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  1. On 11/29/2021 at 4:49 AM, Simonegirl said:

    Tell all this to the family of my former classmate, Chuck L. He was a non vaxer, chronicled on Facebook his battle with Covid until the day he was intubated. He passed away 2 days later. 😢

    Yes, I have already made a request to all of my family to not place me in a hospital if it looks anything like Covid. The mere diagnosis seems to initiate this same old fix over and over and over, even though it isn’t that effective. Usually as time goes on they find other treatments if that one isn’t working. Apparently not this time. The only treatment now is “Da Vax”. I’d rather die in my own bed then die in the hospital. Friend of mine pulled her intubator out over night first night in the hospital in her sleep. The doctor walks in the next morning and asks her if she is feeling better, she told him “Yes,thank you!”. He released her. Story sounded so stupid, I dicided them and there,  not for me. 

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Half Crazy Runner said:

    I don’t know if this change is for the good or bad, but I’m thinking  change is what is needed. I hope it leads to much needed action and less corruption. 

    I like this part!!!

    Specialists point out that the most prominent change included the governorates of Najaf and Muthanna, with a rate of close to 80%, represented by the arrival of new faces, which suggests that independents may constitute a nucleus of real opposition within Parliament, something that we have not been familiar with over the past two decades. “


    Civil activist Haider Abdel-Saheb told "Al-Sabah": "What is new on the scene now is that the emerging and independent parties who emerged from the womb of the October uprising, and their number ranges between twenty to forty seats."”!!!!



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  3. On 10/22/2021 at 6:39 AM, yota691 said:

    Jen Psaki Says Biden Is Asking OPEC To Pump More Oil…Reminder, Biden Is Attacking AMERICAN Energy
    7,801 viewsOct 18, 2021

    I cant figure out who speaks the most BS, Psaki or Biden. At least Biden is always honest and declaring he is going to get into trouble for talking! I suspect we will see $100 a barrel before the end of the year. The whole world is giving the Biden administration the middle finger! (While Chanting " LETS GO BRANDON!!!! " 

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  4. On 10/1/2021 at 8:01 PM, Artitech said:

    Well I got very Lucky on the Warka bank deal back in the day!  I was going to put, if I remember right around $2,000.00 in an account. Since I’m not real computer savvy, I was going to have my Daughter do the deal for me, she didn’t come home from college that weekend and the next week is when the wheels come off that bank deal when they went on silent running and would not communicate with anyone! I have several friends that have money tied up in that Warka bank, they still have not got their money back! JMHO 🤠

    I really have no expectations of getting my money back. As soon as ISIS hit the scene in 2014 and I saw Iraq going down in flames, I accepted the realities of Iraq. I’m not sure if we created the 21st century Iraq, or if the 21st century Iraq created this shell of a country we call America……

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  5. I'm in, Though confused by their silence, the website is still up and running which indicates they are in fact still open for business. I have had my doubts as it's been two years since I have been able to access my account. I am curious as to if they have stayed open but under new management. (as in the CBI turned the bank over to another bank in Iraq once they dropped the guardianship). They apparently still have store fronts for citizens to bank out of, even though they have been seen protesting the bank not allowing them to withdraw their funds from the bank... (There is a reason Iraqi's keep their money in there mattresses....)

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  6. On 9/2/2021 at 3:55 PM, Longtimelurker said:

    The CIA was responsible for 90% of terrorism across the globe. They are being dismantled as we speak.

    The CIA is probably back in Vogue, compliments of Biden and his trusty pen signing off more executive orders. The CIA is most likely the The Great Oz behind the Red Curtain controlling our government today.  Even if they did start dissolving the CIA, do you really think men with such a diabolical history are just going to go get another job somewhere else? Oh maybe go to work for the highest paying bidder, China…..  The CIA was never American, only self serving, kind of like our Congress... 😡

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  7. 8 minutes ago, "Fred" said:

    Kinda like Biden getting over 80 million votes and being called the most popular president in history 

    we see that going downhill as fast as a skier coming down a black diamond slope and going off a cliff 


    The news media never lies just a little. They have completely gone so far overboard, their arses  are glaring for all of America to see now. It’s almost as if they are absolutely determined to take America down, and as quickly as possible. They are running on a schedule as the 4th turning has been predicted 2025 to be our next event…..   😡

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  8. 1 hour ago, Laid Back said:

    Thanks for your input 3 bucks, 

    I don’t think is sad, Iraq is clearly moving towards an open market economy 

    They have accomplished a lot in the last years.

    We wait.!


