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  1. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

    I have received an e-mail back but still have not gotten through to "Julie" Is this the same Julie??
  2. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

  3. 11/11/15: I do not have the e-mail confirming, however, it was paid as I have it on my VISA on MAY 20, 2015. Also, I can get into Platinum VIP section. HELP...all I need is the certificate sent to me or some type of communication as to when I can expect it. Thanks
  4. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

    Adam: I have sent many e-mails to and still have not had any response as to when I will get my Platinum Certificate that was ordered and paid for in May. When can I do to get it? I'm getting impatient at this point.
  5. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

    Adam: Thanks so much. I just sent one to Julie and it did not come back so I'm assuming that she got it. Now I should get my certificate.
  6. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

    My e-mail is gmail through Google via Century Link. All I want to do is get a message to Julie that I have not received my Platinum Certificate which was ordered in May. If you could do that, I would be most grateful. Thanks, Helen *******
  7. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

    Granny: Here the response I get: The message was created automatically by mail delivery software. This is a permanent error. the following address failed: pipe to l/ home/dinarsupport/public html/support/pipe/pipe physically generated by (ultimatedly generated from local delivery failed. Hope this helps.
  8. I'm getting an undeliverable and getting very frustrated because all I want is my certificate or for admin. to contact me and have found no way to communicate with them.
  9. Helen

    How to contact Adam

    I've have not been able to get a message to either....been trying to find someone to reply and they keep saying that URL, but it keeps coming back. Even tried which is also suppose to work.....Is any one out there going to respond to this??
  10. Paperboy: I've tried many times to use this address: and it always comes back to me as not available. I have been trying to find someone to notify that I have not received my certificate but have not been able to get there another way??
  11. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

    What does 'whitelisting' mean? Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. Where can I find Adam's instructions. I'm really at a loss here.
  12. Helen

    Platinum Certificate

    Thanks so much for your reply. I tried to send to, but it keeps coming back to me. Is there a telephone number?
  13. How do I contact Julie in Administration to get my certificate? Does she have an e-mail address or phone number?
  14. Helen

    RV coming soon?

    Cat Woman??? No that's WonderWoman, known as Linda Carter...

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