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  1. Scooby Doo you are right about the value of the Bahraini intend was basically to state that I believe the RV might be more like .37 cent to the USD and you can find the info about the amt of outstanding dinars on the CBI website under "Monetary Aggregates"....on the excel spreadsheet line of March 2010 it was 50.5 Trillion....and yes Im a "newbie" cause I just found out about the site the other day!!
  2. Due to the recent positive developments surrounding Iraq in the past year there has been a euphoric rise in the imminent speculation of a Re-vaulation (RV) of the Iraqi Dinars. Certain groups and individuals have taken it opon themselves to promote the great aspects of investing in the "devalued" Iraq Dinars (IQD) with many and most believeing that a RV of the IQD's "has to happen" and it has to be RV close to what the pre-Gulf War pegged rate was of 1 IQD = $3.21 USD. You now have hundreds and even thousands of people on conference calls listening to how they can achieve great wealth when th
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