree swing, with two pony tails, and my ribbons flowing in the wind.  :D I'm with you moose57. 

    Patty, you really do that don't you! :D

    Did you write this song Rstreams?  :rulez:


    Pretty Awesome!

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  9. What is this?  Grade school?  GROW UP!

    Shouldn't post when you're drunk. Happy New Year to you as well!!!

    Grow up. Whaaa you crazy


    You were at 17 neg so I gave you another to even ya out man.

    Its ok you dont have to thank me.   :)

    I've been out of town. Thanks Dog!

  10. old-young-woman.jpg

    Do you see a young woman or and old woman?

    If you see a young woman, and wish to see the old woman, imagine the ear as an eye, the necklace as a mouth and the chin as a nose.

    If you see an old woman, and wish to see the young woman, imagine the eye as an ear, the mouth as a necklace and the nose as a chin.

    Your brain wants to flip to either one or the other image but if you study it long enough you might see both images at once. Can you do it?


    In spite of the impression that this looks like an animated graphic, nothing in it moves. The "movement" occurs only in your mind.


    Stare at the black cross in the center and notice a green dot rotating. Now try concentrating really hard and steady at the cross for a long time. If you do it right, the pink dots will disappear and you'll only see the green dot rotating.

    However, nowhere does green exist in this illusion except in your brain!

    If you follow the movement of the rotating green dot, the green will dissapear.

    Right Brain vs. Left Brain



    Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

    According to this article, if you see the girl turning clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

    Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

    (When I first look at it, I see the dancer turning clockwise, but after a few seconds, it flips to counterclockwise, go figure.)

    dontlop, It's times like this when I really really miss all those brain cells in the early 80's. :D

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  11. I love the blonde jokes :) :)


    I Want to Buy That

    A blonde goes into a nearby store and asks a clerk if she can buy the TV in the corner.

    The clerk looks at her and says that he doesn't serve blondes, so she goes back home and dyes her hair black.

    The next day she returns to the store and asks the same thing, and again, the clerk said he doesn't serve blondes.

    Frustrated, the blonde goes home and dyes her hair yet again, to a shade of red.

    Sure that a clerk would sell her the TV this time, she returns and asks a different clerk this time.

    To her astonishment, this clerk also says that she doesn't serve blondes.

    The blonde asks the clerk, "How in the world do you know I am a blonde?"

    The clerk looks at her disgustedly and says,"That's not a TV -- it's a microwave!"

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