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  1. Seriously just because I haven't been on here since 2004 you wont believe me. I have a job and life and don't care if Adam gives me the title newbie. Well keep hovering over your computers over every post on here. Get out there and work till February 21st. RV will happen next month. Coming from a guy who actually goes to Iraq atleast fifty times a year and is in talks with goverment officials. God bless yall
  2. I know it doesn't make sense but most people don't even know how their car works. You'll have to wait and find out before you call me a liar. I'm in the middle east 172 out of 365 days of the year handling personal finances over there for the wealthy. One finger pointing at me is four pointing back at you. When we invaded and restructed the monetary there my partner and I will countless numbers of our clients bought dinar seeing how the Kuwait dinar did back in the day. We're both sitting on seventy million dinar each and take this investment serious. Because we have a godo number of our clien
  3. I handle Prince Zine Halfa El Abidine's finance's here in the states and abroad. We were just in Iraq as of this past week talking with government officials about when we can merge oil productions through a third party to get more production and revenue flowing again to both parties. Minister Ali Akbar Salehi stated if we waited till the the dinar was revaluated on February 21st we would gain more contracts through the WTBAP and would not have to invest so much of our own money. My partner Ali al-Dabbagh and myself have set the date to reconstruct the loans and modifications to adjust for the
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