    My greatest concern at this time is that today it is worse then it was when Obama was President. And I have some really warm memories of what a cluster flock it was in Iraq back in those days. 😳 😱 😭


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  9. On 5/8/2021 at 6:48 AM, yota691 said:

    400,000 employees are running the upcoming elections

     Baghdad: Wissam Meridi and Omar Abdul Latif
    The Independent High Electoral Commission revealed that nearly 400,000 employees of state ministries and institutions will manage the voting process in the elections scheduled for next October 10, and while confirming its absolute confidence in the devices that will be used for voting and verification and the company that examines them, it stressed that its doors are closed to corruption and extortion.
    The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge Jalil Adnan Khalaf, spoke in a dialogue session organized by the commission yesterday, Thursday, at its national office in Baghdad, in the presence of a number of heads and directors of newspaper editors, attended by Al-Sabah, about the steps and measures taken by the commission to reach fair and transparent elections in which the Iraqi voter cast his vote. Freely.
    Khalaf explained, “the steps taken by the Board of Commissioners since it assumed its duties, up to the efforts made by the Council in order to be a prelude to achieving elections that enjoy the confidence of the Iraqi street. The United Nations, and then launching the implementation of a plan to urge the voters to participate in the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on the tenth of next October ».
    He stressed that "the Commission's call for a number of countries in the world to send international observers, comes as a matter of restoring confidence in the Commission and its new council and to reassure countries of the measures taken."
    He pointed out that “the commission is now working on sending honest messages addressed to all Iraqis to have confidence in everything related to the details of the electoral process. In order to participate in the upcoming elections who did not participate in the previous year 2018 ».
    The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners said: “All the contracts that the Independent Electoral Commission completed are periodical, discreet international contracts through its real outlets, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Planning and Intelligence. We are subject to instructions that say the lowest bids and other bureaucratic matters ».
    He explained, "The company that examines the election equipment is the German company (Hanseld), which is a discreet company and has similar work in many countries of the world. As a judge, I am completely reassured about this device."
    Regarding the electoral register, he said: "We agreed with the Iraqi Media Network to print it, as they have a very advanced printer, and also so that our money goes to the Iraqi state treasury," pointing to "the nearness of contracting with a discreet French company to print the ballot paper."

    And Dominion has already been contracted by Iran to facilitate the vote counting. Of course this kind gesture by Iran is solely based on good will towards their Iraqi brothers! 😂

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  10. 7 hours ago, Half Crazy Runner said:

    So all the big companies and Saudi Arabia now investing in Iraq, do they have inside intel that Iraq is going to make some serious changes with their currency and go international, or are they just hoping and speculating like we are ...? 

    I don’t know about inside intel, but the Saudis just shouldered Iran out of the way so they can actually do something for Iraq for a change. A real partner for a change!!   I am pretty sure the Saudis are not going to leech the blood out of Iraq like Iran tries to do!!! Before long Iraq will be totally self sufficient. They won’t even be calling on Iran to buy some electricity off of them!!! Im just praying Biden doesn’t somehow find a way to screw it up for us. I’m not even sure why he is keeping Executive Order 13303 in place. That makes me a little nervous….

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  11. On 4/19/2021 at 6:26 AM, yota691 said:

    Iraq and Kazemi

    Iraq .. Anxiety after Al-Kazemi gave the "anti-corruption" hand to topple big heads

    The leader of the Karbouli Solution Party, who has already been arrested, suspicions have been raised about him and repeatedly accused of corruption.


    Dubai -

    Published in: Apr 19, 2021 12:45 PM GSTLast updated: Apr 19, 2021 2:36 PM GST

    The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested the leader of the Al-Hall Party, Jamal Al-Karbouli Some sources said that the committee headed by Lieutenant General Ahmed Abu Ragheef obtained a judicial decision to lift the immunity of four parliamentarians, in addition to issuing another list to prevent the travel of a large number of political figures who are suspected of corruption.

    Al-Karbouli, who was already arrested, has always been suspected of corruption and was repeatedly accused of corruption, but despite this, Asharq Al-Awsat sources say that many Iraqi parties tried to mediate with him, including those who were considered among his opponents.

    Jamal Karbouli
    Jamal Karbouli

    This new path that the committee pursued in the arrest of senior officials confused the entire Iraqi political scene, especially since the arrest process was intended to reflect the government's seriousness in implementing its promises of reform, as the security forces surrounded al-Karbouli's house and then arrested him despite the contacts and mediation of Iraqi politicians and leaders.

    The corruption that Iraq witnessed is very large, and the money that was wasted ranges between three hundred and four hundred billion dollars, meaning that a large number of Iraqi politicians have already been involved in corruption deals.

