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    I am an avid reader ... favourite authors Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey, Bertrice Small, Agatha Christie, Lillian Braun. Two cats and living alone, recently widowed and still trying to get over that one. I am retired, disabled and have been involved with dinar for four years or so. I enjoy reading the forum and "getting to know" people here.

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Well, time for another update.

More than four months now since I came home from hospital after breaking my shoulder and my back. I am still not able to walk farther than the kitchen, so cannot do my own grocery shopping. When I go to the doctor or any other appointment, my friend drives me and I have a wheelchair in the van that we have to use. I sometimes feel I can walk whatever distance but then I start and almost keel over. The painful back starts to pull me forward, like bending over, to touch the floor though I cannot go that far down. But the further I walk, or the longer I stand, the more the bending continues and I have to get to a place where I can sit down immediately. So, I am sort of a shutin these days. A lot of pain but what hurts most is my mind ... I have started thinking of myself as really old ... and that is doing a job on me. I am sure some of you know a thing or three about that.

Oh, I put in the last update I had lost 10% of my body weight while I was in hospital for three weeks. Well, after I came home, I lost another 10% of my new weight in just over two months. I don't know what is happening, not dieting or anything, but I wish this had happened when I was a lot younger and could do more about it :)/>

Officially become a senior citizen this upcoming birthday. Bummer. But with all the weight loss, I look so much older, I don't even recognize myself. So it is that person in the mirror who is getting old, not this person inside here ... :)/>

Well, that's it for now. Drop me a line here and say hi.


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