    Now this committee, formed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and headed by Lieutenant General Abu Ragheef, has apparently begun its work. According to the sources, the matter began at Karbouli and will not end with it. There are lists that will see the light within days, as "Asharq Al-Awsat" revealed the existence of two lists approved by the judiciary, one of which includes the names of four deputies in order to arrest them and the second includes the names of officials who will be banned from traveling.

    According to Al-Sharq al-Awsat and according to the circulating figures, the total income of the Iraqi state’s treasury after 2003 and to this day is about one and a half trillion dollars of which the equivalent of 70 percent has been spent on operating costs and salaries, while 300 to 400 billion dollars are promised by virtue of the money that was wasted due to corruption. .

    According to the latest reports issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, the poverty rate in Iraq has increased significantly in recent times. The percentage, according to the ministry's report, ranges from 25 to 27 percent.

    I truly wish they would arrest some of our senior officials here in America. I can't hardly stand to watch my own country going up in flames.. and well on our way to a crazy race war. Most Americans weren't even aware of this crap until our democratic House kicked into over drive and brought it about...   They didn't hate Trump, they just hated not having total control, and Trump was the only standing in their way. Oh wait a minute, lets put Trump on trial again. Third times a charm! And now those crazy assed nutty smucks are taking our country straight to hell in a handbasket......  

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  12. On 4/10/2021 at 10:30 AM, usndiver said:

    American Front Line Doctors

    i have my supply of meds, if I need it. 
    I do everything natural anyway and have been exposed multiple times to C19 positive people and have yet to get sick. 


    I’m with you usndiver. I have their info stored incase I get it. They said to wait till you are sick to call, so I’m just on stand by should I develop symptoms  At least Americans do have options and Fauci can kiss my arse. They can all kiss my Red White and Blue Arse! 

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  13. On 7/25/2020 at 12:15 PM, Floridian said:

    OMG!  OMG!  






    COVID-19 CURE,



    Texas Tech Graduate Doctor Richard Bartlett speaks on curing patients of COVID-19





    Not only did they remove the video, but they even closed the posters account! Just like a scared little rabbit, YouTube again runs away from the truth....  


  14. So now we are only looking at the HCL and Article 140 left to do? As best I can tell, the Kurds and Baghdad have already hammered out the HCL within the 2021 Budget. As happy as everyone seems with the HCL agreement within the budget, it is pretty much just needing a vote and a stamp of approval making it an official law. Correct? So Article 140 is the only loose end left. Right? It is another item not necessary to raise the rate either, as I understand it. Please feel free to correct me on these two points. 😄

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  15. 21 hours ago, PrehistoricMan said:

    Dinar revaluation is an investment scam that appeared in the mid 2000's[1]. The scam is based on the rapid devaluation of the Iraqi dinar in the years after the Iraq War [2]. In the early 1990's the Iraqi dinar was worth over three dollars[3]. Year of sanctions, warfare, social collapse and "peacekeeping actions" have reduced its price to 1/1500th of an American dollar.

    People with alleged "inside sources" have told legions of pigeons investors that the USA is planning to revalue the dinar at some point in the future, either pinning it directly to the U.S. dollar or restoring it to it's former 1990's value. They then proceed to sell dinars, either in cash or in a questionable holding account with a markup of up to 25%. These hopeful investors hold on to their barely-worth-the-paper-it's-printed-on currency and look forward to Uncle Sam giving them a miracle 100,000% return on their investment.[4]

    Dinar scammers can be difficult to prosecute since it is not illegal to sell foreign currencies as a numismatic collectible. Other scammers register as broadly defined "money service businesses"[5]


    1    Reasons to believe
    2    The Trump bump
    3    Reasons to disbelieve
    4    References

    Reasons to believe

    The Iraq War was an absolute quagmire that required occupation and the fighting of various insurgent groups for years after America and its allies had officially declared victory. If someone deeply held the belief that America was fixing Iraq and that nothing America did there was wrong or a bad idea, then Iraq's recovery seem highly feasible. The scam relies on the idea that there's just a few things wrong and that the moment X infrastructure is rebuilt or Y terrorist organization is defeated the country will mend right up and its economy will go off like a rocket.

    Iraq is still Iraq. That means the land sits atop one of the finest oil reserves in the world. It has the potential for an economic comeback.

    Neither of these facts leads to any reason why or how an overinflated, overprinted currency could have its buying power increased by orders of magnitude, but such things could be implied to the right sort of person in the right mindset.

    The Trump bump

    Dinar revaluation scams received a boost during the Trump presidency. His February 19th, 2017 speech mentioned that currencies would be on a "level playing field"[6]. He was almost certainly talking about devaluations in the Chinese yuan following U.S./Chinese trade wars and tariffs but if one had a pocket full of dying dinars and a running start they might make that leap of logic.[7]

    President Trump's questionable claims[8] of defeating ISIS could be seen to fulfill the condition of the one final piece of the puzzle to set the Iraqi economy right.

    There was also an ongoing rumor that Donald Trump was heavily invested in Iraqi dinars and would initiate revaluation to enrich himself. It would not be off brand for him, but it was just another rumor about some miracle that President Trump might pull off but ultimately wouldn't.[9]

    Reasons to disbelieve

    The most visible problem is that the revaluation of the dinar shows all the earmarks of a failed prophetic movement. The promises are huge, the time of fulfillment is forthcoming and the failed due dates will just keep coming, only to be replaced by later dates which will themselves fail to produce results.

    The three dollar price of the old dinar is came from a different political climate under a different dictator. The price was arbitrarily pegged before the invasion of Kuwait.

    The government of Iraq is not too stable and its debt is very high compared to its GDP. If the country's debt is valued in its own currency a hyper-deflationary currency would make their debt unpayable. This would extend to any debts calculated in Iraqi dinars. It would simply be a risky and thoughtless maneuver for the government of Iraq to accept such a deal.

    The Iraqi Dinar is not a Forex listed currency, major banks won't touch it and the best way to get a major currency for your dinars is to sell it at a modest loss to the shady dealers who sold you those dinars.

    A 2020 devaluation of the dinar by Iraq'a Central Bank in the wake of a year of very low oil prices puts yet another nail in the coffin of potential dinar millionaires. [10]


    2.  ABC News Sep 16 2006 - Betting Millions on Iraqi Money
    3.  Forbes Jul 30 2012 You Can't Fix Stupid: The Iraqi Dinar Scam Lives
    4.  The Iraqi Dinar Scam
    5.  Washington State Dept. of Finanacial Institutions on Iraqi Dinar Scams
    6.  Money Services Business defined
    7.  CNBC - Video of Feb 10th, 2017 "Level playing field" speech.
    8.  Newsweek Nov 20 2018 Donald Trump Supporters Think President Will Make Them Rich If They Buy Iraqi Money
    9.  Seattle Times Oct 18 2020 "ISIS attacks surge even as Trump boasts of a ‘100%’ defeated caliphate"
    10.  The Daily Beast Mar 20 2019 Trump Fans Sink Savigs into Iraqi Dinar Scam
    11.  Arkansas Online Dec 20, 2020

    Who is the author of this opinionated, misinformed load of crap anyway?

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  16. 7 hours ago, coorslite21 said:


    He was tired before he won/was awarded his first primary victory....


    You know CL, the thing that absolutely amazes me is how Kamala was knocked out the run right out of the starting gate because no one liked her, yet here she is. Also, with all of the far better choices out of the 20 candidates starting out in that presidential run, how in the hell did Biden beat out his opponents? Another thing I scratch my head over is how in the world did Bernie do well in any political process when he wears mittens like this:



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  17. 2 hours ago, nstoolman1 said:



    It was not followed to a tee. One state, the judicial branch, along with a SoS by-passed the State Legislature and changed the voting requirement and the mail in ballot process. According to the states Constitution ballots could only be mailed out by request. The judge along with the SoS approved sending ballots without request. Then did not use any verification process on those ballots. Any deviation from the states Constitution voting regulation makes that state null and void. Unless you approve of mass voter fraud. 

    That whole POS-SOS/Gov mess was just a big ol’ **** Show all the way around.  More proof in the pudding is the way they were all doing the exact same things to pull off the coup of the century. All of those states executive branches apparently have people in high positions who couldn’t be honest if their lives depended on it. 

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  18. 25 minutes ago, Shabibilicious said:

    Ask yourself why so many Republican members of the House sought to overturn the election, as opposed to the Senate.....2 year terms, as opposed to 6 year terms, that's why....those House Republicans were looking to save their political lives and nothing more.

    Its always the hooks put out there to entice people to do your bidding. I suspect that if we get our way, there will be limited terms for all of them in the not too distant future. These people, Republican and Democrats, spending 20, 30, even 40 years in Congress is nothing short of absurd. New blood is the lifeline to good health. I feel as though America is officially stuck in the Twilight Zone now. Soon we will enter double digit inflation in the midst of a failing dollar, sitting in line at the gas stations waiting to see if any of that $5 a gallon gasoline is left in the drum, as we dodge drive by bullets flying randomly, all the while watching pedestrians  getting swept in to vans by human traffickers..   That's not even one year into Joe's first year in office!!  Oh BOY!!!  

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